tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThere's Something About Gabby Ch. 02

There's Something About Gabby Ch. 02


Gabby was nearing the end of her final school year. As she looked back she was decidedly proud that she had gotten this far. Though she reluctantly conceded, some of her achievement was due to Simon and his clever spunk and she would be forever indebted to him for that.

Graduation was nearing and she was getting excited. Not only would she never have to see her school again, but she had been promised by her father that once she graduated, she would have a brand new car and a holiday. She could hardly wait.

Once final year students had reached the age of eighteen, they were required to do fifteen hours of community service. This was to help each student to develop a sense of community. The students had until the end of the school year to get all the hours signed off, but Gabby, with her spoiled upbringing, had decided she was above this kind of work. However, the requirement never went away, and now failure to complete the hours meant no graduation.

As she had not found her own placement, her school had assigned her one instead. She was to care for Neville Jock. An elderly neighbour. Luckily for her, he only lived one street away, but as she racked her brain she couldn't remember ever seeing him. She had heard her mother talk with her group of friends about him, pretending to care about his wellbeing.

She had walked past the house every day to get to school. The dark windows, the overgrown front garden coupled with the constantly shut curtains, created a gothic look to the house. This scared her enough to never want to step foot near the house.

After accepting the task to look after him, she talked to several people in the neighbourhood and they all said the same thing. He was a kindly old man who loved his wife immensely. When she died he locked the world out and spent most of his time working on the flowerbeds in his back garden.

Neville had lived in the neighbourhood for all his seventy plus years. Ten years ago his wife died. It was at that time that he became a total recluse, locking himself inside his house. Soon the neighbours became worried about the lack of activity. They checked up on him several times a day, however they quickly gave up trying to help him.

Instead, they called the local community nurse and asked her to check in on him every week. Seeing the free food and medicine that she came with Neville decided that he could actually use the help.

Most of his time was spent reminiscing about the times when he and his wife were younger. As a young couple they had had an eventful and varied sex life. Role playing, exhibitionism and a bit of bondage were common place in their bedroom.

Right up until her death, they had an active sex life and he constantly missed it. However, he had lived long enough to know that he was too old for the dating scene, and he didn't fancy paying for sex, so he had to make do with staring out of the window waiting for someone to walk past.

Several girls walked past his house every day. There was only one he had eyes for. Gabby Albe was the highlight of his day. , Neville would watch intently with a cup of tea in hand as she waltzed past his front window each school day.

Gabby had been told to start her community service next week. As the weekend drew to a close her nerves were starting to build. Monday morning came. She gathered together all the official forms and absentmindedly picked out her school uniform. Meanwhile her mind focused on what she would say to Neville when she introduced herself.

The dark blue and maroon wraparound skirt was nearing breaking point as her ass stretched out the fabric. Her school blouse was too tight also, but she didn't want to buy a new uniform with only two months left of school.

Besides, as her curves grew and the uniform got tighter, she found she garnered more attention from male passer-by's and she loved it. Looking in the mirror she smiled at what she saw. Her black bra showed through her worn blouse whilst her skirt rode high above her knees.

Tying back her hair, she gathered the papers and set off. Four minutes later she found herself outside Neville Jock's house. She could see the front garden was quite a mess. For the past couple of years, kids had thrown empty beer bottles and takeaway wrappers into the garden, littering the front garden.

Pity was soon replaced with disgust as she realised she had to wade through all of the refuse to get to his door.

It was reaching midday and Neville was in the middle of listening to the cricket match. The dull commentary from the radio was rather hypnotic, and he was trying hard not to doze off.

He wasn't expecting a visitor today and the sharp trill of the doorbell was the last thing he wanted to hear. Briefly he was puzzled. He knew it couldn't be the nurse as he looked at the ancient clock on his mantelpiece. He guessed it was the postman.

Slowly he raised himself from his chair and turned down the radio. Shuffling towards the door, he looked through the peek hole to see who was there. Blinking rapidly to make sure he wasn't seeing things, Gabby's body came into focus and his heart skipped a beat.

Her fingers twirled through her hair as she stood waiting for the door to open. She could hear heavy breathing coming from behind the door. Standing on her tiptoes, she tried to peer through the door window.

Fortunately, for Neville, all this did was give him an even better view, as she pushed her large chest against the door. Seeing her up close was a dream he never thought could be achieved. Taking a deep breath he wanted to find out what she was doing there. Unhooking the latch, he pulled open the door.

Seeing her in the flesh sent his mind into a spin. Being an ex-lawyer, he had a life time of practice at hiding his emotions. One of the first things he learnt was 'actions speak louder than words' though his face was blank, in his mind he had already undressed her.

"Hi I'm Gabby Albe. I live just around the corner from you. I don't think we've met before but I was wondering whether I could have a word with you." Gabby blurted out.

"I'm not buying anything nor do I want to sell anything." he looked suspiciously at her.

"No...no, I just need to talk to you." Gabby said "It's about my school, St Mary's."

"Fine then, come through and take a seat. You want a drink? Water? Or tea? I have some milk if that's what you want" His eyes flickered towards her chest before making his way into the kitchen.

"Um no thanks..." She yelled after him "I'll be in the living room." Gabby was amazed at the transformation from the front of the house. The inside of the house was immaculate, and then she saw the back garden. The flowers lined each side of the garden and in the middle there stood a large and bird feeder that was currently very populated with birds.

She smiled as she realised that everything she had heard about him was true. Neville was a harmless old man who took pride in his house. Watching him shuffle from the kitchen to the living room, she felt sorry for him being alone all day every day and she was determined to help him.

"I'm here from my school." Gabby informed him. "I've been asked to do something for the community, and well, I figured that you're the best person to help in my community. That's if you want me to help."

Neville slowly took a sip of his tea before he spoke.

"I'm not some charity case you know. I'm perfectly happy by myself." he in turn informed Gabby.

"No, I'm not going to be here all the time. Look, I'll tell you the real reason. I need to get fifteen hours of community service before I can graduate. So you will actually be doing me a real big favour." She smiled at him, her hand began to twirl her hair again as she tried to play innocent.

"What, so I'm some sort of punishment that you need to go through?" His calm green eyes met her panicked blue eyes.

"No... you've got it all wrong... I'm just..." Gabby started.

"Fine, you can stay if you want. I've got a basement full of stuff and I have no idea what it is. So turn on the light and bring it all up." He turned up the radio signalling the end of the conversation.

Placing her papers on his side table she walked out of the room and towards the basement. Flicking on the light, she began walking down the stairs. The sound of the radio got fainter as the hum of the gas boiler got louder. She was met with the sight of twenty years of clutter.

An hour later and the basement still looked the same. She had moved a lot of broken furniture upstairs, but somehow there was still junk everywhere. Looking at her watch she decided she had had enough. Wiping her forehead clear of sweat she walked up to the living room.

Entering the room she saw Neville still hadn't moved from his seat. Taking a step towards him she could see that he was sleeping gently. Sighing, she let herself out of the door and walked home, annoyed that she would have to do it all again.

As soon as he heard the door click Neville opened his eyes. As Gabby had stood in front of him, he had his eyes half closed, allowing him to get an eyeful of her, as she stood there sweating and panting.

She was a perfect picture in his mind. Admittedly, it was a shame that he had not seen her without, clothes but it was good enough for him. Neville was just thankful he had a newspaper covering his crotch as Gabby had stood over him.

He spent the next couple of hours trying to get the image of Gabby out of his mind. When that failed he racked his brain to find a way to seduce her, but nothing came to mind. He was far too scared to try anything and too weak to force himself on her, and he had no form of blackmail to use on her. He would just have to keep it in his trousers, and bear it.

By the time Gabby had got home her frustration had faded, yet there was something else nagging her. It was in the shower that she realised what that it was. Neville was the first male she had known not to make a rude comment or stare lustfully at her.

On an Average day, every single man she walked past would stop and stare. Some would make an uncouth comment, whilst others would just whimper, but Neville did neither. The thing was, she actually wanted him to recognise her, to feel his eyes gazing into her, his mouth open as he tried to stifle his groans.

But instead she got nothing. He didn't even seem to attempt a sly stare. Clearly her tight uniform wasn't enough. The only explanation that came to mind was that she wasn't doing enough.

So she decided to make him notice her. She wanted to get a reaction. The way she saw it, she was doing it to make an old man's life happier by giving him something to remember long after she had left.

As she woke up the next morning, her mind was made up. Digging deep into her wardrobe of clothes, she found the perfect outfit. As she had grown out of her first school uniform, she decided to keep it in the back of her wardrobe. It had been signed by the rest of her class as a sort of tradition.

She had grown a lot in the past two years. So if anyone thought her first uniform was tight, then they were going to be in for a big surprise when they saw here in this one.

Purposely leaving her bra off, she took the shirt in her hand and pulled it on. She managed to button only the bottom three buttons easily. As she got higher, she just couldn't pull her shirt together to button any more. Her large breasts prevented the shirt from stretching any further.

It took her five minutes before she managed to do the next button. Her breasts were forced upwards as her nipples strained against the stretched fabric. She attempted to fasten another button, but she failed miserably.

Picking up her skirt, she wrapped it around her body, but once more she failed to make the ends connect. Grabbing hold of a safety pin she managed to finally fasten it together.

As it was fast approaching midday, she knew she had to leave. Finding her coat, she put it on, covering her body. Having a quick look in the mirror, she was satisfied that she was completely covered. Smiling at her reflection she began walking towards Neville's house.

Neville meanwhile had had an ordinary day so far. He had gotten up at seven and spent the morning reading his paper, though his mind wasn't focused as he wondered whether his angel would turn up again.

He had just turned on the radio, hoping the voices would drown out his vivid imagination. Just as he was starting to fall asleep, he heard the doorbell ring. Rushing to the door he had to steady himself, he couldn't lose his composure. Pausing at the door, he took several deep breaths.

Opening the door he once more had his breath taken away. She looked better than ever. Though he noticed with disappointment that her long coat covered up her body, he was still in awe.

Gabby however couldn't read anything on his face. Briefly she wondered whether he had some sort of plastic surgery but the thought briefly passed. Pushing past him she turned to face him again as she looked into his green eyes. Keeping eye contact, she pulled open her coat and let it drop to the floor.

"You might want to pick that up young lady, there's a cupboard just to your left." he informed Gabby as he turned away from her and began walking. "Close the door behind you."

Her thin shirt was barely enough to cover her breasts, yet Neville didn't even seem to notice. Angry at herself, she hung up her coat and closed the door before following him into the living room, seeing Neville's face buried in the newspaper.

"Is there anything I can get for you, before I get started on the basement?" inquired Gabby. Her fingers traced her cleavage she had on show as she looked innocently at him. Neville looked up at her briefly, before returning to his newspaper.

"I've just had some tea thank you" he answered her. "But if you want anything, you're welcome to it. You need to put all the junk in plastic bags and leave them by the door, all right?"

She wanted to yell at him to notice her or to make a comment about her. She needed his attention and he gave her nothing. Thinking better of it, instead of yelling, she let out a huff as she stomped out the room and down to the basement. The room was just how she left it the day before, humid and messy. Frustrated, she spent the next ten minutes trying to make as much noise as possible.

As her anger faded, she began moving all of the old newspapers into plastic sacks. Each time she brought a bag up to the front door she waited outside the living room, hoping that he would glance in her direction, but nothing she did seemed to work. She decided she needed to take a more direct approach.

Making her way into the kitchen, she pulled open the freezer and took out an ice pack. Grasping it tightly in her hand, she pressed it against her chest. As she felt the ice chill through her thin shirt, her nipples hardened considerably.

Shivering slightly, she walked into the living room and walked over to Neville. Leaning over him, she tapped him hard on his shoulder, making him snort awake.

In all his years Neville had never woken up to a more glorious sight. As he stared at Gabby's cleavage, the smell of her perfume flooded his senses. As he watched her chest rise and fall slowly, he raised his eyes and spoke. "You ought to cover up, you'll catch a cold."

Gabby ignored his comments as she bent further over, letting him have a better view of her chest. "I just came to ask you whether you wanted a drink or something to eat. I've brought everything up from the basement, so is there anything else I can do for you?"

"Ummm, yes you can do something for me." His eyes were drawn back to her cleavage as he caught sight of her dark pink nipple.

"I'm here to help you, whatever you want I will do." She lent in close breathing the words into his ear. She heard him take in a deep breath as spoke loudly.

"I need some room please you're taking away all my air." Of course this was a lie. He wanted her to stay where she was. The view was incredible and it took everything in his power to not jump onto her at that moment.

However, he was starting to form a plan. If he could make her flirt with him so much that when he did finally get a chance to fuck her, she wouldn't be able to blame anyone else but herself.

Seething, she stepped back from him. She had trouble holding back her rage. All she could do was splutter helplessly as he looked on bemused. Turning around she looked out the window, muttering obscenities under her breath.

As Gabby looked into the garden, it seemed to have a calming effect on her. She looked back at him after a few moments.

"I just don't understand you Neville. I come here to help you but all you do is read and listen to the crappy radio. No wonder no one in the area wants to talk to you" Gabby admonished.

He continued to look bemused at her outburst, yet he inside he was celebrating. He had known girls like her before. They craved and demanded attention, it was more important than food to them. If they didn't get it, they needed to find out why.

Though there are thousands of girls who seek attention and millions of girls who are stupid it was rare to find a woman who had both in such ample quantities. Judging from Gabby's actions in the past two days, it led him to believe that she was this rare find, and one that he couldn't pass up.

With a sorrowful look on his face, he apologised to her. "I am sorry for the past two days. I shouldn't have sent you to the basement. It wasn't the gentlemanly thing to do. Are you still willing to stay here and help a foolish old man?"

He was genuinely sorry. Sending Gabby to the basement for two days was something out of a fairytale, and he was the evil character. The reason he did it was simply because he couldn't stand looking at her tight teenage body for too long without being able to touch, it was sheer torture.

Yet, there was another reason to ask the question. If she really did care what he thought of her, then she would stay in his house. And if she decided to stay then she would be his to have his way with!

"I accept your apology, and I'll stay to help you. I just want to be appreciated" Gabby sighed.

"Well in that case, I would really appreciate it if would change the ceiling light bulb up there." He pointed towards the ceiling before carrying on. "I've been told not to do anything around the house as I fell last time." He took a deep breath before smiling up at her.

"There are spares under the sink, and if you do this for me, then I will sign off on ten hours for your two days work."

She was starting to feel as though nothing she could do would turn this guy on. She headed into the kitchen, and as she bent over to pull out the spare bulbs, an idea came to her. Neville clearly wasn't interested in her breasts. Otherwise she felt something would have happened by now. So maybe her ass could finally make him notice her.

With her renewed confidence sky high, she picked up the spare light bulb and grabbed the smallest stool she could find and strode into the living room. Turning her back on Neville, she slowly bent over placing the stool on the floor.

Holding her position, she pushed her ass higher, making sure that her skirt rode high enough to give him the perfect view of her tight g-string, as it struggled to hide her fat pussy lips.

Neville's breath stopped suddenly. His hands clenched at his newspaper as his eyes locked onto her ass. It ended all too quickly for him as she shot upright. Her head swivelled round as she tried to gauge his reaction.

He spluttered out a fake cough, as he quickly moved his eyes up, boring into the ceiling light and trying hard to look innocent. He couldn't bear the strained silence, he just had to talk.

"I really appreciate this you know" Neville told her. "I've been meaning to get someone in to do this for a long time. I'm really grateful you're here."

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