tagBDSMThere's a Market for It

There's a Market for It


I'm a bulkier guy, but I always a bottom with guys. I don't have an interest in topping whatsoever, but I'm not the usual type of bottom that interests most from my experience. I expressed this to Ma'am when griping about it. She said there was a market for it. The first thing I shouldn't have done is tell her that I didn't believe her. The second was agreeing to play if she could find someone in a month.

Once again Ma'am was right.

One of her friends met us at the cafe. He was a little taller than me and still broad. A little older with the scruff of facial hair around his features. Bulkier arms shown time spent in training and nice definition set off against casual clothing. A simple t-shirt with some jeans that accented his legs. He met us with a smile, exchanging a hug with Ma'am and shaking my hand.

Small talk was made, but I wasn't going to lie I was nervous. I've been with guys, before, but tonight we were going to share him. A first for me.

"Still with us?" Her friend asked me, dragging back to reality. For the sake of things, He's Tom.

"Yeah," I said, "just zoned out for a minute there."

"It's all good," He replied, sliding some paperwork to Ma'am. She slid our back. Both of us tested. Ma'am prefer no condoms and is on birth control, but we got tested again and needed to make sure he was clean.

He was.

Tom grinned, "Shall we?"

Time to get fucked.

We reached our place with ease, Ma'am went and got some wine glasses and pointed towards our bathroom. "Clean and return naked boy," She ordered. I complied, emerging ten minutes later completely clean and naked as ordered.

My gaze downward and my face a little red.

"Turn around," Ma'am ordered.

I did so, bracing my hands against the wall and pointing my toes inward as she usually desired. My heart was beating incredibly fast as I was completely bare before both her and her friend as they sipped on their drinks.

"Good definition," Tim commented, "very nice ass."

"Thank you sir," I replied respectfully, not moving.

"And tonight he's being good," Ma'am chuckled, "bend over boy."

I bent over, spreading my legs and using my hands to pry open my cheeks, presenting myself. It was so humiliating, yet it was hot as hell to be her object. I felt myself growing stiff with arousal, doubtless with more coming to take me soon.

"And aroused," Tim commented, "may I touch?"

"You may," Ma'am replied.

I heard footsteps,

Calloused hands cupped my ass. Caressing my skin with the surety I had come to associate only with Ma'am. A light smack made me jump slightly before hands slide in between my cheeks. A finger teasing my hole as his other hand lightly stroked me. My cock jerked in his hand. My breathing grew rapidly with arousal. "You weren't kidding, he is well behaved," He said, smacking my ass harder.

I gasped with pleasure.

"Yes he is," Ma'am replied. "Time for a reward. Come boy."

Tim quit fondling me and I stood up. Ma'am leading us to the bedroom. Tim went over to the bed and sat down, leaning back. Ma'am pushed me to my knees in front of him, leaving my head barely above his crotch. She grabbed my head and ground my face into his crotch. Letting me feel his hardness beneath me. He was thick and long and very good size.

"Do you want it?" She asked calmly. Ignoring my need and frustration.

"Please!" I gasped, my face pressed against his cock, only separated by layers of clothing.

"Ask him," She reprimanded. Her hand coming down on my ass for a harsh smack. I gasped, the force of it pushing me tighter into his cock.

"May I please have your cock?" I asked.

"You may," Tim said.

I reached for his zipper, unbuttoning him and then pulling him free. He was huge, just as big as the largest toy Ma'am had used on me. Thick with veins swelling in contrast to his velvety hard shaft. Along with a musk that only comes with a cock and he was in my face.

Hesitantly, I licked the head. My tongue darting towards sensitive skin under his head. His approving moan was a green light as I took his head fully into my mouth. Suctioning around him as my tongue continued to lave the sensitive underside. My hand cupped his balls as the other pushed into the ground.

Ma'am grabbed my hips and lifted, a silent demand. Still sucking, she re positioned me on all fours, making sure that his cock never left my mouth. His precum filled my mouth as I looked upwards into his eyes. Pleasure lighting his gaze as I swallowed, taking more of his shaft into his mouth. I gagged slightly and retreated to the head. I wasn't used to that kind of pressure on my throat.

I was met with a harsh smack to my ass.

Pain exploded as Ma'am hit the other cheek in succession. "Don't be rude boy," she chided, her hands soothing the burn.

Properly motivated I tried again. I made it all the way, holding myself there. Then I gagged and retreated. Twin smacks met my cheeks. More precum slid down my throat as I swallowed. I tried again. Her finger slid around my hole, teasing me. Making me shiver with excitement as her other hand milked my shaft. When I finally couldn't take it, I retreated. She repeated her punishment.

A cycle of pain and pleasure of which I couldn't escape.

In what seemed like forever, Ma'am pulled me his cock.

Sliding from my mouth with a wet slurp, I was left staring in pleasure dazed eyes. Tim grinned, "Enough of an appetizer, time to have your ass."

"Stay still boy," Ma'am ordered, switching positions with Tim as she removed her pants. Her legs surrounding my head.

Behind me I heard the uncorking of lube. Cool and familiar liquid was slathered onto my hole by thicker fingers. Ma'am grabbed my head before I could turn and look. Her eyes holding mine with clear demand.

The head of his cock pushed against my entrance. The tight pressure slowly overwhelming my muscles as it barreled inside me. Stretching me. Taking my hole and turning it into a passage for his cock. It hurt so much. Yet, it also felt amazing as the head popped inside. The pleasure of being completely and utterly taken made my breath jittery. My cock seizing and moans escaped as I stared into Ma'am's eyes. Her dominant gaze not letting me go as she watched every inch of him take me.

I shuddered and tried to relax. His cock taking every inch of me in front of her.

And she was pleased.

"More," I whispered, enthralled by her gaze.

Her hands dragged my eager lips to her pussy. My tongue worshiping her slit as he began to slide out. Leaving me oh so empty. I didn't have to wait as he thrust back inside. Brute force over Ma'am's knowledge of how I worked. He picked up his pace rapidly, every thrust pushing me deeper into her pussy.

My moans rapid as I licked her with a gusto. I moaned, enjoying the sensation of being fucked so roughly as Ma'am watched.

"He is a dirty slut," Tim gasped, his hands smacking reddened skin.

I tightened around him in surprise.

He repeated it.

Soon he was fucking me as fast as he could, interlacing hard smacks to keep me tight around him. His breathing ragged as I was overwhelmed by everything around me. The scent of Ma'am. The feeling of his cock. The utter submission of the act drove me insane.

"Yes," Ma'am grunted, grinding her pussy into my face. Her hands digging into my scalp, "He is my slut. My dirty little boy who's been good enough to earn a proper fucking like my bitch he is."

Tim moaned in approval, "May I cum inside?"

"Do," She gasped as I hit a more sensitive spot, "Then keep going."

He was quick, moments later I could feel his hot seed spray deep inside me. His hand gripping my cock and jacking me off in tune with his thrusts. Ma'am moaned as he did so and flooded my face. Her orgasm washing over her as I continued to worship her.

Then he kept thrusting. Driving me deeper into her. Jacking me off. I could feel my body tightening around him with desperate need. Losing my sanity as Ma'am held me tight against her pussy, not letting me breathe.

"Cum for me boy," She ordered.

I shattered.

Tim panted, his hips still grinding against me as my cum splattered all over the floor. Ma'am leaned forward, her legs holding my head still as I continued to lick as I rode through the waves of dizziness from my orgasm. I heard lips above me as her fingers dug into my scalp, my tongue still moving as she trained. I knew better to stop. Ma'am kissed Tim above me for minute as he slowly softened and then completely slid out from my worn ass. I could feel his cum dripping from my exposed hole. Slowly sliding down my taint as he and Ma'am disengaged from the kiss.

"Don't move boy," Ma'am finally gasped. Her fingers releasing their vice grip on my hair as she robbed me of her pussy. Sliding away from me and leaving me there on all fours staring at where she had been.

I whimpered in disappointment.

Then Tim replaced her. His soft cock was dry, probably toweled off, but smelled of.. Well gee, Cock?

"Be a good boy and clean off our guest," Ma'am ordered behind me. Giving my reddened as a smack of encouragement.

Leaning forward I took his whole length in my mouth, it wasn't a challenge in his softer state, but one had to be polite when there was guests. My tongue swirled around him as my lips kept a tight suction on him, nusing that I slowly cleaned every inch of his cock. He grunted, and his hands took up Ma'am's original place in my hair, gripping me tight against his cock and keeping me still. I didn't panic, he'd let go if I tapped his inner thigh. Something that had been discussed before this.

I was so focused on my ministrations, my tongue cleaning every inch of him that I didn't notice the sounds behind me. Until I felt the massive head press against my hole.

I'd been loosened so the head assaulted my ring with ease, lube and cum making my hole slick. I didn't even have a second to realize what was happening before the whole length slammed all the way inside me. Hips slapping against my burning as Ma'am completely claimed me. Her dildo was even larger than Tim and I was oh so totally full. Making me gasp and moan on the cock I was sucking.

"Mmmmm," I heard that evil chuckle as hands gripped my hips. I moaned around him, I was so full. Her dildo rubbed against my prostate, her hips slowly sliding from me. The emptiness filling me with such yearning need, before slamming home. Quickly she picked up a pace and I arched my back as much as I could, trying to ease her entry.

Wet sloppy sounds echoing behind me with the constant slaps. Hard dildo fucking me into submission into his cock. I drooled, sucking and sucking. A submissive slut impaled on Ma'am's dildo, only capable of sucking and obeying. Her hand gripped around my neck, squeezing as she gripped me around the neck. Her leg lifting up so she could change angles as she pounded me into Tim's cock.

Who wasn't idle either.

As my mouth moved up and down the shift with Ma'am's thrusts. He began to get hard, watching Ma'am pound me into him like the bitch I was as I moaned around his cock. My moans massaging his shaft until he began to stiffen.

He swelled in my mouth, as Ma'am shifted her angle again. Switching so her leg was nearly wrapped around mine. Before pounding me into his cock. I gripped my thumb in my left hand as he got larger and larger in my mouth. Her hands around my throat tightened as she used them to hold on, not tight enough to cut my air flow, but keeping me still so I couldn't move as Tim's length went all the way down my throat. Helpless to move, I continued my suction, breathing desperately through my nose.

In. out. In. out. I couldn't focus as my hole was used for it's purpose under Ma'am. I couldn't breathe as I desperately sucked with my might, desperation filling me as I moaned and moaned. Precum dripping from my cock as it bounced with every thrust. Slapping against my stomach as the massive girth stretched me. I was so full. I was so needy.

My hips starting pushing back against her as I tried to get more of her length inside me. Moans of disappointment echoing as I humped back against her in need. My mouth sliding off his cock only to be rammed onto it with every thrust. Ma'am dropped her leg and started thrusting straight into me once more. I was helpless, barely able to breathe as I humped backwards with all my might. I could feel my need to cum. I just needed Ma'am to touch me and I would explode.

Tim was probably receiving the best blowjob I'd ever done. .

"Such a good slut," Ma'am panted as her hips slapped against my burning ass. Pleasure and pain mixed into a heady cocktail.

I wanted to cum.

She stopped.

Hips flush against me, she leaned forward and I looked upwards as Tim and her kissed hard. Her hips slowly humping me once again. Slowly, teasingly letting me have her length as I was spit roasted between them. Holes for their pleasure as they kissed above me. Both their hips surged around me, short harsh thrusts pulling me from my distraction as I did my best to focus on servicing Tim's cock.

Ma'am broke the kiss and with a wet squelch, she pulled free. Her hands leaving my throat, my neck burning as blood flowed back towards formerly seized neck. Leaving me empty and needy. My ass might have shaken at her in need. I didn't let go of Tim's cock, but only the head remained in my mouth, my attention completely on the lack of anything inside me.

Eliciting a slightly evil chuckle. One I'd learned to adore and fear.

"Don't move boy," She ordered. Pulling me from my need as I went back to town on Tim's cock. Sucking him hard and fast as I could. I wasn't going to disappoint her. Tim groaned as I resumed sucking him. "Good boy."

I felt pleasure at her happiness. Bobbing up and down of my own will. My spit sloppily shining his dick as he squelched in and out of my mouth. Coated in my spit as I went to town, taking his whole length down my throat and massaging the sensitive underside of his shaft as I swallowed constantly around him.

In reward, I felt her breath gently on my hole behind me. Hot air fanning my well fucked hole as lube and spit dripped down my taint. I was dripping on the ground my cock and my hole. She moaned a little, "You're dripping boy," She said, her tongue tracing around my taint. Making my balls seize up, my body shuddering at her touch. I felt myself seize.

And she pulled away.

"Not yet."

Pressure replaced her breath as she pushed a thick head inside me. Broader than the dildo, I recognized the steel plug she had me buy for certain evenings. It filled me, the broad head stretching my hole even further before popping inside. The plug fit snugly inside me. Pressing against my prostate. Pleasure seized me, but not enough to make me cum.

I felt her kneel behind me. Her hands seizing my head as she massaged my scalp. Refocusing me on the task at hand.

I lost track, slurping up and down his shaft as Ma'am would hold me down before pulling me off to let me gasp. Precum and his scent filled my nostrils. I didn't focused on him, I focused on pleasing her. On making her proud.

She stopped me. Her hands holding me still as she took him down her throat. Kneeling next to me as she laved his shaft. Effortlessly taking his whole length down her throat. I watched him as he gritted his teeth, his knees locking as he tried not to lose it so fast. Ma'am was just that good. Then she pushed me back down his shaft. Trading between us, each of us taking two bobs up and down before switching. Our saliva intermingled around his shaft. I was the last to go.

Then as I pulled off his shaft, she stopped me. Pulling me back into a kneeling position and seizing my mouth for a kiss. I was drooling spit, dripping it down my chest. My knees burned from the carpet and her tongue invaded my mouth. I know I shouldn't have, but my hands gripped her hips as she kissed me. My tongue tangling with hers as she claimed me in front of Tim. I poured every inch of my devotion into the kiss. I needed, no I wanted more. It was a sloppy kiss, but it didn't stop us as her hand lazily stroked my balls.

She pulled free and smiled at me. That secret smile that just makes you warm in a way that's so damn hard to describe.

She turned to Tim. "My turn. Hop off the bed."

He complied, probably knowing it was wise.

She patted the bed and looked at me in pointed direction. "On your back."

I lay back on the bed. Staring at her and only her eyes as she hopped on. Crawling up to me, her hips straddling mine. Her pussy hovering over the edge of my cock. She kissed me, fire exploding in my veins as she slid down my shaft in one quick thrust. She was tight and wet. Her muscles stroking my cock like a glove. I wanted more.

"More," I whispered as she broke the kiss to lean back.

She smiled.

And rode me. Her hips slapping into my in short thrusts. Her sexy tits bouncing as she used my chest to keep steady. Thrusting up and down on my shaft as I lay there unmoving. My hands gripping her ass as tight as I dared.

Then she stopped and kissed me. Leaving my cock without of her pussy as she pressed into me, pushing my cock upwards so the shaft was pressed against her slit. Her breasts crushed between us as we kissed passionately. I could've lain there forever pressed against her and kissing her. It seemed like an eternity before she broke the kiss and sat up. "Don't move boy," She ordered, before dragging me to the edge of the bed, my legs dangling as my shaft was left standing like a flagpole.

She turned around and hopped off the bed. Tim was there, stroking his shaft. Lust gleaming in his eyes. He wanted her. I couldn't blame him.

"Lube?" She asked. He pointed where it stood. Taking her time she poured some on her fingers and reached behind her. Her hand slipping between her cheeks and coating her hole with the lube. Turning back towards me, she stalked forward as I stared at her. My cock still at attention.

Turning around she put her back to me. Her hands coming down just above my waist as held herself above my cock. I heard her little breath. She'd only let me fuck her ass a few times, so she was very careful when we did it. My hands wrapped around her hands and I squeezed in quiet encouragement.

She took her time, slowly easing down my shaft. She was so tight, my head slowly pushing inside her tight walls. Gripping my cock and making me groan as she slowly took me inside her. Inch by inch until she finally bottomed out, her ass coming to rest against my hips. Slowly grinding as I moaned in pleasure. Her walls gripping me like a vise that I couldn't escape. Milking my shaft and making me gasp. Once seated inside, she leaned back, my hands coming to rest against her lower back in support as her legs dangled over the edge of the bed with my own. Spreading wide as she finally looked over at our guest.

"I promised him my ass, but you can have my pussy," She gasped. Grinding against me and making me moan in pleasure, my hips grinding up into her. Her weight pushed the plug deeper inside me, digging into my prostate and making me swell inside her. Tim walked up and his hands came to rest against her, she was just on the edge of the bed with me, having moved me as she went for lube. I kissed her shoulder as her legs wrapped around mine. Tim sliding between her legs and seizing her mouth for a kiss.

Ramming himself inside her with one thrust. I grunted as I felt his shaft press against my own, barely separate inside her. Ma'am gasped, "Oh fuck." Stuffed in both angles she was helpless, but to just hold on as Tim went to town on her. Slamming himself inside her with desperate need. Every thrust pushing her against my cock inside her ass. Her pussy and ass seized around us both as she nearly screamed. Writhing in pleasure as I met his thrusts. Meeting every thrust with one of my own. Slamming her into his every thrust. Amplifying every thrust with brutal slaps and penetration.

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