tagLoving WivesThere's Only One Way To Find Out

There's Only One Way To Find Out


There's only on way to find out.

It started with a little role playing. One night my wife started telling me a story(made up) of how her old boss had fucked her at a recent conference. It surprised both of us that it made me soooo horny, that I fucked her three times that night. That hadn't happened since we first started dating.

Soon she was using this "technique" to her advantage. If she wanted me amped up, super horny for her pleasure she'd simply snuggle up to me and casually say something like, " Man, did my pussy take a pounding today!".

She knew the blood would be surging to my cock at once. She'd also occasionally ask,"Do you think you could take seeing somebody fuck me or is it just a fantasy that turns you on?"

I had started to reply, "there's only one way to find out."

I think we both thought this was as far as this would ever go until one night in South Beach, when things just sort of fell into place.

We were out to dinner at a trendy restaurant that was really more of a club. After dinner we were hanging out by the bar and ran into an ex co-worker of my wife Regina. Dave had worked in IT an had a bit of the look to match. Although tall like me, he was thinner, not the most fashion orientated dude in the club and the horn rimmed glasses completed the look. Regina waved him over and we bought him a drink. They caught up on where he'd gone and why he left etc... He was now living in Miami and still single. He had moved down to be closer to his mother after his father had passed away. Regina thought that was about the nicest thing she had ever heard especially after he explained the pay cut he had to take.

I was returning from a trip to the restroom when i saw that Regina and Dave were on the dance floor. I didn't have a problem with this as I had to admit I kind of liked Dave and found him quite unthreatening. For the next two hours we took turns dancing with Regina, and I must say I enjoyed watching Regina flirt and even tease Dave. The poor guy was like a puppy dog wrapped around hot little Regina's finger. While Regina and I were dancing, I said to her,"Regina, you are torturing this poor guy, you can't just send him on his way after all the teasing you've done to him. The guys gonna have one of the worst cases of blue balls ever! Take it easy on him."

She replied by whispering in my ear, "I can definitely vouch for the blue balls but maybe I won't send him on his way."

Well I got hard instantly and thought I was in for a night of great sex as soon as we ditched Dave and got back to the hotel. God what a tease!

Things were wrapping up at the club and Dave volunteered to give us a ride to the hotel even though it was out of his way. Regina said,"Great!, and gave him a hug and kiss on the cheek.

It was at this point that I started to wonder what might happen. While we waited for Dave to retrieve the car, I half jokingly said to Regina it was too bad Dave wasn't more her type because if he was who knows where tonight might lead. She was kind of taken aback by my statement and asked what did I mean by her "type".

I said well lets face it, "he's a little geeky".

She replied, "Really, you think so, I don't know, if you can get past the clothes and glasses, I actually think he's kind of hot".

Hmmmm, OK I thought, well this is interesting.

On the way to the hotel, I sat in the back and Dave and Regina gabbed away about the hotel and the upgrade we got to this awesome suite overlooking the beach with two separate decks. We got totally hooked up by a friend of Regina's who had worked at the hotel at one time. When we got there, Regina told Dave to come up just for a minute to see the suite. Dave agreed, parked the car and the three of us went up together. By now my stomach was filled with butterfly's wondering if in fact something along the lines of what we had fantasized about and role played about many times might really happen.

Once in the room, Regina put on some music, poured a small glass of wine for each of us and we headed out onto the deck to look at the ocean in the moonlight. It was spectacular! What was even more spectacular was when Regina slid up to me and gave me a kiss and a look that said, "I'm about to go for it, so speak now or forever hold your peace!"

I gave her wink almost daring her despite my nervousness which was palpable to say the least. Regina walked over to Dave and pressed her body up against his back and wrapped her hands around his chest and said,"You know what the best thing about this suite is Dave?"

Dave said,"What?"

Regina said ,"The privacy. We can sunbathe naked out her and no one can see a thing".

Dave said, "Well that is something I'd love to see!"

Regina reached back behind her neck, untied the string to her silk dress, and let it drop to the floor. As quickly as that dress dropped, my jaw dropped even quicker. There she stood in only her bra and panties, nipples jutting out of her perfectly shaped 34 C breasts and that hot little ass looking as tight as ever. My God I thought as my cock throbbed, this is literally a dream come true.

She spun Dave around and said, "how's this?"

Dave's eyes were as big as saucers and he was speechless.

Regina said,"I had such a good time tonight I just don't want it to end."

She then leaned in and kissed him on the lips. Once then twice then a third longer, lingering kiss with a little tongue. I was quivering!

She then stopped and walked over to me. She started kissing me very softly and rubbing her hands all over my body, but avoiding the tent in my pants. She unbuttoned my shirt and took it off and draped it over a chair. She walked back to Dave who hadn't said a word, and started kissing him again. She removed his shirt and placed it on top of mine. She walked back to me and without kissing me but looking right into my eyes began to ever so slowly undo my belt buckle, then my pants and then crouched down as she pulled them down and I stepped out of them. I stood there against the railing in only my boxers about ten feet away from Dave, as she seductively walked away, still in just her underwear, and put my pants on the chair. Dave and I exchanged a quick look that basically said from me to him, "this is unchartered territory." And from him to me, "if you're cool with this I am the luckiest guy in the world tonight."

Regina sauntered, and I do mean sauntered, back over to Dave. She gave him a long, hot wet kiss. Then backed up, looked up at him and spoke the first words in quite a while. "Dave, is it OK if I take your pants off." I almost came right there on the spot.

Dave said one word,"Please".

Regina said, "Oh I'd be delighted". She took off his belt, unhooked and unzipped his pants and they fell to floor on there own. I'm watching as Dave stepped out of his pants and Regina picked them up. While getting up from her crouch she reached up with her hand and patted Dave on the crotch of his tighty whighty's making a hmmmm sound that expressed the fact that she was impressed by the bulge contained within. She put his pants on top of mine and walked back over to me. First she gave me a look of, you still OK? I mouthed, "you're the boss" and she reached out and finally touched my rock hard dick.

She whispered in my ear,"this is gonna be fun" then pulled my boxers down and stroked my 7 inch fairly thick cock which was ready to explode. She gave me a wink and walked back over to Dave and kissed him again.

She then said, "Dave, can I take your underwear off?" Dave groaned yes as though he also might cum at any time. Regina knelt down in front in front of Dave and rubbed his cock thru his underwear and said, "this is quite a package you have here Dave".

She then pulled his underwear down and his cock literally sprung out. "WOW", exclaimed Regina. Wow was right. Dave had an almost obscenely large penis. At least two inches longer than mine but it was the thickness that really made it stand out.

Regina looked up at Dave and said, "My God Dave, it is beautiful!"

She proceeded to stroke it, lick it, rub it on her face and try and get the head of it in her mouth which was a challenge. She then led Dave back inside using his big dick like a leash. Looking over her should she motioned for me to follow.

Inside she asked Dave if he would lick her pussy. He quickly replied, "I'd fucking LOVE to".

She turned to me and said, "Honey, is it ok if Dave licks my pussy a little?" I said I think it's a great idea, loving the fact that she asked my permission for some reason.

She laid down on the bed and Dave began by kissing he gorgeous flat stomach then slowly pulling her panties down.

Here is my wife, on this sort of low platform bed, bra still on, legs spread wide and a man not her husband tracing little lines around her wet pussy lips. She arched her hips up, obviously wanting more as Dave worked his tougue all around her pussy till she was about to cum.

But she stopped him. She got up, and had him lie on the bed with his legs hanging off the bed at the knee. She moved her finger in a come hither way to me and I walked over to her. She straddled Dave, facing away from him and facing me. She used one hand to grab Dave's giant cock. It was pressed up against her very wet pussy and ran up over her pubic hair and up past her navel. She reached out with other hand and pulled my to her. She grabbed my cock, put it in her mouth and proceeded to deep throat me all the way down. Again I almost came. If she had done it a second time I would have filled her mouth with cum but she seemed to know that.

Grinding her pussy against Dave's cock she looked at me and almost pleadingly asked, "Can I please put this big beautiful thing inside me?"

I said, "I don't know, can you?"

She smiled and said something I had said to her many times on this very subject,"There's only one way to find out."

She asked me to take a step back and stroke my cock but try not to cum. At this point it was like Dave was barely there. The eye contact was strictly between me and Regina. Dave was rubbing her back and then unhooked her bra freeing her magnificent tits. She took off her bra and tossed it on the floor. She rubbed her breasts all over but then Dave took over for her so she could focus on the task at hand.

She raised up and started rubbing the huge head of Dave's cock all over her pussy. Still looking right at me she pressed down and the head started spreading her lips. She was trying to maintain eye contact with with me, but every time she pressed down more, her eyes would involuntarily close.

The head of Dave's cock popped in to her pussy.

"Oh My God!!!" shot out of her mouth. She kept pressing down as more and more of his cock slid in to her.

She opened her eyes really wide and again said, "Oh my fucking God!!!"

She only had half of Dave's cock in her but her pussy was stretched wide open. If I had ever wondered before if this would turn me on in reality, I now knew instantly as I shot a load of cum on her face and in her hair and in her mouth from three feet away. Right as I came, Regina let out a scream the likes of which I never heard before and literally went into convulsions as she slammed the rest of Dave's huge dick into her gorgeous cunt. Dave then grabbed her hips and started really pounding her hard as she rode the wave of either one long orgasm or one after another, I don't really know.

Dave spoke, "Do you like my big cock Regina?"

"Oh my God, it feels so fucking good I can't stand it."

"Where to you want me to cum?"

"In my pussy please. Oh God fuck me. Oh my God fuck me with your gorgeous cock. Fill my pussy with your hot cum. Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck meeee! she screamed as she came again and Dave shot his cum into her pussy.

Dave flipped her over onto her back and pulled his dripping cock out of her stretched out pussy. He walked over to the head of the bed and fed her his dick. She absolutely worshipped it, sucking it and licking it like she might never see it again. I knelt on the bed and put my dick into her wet sloppy, cum oozing pussy. It felt incredible. It was still spasming and quite obviously had just had a huge dick in it. I just fucked her nice and slowly as she got Dave hard again sucking his cock. This continued until I was ready to shoot another load. At this point Dave was getting close as well. I pulled my dick out and jerked off all over her face. I couldn't believe I could cum that much so soon after coming before.

Right as I finished Dave announced he was going to cum.

Regina looked up at Dave, jerking his huge cock hard and said,"cum for me baby". Dave exploded all over her face. She was covered in cum and never looked hotter or sluttier. Apparently all that cum didn't bother Dave as he began to make out with her despited her mess.

The three of us fucked and sucked until the sun came up. Watching Regina get fucked doggie style by Dave was a highlight. But there were many highlights.

Although Regina and I haven't seen or spoken to Dave since, or ever done anything like that ever again, it certainly was by far our most memorable sexual experience. So far anyways!

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