tagMatureThey Are A-OK Ch. 21

They Are A-OK Ch. 21


Two weeks before my graduation into full brotherhood, I found myself alone and bored on a Saturday. I had just about finished all of my semester assignments and I was confidant about the upcoming final exams. Swim team was over for the year. Most of my AOK friends were busy with graduation ceremony preparations. Jason and Jerry were studying for the final pledge test or doing something as part of their ascensions. I even tried to get a hold of Lori to see if she wanted to fuck to no avail.

As I sat alone in the apartment listening to music my mind wandered back to the island. I thought about Adam, but I already knew he was unavailable and I wouldn't see him again until graduation night. His note said that he hoped the celebration with the incoming pledges wouldn't wear me out too much because he was hoping he and I would spend the night together. I slipped my shorts down and began to stroke my growing cock as I thought of others on Adam's island.

My night with Reggie and Shelia filled my head. Soon enough though Reggie faded from the fantasy. In my mind I was alone with Shelia. She was under me begging me to fuck her harder. Her blond hair was wildly arrayed on the bed as my chest pressed into her large magnificent tits. Her seductive moans filled my ears as if she was actually in the room. I wished I knew where she was at that moment so I could go to her and really fuck her. But of course that was impossible. I knew that she was likely on the island or far off with Adam conducting business.

I racked my brain for who I could call to satisfy my growing sexual hunger. There were a few guys I knew were likely not busy that would come over for a romp in my bed. But I didn't make a call. Cock was not going to satisfy the itch I had. I wanted pussy. Acknowledging that desire was exciting and puzzling at the same time. For almost a year sex had been sex to me. As long as my partner was good, guys were as good as chicks. It was really only when I was in the company of a particular woman that turned me on that the gender made even the slightest difference. If I was horny the first hot body or bodies available, male or female was what I wanted. But that particular evening with no woman in sight and only cock as a possibility I choose to keep masturbating rather than seek out the almost sure possibility of finding a guy to fuck.

As I continued to stroke my cock, my mind returned to the island. I saw myself wandering down a narrow unpaved path. Oddly I was totally naked. I seemed lost until I realized in the fantasy I was on the back path that led from Adam's house to the small village where Alicia lived. With my eyes closed it was as if I had been transported back to the island. I heard the sound of giggling and looked to my right. The foliage was too thick to see the source of the laughter. I pushed aside several palm like branches and stepped off the path into the dense growth. A hand grabbed my wrist and pulled me. The foliage was so thick I could not see who it was that had hold of me, pulling deeper into the jungle-like tropical paradise.

Then the jungle gave way to a clearing. Alicia was holding my wrist. She wore the same shift she had put on after we fucked in her bed. Her eyes bore into me. She licked her lips. For the first time I realized I was naked.

"John, I am glad you came back for me but it is not safe to wander around here alone and naked," She said and pulled her simple dress over her head.

I gathered her in my arms and we kissed deeply. As my hard cock rubbed against her body in my fantasy, I jacked my cock harder in reality. I heard male voices calling her name. Her brothers were looking for her. She lay on the ground and told me to fuck her quickly before they found us. I got on top of her and my cock instantly slid into her the way things happen only in fantasy. While my mind was fucking Alicia in the jungle my fist was pounding my aching cock. Her brother came into the clearing just as my cock exploded in my hand. As my warm cum dripped down my fingers Alicia disappeared but her brother remained. I was expecting that we would fight. I still do not know why I did not open my eyes and end the fantasy.

Instead of raising his fists, Gregory smiled at me. He said that since I fucked his sister that I should fuck him too and began to undress. His skin was dark and his body toned and sleek. He clearly did not ever lay in the sun as his tan was a working man's tan. His body was evenly brown except for where his cut off jeans blocked the sun's rays. It was almost like he was wearing a light tan pair of shorts except for his large very hairy cock being on full display. He got on his hands and knees next to me and began to lick his sister's cunt juice from my flaccid cock. Though I was fascinated by the new views conjured up in my head my cock did not grow either in the fantasy or in reality. Even the imagine of a near perfect innocent stud eager to be fucked by me did not fire my juices.

"No!" I screamed and opened my eyes. "I want cunt!"

I looked down and saw my deflated cum covered cock still in my palm. Though I had cum hard I was still super horny. As I dragged myself to the bathroom to shower off the sweat and cum born of my fantasies, another woman from the island popped into my head. I quickly showered and then without bothering to dry off went to my room and began searching through the collections of notes and cards in the top drawer of my desk. I stared at the small card that was turning over and over in my fingers. The name Felicity teased me. I closed my eyes and pictured the mature seductress that had been so open about her desires. I also heard Paul's warning about her.

But no one's warning could have stopped my next move. I grabbed the phone and dialed the number quickly like it might fade from the card before I could punch all nine buttons. She answered before the second ring had finished.

"Hello, Ms. Culbertson, this is John Campanelli. I was hoping we might get together and take care of that matter we discussed."

"What matter is that, John and where was it we met?" She said coolly.

I was reasonably sure that she was playing with me. I decided that plain talk would be the best play in return.

"We met on Adam Donaldson's island some weeks ago. The matter we discussed involved the two of us getting together to fuck like wild animals. I regret I have been rather busy and could not call sooner."

"Oh of course I recall the conversation. But one small point John, when calling to discuss fucking, I believe first names are appropriate."

"So are you available to fuck this weekend, Felicity?" I asked bluntly growing ever more horny and tiring of playing games.

She simply said yes and gave me direction to her house. It was about an hour and half drive from campus and I needed to borrow a car.

"I will see you in a couple of hours. Feel free to rev up your pussy," I said and hung up the phone before she could reply.

I dressed quickly in a pair of shorts and a polo shirt I had brought from the island. I wore my preferred underwear, knit boxer-briefs. Impulsive I threw a few things in a duffle bag just in case the night turned into a couple of days. On my feet I wore the very expensive saddles I got on the island. I knew a few guys that had cars but I wasn't sure which one might be available. Since I didn't want to waste time I turned to a guy I knew could get anything. I dialed the frat house office and was happy that he was available to answer the phone. When I told him I needed a car he informed me that he had one at the house I could pick up any time.

I was on the road twenty minutes after hanging up on Felicity. I stuck to the speed limit because I didn't want to be early and seem overly anxious. Truth was I was extremely anxious and with every mile getting hornier and more anxious. Her directions were perfect and easy to follow. It turned out the house I was directed to was what could be called a country estate. I have no idea how much of the surrounding land she owned but the oak tree lined drive was so long the house could not be seen from the street. In addition, once at the house no other houses could be seen in any direction. The colonial style mansion that would have put most plantation homes to shame stood amidst vast emerald lawns that were punctuated with large stately trees. The landscaping was perfect and well tended. The circular drive was made of hand laid stone and had an ornate fountain as a center piece.

I was a bit disappointed in what I saw because I knew such a house meant that there would be many servants in residence. I was in the mood for swinging from the chandeliers not a discreet fuck in the mistress's chambers. As it turned out Felicity had taken care of that issue. When I rang the bell instead of being greeted by the expected butler, she answered wearing a very sheer robe that did little to conceal the equally sheer night gown underneath. Her tits and stunningly pert nipples were clearly visible as she was braless. A tiny flame red thong barely hid her cunt. It was obvious that she was either shaved smooth or trimmed quite close.

"Welcome, John, come in," She said in her wonderfully seductive voice.

"Thank you, Felicity, nice house."

"It is a bit big and quiet, since I gave the staff the night off after you called," She informed me with a sly grin.

"The big isn't so important and I think the quiet will soon be gone, but dismissing the staff seems appropriate," I replied as she led me through the large foyer and down a long hall.

"Why, John are you planning to do something you wouldn't want others to know about?" She asked sarcastically as she opened a pair of doors that led to large patio.

The patio over looked an expansive garden that was completely secluded. I could not even see the lights of her nearest neighbors. I wondered if she planned on us fucking outdoors.

"I don't really care who knows what I do, honestly," I said confidently. "I just don't see a need for an audience when we fuck."

I was trying my best to keep up with her blunt attitude about the reason for my visit.

"Really? I thought you AOK boys enjoyed having an audience."

Had she not had her back toward me she would have seen the surprised look on my face at the mention of my fraternity in relation to sex.

"We are confidant in what we do if that is what you mean," I said, hoping she knew less than I feared about the brotherhood.

She turned and moved toward me.

"John, I am sure you know I am referring to far more than the legendary confidence of the members of the brotherhood."

I was certain she saw the change in my expression her new words caused. Still I choose to try to bluff her.

" Felicity, I can not possibly imagine what you think you know about my fraternity. But I can tell you if you brought me here under the guise of wanting to fuck only to try to elicited some information you can use against Adam or some other member of my frat than you are going to be disappointed," I said trying to sound stern and in charge.

She laughed softly in an oddly alluring way.

"No wonder he likes you so much. You are very good. A well trained loyal little cock sucker."

I knew she meant the term cock sucker in the literal sense and not as a derisive put down.

"I suppose there are a few things you should know before I let you find out if I suck cock as well as Adam," She continued. "My husband was AOK and I doubt that there is anything I don't know about your perverted frat house. As for information I can use against Adam, I have plenty of sordid details about his sexuality. He was a particular favorite of my husband and we often shared his delicious cock."

I knew that I should say something. But I could not find the words. The surprise of her revelations along with an idea that was forming in the back of my head left me speechless. The timing could have been right for her husband to have been the mentor Reggie told me about.

"What's wrong Johnny-boy? Did you imagine that you were the first young man I ever asked over for a fuck?"

"Of course not, Felicity. I am under no illusions about you and your interest in me. Our talk on the dock convinced me that your cunt is no stranger to cocks, young and old. It is only that your little tale put me in mind of another story one of Adam's guests told me."

"Dear old Reggie must have been talking to you," She opined with a wink.

"He has some interesting stories to tell. Oddly, your name didn't come up in any of them."

"Reggie and I didn't see as much of each other as Adam and I. I suppose Adam didn't say much to him about visits to this house. But I knew about my husband's darker sexual needs and the house he kept near the college. Adam was different than most of the boys that my husband shall we say entertained. Jerome, that was my husband's name, brought few of the boys here. Adam came frequently, even after he finished school. I have seen everything imaginable with that amazing man. You are a lucky boy."

I was growing anxious. I was tired of old stories and her tales were causing imagines of Adam and me sharing her to fill my head. I closed the small gap between us, took her in my arms and kissed her hard.

"Time to can the talk and get on with the fucking," I said trying to take charge of the situation.

"Hmmmm, not even going to buy me a drink first?" She asked playfully.

"Do you need one to get in the mood?"

"No, but there is one more thing you should know. Jerome was as submissive with me as he was dominant with his boys."

"I am not submissive with anyone, Felicity," I said sternly, determined not to let her turn me into a lap dog lover.

"I know John. That is why I invited you to come fuck me. When my husband was alive all I had was his spineless cock and those of his pansy-assed lovers. Adam was an exception, but for his hard fucking I had to watch his kowtowing and punishment at the hands of my husband. I still have trouble finding men who will treat me the way a man should treat a slut. I dominate them all in the boardroom and damn near all in the bedroom. Do you have the balls to be a real man?"

Her persona surprised me in light of the warning Paul Stavros had made. But his submissive nature had been obvious from the start. Perhaps she had wanted something from him he could not give or maybe he was simply jealous that I could have her and he couldn't. It was a mystery that I could not solve at that moment. I also thought that it was possible that I was being tested, but I discounted that thought. Wanting to prove what a man I was I grabbed her wrist and pulled her over to a small patch of lawn bordering the slate patio.

"Get on your knees," I demanded.

She smiled as she dropped down onto the thick grass. I stepped out of my shoes as I opened my belt. She licked her lips as she watched me unbutton my fly. When my pants fell to the ground I stepped out of them and kicked them to the side. Her sighing coo told me she was enjoying the show.

"Sir, may I help?" She asked tentatively.

She had totally transformed from an aggressive cougar to a polite, hesitant kitten. I nodded my head and she reached for my underwear. The back of her hand touched my growing bulge as she moved her fingers to my waistband. The effect was like the touch of a butterfly's wings. She peeled away my underwear carefully lifting the elastic over my erect member. As she slowly slid the knit material down, she planted soft kisses on my legs. I was already awarding her bonus points in the blow job competition she had proposed for her deliciously teasing style. When she lifted each foot to free my ankles she added kisses to my toes.

When she had me naked from the waist down instead of going for my cock she asked if she could stand to finish undressing me. I again nodded my approval. She rose to her feet with a surprising flexibility considering her age. Her smooth movements made her seem more like a 20-year-old classmate of mine than a mature 50-year-old. She made a production of loosing the only button on my shirt before lifting the alligator crested material over my head. Without asking she leaned forward and began flicking her soft tongue over my left nipple. Impulsively I took hold of the scruff of her neck and pulled her back.

"I believe you are supposed to be on your knees," I snarled.

"I am sorry, Sir. I just couldn't resist your amazing chest," She purred.

I playfully smacked on her ass as I ordered her to strip before sucking my cock. She untied a previously unseen ribbon at her waist and the sheer robe fell open. The threads of her red thong seemed luminescent in the moonlit garden. She turned around and shrugged her shoulders causing the fabric to fall from her shoulders onto the ground. Since the thong was no more than a thin strip around her waist attached to a thin strip hidden between her buttocks from the rear she appeared naked. I could feel my cock jump as I drank in her supple flesh with my eyes. When she turned back around I was surprised to see that her medium sized tits were still pert and youthful. Her nipples were pink and clearly erect. Her all over tan made it look as though she had almost no areolas at all. I stopped her when she moved her hands to her waist.

"Let me," I gasped.

She smiled and bowed her head as she let her hands fall to her sides. When I lowered her skimpy panty I discovered that I was right about her being hairless below the waist. Interestingly the only untanned part of her body was the small patch of flesh around her cunt that had been covered by the front of her thong. I caressed her silky legs as I pulled the thong off her feet. When I stood I brought the fabric to my lips and kissed it with a put on flourish before tossing it atop my pants.

"A souvenir of our first fuck," I said softly letting her know I intended to return for more.

"I hope you like what you see, Sir," She purred.

"I am very pleased. Now it is time to see if your cock sucking skills match you beauty. Get on you knees!"

She was on her knees in the soft grass almost before I finished the command. She touched my thighs with the tips of her long well manicured fingernails. I reached down and began to tease her curls with my fingers.

"I think the stories I heard about you are rather inaccurate," I said casually as if commenting on the weather.

"May I ask what stories you have heard, Sir?" She cooed after kissing the head of my throbbing cock.

"I was told that you are bitch that enjoys viciously chewing up men. But what I find is a delightful obedient slut."

"Only those that do not know how handle me find me to be vicious, Sir. There are so few real men in this world," She purred. "I can be a tigress or a kitten; as docile as a lamb or as fearsome as a lioness on the hunt."

I smiled as I knotted her hair in my fingers and yanked her head back.

"You will find that I know how to handle a cunt like you and even the slightest scratch will be answered severely," I growled. "Now show me what a good little slut you are!"

She shivered visibly and moaned her pleasure at my words. I loosened my grip allowing her to move her lips to my already dripping cock. She licked the oozing precum from its tip before running her tongue down the underside of my rigged member. She set my flesh to tingling by caressing every inch of my cock with her lips and tongue. She was very talented and I allowed her to control the action. After thoroughly bathing my cock she moved from my saliva covered shaft to my heavy ball sack. She kissed and nuzzled my nuts as she continued to tease my shaft with her fingertips. She sucked upon each of my cum laden balls before surprising me be taking both of my oversized balls into her mouth. To show my approval, I caressed her head gently as she sucked my balls. After a few minutes of driving me wild pleasuring my balls she pulled back. She sat back upon her heels and looked up at me.

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