There's An App For That


I scroll through the options and like all of them but decide on my first run to keep things simple. For Amber, I opt to keep her fairly close to her current attire and select Sexy Sock Hop Waitress. Once I select a mode the other customization options unlock. I star applying the changes I want on the screen image of her.

I choose to keep her black 50's style skirt but raise the hem to her mid thigh. I also shrink the top to show off Amber's tone midriff. I keep her hair color and style since she has already done it up 50's style. I brighten her lipstick to a more cherry red and brighten up the rest of her facial makeup to give her a doll-like glow. The last changes I make are to her shoes which I leave as Mary Jane's but add a 2-inch heel. I also leave the socks and darken the hue of her pantyhose slightly to give it the same shade of suntan worn by waitresses at a popular wing chain.

I then see a prompt pop on the screen about an additional option that will cost extra NW points should I choose to use it. I can leave things as they are which would leave her mound covered by hose and unaccessible. Or, for 5 extra NW points, I can give her a fully functional Nylon pussy that will feel like a normal one with a silky bonus sensation. I pay the extra NW and add the new option to the list.

I look over my work on the screen and with a nod hit the apply button. Amber stays standing but begins to convulse and moan with pleasure. Her moans grow in volume and heat as each change is applied. 2 minutes after I hit apply, a bright green light emits from Amber and fills the room. The flash of light dims after 10 or so seconds and before me stands my creation. My Sexy Sock Hop Slave.

She flips her hair flirtatiously and saunters towards me. "So big guy," She says in a seductive tone. "What would you like to order?"

Her voice is so smooth and she sounds just like diner girls I have seen in 50's era TV and film.

"Well," I reply, "Let's start with something simple. Give me a blow job."

"Sure thing master," She responds, "would you like that BJ to be a spit or swallow?"

Her look and tone of voice has my cock engorged to full mast and then some. "Let's go with swallow."

"Coming right up," she says while dropping to her knees. Amber plays a little with the engorged cock through my pants, then proceeds to unfasten my belt and pants.

My pants and boxers hit my ankles and she begins to go to town. She works her lips and tongue on my cock like a master pianist works the keys. Hitting all the right notes as she sucks me to climax. As instructed she takes my load down her throat. Amber rises back to her feet and addresses me again.

"Master," your cum is so thick and sweet. Are there any other services I can offer you at this time?"

I am spent for the time being but still want to play with my new toy. So, I come up with something for her to do while I recover.

"Sit on the couch and spread your legs."

"Anything you say master," Amber says as she obeys the order."

Once she is in position I give her further commands. "Lift your top on the left side to expose that breast. Then, rub your bare nipple with the left hand while fingering your pussy with the other. I will watch from the chair and play with my manhood. When I rise from the chair, remove your hands so I can fuck you."

My sexy slave licks her lips and purrs, "yes master, I will obey."

Amber lifts the side of her shirt and starts to play with the nipple while sliding her other hand between her silky legs. The skirt is so short that I can see every move her fingers make around and in her silky nylon pussy. At first, my member remains flaccid from the BJ, but soon after it begins it begins to grow. Slowly at first, then as Amber's moans grow louder the rate increases and soon I am rock solid. I stand and approach her. Amber removes her hands from her breast and pussy as instructed. I motion with my hand for her to slide into a lying position. She complies and I pounce like a dog in heat. My mouth goes right for the exposed nipple while my thick, throbbing cock thrusts into her dripping, silky sex. Amber gasps in pleasure as I penetrate deeper and deeper with each thrust. Her body adjusts and soon her hips begin to rock in rhythm with mine.

She cums hard, her warm juices flow down my manhood as it rocks inside her. I pull out briefly and turn her around on all fours. I re-enter her in the doggy style position and like before her body adjusts to me quickly and soon we are in sync again. She reaches climax yet again. This time, I join her and our bodies convulse as we both expend the last bit of our energy on the act. I tilt sideways and fall to the floor while she slumps down on the couch. I relish the afterglow for a moment before passing out.

I wake to the sound of clanging pans and the smell of bacon. I groggily stand and stumble my way to the kitchen. Amber turns from the stove and smiles. "Hello master, you slept for a long time. It is Sunday Morning and I am making breakfast."

I sit down at the table and she sets a cup of black coffee in front of me before returning to her task at the stove. "Amber," I ask between sips, "How are you able to do this? I was under the impression you needed orders to act."

"That is true master," she replies, "but, there are certain things that auto programming and instruction handles. In certain situations, no order is needed if the auto programming decides a proper course of action. Like last night, you did not need to tell me how to do doggy style or even to switch to it. The code written into the Nano Waves has things like that written in to make things easier for the user. Plus, my mode of waitress makes it so I am pre disposed to cook a full meal. other modes may only make coffee or some other task in line with their mode."

I shake my head and reply,"I must have missed that part in the instructions."

She giggles and serves me my completed meal of bacon and eggs. "Master, she asks after serving me, "may I take a shower. I can do so in my current state. The water will cleanse but not harm the clothing. It will also dry very quickly when I am done."

I nod and point towards the bathroom. As I eat, I think about what to do next with my new app.

Chapter 2 - Halloween Bar Crawl

A week with my new Fantasy Bot has flown by. Each day I put Amber in Cover Mode so she can go to work. Friday has finally come and it is time to add another bot or two into my stable. Each night after work, Amber comes home to my place and we have kinky fun. Despite the late hours, I have never woke for work tired or crashed during the day.

"Hello Master," Amber says as I enter the apartment, "How was your day?"

"It was good," I reply, "Are you ready to go back to Bot Mode?"

"Yes," I ache all day to be your sexy slave."

I smile as I bring Amber's screen up on the app. I hit the return button and the settings I have for her are returned. "Now my sexy waitress, bend over so I can fuck you doggy style."

"Yes Master, I will obey." Amber bends over and grabs her ankles. The back of her skirt hikes up from the motion and I catch a full view of her moist nylon pussy. My manhood reaches full mast in seconds as I slip out of my pants. My hands grope her hosed ass cheeks and I thrust inside of my bot. Her lustful moans fill the room as I pound her silky, wet pussy. I pull out just before climax and command Amber to turn and kneel. She does and I slide my cock into her mouth. Her lips and tongue work my engorged member the rest of the way as I cum down her throat. I pull out and she smiles.

"Thank you, master, "I love taking your cream in my mouth."

Amber goes into the bedroom to rest as I ponder my next move in the world of Fantasy Bots. Regular theme slaves like sexy teachers, naughty nurses, and slutty librarians I can get almost any time. So, I turn my attention to Halloween and run an Internet search for sexy Halloween costumes. The first few on the screen are vampires and witches but after a bit of thought, I realize I can get those type of slaves and the like at the Goth club on Third Street. As I scroll down, something catches my eye.

"Karma," I say out loud, "any girl wearing that would also play the fucking game." The image before me is that of a sexy costume for the main creature in CQ GO, Lightning Cat.

Aside from trying to find women dressed as CQ creatures, I find 2 other costume themes I would like as possible slaves. I open a new tab to search for any Halloween costume parties being held in the area. My search pops up a party at a hotel ballroom close by. I am about to settle on that when another option comes on the screen. It is an ad banner, It is orange with black bats on the border. The creepy black font in the center reads, "The first annual Halloween Quad Bar Costume Crawl." I read the details and decide to go with that. Each of the four bars are close to one another, but not too close. The distance between them will give me space to pick off targets as they move from one bar to the next.

To spread out my options, and keep myself covered, I book a room at the party hotel. I can work the crawl, and the ballroom party while also having somewhere to go that is not my place. Suddenly, the phone begins to beep at me. I pick it up to see an alert from the Fantasy Bot application, The alert reads, "Fantasy Bot Sock Hop Waitress is now eligible for Point Transfer."

My eyebrows raise and I ask aloud to myself, "what the hell is Point Transfer?" My finger slides across the screen, sending the app to the tutorial. I look up the Transfer and discover it is a feature similar to the training feature of CQ GO. In that, a trainer gains points by teaching their creature new moves and tactics for use in battles. The same is true with Fantasy Bot. When I thought she was mindlessly obeying my sexual requests, Amber was learning how to perform sexual acts better. I think back and it dawns on me that each time I have fucked her has been better than the last. Each blow job and transition from one sexual position to another has been better and more seamless. Just like with the creature game, I get points for "training" my slave. I didn't really do much besides have her fuck and please me. Without trying, I have accumulated 25 Training Points that I can now transfer from Amber to the device. The TP's then convert into Nano Waves for future use.

I stand and check on Amber. She is still resting, so, I grab my jacket and go out to get myself a costume for the night. She knows to stay and make dinner upon waking up.

"Man," I say to the shopkeeper as I browse through what he has left for costumes. "Pickings are slim."

"Yeah," he replies, "it's Halloween day."

"Yeah, you're right." I am about to give up and move on to another store when I spot it. The costume is a 20's style suit. The suit consists of a white button-up shirt, black slacks, black jacket, emerald green bow tie and fake 20's style handle bar mustache. The label on the package reads Martian Mezmero. It is the only decent looking costume in my size, so I grab it and place it on the counter. It is at that point I see the CQ GO logo on the corner of the package.

"Really, this guy is in a game about catching fantasy creatures? He looks like he would be more at home in a Dracula spoof movie."

"Yeah," the shopkeeper replies as he rings me up, "Mezmero is in the new season of the show. He uses a mystic emerald crystal to hypnotize trainers on the show to give him their creatures so he can become The Grand Master Of The World. It's kind of goofy, but, it is a cartoon on Saturday mornings. They also put him in a DLC pack for the CQ GO game."

"So, if this guy is part of a popular show and game, why is this costume still on your rack?"

He explains as I hand him the money, "This costume is half off, look at the picture, he is supposed to have a top hat and the emerald. This costume came without either. There are no tears in the package. It is most likely a mistake made at the factory. Do you still want it?"

I nod and he completes the transaction. As I walk back towards my place I remember I have a top hat at home, left over from a new years party. As for the emerald. I slide into the electronics store and buy an emerald-colored phone cover decorated with many small, like colored, plastic gems. It won't look completely like Mezmero's emerald, but, mine will actually be able to hypnotize people.

After eating Amber's amazing dinner. I fuck her once more. This adds another 5 TP's for the transfer. I have Amber lie on the couch as I aim the phone at her and click the appropriate button. She shudders and squirms in orgasm as my Nano Waves go from 155 to 185. Amber composes herself once the transfer is complete and sits up. "Is there anything else you need Master?"

"I will be going out tonight and staying at a hotel. I have booked a room next to mine for you. I plan on making at least 2 more Fantasy Bots tonight. After I am done with the first one, I will bring her to you. You will please each other sexually until I return and tell you to stop."

"Yes Master."

I put Amber in cover mode and we head off to the hotel. After checking in I put her in her room and back into Bot mode. I then have her rest while I dress in my costume and go out to claim my first victim of the night. The party in the lobby is just getting started and the same is true of the crawl. I linger a bit at one of the bars and have a few drinks while scouting for a target. Though on silent, my phone still gives me frequent vibrating alerts about possible targets. After a couple hours, the party and crawl are in full swing. I exit the bar I'm at and head towards the next one on the list. In transit, I spot what I have been looking for. A college-aged girl is walking the opposite direction as me and is wearing a sexy CQ GO Lightning Cat costume.

Her spiral permed raven hair ends just above the shoulder and is accented with electric yellow highlights. Her face is adorned with a cat makeup that consists of a black nose and whiskers. Two electric yellow cat ears with black accent rise from the top of her head. An electric yellow halter top corset with black lightning bolt designs leads down to a black mini skirt that falls to mid-thigh. It's not a great likeness of the CQ Creature, but, it is still sexy none the less. She finishes off the costume with electric yellow stockings with black bolt designs and black tops connected to same colored garter straps. Her shoes are modified stiletto heels that have been painted electric yellow and black to mimic the paws of Lightning Cat. She completes the look with an electric yellow lightning bolt shaped tail with black trimming.

As the girl is about to pass by, she turns and says, "The hat is wrong, but I love your Mezmero costume. Are you a fan of the show?"

I reply as we step off the main path to let other bar crawlers by. "I have a vested interest in the show and game. CQ GO has changed my life."

Being a true fan girl of the show and game, she begins to ramble on and on about her favorite episodes and good places in the city to find CQ GO creatures. As she does, I peek at my phone discreetly to see the read out on her. It all looks promising and I really need to thank Creature Quest for rotting this girl's brain. My Fantasy Bot app says I will only need 30 Nano Waves to take her. As she continues to talk about a rare creature she found in an apartment building I take a closer look at her face. Holy shit, this is one of the girls that pissed me off the other night. Her changed hair style and color had disguised her true self from my eyes. I know she has friends, but where are they. so, I decided to go for broke and reveal myself.

"I remember you, "I say in a light-hearted tone. "I was in the elevator when you got the rare creature."

She looks me over and steps back, a bit shocked. "You're the grumpy old guy, I thought you hated CQ. You yelled at me and my friends in the lobby. Why are you dressed as Mezmero?"

"Let me apologize, I don't hate Creature Quest. I had a long day and was a bit drunk. I am sorry for being a dick. Also, I'm older, but not old. I'm middle-aged." She smiles and takes her guard back down.

"I'm Lizzy."

I extend my hand, "Nice to meet you Lizzy, I am James. So where are your friends if you don't mind me asking."

Her eyes sink a bit, "Well, they were not good friends. The assholes ditched me at the last bar to go to a party on campus. It's okay, though, I had just met them while playing CQ GO. So it's not like I'm out any life long friends."

I nod and smile. "Hey, I know what will make you forget about those assholes. A few drinks, and being hypnotized by Martian Mezmero."

She chuckles and replies, "sure, intoxicate and hypnotize me." She and I go to the bar I was just at and do a few shots. I glance down at the phone and see that her intoxicated state has dropped her Nano Wave requirement to 25. We exit the bar and head towards the hotel. Lizzy is drunk, but still walking and talking fine, just a bit swerved and slurred at times. "H... Hey Mezmero," she says as we walk, "Y.. You still have to hypnotize me."

"You're right," I reply as we near the hotel. "Let's go around the corner where it is quieter."

She agrees and we go around the corner, away from the busy street. I whip out my emerald encrusted phone and aim it at her. She smiles and strikes a pose of fake fear. "Oh no," she says jokingly, "Martian Mezmero is going to get me." As she jokes, I say some bull shit lines I heard my character say in some internet clips I watched before going out. I then hit the required button and send 30, to be safe, Nano Waves at Lizzy. Her joking and drunken state lessens then stops as she snaps into the basic trance. This process takes a little longer than it did with Amber. But, I figure it is because she had on stockings vs hose. Less nylon coverage for the Nano's to play with.

I lead her through a rear door of the hotel and up to my room. As she stands at attention before me I scroll through the options for her. As opposed to Amber, who had a number of options based on her attire. Lizzy is limited based on the unique nature of her costume. As I did with Amber, I stick with what she is already wearing. After all, it is karma to become a creature slave after you disrupt other's lives with your stupid game.

I shorten the top to expose the midriff. I then adjust her eyes to make them look milky white, The thought of looking into those empty and mindless eyes while fucking her makes me hard. I leave the hair the same style and color, only adjusting the shine of it. I plump her lips to look more stripper like and change the shade of her lipstick to a bright cherry red. I remove the skirt entirely and the panties she wears under it. This leaves her with only the garter belt around her waist and the stockings below them. I keep her cat ears and makeup but remove the tail. I add a black pet color around her neck with her name embroidered on it in electric yellow and lightning style font. To finish, I get rid of the silly paw pattern on her stiletto heels and make them black with yellow bolt designs on the sides.

I hit apply and the same green glow that emitted during Amber's transformation happens again. When the glow fades my sexy Lightning Cat is waiting to serve her master. I don't say a word, I just push and pin her against the wall. "Unfasten my pants."

"Yes Master." She does as told and my pants fall to my ankles. "Now, slide my boxers down and pull out your master's hard cock."

"I hear and obey," she says in a soft tone that incorporates a subtle purr added on to every other word. With my engorged manhood out, I lift my new slave higher on the wall and raise her left leg onto my shoulder. She is quite flexible and is able to get into this position with ease. I then lower her slightly onto my waiting cock. She gasps as I enter her and snaps her head back. She moans as I continue to drive deeper and deeper. Lowering and raising her on the wall an inch or so each time I thrust and retract. She cums and her juices drip down on me and the floor like a waterfall. The wetness and contractions of her climaxing pussy stimulate me to the brink. I gently pull out and step back. She drops to her knees, exhausted from the ordeal. I hold my cum filled cock near her mouth and she takes it in. A few licks from her is all it takes to make me explode. She swallows my cream down and I pull out of her mouth.

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