tagNovels and NovellasThey Are A-OK Ch. 34

They Are A-OK Ch. 34


Having made up with Greg along with the lack of concern he and Hector showed about my breaking up with Alicia had eased my mind. Standing on deck watching the small island grow as we approached from about twenty miles out, I did not feel the sense of dread I had expected. My meditation was disturbed when Paul suddenly appeared at my side.

"So, John, has the voyage helped restore you?" He asked.

"In a way, Paul. What has kept you so busy the past two days?" I replied.

I realized that I had hardly seen the captain the entire time. I had begged off the planned dinner that first night in favor of sleep. It hadn't occurred to me that it was my being busy in bed with Hector and Greg that was the chief cause of the captain seeming to be scare.

"Truth is I wanted to give you some space. I figured you could use the time with guys close to your age. I know you have been confined to the hospital for a long time. I imagine that would leave you feeling deprived."

"Didn't it occur to you that I might have wanted to fuck you?" I asked in a stern tone.

"I am sorry, if I neglected your needs. I thought that you would have summoned me had you desired something," He answered sounding a bit hurt.

"I think I will require more of you to atone for your inattentiveness than a mere apology," I informed the captain, who I was certain was on board with the game.

"Well than, I shall make myself available at your convenience. We are to remain docked at the island for at least a week, perhaps longer."

"When we dock, do either of us have reason to leave the yacht immediately?" I asked wanting something to happen soon.

"Sir, I am at your disposal as soon as she is securely tied up. The crew will be on liberty to visit their families. Your time as far as I know is your own. Mr. Donaldson will not be on the island for almost 48 hours."

"Then I will see you in my cabin when all is complete," I ordered.

He headed for the bridge and I went to find Hector and Greg. Hector was very busy and we only had a brief conversation about getting together in a few days. His wife would be expecting him and he was anxious to see his children. He confided that he and his wife generally spent the better part of his first day back fucking. Greg on the other hand seemed to be mostly performing made up duties. Until we actually came alongside the dock he didn't have much to do. At that point he would be throwing lines to the dock monkey as he referred to the kid that helped tie up the yacht.

He and I managed to slip into a passageway and share a few private moments. After we kissed, I told him that I would send for him later in the week, after I talked to Alicia. He asked that I find a way to keep things discreet so Alicia would not have to face my fucking her brother after dumping her. I assured him that I was not dumping Alicia. Although I was canceling the wedding, I hoped to maintain the friendship and foolishly perhaps hoped that the sex could continue. I again asked if he was planning to go back to fucking her now that there would be no restrictions on her. He was honest in his answer.

"John, if she is agreeable, I would want to have a secret relationship with her. At least until she finds someone to replace you. There is at least one other complication. Though my parents are aware that I am homosexual, they still wish me to find a suitable woman to marry and make children with. I hope to find a wife like Hector has found. One who will give me children and accept my outside relationships."

I wished him luck and pointed out that there must be many women on the island who would appreciate such an arrangement. I also admonished him to be careful who he confided in, reminding him of his lost friendship.

I stood on an upper deck watching the activity as the yacht was moored. I watched as the crew departed for their well earned time off. Some were met at the dock by family members. Parents, wives and children happily greeted the men and boys they had not seen for a time. Greg, Hector and an older man who kept the engines in tune had no one waiting. The older man was from Greece and not of the island. He had a cottage near Paul's and entertained a number of the island's old bored wives and young adventurous men when he was ashore. Hector headed toward his cottage and his family. Greg watched his lover until he disappeared into the trees and then headed down the path to his parents' little village. I hoped he would keep his word about not speaking to Alicia before I gave her the news.

Thinking of Alicia made me wonder why she had not been on the dock waiting for me. Then I remembered what I had been told when she had not seen me off the last time I left the island. I wondered if I should have sent word ahead for her to meet me. As I was trying to resolve in my mind whether it was better to make her wait and wonder or have her at the dock with false hope, Paul's head popped up from the lower deck.

"Are you ready for me, Sir?" He asked as if he was coming to perform some benign shipboard task.

"Yes, I was distracted by all the activity of the arrival," I replied honestly.

"I suppose for a non-seaman it does seem frantic," He offered as he followed me down into the main salon.

I didn't say anything as I led him through the public room to the cabin that had been mine for two days. Once we were behind closed doors, I asked him if we were alone.

"Yes, Sir. I gave the entire crew two full days off. The stewards will not return until after their leave to clean. The yacht is not due any maintenance so Demetrius will busy sampling the local fruits. There is a dock boy watching over her, but he will not come aboard without specific instructions. We are alone and I am yours," He informed me.

"Remove your clothes," I demanded in a calm easy manner.

Paul began to undress for me, being careful to lay his uniform neatly over a nearby chair. Without hesitation he went from a fully dressed, proud ship captain to a nude, submissive bitch. His head was slightly bowed and his feet were firmly in place under his shoulders. Paul's deeply tanned and toned, hair covered body cried out for inspection. As I removed the belt from my shorts I asked him if he was ready for his punishment.

"I am ready for whatever you desire, Sir," He replied meekly.

We both knew we were playing a game that would give each equal sexual gratification. It was a game that we knew well. As I walked around him, inspecting my prey, I noticed that his hair was longer than it had been. The black mane hung down in loose ringlets over his shoulders. As I let the belt caress his taut olive hued ass I took a handful of his thick hair. I heard his breath catch for a second in his throat. I moved the hair aside and gave him a playful bite on the back of his neck. I moved my lips to his right ear.

"I am going to turn your gorgeous brown ass scarlet, you thoughtless, little slut!" I snarled.

I could practically feel his skin tingling and knew he was excited. My own skin was alive with goose bumps. It had been a long time since I was in that position. I stepped back and raised the belt. When I unleashed the first mild lash, the leather's lick stung his sexy ass. The second harder lash left the first mark on his furry flesh. Soon his ass was more red than brown. He didn't cry out once as I brought the belt ever harder against his flesh. I had never before known anyone with the mental strength and courage Paul showed. I had given and watched many young men take spankings, some severe, some mild. All reacted, either vocally or with body twitches. I could not even discern the slightest tightening of a muscle as I continued to lay the leather to Paul's ass.

Truly the only reaction was the change in his flesh. His beautiful tanned ass was welted and blotched with a growing myriad of color. It was like some bizarre Jackson Pollock canvas when I finally let the belt drop to floor. I walked back around him and grabbed his rock hard cock. As I roughly jerked him off, his free flowing precum provided more than ample lubrication.

"What a fucking little pain slut you are, bitch. You're fucking cock is ready to explode from a beating alone!" I snarled.

"Your touch, any way you chose to give it is exciting, Sir," He said sincerely.

I let go of his cock and slapped it hard forcing it to bend downward. This time he let his expression change for a moment and a small sound escaped his lips. He had revealed a weakness which I immediately began to exploit.

"I didn't give you permission to speak, bitch," I snapped as I took hold of his cock and pressed it down toward his ball sack.

He winced and then let out a slight yelp as I continued to press his rigid shaft back almost making it touch his scrotum. Though he was clearly in pain the sparkle in his eyes told me he wanted everything I was giving him. I let my hand slide off the end his cock, causing it fly up and slap against his body. I smiled at him as I moved my face to within inches of his face. I slid my knee up between his legs until it pressed into his heavy balls. I stopped when I felt the thick hair that covered his sack with the top of my knee.

"Do you want this, Paul," I exhaled.

His expression told me before his moaned words said, "Yes, please, Sir. I want ..."

He was unable to finish his sentence as it was swallowed by his low wail when I pushed my knee up, forcing his balls into his body. If not for the presence of my leg he would have doubled over and fallen to the floor. When I pulled my leg down I wrapped my arms around him and held him up. His legs were like Jell-O and he put his arms around my shoulders in an attempt to steady himself.

"Oh god, Sir..." He gasped.

I felt his warm sticky cum, oozing from his cock. Being a couple of inches taller than me, his cum sprayed just below my navel. I continued to hold him as his thick semen ran down over my tattoo and into my crescent shaped pubic hair. In another minute, I ordered him to his knees.

"Clean me up you fucking worthless slut!" I demanded.

He seemed relieved to be allowed to get off his feet as he slid down my body. While he licked and sucked his cum off my skin, I told him that he needed to work on his control. When I was clean of his cum, I made him tilt his head back and open his mouth for me. He was more than able to handle a forceful face fucking. He took my entire length without a hint of complaint, resistance or discomfort. When I was ready I dragged him to the bed, bent him over and fucked him with only spit as lubricant. He came again just before I flooded his innards with my seed. Later as we lay in bed enjoying the after shocks of carnal pleasure he asked to speak freely.

"John, that was beyond compare. You seem to know better than I what I need. Though I have certainly been dominated before, I have never had a lover that found all my buttons as instinctively as you do. Thank you, Sir."

As an acknowledgement I reached down and took hold of his balls. He smiled as I squeezed them.

"My balls like the rest of me are yours, John, anytime you want them" He said though clinched teeth.

I kissed him and sent him home after that. I had things to do. I knew that whatever Greg told Alicia that she would be anxiously awaiting my visit. I didn't know what she had been doing to satisfy her sexual needs in my absence, but whatever it was I was sure she would be hungry for my touch. She had never tried to hide the undeniable fact of her desire to fuck me above all others. Though I was sad to have to take that from her, I was convinced that it was the right thing for both of us. My sexual desire for her was greater than ever. But at that point I knew that any emotional connection I had believed existed was gone. More likely I never really loved her.

I decided to shower aboard the yacht and skip going directly to the big house. I knew the small bag I had brought along was already waiting for me in my room. Fortunately, there were some appropriate clothes in my size on board. I stood under the strong flow of the master cabin's shower jets for a long time after washing Paul off my body. At the time I told myself I was enjoying the rejuvenating powers of the shower. In reality I was just delaying my date with destiny. Breaking Alicia's heart was the most unpleasant task I had ever had up to that point in my life. When the hot water ran out on me, I left the shower. Instead of a towel, I chose to go up on deck in the nude to let the sun dry my flesh.

With only a dock boy expected to be around, I saw no reason for modesty. At first I stood on the water side of the yacht and gazed out toward the vast seemingly endless sea. Being on such a small piece of land amidst that great expanse of water was always humbling and in truth a bit frightening. Having grown up landlocked far from the ocean the idea of being a prisoner of the sea was at one time disconcerting. I knew that there were waves that could swallow Adam's island and end my short life. But that day was the first day of a new attitude for me. Having already survived what can only be called a fatal car crash, I felt that I was somehow invincible. Or perhaps more accurately, since I was already on bonus time the idea of dying simply no longer mattered. I vowed as I stood there looking at the sea, to live exactly that way. The rest of my life was a gift and I was not going to waste a minute of it on anything I did not desire to do.

I climbed a short ladder to an upper deck and made my way to the island side of the yacht. The dock boy who turned out to be Alicia's just turned 18-year-old brother Nateal, looked up from his inconsequential work and waved at me. As I waved back, I saw the quizzical look on his face. I had all but forgotten about my nudity. Feeling mischievous, I beckoned him to come aboard and went below to the cabin. I knew he would be there as fast as his legs could carry him aboard.

"Hello, Nateal, It has been a long time. You're growing into a fine man," I said as he entered the cabin, not bothering to hide my interest in fucking him.

"Thank you, Sir. I am very happy to see you well again. We have all been worried for you," He replied while obviously staring at my crotch.

"Please do not be so formal with me. I am no longer a guest here."

"John, I know my sister is pledged to you and my brother and you are close, but it is hard for me to move past your status," He said nervously still keeping his gaze mostly on my cock.

I wondered if by close he meant that he knew that Greg and I had fucked. That led to a burning question forming in my mind. I immediately wondered if Greg and Nateal had fucked. Even though Alicia swore that such a thing would be more sinful than a brother-sister coupling, it seemed more plausible to me given Greg's sexuality. But I had an even more pressing question to ask.

"Does my being naked bother you?" I asked in the most concerned sounding tone I could muster.

"Oh no," He said as he turned his head away. "I sorry to stare, I have never seen a man not of the island unclothed. I had heard that you were larger than island men, but seeing your manhood is different than having its size described. Also, your adornment fascinates me."

"It is ok to look. You may come closer if you like. Tell me have you seen many island men naked?"

As he walked toward me he seemed hesitant about the answer to my question.

"You should not be embarrassed to tell me of the men you have seen naked. I am happy to tell you that I have seen a great many naked men."

He smiled at me but again had a quizzical look on his face.

"I am not sure what you would consider many. I have seen most if not all of the males around my age. I am sure you know that it is common for us to swim together unclothed. In addition, there is a manhood ceremony that I have only recently been honored to attend. There is some nudity of older men involved in that ceremony. Of course, I have also seen my brother and father as well as one of my brother's friends."

At that point he looked at me like there was more he had to say but something held him back. I was certain given the island ways that he had had sex with some of his friends and likely the friend of his brother that he mentioned. I did not really want to know what sex if any occurred at the manhood ceremony.

"Is there something else Nateal?" I asked as he knelt in front of me to get a close look at my crotch.

"There is our neighbor," He said looking up at me. "He has taken me on overnight trips to the far side of the island as part of my adulthood mentoring. We are naked when we are there."

"Do you fuck?"

"I do not know the meaning of the word for you. But we engaged in play and learning. Neither of us has penetrated the other yet. I know he will soon penetrate me and I possibly will penetrate him before the year ends."

I felt as if I was being let into a whole new level of the islanders' culture. I doubted Alicia knew the details of the mentoring. Hector of course had not experienced it and considering the island males' secrecy regarding their homosexual activity probably knew less about it than Alicia. Greg had never shared his experience with a mentor.

"So is the purpose of the mentoring sexual?" I asked.

Nateal, jumped to his feet and backed up as if the floor had suddenly become red hot.

"No, of course not. We learn to be better men from the experiences our mentors share with us. John, I am not like my brother."

"Like him how?"

"I prefer to fuck females. What I do with my mentor, Mateus is simply a part of our bonding. It is important for us to express our connection physically."

"So you don't like to fuck men?"

"I am sorry but your question is foolish. Of course I enjoy being with men sexually. It is fun, but it is play, it is not the same for me as it is for Greg."

"Then you know that he is..."

"Yes, but please do not speak such a thing on the island. He and I are very close. We share most everything. He was distraught over having wronged you and losing your friendship. Since he was joyous upon arriving today may I take that to mean you have made up?"

"We are repairing our friendship. But did he tell you what happened? Why I was so angry?"

"Some, most I don't think I will ever understand. He told me he fucked our sister. He would not explain further though and forbade me to speak to Alicia on the subject. It does not make sense. He has fucked a few females and always found it unsatisfying. He likes men, yet he took pleasure from his sister."

"I can not explain it to you either. But I would like you to believe that Alicia and Greg did not sin when they fucked; anymore than it will be a sin for you when Mateus fucks you. So have you and Greg fucked?" I asked.

I knew I was pushing Nateal, who was already clearly confused over his brother's admissions regarding Alicia and homosexuality.

"No, we have done no more than is normal for siblings. There was some play and touching in the past, but neither of us even pleasured the other orally. I know from my friends that some brothers try that."

"Are these friends that you have been intimate with?"

"John, your questions are confusing. Don't male friends in your home explore? It seems completely natural to me for me to have pleasured and been pleasured orally by my friends and for us to fuck."

"I am sorry to be confusing but my society is complicated regarding sex. I agree with you that these things are normal. That is how I live my life now. But it is not simple. What you see as normal with your friends is taboo in my society."

"Like Greg wanting only men is in ours?" He asked as if a light had come on.

"I am not sure, I think your society may think that is worse. But yes it is similar. Now tell me is my cock really so big compared to all your friends?"

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