tagMind ControlThere's an App for That Ch. 03

There's an App for That Ch. 03


Author's note:

All Character's in this story are over the age of eighteen.

Any names or places that bare similarities to reality are purely coincidental and not intended by the author.

Warning: This story contains elements of non-consent.


Gareth knew he only had a few days left before he had to officially resign so he needed to work fast. Now that he knew who his boss was talking to and what her level was, there was a chance he could salvage his position at the company. Since he needed to keep up the illusion that he was still cooperating with Jacob, Gareth told Jacob he was going to work from home for the rest of the week, told him he was still too sick.

He started researching Janie Ryan; He found her professional social media account, she was a successful business woman in her mid-forties. She'd held many different positions, all high powered, all in well-known and large corporations. It appeared that Janie liked to be the boss, she liked to be in control. It explained why she wanted her company's team to take control of the game. There was no personal information on the account but it did have her profile picture. Normally Gareth wasn't interested in older woman but she had aged very well, with her makeup and hair all done up but he was definitely getting a Mrs. Robinson vibe from her.

Being level Red, he could probably just order her to get him reinstated but he felt that wasn't enough. Gareth needed more information, he wanted to truly understand why she wanted to get rid of him and he wanted to do it in person. He activated the locator system on his MCA, luckily for him, it showed her at home; another house in the rich suburbs.

Gareth set his work user on "Do not disturb" before making his way to her home. Again, Gareth was greeted by another large mansion sized home with tended gardens, a pool, and a tennis court. After some preliminary questions he found out that she lived alone, was unmarried and the only people that came to her house were the cleaners, gardeners and family. Like with Jennifer, Gareth instructed her to answer the door only this time she was too wear something she deemed sexy.

He expected lingerie of some sort but he was pleasantly surprised to see her in a skin tight, full body leather one piece. From what he could see there were zippers in the crotch area and also around her breasts. Her hair was messy in a sexy kind of way and she didn't have any make up, she looked like a sec slave right out of a BDSM porno, ready to please.

Gareth wanted to jump in right away but this time he wanted to get information first. He let himself in and she closed the door behind him. She went to what appeared to be the office, it was a simple room with a desk and other office accessories. Her laptop was open and she took a seat in front of it, she opened resumed her work which conveniently appeared to be an email to Jacob, she was asking him how everything was going on his end. Before she could hit send Gareth stopped her to ask some questions.

Master: Tell your master why you wanted to fire the lead developer of Mini Mind Games?"

Slave: I didn't, I wanted to integrate my own team with their team but Jacob told me that his lead developer wasn't good for the job and that I should just get rid of him.

Master: Is that why you demoted Jacob?

Slave: I didn't demote him, he convinced me the success of the app was all his doing and so I gave him a position on the board.

Gareth couldn't believe it, not only had Jacob gotten him fired, he'd also weaseled his way to the top. Gareth was furious, he'd always known that Jacob was an arsehole but this was too far. He was about to get Janie to just send an email to get him reinstated before fucking her brains out but then the way she dressed gave him another idea.

Master: Tell Master what your sexual desires are.

Slave: I like to be used, I like to be tied up and helpless while a man uses me for his pleasure. I like to please the man in any way I can.

Master: Do you have an area in this house where you like to have his done to you?

Slave: Yes.

Master: Take me there, bring the laptop and your phone.

She led him to what appeared to be a secret part of the house, behind one of her bookcases there was a hidden room that opened with a special lever on one of the books. On the walls of the room hung many different sexual implements from whips to chains, gags to ropes, and vibrators and dildos of all shapes and sizes. In the center of the space hanging from the ceiling was a frame used for restraining a person. Her.

Gareth looked at the center frame first, after some investigation he began to understand how it worked. It had the ability to suspend a person in any position that was desired and right now he had one position in mind.

Put the laptop and phone on the chair over there and place it in front of the frame.

He then set it up the way he wanted. And guided her into it. He had her in such a way that she was horizontal to the ground and facing down, her arms were tied in front of her but her fingers were still available, her legs were spread out behind her so her pussy and arse were fully accessible and her whole entire body was held in place by the frame. He made sure she could still reach the laptop and her phone, then he went to get her microphone from her office. When he returned, he plugged it into the laptop and made sure it was working with the push-to-talk option enabled.

He surveyed all of the implements hanging from the walls. He grabbed some of the whips, vibrators and nipple clamps. He unzipped the suit around her breasts and took a handful of each mound of flesh, using a combination of hands, fingers and mouth, her nipples became hardened and aroused. Gareth placed the nipple clamps on her nipples and setup a chain between them. He then unzipped her crotch to reveal a nicely shaved, well-kept pussy and arse.

Master: Your Master is unhappy and frustrated with you, would you like to make him happy?

Slave: Yes

Master: You will request a voice only call with Jacob to ask about the progress of the merger from his end. If Master hears something he doesn't like, he will punish you but if he hears something he likes then you will be rewarded.

She sent another email. Jacob replied almost immediately and requested the call, she answered.

"Hi Janie. How are you?". He was overly chirpy

"I'm good Jacob, I'm just calling to ask how things are going on your end". To her credit, Janie's voice was completely even, not hint at all that she was exposed/suspended in the air, and had nipple clamps attached.

"Excellent, I've already given Gareth the boot and he'll be out by the end of the week."

Gareth sent his whip flying, it slapped her exposed arse with a crack, it was lucky she was using a push-to-talk option on the microphone otherwise Jacob would have heard her yelp in response.

"Yes, about that, I'm reconsidering that course of action." She recovered remarkably well.

Not to see like an ungrateful master, Gareth activated the plug-into-the-wall vibrators. It hummed to life with much more energy than the portable type. He gently touched the tip to her exposed slit for a brief moment before pulling away. Her body shivered slightly in response.

"What do you mean? That guy is a loser, we don't need him. I can keep this app going by myself." Jacob joked.

Gareth brought the whip around again this time he stuck her arse, pussy and breasts; several times over. He was angry; part of him knew that taking it out on her was unfair, that part slowed him down.

Master: Is Master hurting you too much? How does it make you feel?

Slave: I enjoy the pain, it excites me, I want to please master. Please let me please master.

Master: Continue.

"I believe what you are saying..." She started but Gareth deactivated push-to-talk for one moment to give her a quick whip on her pussy lips. She needed to know how he felt about Jacobs words.

"Actually. I want to be honest with you Jacob. I don't believe what you are saying." She changed to a more assertive tone. Gareth turned the whip around and used the bulbous end to slide up and down her slit a few times before ending in a nice flick of her clit. He could tell it took all over will power to not respond verbally as the microphone was still live.

"I would like to keep Gareth employed with the company." She added. Gareth returned the vibrator to her clit and held it there for much longer. It didn't take long for her to ask

"Master may I please cum?"

Unaware of what was happening on his end, Jacob continued the conversation.

"Okay sure. If you want him to stay on that can be arranged too, but I think he should be demoted. Get someone else as lead. The guy shouldn't have that much power."

Gareth released the vibrator from her clit, she whimpered in protest but he only replied with a few strokes of his whip.

"No! he should be in the lead still. Infact I don't think I need my team there at all."

The vibrator returned, and since she added the little extra at the end Gareth went another step further, he released his cock from within his pants. Since his tip was already soaked in precum and her juices were already coating her lips he easily slipped past her entrance and in two powerful strokes buried himself deep inside her tight but accommodating pussy. He positioned himself so he could move the vibrator to still be able to touch her clit. Her inner muscles pulsed happily around their new friend and he cherished each squeeze.

"May I please cum?" She pleaded, he could tell she was very close now. Jacob continued.

"Okay, that's your decision. Anyway, on to other matters..." Jacob started rattling off other unrelated points about the merger. His voice was being drowned out by Janie's high-pitched growling, she was trying so hard to hold on, Gareth was amazed by her self-control, he'd nearly cum himself just with her muscles pulsing around him.

You may

Her climax exploded as she cried out in pleasure. Gareth held firm, despite his own desire for release, he loved the way she squirmed around him as she came. Eventually her orgasm subsided and she quivered with over stimulation. Gareth held the vibrator for a few more moments before releasing her. All the while Jacob was doing his report in the background. It was until he mentioned something that Gareth's mind went back to the present.

"...So anyway about my seat on the board."

Gareth quickly pulled himself out of her. He only just found out about this little tidbit of information previously and had forgotten about it. If that were the case it wouldn't matter what Janie said today, Jacob could easily remove him from the company. Gareth sent the whip flying again; arse, pussy, breasts...again and again.

"...When will the paperwork be finalised, I have to say I'm pretty excited to be working directly with you. Janie." Jacob continued. Gareth detected a hint of flirting on the other end of the call. Bastard was trying to pick her up too.

"I'm reconsidering that now.." She started. Gareth paused on the whip and moved behind her again. He dipped his cock into her very moist pussy.

"I don't think you'll be suitable for that position now..." She continued. Gareth dropped the whip now, he was very happy where this was going and didn't feel the need for it anymore, he slowly pumped in and out of her while he gathered some of the juices surrounding his cock with his fingers. He then used the lubricant to tease her butthole with slow small circles.

"But we agreed! You can't change your mind!" Jacob protested, the cockiness completely gone from his voice. Gareth continued teasing her butt, dipping his finger inside gently, he also made sure to keep gathering more of her juices from around his cock as he moved in and out of her in a slow rhythm. She seemed to take this as encouragement to continue on.

"That was something outside the contract, which you have already signed. New information has come to my attention. I don't think you'll be suitable for the role, in fact, I don't think you are suited in your current role." Janie was really going for it now and Gareth wanted her to know he approved. With her rear end well lubricated now, he pulled his cock out of her pussy and moved to the entrance of her arse. Then took the vibrator and placed it back on her clit, due to her previous climax and sensitivity her body began to shiver. He pushed himself forward slowly making his way inch by inch. Her next few words were broken but she managed to drive the nail into the coffin.

"I...expect...your...resignation...by...tomorrow...don't worry...you'll get a...generous package." She managed to get the last words in before Gareth had fully sheathed himself inside. Gareth complete ignored Jacob's protests coming through, Janie hung up on him and now that she finished saying what she wanted her strangled cries had transformed into moans of pleasure. Using his free hand he grabbed her waist and used it for leverage and began thrusting in and out of her rear entrance hard and fast, it wasn't easy considering how incredibly tight she was.

"Master...may...I" she panted, barely able to form words.

You may cum.

The flood gates literally opened as she came, she squirted juices all over, some on his cock, legs, and the floor Gareth complimented her climax with his own by spraying his load deep inside her.

After coming down from his high, Gareth managed to find the energy to pull out and check up on his new boss. Her head lolled to the side, it seemed she'd passed out from the overwhelming pleasure. He waited until she regained her senses before bringing her down and getting her to perform the usual clean up.

Before leaving her house, Gareth put a backdoor on her laptop so he would have access to any further correspondence with Janie and Jacob. He didn't want to get caught out again.

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