tagGay MaleThey Are A-OK Ch. 22

They Are A-OK Ch. 22


When I got back to my apartment late that afternoon, I discovered that my unannounced absence from campus had caused a great deal of commotion in the brotherhood.

"Where the fuck have you been?" Was Kyle's greeting before I even got the front door closed.

"Not real sure why I need to explain myself but I had an out of town date Saturday night. What the fuck is the problem anyway?" I shot back feeling unusually defensive.

"There are several problems lover. First a damn note would have been nice. Your fucking brothers have been searching campus and town for you. There was a suggestion that you might have been abducted. No one could figure why a pledge would leave without telling anyone on the eve of graduation week. Fucking Christ man, the council is spiting mad," He explained clearly exasperated.

"Fuck, no one told me there was any reason for me to hang around."

"I know, there was a surprise ceremony this morning. We showed up to get you at six expecting you to be in bed snoring. Since everyone of your fucking friends in the brotherhood was in on the surprise we had to start checking other people you might be spending the night with. We pissed off a lot of people with early calls who had no idea where you were."

"Didn't Colin's little buddy in the AOK office tell him I took out a car?" I asked stunned that anything had gotten past the council's gofer.

"No, he didn't think to inform anyone about a routine loan of a car to a brother and no one thought to ask him about you. As far as anyone knows you haven't fucked him yet."

"Well actually I have, but anyway why are you so agitated over this?"

"Because I am worried about the penalty you will have to pay."

"Fuck so my ass gets a few welts.." I managed before he cut me off.

"Damn, I thought you memorized every damn word in those ritual manuals. This is a major offense. You should have known that you were restricted to campus starting at midnight Saturday."

"Yeah, I do recall that. But I figured that since I was so far ahead of my pledge class I wouldn't have any requirements until mid-week."

"Don't explain it to me and I wouldn't try that excuse with the council. Fuck, let's go. Anyone who finds you is instructed to deliver you to the council room immediately."

He made a quick call to Colin so he could call off the search and give the council time to assemble. After I took a piss we headed across campus to the house. I was surprised that there was no life in the house when we arrived. As it turned out anyone that was in the house had been sent to round up the searchers. Kyle led me through the eerily quiet mansion to the council meeting room on the third floor. I somehow knew that this visit to the large ceremonial room would be very different from my previous times up there.

The seven council members sat behind the long table at the front of the room. They wore their robes with the hoods up. Their heads were bowed which concealed their faces from view. Of course unlike my first visit to the room, by that time I knew them all well. Brock sat in the center seat. As usual Eric and Calvin were seated to his right. Next to them sat the newest council member, Randy Aber. He had replaced Ray. On the left side were three seniors, Aaron Nelson, Joe Fields and Stan Graham. Though the majority of the council were friends and lovers, I knew I could not expect special treatment. They would do their duty to the brotherhood even if that included casting out a friend. I stood in the doorway while Colin led Kyle up to the table.

"Exulted council, Brother Kyle comes before you with urgent business," Colin said in a reverent tone. "Do I have leave to allow him to speak?"

I knew from the formalness of the words and tone that I was in for a serious experience. I also knew that whatever it took I would not flinch or deny the power of the council. Full membership was close and far too important to loose. Brock raised his head. Though he was speaking to Colin I felt as if his eyes were boring into my body.

"He may speak," Brock said softly.

Colin withdrew and joined me at the doorway.

"I bring before you the wayward pledge. He returned to our apartment unaware of his misdeed," Kyle said in deferential tones.

I was stunned that Kyle was adding the crime of ignorance of brotherhood rules to my absence. I assumed that he did so to show me that only complete honesty would keep me in the brotherhood.

"It is fortunate that you brought him to us so soon. Have you anything more to report?" Brock asked in an unusually stern tone.

"Only that I deeply regret and fully apologize for his failure as I am sure all of us that were responsible for the pledge do also."

"The others may speak for themselves. As for our judgment of you, that will wait until we speak with the pledge. Please wait in the ante room."

As Kyle disappeared into the small room behind the main chamber, I caught of glimpse of Troy and Dom. I felt sick as I realized that my actions would cause others to be punished as well.

"Brother Colin, have the pledge bare himself and then bring him before us," Brock barked.

I was frightened as I quickly stripped off my clothing in response to the order echoed by Colin. The atmosphere had a somber tone that filled me with dread. The thought that I might actually loose all that had been offered to me weighed heavily upon my thoughts. As soon as I was naked Colin took my arm and led me to the table. The other council members raised their heads and Colin back away into the shadows. I had grown accustomed to being made to stand naked before groups of my brothers. I had been examined, fondled, poked and prodded in places and ways unimaginable not long before I began my pledge semester. But that day was different. I felt as if they were looking past my exposed flesh to my very soul when they lowered their hoods and stared at me.

"Pledge you have been brought before us on very serious charges," Brock began solemnly. "The council has been conferring all this day on these matters. We are disappointed and saddened that a pledge with your promise has failed the brotherhood in such a serious way."

Though I tried I could not conceal the emotions I felt at the mention of failing the brotherhood. There was no mistaking the meaning of Brock's words. Thankfully, he continued as if I had not reacted.

"Worse, it now comes to our attention that it was not accidental. In fact it seems that you have admitted being unaware of your duties. Is this true, pledge?"

"Sir, I was not completely unaware. I allowed the requirement to slip my mind as I have not been given any duties lately. I had in my mind that the next requirement I would need to fulfill would fall on this coming Wednesday. I humbly apologize for my transgression and submit myself to any punishment I need serve as penitence."

"John, this matter is not as simple as you seem to want to make it," Brock said sadly, surprising me with the use of my name. "Your actions have a wide effect. Failing to meet so important a restriction at this stage is to disregard our most sacred rites. Further you have brought shame upon those responsible for your training; your sponsors, guides and mentors fail because you fail."

He fell silent as I stood there trying not to squirm. I felt a bit nauseous that not only might I be denied membership in the brotherhood, but also my closest friends were going to suffer a loss of prestige. After several minutes of standing there with fourteen eyes boring into me, Brock finally spoke again.

"Does any of the council have questions for the pledge?"

Eric was the first to speak. As he did so I wondered if I ever again would get to see the hawk as I sucked his cubby cock.

"Pledge, perhaps it would benefit the council to know what was so important that our sacred rules were lost to your memory?" He asked in a compassionate sounding tone.

He was offering me a chance to defend myself with an explanation of some important matter I needed to attend. But all I had was the truth which I knew was not reason enough to violate an important rule.

"A sexual liaison was all that was involved," I said in a voice barely above a whisper.

I thought Joe Fields was going to come over the table as he commented incredulously on my answer. Though almost twenty-three the curly headed stocky wrestler looked like he might still be in high school. His youthful freckled face turned red with apparent anger. I could see that he had balled up his fist and his dark eyes bore into me.

"John your reputation is well known. You do not lack for sexual partners. A majority of this assembly including myself have been intimate with you. In addition to those in the brotherhood who have or would like to have sex with you, it is no secret that you are popular with the female students here as well. How can it be that you had such a great need for a fuck that you had to leave campus? Please explain so that we may know you have not lied to us!"

Until he mentioned it I had barely remembered having sex with Joe. I had been hanging around the frat house with my pledge mates one afternoon when Joe asked me up to his room. Once in his room he simply told me that he wanted to go to bed with me. We got naked, made out in his bed for awhile and then sucked each other's cocks. It was unimaginative but fun enough. However, it was not something I sought to repeat. I had the feeling for him I was just another mark on his score card. Since he used my first name I used his in return.

"Joe, it was not an overall lack of sex that precipitated my going off campus for a date. But it was a partner that was not obtainable on campus. My partner was a woman that I met while visiting Adam Donaldson," I started hoping the mention of Adam might have a mitigating influence on the outcome. "It was an overdue liaison I believe. But there was a reason that my sexual need was higher than usual this weekend. Most of my brothers were occupied with graduation prep or helping my pledge mates complete tasks. As for my popularity with campus women, it seems on this particular weekend that all the females that might be readily available for sex were otherwise occupied. Since I had a prior commitment to visit this woman it seemed a better alternative then jerking off or attempting a pickup of a new partner."

"And the name of this mystery woman that you claim is a friend of brother Adam?" Brother Aaron, who was sitting next to Joe asked piping in.

I was not sure how steady a ground I was on when I a respectfully declined to give her name.

"Sir, I do not believe that it is proper to reveal the indenty of a person who I have been intimate with without their permission."

At that point both Joe and Aaron looked spitting mad. Fortunately, Brock interceded.

"John, your chivalry is admirable and certainly in keeping with the brotherhood's creed. However, the keeping of a secret from a brother is unacceptable. You will reveal her name with the assurance that your secret is our secret and the name will not pass these walls."

I could tell from his tone that I had no choice. Maintaining a secret before the council would be the final blow to my chances of membership.

"I am sorry to have not responded immediately with a forthright answer. However, she is well known I a felt a duty to protect her reputation. My liaison was with Felicity Culbertson."

The surprised look on Brock's face was matched by the faces of the other six council members. It was clear that they all knew her. I wasn't sure if any had bedded her. Though I was sure if they had it was a very different experience than my own. In another minute Brock asked if there were any more questions. No one spoke and he stood up and came around the table. I had expected an immediate judgment, but instead found myself with Brock's arm around my shoulder as he led me out into the hall.

"John, you will wait here while the council deliberates."

"What is going to happen to me?" I asked feeling desperate.

"I do not know. The council is a democratic body. Being president carries great ceremonial honor but little power. The majority decided your fate and I will not comment further."

"I am sorry for all of this Brock."

"Me too. I am also worried about you beyond brotherhood matters. Felicity is dangerous."

"No worries there. I know her secrets."

"I hope we have a chance to talk more about her in that case. For now I must leave you."

He returned to the council room and Colin came out. I assumed he was sent to babysit me.

"They didn't think I would run away did they?" I asked him.

"Of course not. Their deliberations are secret even from me. I could have gone anywhere, but I thought you might like some company instead of being left alone with your thoughts," He replied in what sounded to be a sincere tone.

"Thank you that would be nice."

Suddenly I felt odd standing there naked while Colin was fully dressed with no sexual context. His next words didn't exactly ease those feelings.

"John, if you would like some distraction, I want you to know I am very willing to help."

"Wow, are you suggesting we fuck while we wait?" I asked totally surprised.

"Um, I know sex is probably the last thing on your mind, but I know that it clears away everything sometimes. I just thought if you wanted I could suck your cock or whatever."

The idea of having Colin get on his knees and suck me off in the hall while the council debated my fate was both strange and erotic at the same time.

"Is that a good idea? Wouldn't they be pissed if they walked in on that?"

"There is no restriction yet. We are brothers and no one objects to brother's engaging in sexual activity in the house. As for them interrupting us it will be at least an hour before they call you back in."

I still wasn't sure about his offer, but my cock was responding positively. He apparently took my semi-erect cock as acceptance of his proposition. He dropped to his knees at my feet. I wanted to tell him no, but my baser desires overpowered my conscious mind and silenced my voice. His fingertips grazed my ball sack as he took hold the base of my growing dick with his thumb and forefinger. He kissed my cock head softly as he teased my full balls. I grew harder as he began to bathe my cockhead with his talented tongue. Soon I was covered in his shinny saliva from my cum slit to the base of my throbbing shaft. I bit my fist to stifle my deep moans as he took one of my nuts between his lips. He gently sucked on each of my balls as he nudged my legs further apart.

When the tip of his tongue touched my anal rim his prediction about sex making me forget the proceedings in the next room came almost completely true. While I could not forget that my future was being debated on the other side of the wall the immediate pleasure I was feeling was far out in the forefront. As he sat on the floor between my legs with his tongue stabbing at my sensitive asshole I could see the bulge in his pants just below his slightly pudgy belly. I never really knew why I found his soft middle and love handles so enticing but at that moment I wanted him naked. I was salivating at the thought of getting my lips around his hot cock.

I reached down and pulled him up. He looked confused as he came to his feet. I wiped the expression from his face with a long deep kiss. As our tongues played I unbutton his pants and pushed them down his legs. With my desires obvious, he broke the kiss and quickly stripped off his clothes. His beautiful hard cock drew me like a magnet collects steel shavings. I fell to my knees and took his cock in my mouth. All thought of the council and my future disappeared in a haze of sexual desire. I took every bit of his twitching meat into my mouth and throat. I wildy deep throated the hot gofer who did nothing to stifle his erotic moans. I was surprised by how quickly he came as he was usually a very long lasting lover.

I swallowed every drop of the torrent of cum that erupted from his cock. He later told me that he had been on cum restriction which is why he had such a big load. He added that the pleasure I gave him was well worth the punishment Brock would give him when he admitted his failure. As soon as he was finished feeding me his seed we switched positions. I was once again on my feet with him on his knees. He sucked me liked he was possessed. When I came my knees felt so weak that I was sure I would fall to the ground. Somehow I managed to stay on my feet until he drank down every drop I could muster. Then I went to my knees and we kissed sloppily for several minutes. After that he got dressed and told me that he had a job to do.

I was left alone in the hallway for what I guessed to be about another half hour. I was surprised that it was Eric that came to get me instead of Colin. Once I saw the scene in the room he had to practically drag me to the table. Standing at attention at the left side of the council table, fully naked were the five members of the brotherhood I was closest too: Kyle, Troy, Dom, Craig and Dante. They stood staring straight ahead motionless.

"Pledge, the council has decided that before we deal with your punishment, you will be required to witness the effect of your actions upon your friends," Brock said sternly.

Loosing control I blurted out, "Please no! They bear no responsibility for my actions. They do not deserve to be punished!"

"Silence, pledge!" Brock roared as he stepped up to within a foot of me.

I felt as if fire was shooting from his eyes. My impulse had likely made things worse for both my self and my friends.

"John, everything you have done since returning to campus has reflected poorly upon you and your mentors. The council is growing convinced that what we thought about you and your future is wrong. We fear that you had has fooled somehow. Now you wish us to absolve those who freely took responsibility for you from their failure? Are you saying that you understand nothing of the brotherhood?"

"No sir. It is my understanding of the loyalty one has to his brothers that compelled me to impetuously protest my brother's innocence."

"Then you must understand why they stand before the council? Your sponsors and mentors, Brothers Kyle, Troy and Dominic pledged their reputations when they offered you as a pledge. Brother Craig devised and administered the tests that were the proof we took of your worthiness. Brother Dante certified your knowledge. None of them thought to even remind you of your responsibility this weekend."

"I understand all of this, but still I must insist that the fault is all mine."

I would expect that of you and I think that you will see that your friends accept their own failure as well as you. Now stand silent while the council examines your brothers."

I did as I was told even though I wanted to drop to my knees and beg them to lay all the blame upon me. Troy was the first to be questioned. His inquisitor was Stan Graham, a senior I had talked with on occasion but did not know well. He and Aaron were the only members of the council I had not had sex with up to that point. Surprisingly I had not even been in a group situation with Stan. I had at least seen Aaron fuck one of my pledge mates while I was being fucked by another council member.

"Brother Troy, can you explain why a pledge that you swore was worthy of inclusion in the brotherhood failed to follow such a basic rite?" Stan asked in a far too pompous tone.

"His failure is my failure. I should have made certain that he was reminded of such an important date," Troy said in a much rehearsed sounding manner.

Suddenly I realized that I was watching a scripted ritual. I don't know why but that knowledge comforted me. I was certain that if they were going to kick me out they would not bother giving me an elaborate lesson.

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