There's An App For That


"Master's milk is yummy," she purrs."

I regain my composure and clean up. Once I am clean and back in costume, I take Lizzy to Amber's room and have them lie on the bed together. "I am going to find another slave. I want you 2 to please one another while I am gone. Teach each other sexual moves and apply ones learned from me. Do not stop until I get back, rest a bit between climaxes, but go again and again until I return."

The pair reply in synced monotone, with an extra purr from Lizzy. "Yes Master."

I head back downstairs where the party in the ballroom is entering the last hour. The same is true for the bar crawl. As I am about to leave the lobby. A performer comes on the stage in the ballroom to entertain the guests. She is wearing paint on her face but I can still tell she is older than my other 2 slaves. This woman looks more around 30.

But, it is not her age that has caught my eye. It is her costume. This woman is performing for the party crowd as a robot mime. The thought of having an actual bot, or close to it, intrigues me. I step in the room to take a closer look. My fantasy of having a bot is all for not if she is not wearing nylon. Her legs are covered in silver under a tight, chrome-colored mini dress. From the back of the room, I can not tell if it is body paint or nylon. I weave through the crowd that is half watching her and half socializing with one another. I get right in front of the stage and my heart jumps. Her legs are not painted, they are clad in soft and silky silver hose. I glance at my phone and scroll through the possible target alerts until she comes up. Her will is much stronger than the younger women I have turned. But, I have enough Nano Waves to take her. I smile and think about how I can get myself a sexy robot slave.

Chapter 3 - The Robot

I watch the rest of Robot Mime's act. Her moves are crisp as if she has done the act a thousand times. She finishes and exits the stage. After making my way through the crowd I exit the ballroom to find Robot Mime wiping the paint off her face and collecting a check from the party organizer.

"This is half the amount we discussed," she says after looking at the check.

"That is what you get, your act is stale,"

"No!" She replies angrily, "this is bull shit! You can't short change me."

"We have no signed agreement," the organizer responds, "Take what you have and be glad I'm giving you that."

Robot Mime rolls her eyes and walks away. I follow as she enters the hotel lounge. She sits at the bar and orders her drinks. I hang back and watch her down two shots before making my move. I liked your act," I say while taking a seat next to her. "I have not seen a legit mime act of any kind in a while around here."

Robot Mime keeps her face turned away but replies,"thanks." The bartender then walks over and places a green cocktail in front of her.

"Hey, that looks good," I say while pointing to the drink, "Bartender, give me one of those and another for the lady."

She smiles and finally turns her face towards me. She has wiped away a lot of the face paint, but a number of streaks still remain on her cheeks. She has also pulled off her silver performing wig to reveal short, bleach blonde hair. She has it in a small bun, but looks like when let free it would fall to mid neck.

"So," she asks while gesturing to my costume, "what are you supposed to be?"

"I am Martian Mezmero from Creature Quest."

"So," she replies with a smirk, "you dressed as someone from a popular show and game to get some young tail."

"I laugh a bit and respond, "yeah, well, kids I guess want more than an illusion of youth. The costume has been a complete bust."

Robot Mime takes another sip and smiles seductively, "I don't know about a complete bust, I like it. Despite being from a new series, Mezmero has more of an old school look. A classic look that I find charming and sexy."

I am not dumb and call for the check. This woman wants to hook up. I pay the bartender and we leave. As we enter the elevator, alone, she pins me on the back wall and says, "I'm Rachel by the way."

She then proceeds to shove her tongue down my throat. We make out the entire ride up during which time my member grows to full mast. I have had plenty of action in the last few days but only because of Fantasy Bots. Hypnotized and transformed love dolls who bend to my will. Despite a few vodka filled cocktails, this woman seems to have a legit interest in me. We enter my room and right away I can hear Lizzy and Amber going at it next door. Rachel hears them too and smiles as she spreads out on the bed.

"They sound like they're having a good time. Let's have a better one."

My phone vibrates and I pull it out. The Nano's required to turn Rachel have gone down with her increased alcohol level. I put in all the data required to send Rachel into the basic trance and open the aim feature. I am just about to raise the phone and complete the act but something stops me. This woman is around my age and has the promise to be a normal companion, a girlfriend, perhaps one day, a wife. I decide to hold off and excuse myself to the bathroom.

"Don't take too long Mezmero, I may have to tend to my wet pussy by myself if you take too long."

I wash my face and stare into the mirror. The game is fun, but this is the first shot I've had at a legit thing in a while. I decide to spare Rachel a Fantasy Bot fate. But, when I emerge from the bathroom she is lining up for a selfie with my phone. Before I can stop her, she takes the pic and a few moments later falls into the basic trance. I freak out for a moment before realizing she will go back to normal if I don't customize inside of 30 minutes. I step back and decide to let the time run out. 15 minutes in, something on her makes an electronic noise. Since she is in a trance I ask her to explain the sound.

She sits up and points to the middle of her chrome colored mini dress. "Sometimes I do my act at venues that do not have a sound system like parks and the like. I wired my costume to play music and or sound effects when the situation requires it."

An evil thought enters my mind and I pick up the phone. I can find a girlfriend some other time. It is time to make a robot. I go to the customization screen and get to work. I start by turning the paint remnant on her face into silver lines that look like wires. They run up and down across her face from the hair line down the neck and end at the top of her dress. I make her eye liner thicker and color it silver with black accent on the edge. I take her hair out of the bun and turn it silver to match the wig she wore for her act earlier.

I also plump her lips and make the lipstick silver as well. The dress I divide in half to expose her midriff. I use the excess silver from the deleted portion of the dress to cover her exposed skin in silver nylon that matches and combines with her hose. The wired part that was in the middle and made noises etc, I turn into a black collar with silver accents that will alter her voice to sound robotic. Her heeled knee high silver boots I also leave alone save for giving them a brighter sheen.

Once the changes are applied, my sexy robot sits up in the bed and turns her head mechanically towards me. "Rachel Bot is ready to serve Master."

The robot voice gives me a giant bulge in my pants. However, unlike the others, Rachel's pussy is not exposed or turned into a functioning nylon one. It is smooth nylon as I mean to only use her for other pleasures. I retrieve my other two bots who do not seem tired at all from their sexual marathon.

I have Amber bend over in front of me and have Lizzy climb onto the bed with Rachel. "Robot Rachel, finger Lightning Lizzy's dripping pussy while I fuck Sock Hop Amber."

"Yes Master," Rachel's robot voice replies. I smile and enter Amber as Rachel begins. Amber and Lizzy's moans fill the room and cause my manhood to grow and throb while inside the nylon sex of my first slave. The robot style movement of her fingers as they glide up and down inside my sexy cat makes me grow even more. The added growth sends Amber into multiple orgasms that send wave after wave of her sexual juice down my shaft. I pull out and lie her down on the bed next to Lizzy.

"Rachel, Amber's juices are the oil that makes your robotic body run. Drink them up so you may function."

"Yes Master." Rachel turns her attention to Amber and I get on my back. Instinctively, Lizzy gets on and rides my bulging cock. I command her to tweak my nipples as she rides. All the while, I stare at my robot lapping up her oil from Amber's nylon cunt. As my explosion nears, I gently get Lizzy off me and stand next to the bed. My complete stable of Fantasy Bots get on their knees atop the bed and open their mouths. I explode and rain my white cream on them like a fire hose.

When I am done, they lick my essence off each other.

Once they are done, I have them make room for me on the bed. I look at the sexy slaves on either side of me and smile. "I am so lucky to have such sexy bots."

"Thank you Master," they all say in unison, their different tones of voice blend together in perfect melody. I lay back and drift off to sleep surrounded by a waitress, cat, and robot.

A loud tone brings me out of my slumber. I focus my eyes on the clock to see it is 1:00 in the afternoon. I rented the rooms for 2 nights each for this very reason, exhaustive sex and sleeping with my sexy slaves.

The 3 bots do not stir as I crawl off the bed. I walk to my phone, which is on the TV stand. It is the source of the noise and as I pick it up I see an alert on the screen say "You are ready."

I tap the answer button and an electronically altered male voice answers. "Hello James, I see you have been enjoying the Fantasy Bot application. I am impressed with the choices you have made. Most men in the beta test have stuck to more traditional fantasy options."

"Thanks," I reply reservedly, "may I ask who you are?"

"My identity is not important. What is important is that you have been selected for stage 2. The beta test was sent to separate men with potential from those without. You are the former James. As we speak your app is updating from the beta version to the final deluxe one. Convert options and customization modes are expanded and the Nano Wave restriction is lifted. You will still need to gauge how much to use for a target. But, you will have an unlimited supply at your disposal."

"Nice," I say back, "thank you, I will become a true master of this game."

"We know you will James. Now, as a participant of stage 2, you will have to engage in battles with other stage 2 members. These battles will be held in our many safe house locations and are a chance for your stable of bots to earn you higher rank by beating another's stable in sex acts. The stable, or team who makes the other cum the most wins."

"I just turned two of my slaves last night. I could use a bit more time to get them ready."

"They will be fine. We have looked at their levels from our main control center and their unique nature gives them an automatic advantage. Your first match is tonight in your hotel room. Your opponent will arrive at midnight. Oh, we want all our Fantasy Bot Masters to always look their best. So, we are sending over a suit for you to wear during battles and formal Fantasy Bot functions. Please put on the suit before your match tonight."

"I will," I reply. The man hangs up and I wake the bots. "Girls, go to the other room and freshen up. Then practice lesbian sex acts on one another. We have a big night ahead of us."

"Yes Master, "we live to serve."

A few hours later the suit is delivered to my room in a protective plastic bag. I tip the delivery guy and hang up the bag. I open it and see it is a black business suit with a white shirt and black tie. There is also a pair of hit man looking sunglasses in a smaller bag attached to the main hanger.

I reach to pull the pieces out but stop when a red envelope catches my eye in the bottom of the bag. I open it to find a letter that reads. "James, this is your official Fantasy Master suit. Put on every article in this bag and have one of your slaves take a full body picture of you for our data base. The picture should be taken with the Master Gallery option in the application.

I set the letter down and strip. I begin to pull out the jacket and spot another small bag in the bottom of the larger one. It contains a pair of black dress socks with a silky feel to them and black briefs made of the same fabric. I shrug and slide the briefs on. My member grows a little as the fabric clings to it and my balls. I then sit and slide on the socks. They come up to my knee.

"Hmm, "I say aloud, "that seems a bit high for dress socks." I shrug it off and finish dressing. After adjusting the collar and buttons of the suit I grab the glasses and retrieve Amber from the other room. She needs less practice than the others since she has been with me longer.

"I have everything ready, I just need you to take a full body picture of me for the Fantasy Bot data base. Hit this button when you have the pic lined up."

"Yes Master," she says as she takes the phone. I stand against the east wall of the room, using the blank blue surface for my backdrop. "I have the picture lined up Master, are you ready?"

"Yes, take the photo."

The flash lights up the room. "That's too bright," I say when I can see clear again. Are you sure you didn't mess with any of the..."

I am about to say setting but am cut off mid-sentence with a sudden dizzy spell. I stumble to the bed and sit down. I hold my head and gently rub it to ease a growing headache when I feel the briefs tighten under the pants. Soon after, the same thing happens with the socks. I suddenly become short of breath and the dizziness increases. "Whoa. What is happening?"

Amber sets the phone on the TV stand and saunters over to me in a different nature than normal. "You had your fun James," she says, "all things have a price." She then engages me in a deep kiss. Her tongue dances with mine as she shoves it down my throat. When she pulls away I am lost for words and short of breath. The dizziness is replaced by a dull pounding in my head.

The other 2 saunter in and stand next to Amber. Lizzy smiles and purrs, "The True Masters have taken control. The free ride is over. It is time to earn your keep James."

My cock is triple it's normal size and throbbing as I begin to feel the briefs changing. First, they take on a thinner, more sheer feel. The same is true of the socks. Then, I feel both items grow, expand towards one another, covering my pant covered legs in a silky sheer fabric. It then dawns on me. The socks and briefs have turned to nylon and are becoming pantyhose.

"N.. No.. "I stutter, "this can't be happening. I.. I'm the master.."

"That is incorrect," Rachel's robotic voice chimes in, "Your skills with the application were recognized by the True Masters and you have been selected to become an agent."

I feel the nylon complete it's transformation into pantyhose. The sensation causes a moan to escape my throat. The inside of the glasses suddenly take on a green glow and my eyes are bombarded with images of women in various sexual positions being turned into bots. The glasses change focus to show it is me in my suit doing it to them. I then lead the turned women away and the next flash of images is at an auction where the bots are sold off for big money. My true purpose is revealed. I am not a master, I am an agent, my skills with the app will be used to turn women into bots for the True Masters, The Order, to sell off.

The flashes end and my eyes refocus. I am lying down on the bed, Amber's dripping nylon pussy is hanging above me and I hear Lizzy speak. "This is the last step James, drink her juice and become a mindless and obedient agent of The Order.

Amber lowers herself and without hesitation, I shove my tongue deep into her wet silky sex. The juices slide down my throat like nectar from the gods and I cease to be James.. I am.. Agent 15.

Amber moves away and I sit up. Lizzy and Rachel clean my face off, then return to attention. Amber joins them and I stand up. "Ladies, it is time to go."

"Yes Agent 15. We are ready."

I lead them out the back of the hotel where a van is waiting. They are helped into the back by another agent and I take the passenger seat. "That is a good group," the other agent says as he gets in.

"Thank you," I reply, " The Order will be pleased." As we drive away I see a pair of young women playing CQ GO in a parking lot. "Next time ladies," I say with a smile, "next time."

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