tagGay MaleThey Are A-OK Ch. 11

They Are A-OK Ch. 11


Kyle's vulnerability and anguish over the thing with Dante and Ray as well as my need to concentrate on my studies kept me from initiating a serious conversation with my lover. Truth is even had I felt like having a relationship talk I was too consumed with brotherhood studies to even think of what to say. When I wasn't in the pool or sleeping I was cramming AOK minutia into my head. I studied harder those two days than I had ever before or since. With Kyle, Dom, Troy and Scott's help by test day I felt very confidant.

As it turned out instead of the expected oral grilling the second test was written. Since the questions were not numbered I quickly lost count of their number. All I know was it took over four hours of writing to complete the grueling ordeal. The whole time I was working on the test the idea of being alone with Ray and the end of my time as an AOK pledge hung like a dark cloud over my thoughts. When we had all finished the test my pledge mates and I sat silently rubbing our cramped hands awaiting the verdict. It was almost an hour before Colin came and took Jerry away. He returned for Jason and finally me. I was greatly relieved when I found myself escorted to a meeting with Brock and not Ray. However, I was concerned about the fate of my compatriots.

"Welcome, pledge and congratulations," Brock said warmly. "Your accomplishment is remarkable. I am pleased to see you are so dedicated to being a member of the brotherhood."

"Thank you, brother. But I am not sure what you refer to."

"You have followed an amazing performance on your first test with a perfect score on the written exam. We can not find an example of anyone doing that well."

All I managed in response was a broad grin. For a moment I even managed to forget that my fellow pledges were likely facing less pleasant experiences with the archivists as Brock was praising me.

"Do you have nothing to say, pledge?" Brock asked as I stood speechless.

"I do to know what to say, Brother Brock. I am happy to have been able to show my worth to you and the other brothers. I of course can not take all the credit for the accomplishment. My mentors have worked hard to help me learn."

Brock offered me the chair next to his and we sat and talked for a time. It was a nice friendly conversation. I learned more about him and his passion for the AOK lifestyle. The formality of our relationship slowly faded as we talked.

"John, I want to speak outside the bounds of our current relationship. For a few minutes I would like it to be as if you and I are already brothers," He said softly looking into my eyes.

"Ok, Brock," I replied in a tone that gave away my confusion.

"I really like you, John and would like to spend some private time with you. I have held back telling you this because I know that you and Kyle have a budding relationship," He continued.

"Um wow. Kyle and I have a connection, but we have no commitment of exclusivity," I said quickly truly thrilled to be the object of Brock's desires.

"Cool does that mean you might be interested in the idea?"


"In that case how do you feel about group sex?"

"I am not sure what you are getting at here, but I like all sex."

"Well I have this sometime girlfriend who wants to try a bi foursome. She has a friend that has agreed to be the other girl and I was hoping you would be the other guy."

I never got a chance to comment on Brock's statement. Our cozy conversation was disturbed by a major commotion in the hall.

"You are a fuckin sicko bastard!" We heard Jason yelling.

I followed Brock when he jumped up and went out into the hall. Jason was there screaming and crying. He was naked and his bare ass glowed red from an obviously severe spanking. When he turned to address Brock I could see blood on his left nipple. I didn't need to see Ray standing in an open doorway nearby to know what had happened.

"Jesus, what the hell is happening out here?" Brock demanded to know.

He was aware of Ray's tendencies toward rough Domination sex but did not know the depths it went to. As Jason began to explain his outburst the hall filled with additional brothers who had come to investigate the disturbance.

"Brock, I am sorry but nothing is worth putting up with that asshole's sick activities. I know private test sessions are secret so I guess I am out of here. If somebody would fucking get my clothes for me I will split!" Jason managed between sobs.

"If you are alleging some kind of abuse I assure you I want to hear about it," Brock quickly responded as he shot a stern look in Ray's direction.

"Brother Brock, I assure that there has been no abuse. This pledge is worthless and can not take normal brotherhood activities. He is in violation of his pledge and should be made to submit to punishment or be tossed out," Ray quickly protested.

Before addressing Ray, Brock asked me to take Jason into the room we had been having our chat in. I left the door open since I wanted to hear what Brock had to say.

"Brother Ray, I will determine through investigation just what transpired. I will talk to you after I speak to the pledge. Go back into the room and wait for me." I didn't see how Ray reacted but I assumed he had gone back into the room when I heard Brock tell Colin to lock the door. When Brock joined us he asked me to leave. However Jason said that he preferred if I stayed and Brock consented to the request.

"What happened, pledge?" Brock asked in a sympathetic sounding tone.

It seemed that Jason had the poorest performance of the three of us and had drawn Ray as his punisher. He was made to strip and then was spanked with a belt. Then Ray put him on his knees and face fucked him. That was followed by a forced ass fucking with only spit for lube. All throughout Ray verbally abused Jason. No matter how submissive Jason was Ray increased the abuse both verbal and physical. After cumming in my pledge mate's ass Ray put metal clamps on Jason's nipples and hooked them to a leash. He pulled him around the room making him walk on all fours like a dog. When Ray tried to shove a dildo twice the size of Brock's cock up Jason's ass while slapping his balls the weight lifter bolted in terror.

"Brock, I really don't care if I get kicked out if that sick fuck is allowed to be a member," Jason said as he finished his tale.

The president of the AOK's sat there silently staring at Jason looking pale and a bit like he was going to puke.

"Jason that is not how we treat our brothers. I can hardly believe this is true but there is ample physical evidence of your abuse. I will take care of the situation. But more importantly I want you to see a doctor," Brock said with concern in his voice.

He told us that he was going to have Colin bring Jason some clothes and wanted me to take my fellow pledge to see a doctor in town. Dr. Allan Burton was an AOK who served as the unofficial doctor to the brotherhood. Since he was a member he could be trusted for delicate situations. Again Jason asked that I be present for the examination. Brother Allan found no permanent damage but confirmed the damage that was done clearly supported the abuse allegation.

If it hadn't been for my relationship with Kyle I would never have known what happened to Ray who mysteriously disappeared from school the next day. He never returned to campus. All that was said to the general membership was that he was removed from the brotherhood for conduct contrary to the ways of the AOK. Most members didn't really want to know more than that. Kyle had been part of the group that conducted the inquisition and punishment after telling Brock about his own personal knowledge of Ray's vicious nature.

Although Ray refused to except that there was any wrong doing involved he fully admitted his actions with Jason and other pledges and junior brothers under the intense questioning of a panel of physically superior members. Kyle did not have to tell me that the questioning included physical persuasion. I could see it in his distraught expression. The whole telling of the story of what happened to Ray seemed more a confession by Kyle than a giving of information. Even under the threat of physical punishment Ray made the mistake of remaining arrogant. He insisted that the brotherhood could not kick him out because he would spill the AOK secrets and destroy them all. They gave a convincing demonstration of how foolish that would be. Ray had to be kept secluded under the care of Dr. Burton while his bruises and contusions healed. His withdrawal from the university was done in writing. Intense sessions with alumni made it clear that the brotherhood could and would do far worse if Ray ever spoke of anything involving the AOK. One alumnus who was a sitting judge explained the evidence that existed that would get Ray incarcerated for life as a rapist.

But none of that was of immediate importance to me. After the doctor examined Jason I took him back to his dorm. Jerry, who had had a much better time with Dante than either Jason or I had that afternoon, joined us. The three of us spent the night talking about all that had happened to us as AOK pledges. Around three in the morning we made a pact. We decided that either all three of us or none of us would make it as full members. Though we didn't have any idea what the outcome of Brock's inquiry would be, we also decided that we would quit if Ray was allowed to remain a member. That night cemented a strong bond between the three of us.

After sleeping from about six to noon, the three of us spent the next afternoon happily playing in Jason's room. It was as if the rest of the world did not exist for those few hours. We wrestled around naked, we engaged in teasing sexual play and generally acted far younger than we were. I remember wishing that I had had friends like them back home growing up. After the intensity of the previous week, being able to just have gentle playful sex felt amazing. We were still naked and enjoying each other when Colin knocked on the door around five.

"Jesus, I have been trying to find you for over an hour," He exclaimed after being let into the room. "Brother Brock wants to meet with you this evening."

We were told to report to the house at eight. Since we were all still in a playful mood and there was time we acted on our mutual attraction to the frat's gofer. It wasn't difficult for three naked guys to talk Colin into joining in the sexual play. As soon as we got his clothes off Jerry and I got on our knees in front of Colin. We alternated sucking his balls and cock and while Jason worked on Colin's tiny nipples. We kept him on the verge of orgasm for a long time. When I told him he couldn't cum until he had taken all three of us in his ass, he enthusiastically accepted the challenge. He got on his hands and knees and we lubed him up. We began taking turns riding his clearly oft fucked ass. It turned out that Colin was a total ass slut. He came twice by the time all three of us had shot a load into his rectum.

Later as he and I shared the shower he asked me how I knew he liked to be gang fucked. I of course had no idea and told him that it was just a thought that popped into my head. He told me that he regularly was gang fucked by council members including Brock. I knew why he opened up so easily for us after learning that Brock often fucked him. I suggested that he should join Kyle and I sometime.

"Cool, maybe we could get Brock involved too. Taking both those big logs in the same session would be amazing!" He exclaimed as we dried off.

The meeting with Brock was mostly uneventful. He gave us the party line about Ray being dismissed from the brotherhood and choosing to leave the university as a result. He also apologized to Jason in the name of the brotherhood for what Ray had done. We all agreed to treat it as water under the bridge and go forward. However, I somehow knew that the rest of the hazing would be far gentler than usual. Just before saying good night and dismissing us Brock told us that we had all proved our worth and passed the test of knowledge. He added that Colin would be making appointments for private sessions with him to discuss the next phase of our testing. I hoped that that meeting would include a chance to finish our earlier conversation about getting together with the two girls.

When I returned to the apartment that night, I found Kyle on the sofa with Dante in his arms. They were both bare-chested, wearing only gym shorts. The sexy wide receiver had tears in his eyes. While I was happy that someone was available to comfort the sweet submissive that had just lost his master, for the first time I felt strong jealousy over Kyle. Had it not been for knowing that Kyle had feelings for Dante I am sure I would not have cared even if I had walked in on them fucking. I also felt bad about the way I had made Kyle feel a few nights earlier when I cavalierly announced that I had been out fucking Jerry. I managed to act nonchalant as I greeted them. Kyle jumping up and giving me a big hug and a welcoming kiss in front of Dante did make me feel somewhat better.

"Welcome home babe. How's Jason?" Kyle asked with sincere concern showing in his voice.

"He is ok, considering. Even better now that Brock told us about sending that bastard packing."

Kyle's expression immediately reminded me that Dante was there. As bad as Ray was, Dante loved him totally. I had not thought before speaking and definitely didn't want to hurt our guest.

"Shit, I am sorry, Dante," I said turning toward the sofa.

"No worries man. I know he was a bastard to most people. It was different with us," Dante started to explain.

Kyle could not let that slide, "Fuck it was! That sawed off runt totally fucked with you and you know it."

"Kyle, I know how much what happened with the three of us hurt you. But I love Ray and he didn't do anything to me I didn't want."

"He doesn't love you, Dante. He even refused our offer of a chance to say goodbye to you. He doesn't care about anybody or anything but his own fucked up shit head needs!"

It was my turn to give Kyle a disapproving look as Dante broke into body convulsing sobs. I went to the sofa and took the tall man in my arms. After Kyle apologized I offered to leave them alone, but they both insisted I stay. The three of us talked for several hours. Oddly Kyle and I slept in our separate beds that night while Dante slept on our sofa.

Early the next morning I was awoken by the sounds of Kyle and Dante fucking. I did not know whether Kyle had gone to the living room or Dante had sought out Kyle in the bedroom. I didn't really want to know and did not investigate. I wasn't even really sure who was on top as both of them were moaning and grunting with equal gusto. As I lay there listening, imagining the scene playing out between my lover and his former boyfriend I became fully aroused. Instinctively I began to stroke myself as I listened to the growing intensity of the sexual activity in the other room. I began to pound my dick almost violently.

"Oh fuck, yes!" I heard Kyle cry out as a ribbon of jism shot from my throbbing cock.

I continued to jerk my cock hard almost as if I was punishing it for becoming aroused as the warm droplets fell on my chest. It was clear at that point that both Kyle and Dante had cum. The moaning and grunting disintegrated into loud panting. Soon the apartment was again silent. As cum dried on my chest and belly tears ran down my face. Though I had already known that Kyle and I were not going to be the couple I had originally imagined that was the day I really felt the loss.

I am not even sure why I felt sad. I knew that he still loved me and I was still very attached to him. I certainly had no plans to rush out there and cuss and scream and declare our relationship at an end. I wasn't even sure which one of those two I wished I was with at that moment. I had wanted to have sex with Dante from the first minute I laid eyes on the hot football star. Also, my sexual attraction to Kyle was as strong as ever. I think maybe I feared losing his friendship more than anything.

Later that day after Dante had gone to AOK mandated counseling, Kyle and I had a long talk. Without prompting from me he told me about the sex with Dante. The early morning romp had only been the next act in what had been an all day sexual marathon between the two. It had started as one friend comforting another. I had no trouble understanding how that happened and felt no anger toward Kyle.

"John, I love you! I am sorry I let this thing happen with him. But yesterday, shows me that I still I have feelings for Dante. I don't want to lose you, baby. But I don't think I can give you a fully committed relationship, right now," He said with tears streaming down his face.

"Kyle, wow man. We already agreed that we weren't going to be exclusive. Don't feel bad. Fuck I wasn't exactly in church while we were apart the last couple of days you know? I have known how you felt about him since you told me about the two of you. It's ok."

I held him as he sobbed against my shoulder.

"You mean that you are ok with me seeing him too?" Kyle asked as he recovered his composure.

"If I can fuck him too," I replied with wicked grin. "Look, I have been thinking that we rushed things. I love you man. But I have been thinking that I am not ready for a heavy commitment. This thing with Dante makes me think you are in the same boat. I never want to lose your friendship and having sex with you is very special. But damn, there are so many others I want to fuck."

"Maybe you are right. I just hope we can make it work. By the way he really likes you. He felt bad about him and me ending up in bed knowing that we're a couple. I know he will be happy to include you sometime."

I was pleased with the outcome of our chat. The idea of being great friends, roommates and sometime lovers that shared other lovers seemed perfect to me. Even though I could feel Kyle's conflicted thoughts on the subject, I decided not to pursue further conversation. I knew there was a possibility that he might fall totally in love with Dante and someday reject me sexually. However, I was fairly certain that he could never be the fulltime partner Dante needed. Kyle simply had no domination in him. Dante needed a master. I silently vowed that no matter what I would be there to soften he blow for Kyle when Dante found his master.

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