tagGay MaleThey Are A-OK Ch. 13

They Are A-OK Ch. 13


Two other notable interesting AOK encounters happened those first few weeks of the semester. The first was with Craig Albertson, the AOK pledge tester. I hadn't seen much of him since he had made me suck his cock after the test in the dorm showers. Though I hadn't had time to give him too much thought when I did I was a little disappointed he had not been more involved in my hazing. He was pretty hot and I curious about what it would be like to make out with a guy with a beard. My chance came in an unexpected way about a week after my appointment with the doctor. I had stayed late doing extra laps at swim practice that day. I wasn't in a hurry since it was my off day from classes. By the time I hit the showers there were only a couple other guys around. As I was returning to my locker two guys jumped me from behind and put a bag over my head in a move reminiscent of a scene from a movie about kidnapping. My protests were quickly cut off by a very deep voice.

"Pledge this is AOK business. If you are smart you will cooperate. I am sure you don't want us reporting that you gave us trouble."

Since it wasn't the weirdest thing that had been done in the name of the brotherhood I relaxed and let them take charge. When they yanked the towel off my body I figured I was in for some sort of sexual encounter. I concentrated on relaxing so that whatever was coming wouldn't feel like rape. However my supposition turned out to be wrong; neither of the guys did anything remotely sexual. Somehow they managed to get a hooded sweatshirt over my head without removing the sack. Sweatpants and tennis shoes were added to complete the outfit. They didn't bother with socks or underwear. They pulled the sweatshirt hood up and drew the draw string tight. I imagined that I must have looked a bit like the Unabomber. I was paraded across campus arm-in-arm with the two unidentified brothers. I guess it was the AOK logo on the sweatshirt that kept passersby from intervening in the kidnapping.

I was taken into a building and carefully walked up a short flight of stairs. I had no idea where I was on campus. However I was pretty sure it was not the AOK house. The layout didn't feel right. I also had no idea if anyone other than my captors were present. If anyone else was there they were very quiet. Suddenly, someone yanked the sweatpants down. A tap on my leg told me to lift each foot one at a time. The shoes and pants disappeared. Next they removed the sweat shirt. Wherever I was, except for the bag on my head I was totally naked. Suddenly I felt completely alone. I was certain the two guys had left but I didn't dare move or try to lift the hood. Whatever was happening was obviously a test. Even though for all I knew I was standing in front of the student union naked being gawked at by hundreds of students I wasn't going to budge until told to do so.

As it turned out my situation was not quite that bad. I felt someone come up behind me. He ripped the hood off my head. The darkness of the fabric shroud was replaced by a blinding spotlight. I had to snap my eyes shut for a minute to regain my sight. When I managed to open them again I realized that I was on the stage of an old lecture hall. In front of me were several hundred empty theater style seats with fold down desks. I knew from the ornate nature of the room that I was in the old humanities building. It had been closed that spring in preparation for major renovations. I felt comforted in the knowledge that I would retain some measure of privacy in the situation. The building was off limits to students. I assumed that the brotherhood had secured its use and therefore whatever was to happen would not involve the general student body.

The person behind me moved his lips to my ear. I could feel his short whiskers brushing my earlobe. I got a chill as he spoke.

"Disappointed that there is no audience, pledge?" Craig asked while reaching between my legs and cupping my balls.

"Um, no, brother," I replied weakly fighting off the desire to turn and kiss my captor.

He stepped around in front of me and stood with his face only inches from mine. The spot light gleamed on his freshly shaven head. He was bare-chested. Below the waist he wore only a pair of AOK shorts. My heart began racing in anticipation. I hoped that the test would involve more than humiliation.

He put his hand behind my head and pulled my mouth to his. Without warning his tongue was in my mouth. It felt like the warm wet muscle was probing my oral cavity as if seeking some treasure. He ran the tip of his tongue around my gums and behind my lips. He probed further to find my tongue. As he teased me with his tongue I relished the feel of his hairy face against my smooth shaven skin. I think that was the moment that the idea of growing a beard of my own took hold in me. But that first kiss ended far too soon for me. He pulled away leaving me standing there panting slightly with a full erection.

"You would make a very nice sight for the class," He said with a smirk, before telling me to turn around.

I quickly obeyed and he began to gently caress my ass.

"Do you know why you are here pledge?" He whispered in my ear as he pressed his bare chest to my back.

I thought it an odd question. There was no way I could know why I was there. But he pressed me for an answer. He gave me a light swat on my hip as he insisted I answer the question.

"Sir, I have no idea. I suppose that I am here to be tested in some way," I finally answered nervously.

He laughed and grabbed my shoulders to spin me back around. Once again I was face to face with Craig. His dark eyes were focused on my face. He didn't even blink.

"That is exactly what those two that brought you here think. In a way I suppose it is true. For a pledge most everything is a test of some sort. But it would be a lie for me to allow you to think this is just a test. Of course you know that brothers do not lie to each other."

As he continued to stare into my eyes I was having trouble following his line of thought. He was clearly trying to tell me something. Just as clearly I wasn't getting it. The fact that he had stopped talking wasn't helping. I decided that I was supposed to press the issue.

"Um ok then, so this is a test that isn't a test? What is it?" I asked honestly confused and knowing AOK rules would require him to give a truthful answer.

"You remember last fall when we met?"

I nodded. That was a memory that I didn't think I would ever lose.

"I felt like there was a moment there. I couldn't pursue it then because of the job at hand. You had amazing resistance powers that day by the way."

I smiled and thanked him for the compliment and pressed him on the meaning of a moment.

"An attraction you goof," He blurted out and pushed my shoulder.

"Oh yeah, I definitely was interested."

"Are you still?"

"Yeah can't you tell," I said and grabbed his wrist.

I moved his hand to my still mostly erect cock. I heard his breath catch in his throat as he took my rod in his hand.

"So the thing is," He continued as he stroked my cock back to full arousal, "I have wanted to be alone with you and well you know ever since. The truth is it was inappropriate for me to do that at first. I figured that I would wait until you finished your first semester and were a full brother."

"What changed?" I asked between soft moans.

"At this point you have shown that you are brotherhood material. Fuck it is practically mandated that the brothers have sex with you now. I have been hearing about you and watching your progress and I just didn't want to wait any longer."

"So why the kidnapping and all?" I asked as I moved my hand to his chest and began to tease his hard nipple.

"For fun, I guess. I like games."

"So are we going to fuck here on stage in front of the ghosts of all those former students?"

"If you like; but I have arranged a more private place. There is an old storage room behind the stage. I put an air mattress in there," He explained as he broke out in a big grin.

"Ok, I will go in there and do anything you want, Craig, if you will do one thing for me."

"What?" "Get on your knees and suck my cock right here."

I had no idea where I got the bravado to demand such a thing. Not only was I pledge and he a full brother but he was also in charge of training. It was his place to make demands not mine. I suppose I just sensed that he wanted an equal encounter. I offered it to him by offering him anything he wanted in exchange for one small act on his part. Then again perhaps I just wanted retribution for the bushes incident. Whatever, the impetus he seemed happy to comply.

He kissed his way down my body until he was on his knees in front of me. He enthusiastically licked my smooth cock and balls. As it turned out he was the last partner I would have while completely hairless. The next day Brock called me to the house and told me that it was time to choose my look. I knew it would be some sort of trimmed looked with a tattoo. As it turned out I decided to trim the hair into a short cropped crescent moon shape. Later I had a palm tree growing from a deserted island and stars tattooed beside the crescent. The only answer I have come up with when people asked me why is that sex is like going to paradise. It is somewhat cliché and I am not at all sure it is the real reason but it seems to satisfy.

As Craig began to suck my cock I closed my eyes and drifted into a surprising fantasy. I imagined that the old lecture hall was filled with students. The idea of being watched by so many while Craig worked his oral magic on my cock added an incredible new dimension to the experience. I clearly saw the audience in my mind as I felt his lips sliding up and down my shaft. But it was not a group of current students. Their dress and hair styles were a mix of those that would have been typical in many different eras of the school's existence. The fantasy was vivid and felt almost as real as the expert blowjob I was getting.

As I caressed Craig's smooth head I saw the audience begin to masturbate as they watched. Though the majority of the onlookers were male it was a mixed audience. Some of the women had removed their tops and were fondling their breasts. Others had their hands in their panties and were fingering themselves. Most of the men had their hard cocks in their hands. They stroked themselves as they watched with rapt attention as my cock was being sucked. My hips began to jerk and I thrusted my cock into Craig's mouth. I could hear my audience moaning along with me as my climax began to well up deep inside me. By then all the students were naked. Most were still masturbating, but some had begun to couple.

There was every imaginable combination forming. While one girl took a cock in her mouth and cunt, two women beside her were in a sixty-nine position happily licking each other's pussy. The guys began to partner up with each other. Men were on their knees sucking cock as they watched Craig suck my cock. The room seemed to be alive with hundreds of students having sex in a myriad of ways all brought on by the stimulation of the stage show I was a part of. I was moments from orgasm when Craig pulled away from my grip and released my throbbing cock.

"Wow, stud, slow down," He gasped.

I opened my eyes and the room was once again empty except for the two of us on stage. My heart was pounding and my breathing ragged. He stood up and led me to the small storage room and we lay upon the inflated mattress. We kissed sloppily as our hands roamed over each other's bodies. Soon we had moved into a face to crotch position. We took turns licking and sucking each other until we had both had powerful orgasms. We hungrily drank down each other's seed. Our orgasms were followed by more kissing. We had been in the room almost an hour when Craig informed me that he needed to get going.

When I went back out on stage to retrieve the sweat suit I got a huge surprise. An audience of maybe twenty AOK's and an equal number of women had assembled. Eric Thompson was at a lectern as if he was conducting a class. Before I could duck back into the store room he turned and addressed me.

"Ah there you are, John, finally. The class has been waiting."

Despite what Craig had said about the circumstances of our meeting, it turned out to be a test anyway. I later learned that my abductors had watched and filmed Craig sucking my cock. It was just more for the chronicles. I was peeved that I had allowed myself to be so easily fooled.

"Well come over here so that they can get a good look at you!" Eric demanded.

Had it just been guys from the frat in the audience I doubt I would have cared. However being made to parade across stage naked and then do god knows what with a mixed audience did not set well with me.

Craig emerged from the small room fully dressed and encouraged me to comply with Eric's request, "Come on man. They all know the score. The guys are brothers and the chicks are all special friends of the AOK."

I figured that meant that the girls were likely girlfriends of brothers and knew some of our secrets. I later learned that Brock's friend that I was supposed to meet was among the women. I tentatively walked over and joined Eric at center stage. He began to give an odd sort of lecture.

"We have here today a fine young male specimen for your examination, class," He said as he hefted my balls as if trying to display them to the audience.

The heat in my cheeks told me that I was blushing. I figured I could have given a beet a run for its money in the color department. He told me to turn around and softly swatted my ass. Then he pushed on my back making me bend over.

"Cute ass, don't you think class?"

They applauded appreciatively. He had me stand back up and turn around. Then he invited the class to come up one at a time and examine me. Every one of them guy and girl alike felt me up as they walked around me. Before long I was fully erect to the group's obvious delight. When the last of them had returned to their seats I was made to masturbate as they looked on. Once I came for them they were dismissed.

"Damn you are as good as reported," Eric said as I stood with him and Craig. "Report to the house at noon tomorrow. I will have a reward for you for doing so well today."

The reward turned out to be a great blowjob from Eric and a mouthful of his cum.

Once Eric was gone Craig said, "I hope there are no hard feelings. Although this was a test the stuff I said about wanting to be with you was true."

"Fuck I don't know how I feel about it all honestly," I said as I slipped on the sweat pants. "That was pretty fucking weird."

"Just another test. One that you aced, stud. Next week after the gag order ends I am sure your pal Jerry will tell you how bad his session went."

I was a little pissed that the same trick was played on Jerry when Craig thought to explain. He hadn't been the one to lure Jerry to the lecture hall. He had served as the professor for Jerry's test. Before we left the building he reminded me that a gag order was in force. I was assured that I would not like the punishment I got if Jason wasn't surprised by the audience. I kept my mouth shut. Jason, Jerry and I had a very interesting conversation when the gag order ended and we got the chance to debrief each other on that test.

The other interesting encounter occurred the following Tuesday. That is was Tuesday was significant for two reasons. The football coach gave the team the afternoon off on Tuesdays following big wins and Kyle had a seven hour combination biology lecture and lab from two to nine. I suppose he and Dante were too busy screwing when they found time to be together to learn each other's schedules. About three that afternoon I was hanging around the apartment alone trying to grasp the finer points of thermodynamics for an upcoming test. That was one time I was rather happy to be interrupted by a knock on the door. I was actually surprised to find Dante standing in the hall when I pulled open the door wearing only a pair of knit lounging pants and a tee-shirt.

"Oh, hi, John," He said obviously hoping to find Kyle home alone instead of me.

"Hey, come on in," I offered not sure if I should volunteer that Kyle was in class all afternoon.

He stepped in and looked around but didn't ask about our shared lover. I decided not to bring up the subject. I can't say for sure if I thought I was doing him a favor or making things tougher. For the most part I wasn't really jealous of him and Kyle. But at the same time I felt that Dante had to know that he was intruding on an established relationship. After a couple of uncomfortable minutes of us trying to make small talk he finally asked the question.

"So I guess Kyle isn't around, huh? I was hoping to get to talk out some more issues with him."

I knew exactly what Dante was hoping for and I wasn't particularly happy about the weak attempt at deception.

"Nah, he has a ball buster schedule on Tuesdays. He will be in his bio lab until like eight. Anything I can do?"

"I dunno, Kyle and I have been talking over all this shit with Ray and stuff."

As often happens with me my mouth kicked into smart ass gear.

"Wow, you guys talk while sucking each other's cocks?"

I thought Dante was going to collapse into a ball and cry.

"Fuck, I'm sorry. He said you were cool with us having sex," He stammered.

"No man, I'm sorry. Bad joke. It is cool. You want something to drink? Maybe a beer?" I said regretting my smartass comment.

He accepted my offer and I got us each a beer.

"Look, if you really need to talk, I am happy to listen," I offered as we sat on the sofa sipping the cold amber liquid.

"You know I didn't really come here to talk. But maybe it is a good idea," He replied with a weak smile. "I really don't want to hurt you. Hell I even tried staying away from Kyle. I know you two have a thing."

"Relax, man. It really is ok. Kyle and I talked about it. Besides he had a thing with you long before me."

"Well I guess. But I gave him up. It is just with this Ray thing, I needed someone and he is a great guy. Fuck he makes me feel so comfortable and safe."

"Yeah I know. I think I know something else about you two also."


"It will never work out long term. You need a different type of guy. Kyle might try but he doesn't have it in him."

"Hey, you got the wrong idea. I am definitely not trying to steal your guy. I don't need someone like Ray again either. I would even give up my sub ways all together if I found something."

"But Kyle isn't that something or someone?"

"I don't know for sure. But I don't think so. I really like him and damn he is fun in bed. Oh shit sorry!"

"Stop being sorry. I am happy the way things are. I love Kyle but I am not ready for an exclusive relationship. Thing is I think he is. Even though I know he loves me I think he is attached to you in a way he might never be with me. One thing I know for sure, I don't want to see him get hurt."

"I'm not going to hurt him if that is what you are getting at!" He protested.

"I am sure you wouldn't hurt him intentionally. But the thing is someday some dominant hunk is going to find his way into your life."

"Kyle knows it is just sex and friendship between us. He knows who I am and what I need."

"That is true but that doesn't stop him hoping and wanting you in a different way."

"You want me to leave him alone and get out of his life?"

"Would you do that if I told you too?'

"Shit, you don't know do you?" He said as if I was missing out on some great truth. "Know what?" I asked in reply starting to feel a little pissed.

"Christ you are more than half Dom yourself, John. I would do whatever you said, Sir."

I don't know if it was his saying I was dominate or addressing me as sir but something definitely clicked. I already was well aware that I was more top than anything. I had really enjoyed those times when I had been able to express myself dominantly. I wondered if Dante was right and I had more dominate tendencies than I recognized.

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