tagGay MaleThey Are A-OK Ch. 42

They Are A-OK Ch. 42


Even without the interpretations of Messrs. Bellingwood and Phillips, I would have quickly discerned that Fred Stimson was a closeted homosexual when he arrived at college. Within the first ten pages he had described his earliest sexual fantasies and experiences. All involved males. After twenty pages it was clear that he had never had anything resembling sexual contact with a female. The only interest he showed at all was intellectual curiosity about pussy, which he referred to as cunt in what could only be interpreted as a derogatory manner. One of the possibilities I had considered when I first learned about the founding of the AOK brotherhood was that Fred was gay and using the excuse of no available women to coerce men into having sex with him. His first detailed description of a sexual encounter did not support the coercion theory. I was captivated as I read his words:

"I had been at college for almost five weeks. During that time I had become increasingly anxious. I might well have blamed my anxiety on my studies. But in truth, I had no problem with the academic workload. It was indeed quite the opposite, when studying my frets seems to evaporate. The unease increased when my mind was not at work. I quickly realized that it was my body that was the main culprit causing my increasingly difficult condition. I suppose this point was best driven home to me after my thrice weekly physical education class.

Using the locker room with so many handsome young men was a kind of torture for me. Though as I have written, I was no stranger to the pleasures of cock, I had never before imagined such a variety and abundance of the male organ. I learned that mature young men are far less modest and protective of their privacy than I was accustomed to with my former schoolmates. Most of my new classmates walk about freely in the nude while in the locker room. In addition, the showers are an open affair, where everyone's body is on display, cocks, asses and all. I have even glimpsed a number of them unashamedly washing themselves while semi-erect.

I suppose that incidental arousal is to be expected considering that release is hard to manage in the college living environment. There are no female students and few available local women here for those that would chose to partake in cunt. I understand some visit prostitutes on the weekend in a nearby town. But few can afford such luxuries. For those of my tastes, if in fact there are others with my tastes here, it is difficult at best to know who or how to approach a potential partner. That leaves masturbation as the most likely method for obtaining release.

I unlike many men do not profess distaste for self-pleasuring. However, privacy is at a premium here. Since there are no women on campus, other than a few secretaries, there is little need for even ordinary provisions for modesty. In the dormitories we share rooms, showers and even toilet facilities. I personally am not brave enough to masturbate in the woods as I hear some students resort to doing. Unlike my roommate I can not bring myself to try it while he sleeps across the room, even though I find him desirable. I have been lucky enough on two occasions to surreptitiously observe him masturbating when he thought I was asleep.

Happily, enough light comes in from the hall under the door to illuminate his side of the room while leaving my half opened eyes shielded. I suppose he was fairly well distracted with his task also, making it even easier to watch. His cock, which I had already seen flaccid when we changed or showered and I knew to be circumcised and interesting looking, grows long and thick when he is aroused. Since he tossed aside his bed covers and removed his pajamas, I was treated to a full show. While one hand slid up and down his long erect shaft, he fondled his balls with the other. As he got more into the action, his eyes shut tightly, allowing me to be less cautious. Though I supposed that he was imagining some cunt, I hoped in my heart that it was me he was thinking of me as he pleasured himself.

I ached to go to his bed and replace his hands with mine. I had never touched a cock that large. I wondered if I would be able to take it all into my mouth as I had with two other men. Both of them had much smaller penises than my roommate, Charles. Could I even get my smallish hands around his large beautiful cock? I involuntarily touched myself as I watched his large bulbous, mushroom shaped cock head pulsate between his strokes. It was painful fighting the urge to go to his bed and swallow his prick. I tried to rationalize doing it. Would any man reject oral sex in those circumstances? It wouldn't make him queer to accept a man's lips when he was in such obvious need. But no amount of rationalization could overcome my fear. I knew what happened to queers. So I just watched.

I nearly jumped up when his cock erupted, sending a stream of his thick semen shooting over his belly. Even though I wanted to watch him clean up, I forced myself to close my eyes. I was too afraid of being caught spying on him. The second time I was a bit braver and caught some of his clean up ritual. He dabbed at the puddle of semen with a couple of tissues. Then he walked across the room to the sink completely naked. I suppose he was confident that I was sound asleep, or maybe at that point he didn't care if I woke up and saw him. It wasn't unusual for him to be naked in my presence. Even though it was always somewhat torturous when he paraded his body before my eyes, that night it was worse.

For the first time I let myself imagine holding and caressing him. I fixated on his round only slightly hairy ass. I could practically feel his flesh on my fingers as I imagined fondling his buttocks while our bodies pressed together. As he washed his hands, I thought about nuzzling his alluring ass and kissing his bare flesh. Though I had never put my lips on a man's ass, I would have happily licked his if he allowed. I even considered doing something I had scarcely imagined before. I wondered what it would be like to slide my cock between his supple buttocks and into his ass. I could not conceive of being able to take his large cock into mine. That night ended with him snoring while I lay awake, frustrated and afraid to relive myself as he had.

When I awoke in the morning with my cock fully erect, Charles had already left for his first class. I chose to masturbate instead of attending mine. I pounded my cock in my fist while imagining having sex with my roommate. I had what was probably the most intense orgasm of my life to that point.

After that I had what can only be called a crush on my roommate. Though it was primarily based on sexual desire and need, there was no denying I let it take on romantic notions in my mind. Fortunately, I was enough of a realist to know that it was unlikely anything would ever come of my crush. As far as I knew Charles was a completely heterosexual man. He had spoken of past girlfriends and at least according to him had plenty of experience fucking cunt. There had never been a hint of any interest in me or any man. I had very modest hopes for the relationship. I simply wanted more opportunities to watch him masturbate. Though I couldn't control that, I did mange to find ways to see him naked more often.

One way was to be in the shower with him even if he was showering when I was basically clean. Another was to make sure I was in the room at times I knew he most often changed clothes. The most fruitful way turned out to be joining his extracurricular sports club. They played informal games of whatever sport was appropriate for the season. Because they were sanctioned by the college, the club had full use of the gymnasium locker room for showering and changing. I was assured of seeing him as well as many of his equally attractive friends naked two afternoons a week and Saturday morning. What I hadn't bargained for was the added frustration caused by seeing a group of naked men three more times a week.

About two weeks after I joined the club, I discovered what turned out to be the solution to my frustration. William Hightower Reynolds, an upperclassmen and de facto club president invited me to the house he lived in off campus. The house had been divided into several apartments. Bill lived alone in the smallest of them. It was a large room on the third floor that had its own bathroom. Along one wall there was a sort of kitchen with a sink, ice box and small stove. The main room was divided into two spaces. One area had a sofa and small table and chairs for eating. The other side had a double bed and desk for studying. The curtain that appeared to be made to separate the two areas was pushed up against a wall leaving the entire area open.

Bill told me to have a seat and pulled a bottle containing a brown liquid from one of the kitchen cabinets. He added that he wanted to talk and get to know me better as everyone in the club was close. As he walked toward me with the bottle in one hand and a couple of juice glasses in the other I realized the brown liquid was whisky. Though I was not a stranger to alcohol, I was not well practiced and my tolerance was low. Could I have imagined a good reason I would have declined the glass full of straight whisky he offered me. He informed that a drink and good conversation were one of the great pleasures men share.

"So tell me do you prefer Fred or Frederick, my new friend," He asked jovially.

I told him that friends had always called me Fred and he said in that case that he would do likewise. We talked and sipped the whisky and soon enough I had drunk almost two glasses and was beginning to feel the oncoming intoxication. I was also very warm.

"Fred you're sweating. I am sorry about the heat. The radiator is quite powerful on top of the attic location. I am afraid I can not make adjustments. I tend to forget that my guests are not used to such heat. I usually wear fewer clothes when I am here."

Before I knew it the both of us were wearing only our underclothes. I suppose the alcohol kept my anxiety at bay. We continued to talk and soon it seemed he knew nearly everything about me and I knew quite a lot about him. He said that he was glad to be getting to know me and hoped that we would be as close as he was with most of the gang. A few minutes later he suggested that the two of us get a head start of the next sport the club would be doing, wrestling. Not knowing what else to do I agreed and we ended up rolling around on the floor. Within minutes he had me pinned.

The weight of his body pressed against mine felt amazing. However, the internal arousal I felt made me worry that my cock might soon betray my desires. But he refused to free me and instead seemed to be humping me slightly. I was afraid to say anything as I thought I was imagining the sensation. Imagined or not, my cock began to grow and I tried to make an apology. He told me not to worry about it and that it was a perfectly natural reaction. I was certain at that point that he was rubbing against me and that his cock was also growing.

As we lay there cock to cock he lowered his mouth to mine. Our lips touched and his tongue sought entrance. I had never tongued kissed a man before. A school mate and I once fooled around with some rather chaste kissing and I had put my lips on other parts of the male body, but this was very different. I parted my lips and welcomed his tongue with mine. I couldn't believe I was making out with a handsome older man while practically naked. It seemed I was on the verge of getting everything I wanted and needed.

The kiss lasted for what seemed both an eternity and far too little time. I can only guess as to the actual amount of time I spent laying under Bill with his tongue in my mouth and his cock grinding into mine. It was a blissful feeling that could only be improved by the removal of the two thin layers of cotton separating our flesh. After what I guess was about five minutes he pulled his mouth away from mine and rose up on his arms like he was going to do pushups. Our crotches remained pressed together.

He smiled at me and told me that Chuck was right about me fitting into the group. I wondered if having sex with Bill was a requirement of club membership. My almost instant conclusion was that I didn't care. I wanted him desperately and was ready to do anything he desired. As it turned out he wasn't at all demanding. He jumped to his feet and offered me his hand. After helping me to my feet he asked me if I had been intimate with a man before. I hesitantly admitted that I had in a weak voice. Though he said nothing, his eyes told me that I had no reason to feel shame with him. Before my visit ended I would for the first time tell another person that I was homosexual.

Bill though no stranger to cunt informed me that he too preferred the company of men as bedmates. I didn't really understand his phrasing at the time. To hear him talk about his desires you would think it was all about sex. But what happened after he took my hand and led me to his bedside was my first truly romantic experience.

When we reached the side of his bed, he stood facing me and pulled my undershirt over my head. He touched my chest and let his fingertips dance over my nipples. I discovered for the first time how erotic it can be to have my little tits caressed."

Ol' Fred's use of the word tits to describe his chest surprised me as it evidently had surprised Stephen and Hiram. They wrote several paragraphs attempting to interpret the phrasing. Their thoughts made no more sense of his word use. What I decided was that my older brothers had failed to realize something very important about Fred's journal. In my mind it was clearly written years after the actual event. I knew this meant the tale was likely somewhat romanticized. It also meant that it was not being written from the perspective of a 19 year-old first embracing his sexuality. Rather it was an older yet still young man's recollections of the first time he made love. I turned back to the founder's words intending to skip reading any more of the later annotations.

"Next, Bill carefully lowered my under shorts down past my manhood. When they were low enough he let them drop to the floor and I stepped free of them. It was exhilarating to stand naked before a man. It was impossible to know what was coming as neither of us had expressed our intentions. He touched my cock with his warm, surprisingly soft hand. As he gently stroked my member, he slid his other hand up my thigh to cupped my tightening ball sack. I feared I might ejaculate at any moment. I was actually grateful when he let go of my privates and took a step back.

Although I wanted to undress him as he had me, I was frozen in place as if I had suddenly been struck by a paralyzing infirmity. He pulled his shirt off revealing his hair covered chest that I had secretly ogled in the locker room. I already knew his cock was uncircumcised like mine. I had had an occasion to shower near him and managed to get a very good look at his tool. Still when he let his shorts drop to the ground the sight of his magnificent cock fully engorged took my breath for a moment. Neither of us had excessive foreskin, which meant that our cock heads fully emerged from their hoods when we were erect. His was pinkish-purple in color and appeared half again fatter than the cream colored shaft that held it aloft. My cock on the other hand is fairly equal in girth head to base. The slight flare of my glans is nearly hidden by the bunched foreskin that covers the tip when I am not aroused.

He let me drink in his nakedness for a minute before stepping forward and pulling me into his arms. This time when our lips engaged our cocks came together bare flesh to flesh. The erotism of having a cock rub along mine as our tongues danced set my body afire and caused my spine to tingle. I had little time to savor the moment as he soon moved his lips from my mouth to my neck. His tongue slid down my jugular, over my shoulder blade and onto my chest. Having my nipples licked and sucked was a new and unexpectedly thrilling experience. A friend I once had a sexual encounter with suggested that we try it, but I had been too anxious to get to cock sucking and dismissed the notion. Had I known how sensual the experience could be, I might well have had a real lover before I met Bill.

After spending a few minutes on each of my tiny tits, he ran his tongue down my abdomen as he dropped to his knees. He fondled my balls with one hand while guiding my throbbing erection to his lips. After kissing and licking my cock for a bit he took me into his mouth and easily swallowed my entire shaft. I felt his throat grip my cock head as his nose nestled into the tangled curls of hair at the base of my cock. It was obvious that Bill was far more experienced than I or any man who had sucked my cock before him. He ran his lips up and down my manhood repeatedly, using his tongue to add additional sensations.

I could feel the tide quickly rising inside my body. I warned of my impending climax, so that he could retreat if he chose not to drink my seed. He never pulled away or showed any reluctance to taking me to completion. When my orgasm came, he did not lose a drop of semen. What felt like a gallon of fluid shot from my cock, went down his throat and into his belly. My legs turned to jelly and my knees buckled. I stumbled and sat down on his bed. He remained on his knees between my legs, looking up smiling at me. I wanted to thank him and sing his praises, but my throat refused to make intelligible sounds.

He put his hand upon my chest and gently pushed me backwards. I lay back as he lifted and spread my legs. He lowered his head and began licking my scrotum. The sensation was overwhelming causing me to squirm on the bed. To my surprise his tongue moved lower as he spread my buttocks apart. He began licking my anus as if it was a tasty candy. Though the thought of such an act was distasteful to me at the time, the pleasure it gave was astounding. After pushing his tongue into me several times he moved his fingertip to my tight puckered hole.

He pushed his finger into me. The sensation was at once both unpleasant and exciting. Oddly, I realized the deeper he went the better it felt. This was another thing he was obviously very experienced at doing. He found a spot inside me that when touched sent jolts of pure excitement into my body. Soon he had two fingers inside me and was doing what I imagined men did to women's cunts. I was being fingered in preparation to be fucked. As he worked his fingers in and out of my rectal canal he continued to spit. I could feel myself loosening up as he worked his saliva into ass.

When he stood and moved into position to replace his fingers with his cock, I was frightened. But I remained there with legs spread wide, determined to give him as good a climax as he had given me. He pushed my legs higher and told me to grab my ankles. When he pulled his fingers out of me, I felt empty. I needed to be filled. He guided his cock to my anus. Relax he whispered as he pressed into me. He was giving me instructions and I did my best to follow them as he pushed his fat cock head through my sphincter and into my body.

I bit my lip to keep from crying out as his cock pierced my virgin orifice. Though his large manhood felt more like a hot fire iron than an instrument of pleasure, I made no protest. My rectum burned as he forced his thick cock ever deeper into my nether region. To my amazement pleasurable feelings began to break through the intense discomfort. His cock head must have found the same spot his finger had touched earlier. Jolts of pleasure shot through my body overwhelming the pain and quenching the fire in my bowels. His cock was fully imbedded in my body. I could feel his balls resting against my sack as he ground his mighty tool into me.

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