tagGay MaleThey Are A-OK Ch. 41

They Are A-OK Ch. 41


Author's note: so that no one accidental reads any of these chapters that is offended by gay sex, I am now listing all of them under Gay Male stories. For those of you who don't know my work, these stories have gay, straight and bi scenes and deal with various sexual fetishes.

The next morning I returned to the library to begin reading Adam's words. The island was a great responsibility and I needed his guidance. His private journals contained his thoughts about every resident of the island. They also explained the financial arrangements. Most of that was handled by a business manager. I called the man and was assured that the island was in fine shape financially. He believed that the trust that supported the island and its people would last indefinitely. Before I could hang up he asked if I was interested in any information about the accounts in my name. I only asked for general information and learned that I had assets of at least five hundred and fifty million in my name. The income being generated from the assets was more than I could imagine spending in two life times. Though I didn't ask the details the man mentioned that there were also a number of trusts that I had administrative control over. In all I had in excess of two billion dollars in assets under my authority.

After getting off the phone I opened another journal. This one was personal. There were more than a hundred pages of personal notes extolling his love for me and his unending happiness that I had been in his life. Only at the end of these did he talk of the money. He insisted that I use the wealth he gave me to live exactly how I pleased. He also mentioned some charitable trusts that he wanted me to use to do good for others. A final smaller journal began by begging me not to grieve and to continue to live as a free spirited lover. It felt like he was saying goodbye. I feared for him because it was the permanent type of goodbye one might get from a dying lover.

I was happy that Adam had chosen to have Reggie mind the businesses. The island and the charities seemed a monumental task, especially with school and the AOK presidency. Those too were mentioned in the journal pages. He told me how proud he was of my success in the brotherhood. He added that he knew that the brotherhood would grow and prosper under my leadership. His final thought on me and the AOK seemed odd coming from a traditional point of view. He told me not to fear making changes. I had no idea what changes he had in mind, but hoped I would find clues when I used the key he had taped to the back over of the book. According to the instructions it opened a secret compartment in the council archives. Something so secret that it had to be kept locked away from the council itself intrigued me.

I was about to set the journals aside when I discovered a couple of yellow legal pad sheets filled with handwriting tucked into one of the volumes. The surprisingly neat handwriting was apparently written within days of Reggie's visit.

Dear John,

I wanted to try to explain some of what Reggie has told you. As you have already read, I love you beyond measure. You have done nothing to cause my need to enter seclusion. My life has been very complicated. I thought I could have what I needed from you without hurting you. But I see that you need something I can likely not be, at least not now. But even that is not why I am making this drastic move. This is about me and my need to deal with things that I have let fester perhaps as long as I have drawn breath.

What I want to try to explain is my relationship with the man I call my mentor that you now know to be my biological father. He had told me that my parents both died when I was an infant. My birth certificate bore names of people who as far as I know never actually existed. He claimed that they were friends of his and he had taken me in because of their close relationship. The person he claimed that I was had no living relatives. I was made to believe that I was alone in the world without him.

Though he was a tough man who practiced what some would call cruel discipline, I always felt his love. Our sexual relationship began slowly and was mutually desired. I was never forced into any activity. The dominance and submission grew naturally in my mind. He was a strong man who I had always known as a loving disciplinarian. I loved everything he did and everything he demanded that I do for him. In a part of my mind even before I knew that he was my true father, I acknowledged the incestuous aspect of our relationship. He was after all at that time in my mind my surrogate father. He however never allowed that thought to be spoken.

I had been made to address him as Sir from the time I first learned to speak. There was no mention of his being a father figure. He insisted that he was simply a man who cared for me out of duty to old friends. Somehow, though neither of us outwardly addressed the matter, I always knew it was not that simple. It was only six months before he died that he told me the truth. By then I was totally in love with him and was doing things that no son could imagine doing at the behest of his father. That included fucking the woman who I did not realize was my stepmother.

I left him that day, intending to stay away until he died. I wanted to deny him my love. But I could not. His power over me was complete. Two weeks after I left I was back at his side. He demanded that I continue to please him sexually and to perform with other of his pets and his wife to the moment he took his last breath. I was thirty years old when he died and until I found you thought I would be alone until I died. Only recently have I realized that I was being selfish making you into my Master. John, our relationship is not wrong, but it has caused me to reevaluate what I want in life.

I do not want to be my father and run my vast empire accumulating wealth while leading a strange secret sexual life. Please forgive me for what I asked of you and for abandoning our love. I hope someday to find a balance in my soul and be able to return to society as a whole person. I hope that when I do you and I can still share a special close relationship. But for now I must slip away and correct my path.

There is one final thing I must tell you. I am reluctantly placing a burden upon you. It is a burden that I have carried since I held the president's chair. It is not one I wanted you to ever know. There is within the peers a secret society. Its purpose will be explained by the documents you will find if you use the key. All I will say is that our society believes that the AOK needs us as a guiding body. With all due respect to Adam Smith, we do not accept that an invisible hand will properly steer the Brotherhood. It has in fact gone astray at times. For example hedonism is now a far greater part of the activities than the founders intended. Not that change is wrong, but values must be preserved. Whatever you chose to do, please preserve the secret and only use the key when there is no chance your brethren on the council might learn of its existence. This is a secret that I could not even share with Reggie.

Love always,


I doubted I would ever see him again. That thought made me weep. I wished that he had shared his past and the burdens of his soul with me earlier. However, I suppose I would have been of little help to him if he had. The only thing I could do for him at that point was accept his position in the secret society. I couldn't really see how it would be any great burden. All members were pledged to protect and nurture the Brotherhood. As president and a peer, I was doubly, perhaps even more pledged to do so. But I would not fail Adam. I made plans to spend the next night in the AOK house. My only problem was the need to lie to Zack and Julia about the reason I would be sleeping away from them. If Adam could not tell Reggie the secret, I could not reveal it to my lovers at least until I knew more. I chose to tell them it was council business which they accepted without question.

That night while I hungrily ate Julia's pussy, I demanded that Zack fuck my ass roughly. It was a surreal experience being ridden hard by one lover as I gorged on the cunt of the other. Though neither of them questioned my desires, afterward I could see in their eyes concern. What I had wanted that night, insisted upon even was more than just unusual. It was far out of character. I had cum hard, depositing my seed on the sheets and leaving me shaking, unable to speak and panting for a time. They both tried to comfort me but I pushed them away. When I began to recover I insisted that they fuck. I lay on the far side of the huge bed as he pumped his cum into my fiancée.

The next morning I arose well before dawn. I was showered and dressed by the time they stirred. I kissed each on the forehead and left them for at least twenty-four hours. I am sure that they were still in bed when I arrived at the AOK house. When I used my key to enter I scared the poor kid that was supposed to be on duty. He had fallen asleep at his post as I am sure the majority of overnight doormen do. This one had the misfortune of being caught by me. I demanded that he lower his pants and bend over the arm of the parlor sofa. I took off my own belt and laid the leather to his ass hard six times.

"You will report to my room at noon to discuss this infraction," I informed my new brother as he stood at attention with his pants at his ankles and his eyes filled with tears.

I wanted to fuck him, but that needed to wait. I had to get up to the archives before any other council members were awake. I took the back stairs through the eerily silent mansion. I easily found the secret key hole behind a portrait of our founder, Ol' Fred. It was cleverly concealed as a knot mark in the paneling in plain view of anyone who looked. The key opened a small compartment with a lever inside. The exact movement of that lever would have taken some time to figure out had I not seen the instructions in Adam's journals. When properly engaged the lever opened a panel that allowed access to a hidden room.

I slipped through the small opening and found the light switch. It was obvious that though unknown to the council the room was being cared for. It was clean and well organized. On the side walls there were sparsely used bookcases. Most of the books appeared to be leather bound personal journals. On the wall opposite the door was a pedestal that looked like it would be used to hold one of those huge unabridged dictionaries in a large formal library. An unopened journal sat there. The cover was embossed with:


On the inside of the cover there was a pledge of sorts in handwritten gothic script:

By proceeding beyond this page you join an elite group. By bond of your soul you pledge to keep sacred all you see. You have been given an honor and a curse. The turning of a page is your acceptance of both.

I turned the page, not really knowing what I had accepted. I seemed to be pledging more than I had already pledged to the Brotherhood. Since I doubted they controlled heaven and hell, I assumed they would make my life hell before taking it away. The first several pages were a list of names. All but six had been crossed through. Adam's name was one of the remaining names. The instructions told new members to line through the name of the brother they were replacing and to add his own name at the bottom. My hand shook as I ran a line though Adam's name. I steadied it to write my own. The next page read:

By placing your name in this book, you seal yourself to the other five and if your mentor be alive release him from further obligation. It is now your burden he can not help you further.

The next part of the book talked of the society, its founding and purpose. It was founded shortly after World War II. It was a time of upheaval for the Brotherhood. The war had taken so many young men that for the first time the college was admitting women. It was mostly a matter of revenue being needed. Some questioned the need for certain aspects of the Brotherhood as the available females increased in the late forties. Because the number of new members was low the peers had taken a more active role in daily operations. The house was in need of renovation and a group of peers pledged the money. When a secret cache of journals from various former members dating back to Ol' Fred himself was discovered by some workmen they were delivered to the peer who was at the time in charge of the renovations.

It seemed the revelations in those journals concerned the society's founder, Stephen Bellingwood so that he brought his old college roommate and frat brother, Hiram Phillips into his confidence. They decided to form a secret group to help steer the brotherhood. The eventually found four others and settled on a permanent membership of six. They decided that none of the material that was found could be made public. Their first actions involved raising the reverence that was accorded to Ol' Fred. The rest of the book was an index of the other books in the room

I had been there too long and the risk of another council member coming in was growing with each minute. I chose to take a book with me. It was a copy of the private journal of Frederick Stimson with annotated interpretations by Stephen Bellingwood and Hiram Phillips. I figured that it was best to start at the beginning. I would have preferred to read the original without interpretation first. However, it had been sealed to protect it from further decay and I thought it best not to break the seal and risk damaging Ol' Fred's original writings. After closing the secret room and re-hanging the portrait, I slipped down to my room unseen.

I was hungry and thought I needed to fuel for my noon appointment so I locked the book in my desk and headed out to breakfast. On my way to the front stairs I ran into Terry Holland.

"Greetings brother!" He said excitedly and threw his arms around me.

I kissed his cheek as we embraced and returned his greeting.

"I didn't know you were in the house last night. If I had I wouldn't have passed such a lonely night," He told me.

I didn't believe that Terry ever had a lonely night that he didn't want.

"What no pledges or little brothers around to fuck?" I asked trying my best to act normal.

"Oh I got my cock sucked but well I had an itch that I can't have a pledge fill," He admitted.

"Oh I see, sadly I wasn't in the house last night. I just came by this morning. Perhaps tonight I can scratch that itch?" I suggested.

"What's wrong with now?" He asked sounding a bit disappointed that I didn't want to pounce on his ass right there in the hallway.

"I have a date to speak with one of our new brothers at noon and I want to get something to eat first," I answered truthfully.

"OK, how about I join you for breakfast and if it isn't too personal help out with you little brother issue?"

"Sounds like a plan," I agreed.

I figured fucking the errant doorman with Terry would be a blast. It might also get me out of a night visit to Terry's room. I needed time to delve into the Society of Protectors. We went to a place in town to eat and spent a long time talking. It felt good just shooting the breeze with a pal. We got back to my room a little after eleven. I could see from the look in his eyes that his interest in talk was gone. I let him pull me into his arms and lock his lips on mine. I had always thought that Terry was a good kisser. I didn't let the fact of his bulging crotch pressing into me hurry the action. I had no intention of being in the middle of sex when my appointment arrived.

"Damn, I miss you living in the house full time," He declared after allowing me to pull back for a breath of air.

"I miss it too at times, but Julia can't sleep here, so what the fuck am I going to do?'

"Give up cunt and come back to the all you care to eat cock buffet," He teased.

"Why would I do that? I can have my cock and eat cunt too."

He laughed and added, "Other guys miss you too, especially our twin cousins friends, Tyler and Jeremy."

"Mmmmmmmm, we do need to get that pair in bed again soon," I agreed.

"Who the fuck is coming at noon, by the way?"

"New guy I don't know too well, Carlos Bryant. I caught him asleep at the door when I came in with my key this morning. I gave him the belt right away and decided to let him stew by ordering him to see me at noon."

"You're a bastard sometimes, my friend."

"I am sure you know my real motivation is a desire to fuck his cute brown ass."

"I had no doubt. Make sure you get his lips on your cock first. He has a special talent for cock sucking."

"You know him then?"

"You missed way too many pledges, brother!"

"No shit."

Carlos was a very sexy package. He was of mixed parentage and the genes went together well. His mother was Venezuelan and his father was a white bread Boston lawyer. He was five-ten with his mother's rich brown complexion and his father's warm hazel eyes. His hair was brown with blond streaks. His light body hair on his dark seemingly permanently tanned skin was very sexy. His pubic hair was neatly trimmed and sat like a puff of dirty cotton above his six-inch brown cock. I soon found out that his dark chocolate balls were kept smoothly shaved as were his muscular swimmer's legs.

Terry and I spent the remaining wait for Carlos sitting on my bed making out and feeling each other up. It was an unusual experience. Any other time I had kissed a guy like that we were naked in minutes. Terry and I spent more than a half an hour and never took off more than our shoes. It was fun in the way it was fun to have a make out session with a girl when I was a teenager. I answered the door with an obvious hard-on when Carlos arrived exactly on time.

"Greetings, brother," Carlos said sounding formal and stiff.

"Greetings, welcome brother, please come in. I have asked brother Terry to join us."

"Greetings brother, it is good to see you again," Carlos said to Terry far less formally.

"Greetings, it is good to see you also. How have you been since we last were together?" Terry asked.

"Very well, thank you."

"Good, but our president gave me sad news about you. There was a problem this morning, I hear.

"Yes, sir, I fell asleep while on door duty," Carlos admitted.

"Bare yourself and show brother Terry the price you already paid for that infraction," I ordered.

Carlos quickly stripped off everything including his shoes and socks. I was pleased to see that he was well aware of the standards of the brotherhood. He turned and presented his slightly bruised assed for inspection.

"I think you were let off easy," Terry declared and slapped Carlos's ass hard with his bare hand.

"It was not so easy, brother, Carlos seems to have a tough ass," I offered.

"Cute too," Terry added.

I moved behind Carlos, slipped my arms around his torso and grabbed his cock as I pressed my still clothed crotch to his backside. His shaft instantly hardened in my hand.

I licked his ear and whispered, "We are going to fuck that cute ass."

"Oh god," He moaned as I moved my other hand to his smooth ball sack.

Terry undressed as I continued to stroke and fondle our little brother while dry humping him with my pants on.

"I hear you are a talented little cock sucker and that your mouth is better than your cunt," I snarled in his ear as I rubbed my thumb over his precum leaking cock head.

"I will be anything you want me to be, Sir!" He gasped.

"Get on your knees, I demanded.

He turned around and fell to the floor as I took a couple of steps backward. I smiled as I looked down at my hot younger brother. His hard cock danced between his legs indicating that he was as excited for the new experience as I. He watched like a hungry puppy as I stripped off my clothes, slowly revealing my body and full erection to him.

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