tagGay MaleThey Are A-OK Ch. 08

They Are A-OK Ch. 08


Monday morning after showering together, Kyle and I exchanged good bye blow jobs. I had barely finished cleaning off the oozing cum from his big cock when there was an insistent knock on the door. I decided to ignore the knock since I didn't feel like dealing with whoever it was asking about Kyle's presence in my bed. My plan to ignore the visitor was destroyed when I heard Brock Davis's voice.

"Pledge, I know you're in there. Open up!" He demanded.

I immediately went into pledge mode. I jumped to my feet and quickly let the brotherhood's president into my room without bothering to cover up my nakedness. Brock broke into a big smile when he saw Kyle lying naked in my bed looking very satisfied.

"Greetings, brother Kyle. You boys having a little going away party?" Brock said in a wicked sounding tone.

Kyle jumped to his feet and offered his hand to Brock.

"Greetings, brother Brock. We spent the night together," He answered with a grin that would have shamed the Cheshire Cat.

My relationship with Kyle was no secret among the brotherhood. Keeping it secret would have been a reason to kick us both out of the brotherhood. Brock just smiled and said something about us being cute. Then he turned to me and began to fondle my balls.

"I hope he didn't wear you out yet pledge. I had a little goodbye of my own planned for you," Brock said as he tickled my recently drained nuts.

After another minute of deftly teasing my balls he stepped back and quickly stripped off his clothes. I found myself with two hot big bears, one of whom was clearly ready for action. Brock's tool was already standing at attention fully erect with his large nut sack hanging proudly below. I wanted to fall to my knees and worship his impressive equipment. However, I knew I had to wait for instructions. Instead of delivering the expected command to drop and suck, he turned to Kyle who was standing close by watching. Brock pulled my lover into his arms and engaged in a deep passionate kiss as he fondled Kyle's ass.

I could see Brock's buttocks flexing as he gently humped his hardness against Kyle's body. For the first time I felt a pang of jealously. Funny thing however, I am still not sure if I was jealous that my lover was in the arms of another man or that Brock was playing with Kyle instead of me. The issue was short lived. Brock soon turned back to me and requested that I join them. He had us stand face to face. We were both growing hard again. Brock took our cocks and held them together in one hand. He stroked our inflating dicks as if they were one organ. My cock head was all but hidden in Brock's hand as he rubbed our very different sized cocks together. Kyle and I were both soon moaning.

"Mmmmmmmm such randy young men. Too bad time is short," Brock lamented. "Get on your knees pledge. Time for you to drink a last load of cum before break."

I immediately fell to the floor and began running my lips up and down Brock's long thick shaft. He continued to fondle Kyle as I worked his cock. I felt two hands on my head and realized both of the big men were caressing me as I sucked on the fat piece of meat before me. It was a nice feeling knowing Kyle was there with me as I did my very pleasurable duty. After so much practice on Kyle's even bigger cock I was able to really work Brock's cock. Though he was too big for me to swallow completely I could get his cock head in my throat and give him a good suck. After about ten minutes of using my lips and tongue to stimulate his delicious cock I could feel the telltale signs that he was nearing orgasm. I moved my mouth back up his shaft and jerked the lower half of his twitching rod as I swirled my tongue around his cock head.

As I moved my free hand to his huge sack he moaned, "Oh god, fuck. Jesus Kyle your guy is one amazing cock sucker!"

I felt proud to be called an amazing cock sucker. Looking back I still find it incredible that in the space of a year I had gone from thinking that moniker was the worst insult to it being high praise. In response I gobbled up as much of his huge shaft as I could. I slid my lips up and down his tool, pressing my tongue into the underside of his cock as I sucked him. He cried out as his thick jism shot onto my tongue and slithered down my throat. After I licked the last drops of cum from his dick, Brock staggered over to my bed and sat down. I was surprised when he motioned for Kyle to come to him.

Since I had been given no instructions I remained on my knees as Brock began to suck Kyle's cock. I was enthralled watching my big bear lover feed his huge meat to another big man. It was the first time that I had seen Brock suck cock. His talents were astounding. From my vantage point it appeared he was able to take all but an inch or so Kyle's foot-long plus cock. I wondered with guys like that in the world how I would be able to hold onto my lover. After awhile Brock slipped his mouth off of Kyle.

"Hey, pledge, I think it is time to you gave the big guy a good bye fuck," Brock said casually.

Kyle looked over at me. He was grinning like the cat that caught the canary. There was no question he wanted me to come fuck him in front of Brock.

To reinforce that thought he added his own demand, "Yeah baby, come on over and show brother Brock how much you love filling your big teddy bear."

I could feel the heat in my cheeks as I stood and looked around for the lube we had tossed aside the night before. I was excited and embarrassed at the same time by Kyle's intimate talk in front of Brock. I knew he wanted to show off our growing love to his friend. I wasn't so sure how I felt about making love in front of Brock. I knew it was odd to feel that way since I had done so much in front of other guys. However, this was going to be different. Up to that point it had just been sex. I found the lube as Kyle bent over the bed and wiggled his ass at me. I moved behind him and squeezed a large glop of lube into his ass crack. As I worked the slippery goo into his anus, Brock grabbed the tube and began lubing up my dick.

"Oh yeah baby, fuck me," Kyle moaned.

I looked at Brock and saw he was smiling. There was no ridicule in his expression. He seemed to be genuinely happy for us. I knew Kyle didn't need much preparation as his ass was almost always ready for my cock. I pulled my fingers from his hole and guided my slippery cock to his rosebud opening. He sighed seductively as my cock slid into his body. I held his hips and began to ease in and out of him. His moans began to take on the sound of deep purring. I drove my cock in and out of his willing and ready ass.

"Oh god I love it when you fuck me, baby!" He gasped. "Fill my hot cunt, tiger."

"I love fucking your sweet ass, baby," I replied as my balls began to churn.

Brock just watched and smiled as I made love to my big bear. Kyle and I came together. Neither of us had much semen left at that point. He sent a few drops onto my bed and I sent the last of my cum into his rectum. We were both panting and covered in sweat when we were finished. As Kyle collapsed onto the bed Brock pulled me into his lap. He gave me a soft friendly kiss on my lips.

"Man you two are really hot!" He exclaimed. "Have a great break, pledge and don't forget your studies."

He kissed me again and then moved me off his lap so he could get up. Even though he was hard he just got dressed and left. I wondered if he had another pledge to surprise with a visit before his break started. Kyle and I snuggled up for a few minutes, enjoying our last bit of time together.

"I love you John. That was amazing," He whispered so softly I was not sure he really said it.

I kissed him and replied, "I love you too."

I was surprised that I had actually managed to say those words to a guy. But there was no denying the truth of them. I loved him more than I knew it was possible to love another person, male or female. Though I had been deeply attached to Chrissy I realized at that moment that my love for Kyle was far stronger then what I had felt for her.

My parents were surprised when I showed up with a satchel of books along with the usual bag of laundry. I had to do a bit of double talk to explain the studying I needed to do while on break. Fortunately, my mom and dad didn't ask to peruse the books I would be studying. I wasn't anxious to share the sexual history of my new fraternity with them. In fact I didn't bother to inform them that I was pledging. My father would have worried about the cost and my mother would have fretted over the partying. It was better to leave them in the dark.

I had a nice surprise in the form of a visit from Donna my first night home. We went for a walk to get away from the folks. She told me how boring her school had been that Fall. It was pretty clear the source of her boredom was the lack of sex. I was tempted to ask how it was possible that a hot chick like her was lacking sex. I knew that she could have most any guy she wanted in her bed. I decided to leave that thought lie since the upshot of her story seemed to be that she wanted me to fuck her. We ended up in a barely secluded spot behind our old elementary school. It was too cold to get naked but we somehow managed to get my cock in her pussy. It was awkward and felt weird considering the location. But she was the first girl I had been with in a few weeks. I don't think she got off that night but I made up for it over the next couple of weeks.

We were together almost every night. I even got a holiday blowjob Christmas night. Even though I missed Kyle I was happy for the experience. After acknowledging my love for Kyle I had fixated some on the idea that I was becoming gay. Intellectually, I knew that there was no such think as becoming homosexual but I still had a lot of my old thinking stuck in my head. It wasn't so much that I thought being gay was bad but I knew my parents and friends would freak out totally if I announced that I was gay and in love with a guy. For some reason being bisexual seemed ok though. The fact that Donna and I were having such hot sex made me question even the idea that I was bi. I wondered if all that guy sex stuff was just because of opportunity and curiosity.

The more I studied the writings of our founder Frederick Stimson and those that followed the more confused I became. It was fairly clear that some of the early AOKs just thought that the male with male sex thing was a matter of convenience and situation. Later members and writers I had to study seemed to go with the thinking that bisexuality was the natural order of man. There was surprisingly little discussion regarding homosexuality. I was aware that just over twenty percent of the brotherhood identified themselves as homosexual. Interestingly, that was only slightly more than identified themselves as being straight. It was only within the brotherhood that they engaged in sexual activity with men. I found that statistic almost impossible to accept. I wondered how anyone who had never had sex with men outside the frat ever got invited to join.

Another interesting statistic I learned involved those that stopped having sex with other guys immediately after college. The Book of AOK put that number around thirty percent. The really interesting thing was that not all of the self-identified straight members discontinued sex with guys after graduation. Some of them remained active members who returned and participated in sexual rituals like first night and pledge graduation. The statistics seemed to dance in my head as did the writings of Ol' Fred as I struggled to grasp my own sexuality that winter. Our founder was clearly both pragmatic and charismatic. Though there were no writings to suggest his sexual orientation I wondered if Frederick Stimson was in reality gay. I imagined that it was entirely possible that a hundred plus years of bisexual activity at the AOK house was the result of a closeted homosexual finding a unique way to get straight guys to have sex with him.

When I was with Donna I focused almost entirely on her and the wild sex we were having. We spent most days at her house since she had it to herself for at least ten hours a day. Most of that time we spent naked. We were completely uninhibited on those days. Neither of us was afraid to ask the other to help fulfill any desire. We tied each other up, she came hard the day I spanked her, our tongues explored everywhere, we introduced dildo play and so much more. The day I let her slide her slender vibrator into my ass she expressed a desire to try a strap-on on me. We had to drive over forty miles to find a sex toy shop. She chose one that had a piece that fit into her pussy and stimulated her clit when she fucked me. I was happy she picked one that wasn't too large.

Having had the real thing in my ass the strap-on would have been a disappointment if not for her reaction. She came repeatedly while she was fucking me with her cock. Since I wasn't really much of a bottom the plastic dick was more of a discomforted compared to a real cock then a pleasure. But giving her the experience of fucking someone and hearing her cum while she mounted me was exciting. The blow job she gave me after she finished was one of the best I ever had. After the strap on day I wondered how accepting she would be of some of my wilder fantasies. The strongest of which was to have a threesome with her and another guy.

There was a guy available too. I had all but ignored Doug Thompson for most of the break. I had been too busy fucking Donna to do much of anything with anyone else. My friend accepted that explanation, but made it clear that he would like to play with me too. I was pretty sure that I could have gotten him to do a threesome. I wasn't so sure about her reaction so I let it go. However, a couple days after our strap on session Donna had to spend the day doing things with her mother. That left me free to spend the day with Doug.

I wasn't in his house ten minutes before we were in his rec room making out on the old sofa. Considering all the sex I had had over the break I was amazingly horny. As we fought with each other's clothes I realized that the source of my desire was a need for cock. As soon as we were naked I lay on top of him and rubbed my cock against his as we kissed. At one point he managed to tell me to slow down. He said that he hadn't cum in a week and was loaded for bear. He was afraid just rubbing our bodies together would make him shoot his load. I decided that his cum was exactly what I wanted. I slid to the floor and quickly engulfed his throbbing tool. I sucked him like a staving calf goes after a cow teat.

Doug's cock was perfect for sucking. It was just a little longer than average so I could easily take the whole thing in my mouth. He began to moan and whimper loudly as I deep throated him using every trick I had learned at school. As usual when he came it was like a small river of thick goo. He definitely had a huge cum tank. I swallowed every drop before releasing his cock from my mouth. I looked up to see my friend glassy-eyed and grinning for ear to ear.

"Fuck man that was god damn unbelievable," He gasped between breaths.

I crawled back up on the sofa and put my arm around my old friend. As I held him he reached between my legs and began slowly stroking my throbbing cock. I had had so much sex in the days prior to that that I really didn't care about my own climax. I would have been happy for him to have just jerked me off. However, the gleam in his eyes told me that he had something else in mind.

"Hey John, He started hesitantly, "I have been wondering about something since I discovered how hot it is fooling around with guys."

"Yeah what's that?" I asked smiling at him.

I figured there was something he wanted to try. We had been fairly vanilla up to that point. Kissing, fondling and cock sucking were about the extent of our playing. I don't think his tongue had even strayed to the back of my balls at that point.

"There is something I have been wondering what it would be like, especially with you," He added shyly as he continued to gently tease my needy organ.

I was getting a little impatient. My growing need was becoming uncomfortable. I was ready for whatever he wanted as long as it involved me cumming.

"Shit, Doug, I just drank your cum. You don't have to be so fucking coy with me. What the hell have you been wondering about?" I said in a tone that conveyed more annoyance than I felt.

"Damn, I'm sorry John. I guess I shouldn't have brought it up. Fuck, this stuff is hard even when we are like this. God all that fucking queer shit we were fed growing up..."

I could feel his confusion. Even though I still had no idea what he was trying to ask me, I did understand his anguish over new desires that we were once convinced were wrong. Instinctively I pulled him into a full embrace. Oddly, as we hugged and he suffered through his doubts, the dilemmas I had been facing that winter melted away. It was clear to me that I was bisexual and I was completely ok with that reality. I wasn't experimenting with gay sex. I loved the physical with both genders. At that moment I was overwhelmingly in love with another man, Kyle but felt that I could also still love a woman. I smiled as a contented feeling came over me. With my new calm I could focus on my best friend's concerns. Though my feelings for Doug were very different than the ones I had for Kyle, I loved and cared deeply about my life-long friend.

I kissed him on the cheek and said in the most encouraging tone I could, "Come on man, you can talk to me about anything."

"Yeah I know, but god, this is big. Have you ever fucked a guy?"

"Yes, a few and I have been fucked a couple of times."

"Wow, I have been thinking a lot about you fucking me. What's it like?"

"Well, I am much more into oral, but the guys I know that like being screwed think it is amazing. Being the one on top that is definitely hot."

"John, I have to tell you that I hadn't really thought much about fucking a guy. But I think about you fucking me a lot. Do you want to?"

"I want to make you happy so yes. But we need something to lube your ass. A dry fuck would kill you man."

"Oh, I hadn't thought of that. Would something like baby oil or Vaseline work?"

"Yeah those would do. Hey since no one else is home lets go up and do it in your bed."

He agreed and we gathered up our clothes and walked through his house naked. My cock stayed about half erect all the way to his room. After getting the Vaseline from the bathroom he came into the room and got on his knees in front of me.

"I want to make you nice and hard, John," He said softly as he looked up at me from the floor.

I just smiled. He took me in his mouth and began to work my shaft with his lips and tongue. I was fully erect again in seconds. He kept fondling and sucking me until I had to make him stop.

"Man, if you want me to fuck you, you got to stop before I cum in your mouth."

He let my cock fall from his mouth and kissed his way up my body. I felt his cock touch mine as his lips locked unto my mouth. He was hard again and trembling in my arms as we stood in his bedroom naked kissing.

"Oh god, John. I want this so much. I don't think I ever wanted anything more," He sighed as our kiss broke.

"Come bend over the bed and let me get you ready," I whispered in his ear.

He let me lead him to the bed. To get a better angle I had him get on his knees on the edge of the bed. I began to work the greasy feeling Vaseline into his ass with my finger. When he began moaning I worked a second finger in.

"Oh god!" He exclaimed, "That feels so fucking good!

I lubed and stretched his virgin hole for a couple more minutes before coating my twitching cock with jelly.

"You ready buddy?"

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