tagGay MaleThey Are A-OK Ch. 03

They Are A-OK Ch. 03


Summer came and brought new interesting experiences. I had figured the summer would be a big bore. I had no girlfriend or any prospects for pussy at home. I couldn't imagine seducing any of the guys I knew in my town. Even if I thought there was a possibility, I would have been too worried about being labeled a queer to even try. Since I had to work all summer to save up spending money I wasn't going to have time to travel and see a friend from school for a cock break. I actually wondered if my right bicep would become noticeably larger from so much jerking off. But there were a few surprises to come my way.

The first was a call from Chrissy a week or so after I got home. She wanted to see me. I agreed to come over to her house. It turned out her parents were away. We ended up fucking for old time sake. The absence of first love and inexperience seemed to increase the raw pleasure but I think we both felt something was lost. Still we decided to be friends with benefits at least for the summer. During that summer we went to the movies or bowling or things like that occasionally and fucked once a week or so. It was comfortable and easy.

The next surprises were separate visits from Troy, Scott and Dom. They each spent a few nights at my house while traveling around the country. Since we had no guest room that meant they shared my room and my double bed. Each visit was an exciting fuck fest. The danger of my parents catching me having sex with a guy somehow enhanced the experience.

Another surprise came in the form of a five-foot-five, blue-eyed, auburn haired, curvy, package of dynamite named Donna Stillman. I had known Donna since the fourth grade when her family moved to town. We hadn't been much more than classmates. But in a town our size that meant we were friends. One day she came into the place I was working and struck up a conversation.

"So Johnny, I heard Chrissy broke up with you," She said in a coy way.

"Yeah it was time for us to move on. But we are still friends."

"You know I was always jealous of her."

"Huh, why?"

"Because she had the best guy in town for a boyfriend." I was surprised and would have been embarrassed six months earlier over Donna's announcement. However, at that point all I saw was an opportunity to get some hot pussy.

"I never knew you gave me a second thought. You were so ga-ga over Tim," I replied while flashing my best school boy smile.

"I would've dropped that jerk in a minute if you weren't all puppy eyed over Chrissy. Since you don't seem to be any more, do you wanna go out sometime?"

I definitely wanted to go out and a lot more with Donna. But I didn't want to give her the wrong idea. I was already fucking Chrissy again at that point and didn't want a relationship. So I concocted a little lie.

"Wow yes, I would love to go out with you," I said, "But I got to be honest. I have a sort of girl friend at college. We aren't going steady or exclusive but it wouldn't be fair to you to think I was ready to start up a relationship."

"Damn, I knew you were a good guy. Most guys would've gotten what they could and told me that at the end of the summer," She said in sweet voice that almost made me wish I was in the market for a relationship.

"I just think it is important to be honest. We are friends I wouldn't want to lead you on."

"Well how do you feel about a summer fling?"

I was flabbergasted at the question. My lack of a quick answer must have made her nervous.

"I promise no strings," She added. "I just really like you, John. I always thought you were hot. I figured when I decided to come see you that I couldn't hope for more than a little fun over the summer. You know I am going away to college this fall too."

"Well yeah I would love to spend some time with you. I think you are pretty hot too."

"By the way, I don't want you to think I am a slut or anything, but I won't be playing hard to get. I have never been so forward with a guy before. It is just something bout you."

She wasn't lying about not playing hard to get. We fucked the night of our second date a week later. All of a sudden I was rotating two chicks. But the biggest surprise came in the middle of the summer. My best buddy since birth shared his adventures with me.

Doug Thompson was a month younger than me. His family had lived across the street from mine for about tens years before we were born. Our parents were friends and we naturally became close at an early age. We were together through school, little league, Scouts, back yard campouts, high school sports team and everything else in between. It seemed over the years we had shared everything. We talked to each other about everything from what it was like to put our tongue in a girl's mouth the first time to the details of losing our virginity. It had been almost as tough separating from him as it was from Chrissy when it was time to leave for college.

That summer he had been away doing some special internship program at the state capital. There was no doubt that Doug was going to be a lawyer and eventually go into politics. The day he got back in town he came running into the place where I worked. He was all excited and asked me if I was free that evening. I cancelled my date with Donna that night to make time for my excited friend. He didn't want to do anything special. He just wanted to hang out and talk. It was a talk unlike any we had ever had. We were in his family's basement rec room. It had always been our hangout. He was an only child and his parents almost never came down there. At first we were just talking old times and BS. After awhile I could see he had something gnawing at him.

"John, I got something I want to talk about; some stuff that happened while I was away. You are the only guy I know I can talk about stuff with but this is kind of different," He finally said hesitantly.

"Doug, you know that we can talk about anything."

"Yeah, but I don't want you to think I am weird or something."

That made me very curious. I knew at that point I could imagine much weirder things then he would ever think of doing.

"Shit nothing would make me think you were weird. You're my best buddy. What the fuck is going on?"

"Well um have you ever thought about touching another guy?" He asked hesitantly.

I thought I knew what he meant. I wanted to be honest with him. Clearly he was having a difficult time with something. However, I wasn't sure he was ready for the whole truth.

"Um, I am not sure what you mean, Doug," I replied trying my best to seem confused.

"I mean like sexually."

"Oh, well sure I have thought of it. I bet all guys do. Why you have a dream or something?"

"Well I have had dreams like that I guess, but that isn't why I asked."

"Ok, so what are we talking about then?"

"Well while I was away I had a room mate. He and I kind of did some stuff."

His cheeks were flushed. I could tell he was struggling to tell me some deep secret. I was all but positive it involved some sort of sexual contact with his roommate. I figured if I didn't say something to ease his mind we would be there forever before he told me the details. I was sure that he wanted to discuss gay sex.

"If you are talking about what I think, then it's cool. I did a little fooling around as my friend at school calls it while I was away at college."

"Wow really you mean you touched another guy's cock?" He asked excited.

"Yes, so what happened with you and this guy?"

"Well at first it was just he was more open then I am used to. My roommate at college is very modest I guess. I kind of followed suit. So we don't really see each other naked; at least not more than a quick glance. But this guy, Bruce that I was sharing a room with wasn't at all modest. First night he comes out of the shower without a towel or anything. It is kind of hard not to look when he is walking around naked. Then he tells me he usually sleeps in the nude and asks if I mind. What the hell was I going to say?"

"I hope you aren't worried because you took a good look at a naked guy."

"No, well not anymore. Maybe that first night I was a little concerned about acting queer. But then the next morning I woke up early. Bruce was lying on his back uncovered and his cock was at full mast. As I was laying there looking at his body and his hard cock I got hard. I ran off to the bathroom before he woke up and jacked-off in the shower while thinking about him and his cock. He was awake when I came back, still naked but no longer hard. He didn't bother to cover up and I was pretty sure he checked me out when I tossed my towel a side and was hunting a pair of boxers. I was relieved when he went to the shower."

"So is that what has you concerned?" I asked when he paused.

"Well at the time I was way more than concerned. But it was what happened two days later that is really wild. We had a recreational outing as they call them in the program that evening. They took the whole group, guys and girls to this place where they have a big arcade and shit. Anyway, when we got back to the room, Bruce starts talking about this chick with big tits and how much he wanted to fuck her. After about twenty minutes of talking about sex he suddenly announces that he is horny as shit. He tells me that he doesn't feel like hiding in the bathroom to whack-off and asks me if I want to do it with him as he starts to take off his clothes. Well I was already hard from the talk and as soon as I saw his long hard cock appear I figured why not. So I stripped off my clothes and we stood there playing around with our cocks and balls. Neither of us disguised that we were looking at the other. After a few minutes he says that it would be more fun if we did each other and walks right over to me. Next thing I know he is stroking my cock and I really wanted to touch him. We ended up sitting on my bed jacking each other off. So what'd you think?"

"I think that is cool. Did you like it?"

"Fuck yes. I felt great!"

"Was it just you cumming that felt good or did you like making him cum?"

"I liked both."

"Cool, so do I."

"Wow really. God I am glad."

"So was that all you did, just that one night?"

He told me that they had sex every night for a week before it progressed to oral and rubbing together. I was so hot by that point that I wrapped him up in my arms and kissed him. It was a deep long sloppy kiss.

"Wow, I am glad I saved that for you!" He exclaimed.

He told me that he and Bruce had not kissed. Since he hadn't mentioned anal, I assumed that hadn't happened either. I was ok with that since I was much more of an oral guy. I reached between his legs and felt his had cock through his pants.

"Oh god, John," He sighed, "Ever since Bruce introduced me to gay sex I have been thinking about being naked with you. I am so glad you don't think I am queer and hate me."

In response I just stood up and started taking my clothes off. He watched until I was standing in front of him completely naked. My cock was fully erect and only about a foot from his face. He reached out and began to gently fondle my ball sack while slowly stroking my rod. A few minutes later he slid his hand around to my ass and nudged me forward. He took me into his mouth and sucked me deep into his mouth. He was definitely a fast learner or Bruce was a really great teacher. His used his tongue like an expert as he slid his lips up and down my throbbing meat. The combination of his great sucking and deft fondling of my sack had me on the verge in minutes. He swallowed every drop and looked up at me with a big smile.

I pulled him to his feet and kissed him as I began to undo his pants. As soon as I had him naked I got on my knees and began licking his hot cock. He ran his fingers through my hair and moaned as I sucked his heavy ball sack. His cock wasn't in my mouth more than two minutes when he shot what seemed like a quart of cum down my throat. It was like a garden hose had unleashed a river of salty goo. When he was done, I licked my lips and stood up. He pulled me onto the sofa with him.

"Wow that was unbelievable!" He said as we held each other.

"Yeah," Was all I managed to say.

That was the first of countless times that I had sex with my lifelong best friend. Even though we live in different cities now, we still get together at least twice a year. I can't imagine ever giving up sex with Doug.

That summer had been a surprise. I knew I was going to be very busy working all I could. But I had not imagined I would have such an active sex life. I had thought I would be anxious to get back to school and my fuck buddies. When the time came I was sorry to see the summer end. Athletes had to report two weeks before the rest of the students. I was very out of shape having not made it to pool as often as I should have. With a more than full-time job and three fuck buddies I did not have much time for going to the pool.

My bus was late, which in turn caused me to be late for the first swim team practice. It wouldn't have been so bad except that our new coach was a bigger ball buster than the soccer coach. Michael Stevens was 45 and had spent twenty years as an assistant swim coach at various small colleges. At first while pursuing his own swim career and after because swimming was the only thing he knew. He was a bastard and the way he treated the team was rumored to be why he had never before been offered a head coaching spot even though his mechanics were brilliant. He got lucky when our coach was offered the top spot at a major university. My school needed someone quick so they turned to ball buster Stevens.

I learned not to be late to practice. After making me stay in the pool swimming laps for over an hour after the rest of the team I was ordered to his office. I wasn't even given a minute to get my board shorts on. I hated walking around with a Speedo on, but I had no choice. He made me go immediately to the athletic office area adjacent to the gym and pool in just my skimpy Speedo. He didn't even let me take my towel. Since it was August and very hot out the air conditioners were blasting in the offices. The cold air had a very unwelcome effect on my chest. My nipples went rock hard.

He sat behind the desk and had me stand in what felt a very odd way. My legs were spread slightly and my hands were locked behind my back as he instructed. I couldn't afford to get kicked off the team and lose my scholarship so I was in no position to object. I figured what ever he wanted he was going to get. I knew that there were forms in his desk that amounted to my ticket home. The way he looked at me as I waited for the expected berating made me wonder if he might want my body. Had he not been such a bastard I might have happily given into an advance even if he didn't control my scholarship. He was good looking and still very fit. I had seen him in the pool and knew that he filled out a Speedo very well.

"Mr. Campanelli, playtime is over. My team will have rules and they will be enforced. You are a fairly decent swimmer and I am sure with my guidance you could win us some races. But an undisciplined swimmer is not an asset to the team and not worth my trouble. Do you understand what I am saying?" He barked in way that made me sure he was enjoying his day more now that he had a student to abuse.

"Sir, I understand it is important to be on time and follow all of the team rules. But this one time I was detained by late transportation. I am really sorry."

"I didn't ask for any fucking excuses John. I expect my swimmers to take responsibility for their own short comings. I would think better planning would have been for you to get here yesterday. Now the question is what sort of punishment would drive home the point."

"Sir, I do understand and I am sorry. I am ready to accept any punishment you feel is appropriate."

I knew I had no choice but to accept. I was just hoping that if I was a little contrite he might relax. I was actually getting fearful of how he might decide to punish me. For all I knew the guy was a perverted lunatic that enjoyed forcing his students to do weird sexual acts.

"I know fucking good and well that you will certainly take your punishment since I can boot your ass off the team, yank your god damn scholarship and send you back to whatever piss-ant little town you came from!"

I was completely stunned by his tone and his words. Whatever he wanted including putting his fist up my ass I was ready to take.

"To start with I think a couple of hours doing laps on the track will give you time to think about discipline and following rules," He said to my relief.

I hadn't really wanted to become the coach's bitch to keep my scholarship. Since it no longer seemed that was his aim I relaxed.

"Yes, sir. Shall I go change and hit the track now then?" I asked hopefully.

"Except for shoes there will be no need to change. You are to run dressed as you are," He said sternly.

I wanted to protest, but for all I knew he might make me run in my jock if I did. In all my years in swimming I had met very few guys that liked parading around in a Speedo. I was sure the coach liked the idea of embarrassment being added to the ordeal of a long run.

"Yes, sir, how long shall I run?"

"Until I come out and tell you it is enough!" He barked. "Oh and be at the pool an hour early tomorrow to begin the rest of your punishment."

I headed to the locker room to get my running shoes. Thankfully, it was empty so I didn't have to explain why I was going outside attired in running shoes and a swatch of spandex. It was a warm day so I didn't so much mind being outside while nearly naked. I figured as long as no one saw me it would be a good way to work on my tan. Unfortunately the practice track was located in full view of several ball fields. The men's and women's soccer teams as well as the men's lacrosse and women's field hockey teams were in the middle of practice. I endured the whistles and catcalls of chicks in shin pads for almost an hour before the women's coaches sent their teams to the showers. About twenty minutes later a couple of my pals from the men's soccer team joined me for a few laps.

"What the fuck?" Troy asked.

"Yeah man, you fucking out here using that bulge to fish for jockette cunt? Fuck your body is hot as shit but those athletic bitches ain't going to appreciate it the way we do," Dom added.

"I'm not trying to catch shit, guys. I got in late and the new coach is ball busting bastard. I guess I am lucky he let me wear anything at all," I managed to say between pants.

"Now that would have been a fucking sight!" Troy exclaimed.

"One I would like to see," Dom said with a huge grin, "How long you stuck out here? Maybe the three of us could get together later for a reunion fuck."

"Don't know. Mother-fucker told me he would come out when he decided I had had enough."

"Fuck he sounds worse than our coach," Troy said. "We are going to hit the showers and get something to eat. Look for us in the rec center later."

Just as I was about to agree, Coach Stevens yelled, "What the fuck are you two doing? I don't recall Mr. Campanelli needing an escort and it is too early to be making dates for homecoming."

The look in Dom's eyes made me think that he wanted to kill the bastard. I was pretty sure that he could do the job too.

"Just asking our friend what was going on. Sir," Troy said contritely.

"Well move on before I report you to your coach for interfering in swim team business. I am sure he would be happy to help you understand the error of your ways."

Dom and Troy quickly jogged off toward the locker room.

"You really are one dumb fuck! Did you think that I put you out here to BS with your buddies?"

"Sir, they just stopped by to razz me about running around in my Speedo," I said hoping he would enjoy my embarrassment.

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