tagGay MaleThey Are A-OK Ch. 05

They Are A-OK Ch. 05


The week after Thanksgiving was new pledge selection time for AOK. Since Kyle was not on the selection committee, we got to spend a lot of time together. I knew I was a nominated because of what Troy had told me the previous semester. I still didn't really care if I got in or not. Even learning that it was basically a club for bisexual guys didn't add to the appeal. But since my friends were all members I did feel left out sometimes. I had decided if offered a membership I would except even though I was concerned about the hazing. I figured there would defiantly be sexual activity involved. I knew I wouldn't like it if it included something like getting fucked by a bunch of the brothers. The one time bottoming with Dom and Troy had been ok. But I was not into the idea of becoming the frat house bitch. One night while cuddled up after a very hot session I decided to ask Kyle for some details.

"Kyle, I want to ask you something that I am not sure I should," I started hesitantly.

"Damn, babe, your cum is oozing out of my ass right now. I think we have gone way beyond the point where there should be anything secret between us," He said in a tone that I was sure he knew made me want to melt.

"Well this is about some AOK stuff and I want you to know I will understand if you can't answer me."

"Well I can't show you the secret handshake if that is what you are after," He joked.

"The thing is I think there is a possibility that I will be asked to pledge."

"That sure isn't a hard one to figure considering how close you are to several of the brothers."

"Yeah true. But anyway I am kind of worried about something. "


"The hazing."

"Shit man, I can't tell you about that! Fuck even if I was allowed I wouldn't. That would spoil the fun of the surprise."

He sounded slightly pissed.

"I'm sorry, I knew I shouldn't have said anything."

"Oh fuck, what is it you are worried about?"

"How many guys I will have to take up the ass if I pledge."

He started laughing so hard I thought we were both going to roll off the bed.

"Have you been worried that every guy in the frat gets to fuck you as an initiation or something?"

"Yeah, well sort of I guess."

"Damn, look. The membership committee doesn't report recommendations until our meeting tomorrow. So I have no idea if you will be on the list or not. But if they propose you they will report that you are a top. I am not saying you won't get fucked by a brother or two. Then again I am not saying you will. The thing is whatever stuff they have you do will be stuff you will like," He said reassuring. Then he added, "You do like being spanked with a paddle, don't you?" Followed by another big laugh.

I wasn't sure if there wasn't a grain of truth to the spanking thing, but I felt reassured that I wasn't going to be subjected to gang rape.

"Thank you, Kyle. I know I shouldn't ask you to break your pledge but it was eating at me too much. Because of you guys I want to be a part of this thing if asked. But I will always have limits."

"John you are my main guy. You are more important than the damn frat and its rules. You should never feel like you can't ask me something. I would do anything to ease your mind. You do know how much I care about you don't you?"

"Well if I didn't I do now. The feeling is mutual if I haven't made it clear, Kyle."

"Cool, now I have a question for you. Next semester I am moving to a campus apartment. Do you have any interest in being my room mate?"

"Wow," was all I managed to say.

"Babe I know it is a big step in a way. But we would each have our own bedroom and I know sometimes there would be someone else in yours."

"Somehow, I don't think both beds would get used most nights," I said with a grin.

I loved sleeping with Kyle. It was like cuddling up with a big bear. After the week we had just had, I knew I would love a more or less full time bed sharing arrangement with him. Since it was part of the campus housing system my scholarship would cover the cost so that wasn't an issue. My only concern was whether we could really deal with each other screwing other people so openly. When I raised my concerns he assured me it would work. I applied for a change in housing the next day.

About a week after that I was sleeping alone due to there being a required AOK event and swim team was done for the semester. I had even tried to get Stacey to have sex. She was too busy doing some project. I told her she could pop by my dorm later if she got tired of the all-nighter in the library. I didn't hold out much hope. She seemed determine to do school work and she wasn't much into fucking with my room mate in the next bed. At some point I along with everyone else on my floor was awoken by the sounds of drums. Before either my room mate or I could get up to see what was causing the commotion the door to our room flew open. I was blinded when the lights were suddenly flipped on. As my eyesight returned I saw five guys wearing black robes approaching my bed.

"You lucky fuck!" My roommate exclaimed as Troy unrolled a scroll meant to look like parchment.

Beside Troy were Dom and Scott. Kyle and Brock Davis were standing behind them.

"Be it known to all the world that upon recommendation of trusted brothers that a duly appointment committee of the brotherhood of Alpha-Theta-Kappa has carefully considered the prospect of extending a coveted invitation to John Randolph Campanelli. After investigating his character to be certain he is of a caliber to be admitted to the brotherhood the committee recommended extending the invitation." Troy read in an official manner.

At that point Brock stepped forward and read from another scroll, "Due to unanimous vote of the brothers of Alpha-Theta-Kappa I am privileged to present this invitation to pledge your desire to join our brotherhood."

Then all five chanted, "John Campanelli do you at this time pledge yourself to the brotherhood of Alpha-Theta-Kappa and in so doing agree to do your best to prove your worth?"

Even though I had anticipated the offer the manner of its delivery was still a shocking surprise. I somehow managed to reply that I did in a weak voice. I heard my room mate clapping as Troy pulled the sheet off of me. I had been sleeping in a sleeveless tee shirt and boxers. The boxers were the kind where the fly often gaped a little. Suddenly I was laying there with balls exposed. The next surprise eliminated that worry. Brock lifted me into his arms and tossed me over his shoulder like I was a small child. I wondered if the frat president always had to be a big guy or if he could delegate the carrying duty. I was totally embarrassed at the faces peering out from the rooms on my floor watching me being carried nearly naked slung over Brock's shoulder. Being carried into the cold night air wasn't any better. But I didn't dare protest. Suddenly I really wanted to be an AOK.

I felt really good when I was carried through the front door of the most exclusive frat house on campus. Brock set me down in what I imagined was the living room of the impressive mansion when it was a home. I was a few feet in front of a roaring fire. As I stood there wondering what was next, young men began filing into the room. They were all wearing matching t-shirts and gyms shorts in the frat colors. I assumed that was to make it easier to get naked for the coming ritual.

Brock began to speak, "Brothers, as you indicated you wished with your vote, I have brought this pledge before you. Now that he stands inside the sacred walls I ask that you confirm your desire to test him for inclusion in the brotherhood."

They cheered which I assumed indicated approval. I soon found that my assumption was premature. A chant began with one brother in the back and spread quickly. When all had joined in the sound was deafening.

"Inspection! Inspection! Inspection!" Rang in my ears.

"Granted," Brock roared over the din.

As the assembly quieted Dom stepped in front of me.

"Pledge the brothers require a better look at you before finalizing your invitation. Show yourself!" He said as if reading from a script.

I felt as if I had fallen into a scene in some weird movie. Clearly everything that was happening was planned and orchestrated. It was part of a ritual that had been done numerous times over the years. Seeing I did not know what he was asking me to do, Dom leaned forward and whispered in my ear. I quickly striped off my t-shirt and boxers. I stood there completely exposed to fifty or sixty pair of leering eyes.

Brock began to speak again without asking for the group's approval of the inspection.

"Pledge, Brother Troy has been assigned as your sponsor and guide, Brother Dominic shall serve as your task master and Scott who will graduate to full status next week will be your pledge brother. These will be your main resources at the beginning of your journey. Other brothers may assign you tasks along the way. But it is these three that you will turn to with your questions. They will also be responsible to see that you gain the knowledge you need to ascend to full membership in the brotherhood."

I quickly learned that within the frat we weren't AOK, we were brothers. Never was the frat referred to as anything other than the brotherhood. I occasionally wondered if that meant I had added incest to my list of perversions. However, at that moment I was not thinking those thoughts. My main concern was why I felt so comfortable standing naked being examined by the eyes of so many handsome young men. I figured that I had an advantage over some new guys since I knew they were all bi or gay. I didn't have to worry about my sexuality being accepted. I knew that was in large part why I was there.

"Dominic, please take the pledge to the waiting area," Brock ordered.

I didn't like the sound of that. I could conjure up all sorts of unpleasant scenarios involving being left alone for a long time in a dark room. But it was go along or leave and not become a brother. At that point leaving seemed an unlikely choice. Walking home in the cold naked did not sound like a good idea. Dom took my arm and pushed me toward the door which was blocked by the assembled brothers. They barely parted to let us through. As Dom pushed me through the group I brushed against the bodies of my future brothers and felt many hands groping me. As soon as we were out of sight of the group, Dom grabbed my semi-erect cock.

"Mmmmmmm, glad to see it survived the gauntlet. I am going to take you downstairs now. You will probably be down there for about an hour while we get ready for the rest of the night's activities. You won't be alone there are two other pledges. I am not supposed to tell you this; there is a hidden camera but no microphone. You can talk but for god sake whatever you do don't; have sex with the other guys."

"Why would I do that? And are you saying this is going to be an all nighter?"

"I don't know why, but it has happened. Maybe the gauntlet gets some guys too excited. As for time length, we will be going all night and all day and night tomorrow too. That is why we start on a Friday night. You don't have a date or anything do you?"

"No I was just wondering what I had gotten myself into."

"A lot of fun," He said as he opened the door to the basement.

At the bottom of the stairs was a very nice rec-room that accommodated two pool tables. Beyond that I could see a room with a giant screen television. I was led down a hallway pass three closed doors. Dom unlocked the forth door and told me to go in. Without a word he closed and locked the door behind me. There were two other guys around my age in the room. They were of course naked. They were sitting in two of the three padded straight chairs which were the only furniture in the room. I was surprised to find that one of them was a team mate of mine from swimming, Jerry Hillcrest. I would have sworn that he was 100 percent straight. I didn't recognize the other guy.

"Hi John, welcome," Jerry said with a bit of an embarrassed smile, "Guess we should have been talking more. This is Jason Stillman."

"Hi Jason, John Campanelli."

When he stood to shake my hand I saw that Jason was on the short side, probably no more that five-seven. A quick glance between his legs told me height was not an indicator of dick size. It seemed strength was not proportional to height in his case either. He had a barrel chest and bulging biceps.

"Hi, good to know you John. Have a seat."

As we talked I learned that Jason was a weight lifter. Since the weight room was in a different building they used a different locker room. I wondered if participation in athletics as well as sex with guys was part of the admission criteria. I hadn't met a single AOK that wasn't involved in some sport.

After a while the door opened and three robed figures entered. It was Dom along with Jason and Jerry's task masters. Jerry's task master was a senior that was on the swim team, Caleb Robinson. I wondered if he was the one who had told the others about the incident with the coach. Caleb was a tall chocolate skinned African American. I had already learned from the locker room that all black men did not have the stereotypical huge endowment. I had showered with him and knew his cock was about the same in length and girth as mine. It was the color of their cocks that had always fascinated me when I saw black men naked. Being from a small town where people of color were rare. I was in eleventh grade before I shared a locker room with an African American. I don't know what I was expecting when he took off his pants but it wasn't a dark colored dick. Caleb's cock was so much darker than the rest of his body it looked almost black. After embracing bisexuality the thought of sucking his dark meat found its way into my fantasies. I didn't know Jason's mentor who as it happened was another black man. He was lighter skinned and shorter than Caleb. No one bothered to introduce us. Not that it mattered since I was too busy wondering what his cock looked like to have remembered his name.

"On your feet, pledges," Caleb called out in a clear deep voice.

The three of us immediately jumped to attention. The task masters walked by us as if conducting a military style inspection. They each gently fondled our nut sacks as they passed.

"Come with us," Dom said as the three robed figures filed out the door.

We formed a line and followed them like lemmings. We followed them back up to the main floor, but instead of leading us back to the big living room they took us to another stairway just off the kitchen. They led us all the way to the third floor of the old mansion. I could not guess the original purpose of the room we entered. It was large and had a polished oak floor that seemed to be made for dancing. I thought it odd that a ballroom would have been put on the third floor of a house however. The wall opposite us had a huge Palladian style window that stretched from the floor to the ten foot ceiling. Outside the big window I could see the lights of campus and the small town beyond. The only furniture in the room was a long table. Six robed figures with heads bowed sat behind it silently. Brock emerged from the shadows in the corner and spoke.

"Pledges, come stand at the window of truth." We followed him to the window and stood naked exposed to anyone who might happen by and look up. Of course it was late so that was unlikely. I wondered how many had stood in that same spot looking out on the world nervous about what the coming days would bring.

"Beyond this glass is the world. Inside this glass is the safety of the brotherhood. Once you have proven yourselves and are of the brotherhood you will be within the windows safety even when out with the others. The brotherhood will always be a haven."

His tone and the thought of being part of something that he made sound so special made my spine tingle. For the first time I was excited at the prospect of being an AOK. I instinctively knew that the brotherhood was a place where I would never feel ridicule or have to fear showing my true self.

"This room is sacred. It is where the council of the brothers conducts its business. Tonight the council performs one of its most sacred rituals," Brock continued.

In the months to come I would learn all about the council and its rituals. At that moment listening to Brock all was unknown to me. Being paddled and even being paraded around the house naked were common rumors about frat hazing. Had I not known about the sexual nature of the AOKs I might have not yet realized that there was anything different there from the other frats. That was about to change.

"Pledges turn and present yourselves to the council," Brock barked.

The three of us turned as one. The council members were still bowed leaving their faces unknown to us. Brock led us to within a foot of the table and took the middle seat behind the table. Our task masters moved behind us and placed their hands on our shoulders. The council members raised their heads and removed their hoods. I recognized two of the six members. Seated together on the right side of Brock were the two guys who had visited me in the infirmary, Eric Thompson and Calvin O'Connell. The rest were seniors that I did not know. Introductions were not forth coming.

"Pledges, in a minute you will pledge yourselves to the brotherhood. Once you take the pledge you will be held to it even if you later decide not to stay with us. The brotherhood is very serious about protecting its secrets and enforcing the pledge. If you do not want to be held accountable for all time say so now," Brock read in a formal tone.

None of us spoke. Dom gave my shoulders a gentle encouraging squeeze. He was so close I could feel his warm breath on my neck. When he shifted I could feel the fabric of his robe brush against my bare skin.

"Good, then you are ready to pledge to this council. In so doing you pledge by proxy to the entirety of the brotherhood no matter where they are in the world."

We were each handed a card containing the words to the pledge. The council stood and began to speak as one.

"As brothers we reaffirm our pledge to hold sacred the rituals and ways of the brotherhood and our fellow brothers. On this night we stand facing the window of truth looking upon those who wish to be welcomed into our fold. It is with humility and pride in the greatness of the brotherhood that we now stand ready to hear their pledge."

The council members stared straight ahead as if we were not there. They had a look like they might be meditating.

"It is now time for you to pledge your bond to the brotherhood," Broke said solemnly. "As you come to us with all bared, vulnerable with nothing hidden, we too shall bare ourselves to you. We do this to show our sincerity and open desire to welcome you."

A previously hidden door behind the council opened and seven brothers clad in t-shirts and shorts entered the room. They moved behind the council members as robes were unzipped. The attendants silently slipped the robes from the shoulders of the council members. They stepped back against the wall leaving the seven men naked. Oddly, with the council members standing there naked I suddenly felt more exposed than I had all evening. It felt like the eyes of the attendants were boring into me. Again Dom squeezed my shoulders. At Brock's prompting we read the pledge together.

"I stand before you to ask that in your wisdom you allow me to attempt to prove my worthiness. I am fully aware of the greatness of the task ahead. I believe the prize is worth more than the cost. I stand here stripped of all pretenses seeking to be enveloped in the safety of the brotherhood. I ask that you take me into the fold. In return I pledge to hold most sacred any and all rituals and other matters that occur within the brotherhood. I make this pledge freely with the knowledge that I seek a great trust. I am honored and humbled at the prospect of receiving that trust."

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