tagGay MaleThey Are A-OK Ch. 44

They Are A-OK Ch. 44


After laying in bed just enjoying each other's presence for about twenty minutes we decided to check out August's journal since it was still too early to go to the private chamber. The first part was a far more detailed and romanticized telling of his first sexual encounter with Ol' Fred. Kyle looked almost embarrassed to be hearing the old man's private intimate thoughts as I read aloud to him the last part of the first entry.

"Brother Fred is an amazing man. I am thrilled that he has chosen to mentor me in a special way. I am not sure why I was chosen for such an honor. All I know is that I am extraordinarily attracted to him despite his advanced age."

"It has been a week since I spent the evening with Brother Fred. There has been no personal contact at all. There has only been formal greeting when I have seen him in the house. Could I have misunderstood his intentions toward me?

As I write this, my roommate is lying in his bed asleep, naked and uncovered. The heat has been unusually troublesome. I am however only exposed from the waist up. Seeing my roommate fully exposed and my desires has left me in a predicament. Damn, I wish I was braver. It is possible that Jerome is no different than my last roommate. He may well wish he was brave enough to approach me. If only Chuck had not been expelled. No that is not what I want! I want Fred."

I felt bad for the young confused August. However, I felt admiration for the present day August who had been willing to share such private thoughts in the hopes that the sharing would be good for the brotherhood.

"A note arrived today from Fred. I am to report to his room this evening. I am trying not to fill myself with unwarranted hopes and expectations. But I can not help having such thoughts. I want him so badly to want me. I will do my best to do anything he asks so that he will ask me back. What if he asks nothing? What if the visit is not for sex as I hope?"

As I assumed the next entry described another sexual encounter between August and Fred.

"My hopes were realized. No sooner was I in his room than he demanded that I strip naked for inspection. He touched me everywhere and my cock ached with desire when he was done. Then he confirmed that I indeed was to be one of his special boys this year. As before he put me on my knees and stood naked in front of me. He demanded much more than just having his cock sucked this time. He had me lick his balls and then lay my head on his chair cushion so he could squat over me. As he demanded I licked his asshole inside and out.

Then he led me to his bed. As I lay on my back he straddled me, dangling his heavy sack in my face as he sucked my cock. He did not spill the tiniest drop of my seed when I ejaculated in his mouth. He seemed to savor my thick spunk before swallowing. When he swung around and lay beside me, we kissed deeply. I could taste my sperm on his lips and tongue. He moved me so that I was sitting up with my back on his ornate headboard. He knelt on my chest and pushed his throbbing cock into my mouth. He pushed his entire cock in and out of my mouth. I started to gag a few times, but was able to fight off the sensation. He told me that I was a good boy and that he was glad he had chosen me to be one of his bitches. His cum tasted sweet on my tongue before it slid down my throat. I am so happy tonight that even watching my roommate sleep in the nude is not distressing.

"Ok, so he had a crush on Ol' Fred and they had some hot sex. I guess I am missing something. I don't see how this is any different than what the guys do now. What's the problem?" Kyle asked clearly confused by the whole idea of the Brotherhood needing protectors.

My phone rang before we could discuss the question he raised. I confirmed to the voice on the other end of the line that he was in fact speaking to John Campanelli. He informed me that he was Tomas Furman. I recognized his name from the ledger in the Protectors' chamber. He asked that I confirm knowledge of his identity.

"You are of course a respected peer and chair of the Society of Protectors," I said calmly even though I felt some dread as I put the call on speaker for Kyle to hear.

"I am calling for a number of reasons. First, I have been informed that we have two new members; yourself and Kyle Phelps. To be honest, I am not totally in agreement with either of your selections. However, since you have both been made privy to some of our business, what's done is done. It seems that Adam wanted to keep your appointment secret for a time. He always had his own way of doing things and I will not pretend to understand his motivation.

August on the other hand, immediately informed us of his resignation and replacement. Why he decided after so many years of resisting our prodding to make that decision he didn't share. Would you have any insight into that question, my young brother?" He asked calmly.

"We met with him and at some point he came to the logical conclusion that the time was right and Kyle was the choice," I informed Tomas honestly.

"John, it would be wise for you to choose your words carefully. The Protectors do not take the pledge lightly. Did you speak of Protector business in Kyle's presence before August's decision was declared?"

"Of course not. As you should know I take the pledges I make seriously. I find the mere hint of such a thought offensive. Now perhaps you will tell me why you object to our appointments."

"It is simple. You are too young and have too little sense of the history of the Brotherhood. There are many older, more qualified peers who I believe would be far more interested in the protections required and better able to work with the existing members."

"Perhaps we were chosen precisely because our predecessors believed new blood was needed," I suggested.

"Were you told this?"

"As you know Adam was not available for me to question his motives in choosing me. As for Brother Nelson's motives, I can not say for sure, but I believe he may feel that it is time for the grey hairs to be infused with more youthful companions," I replied.

"We generally find that our youthful brother's mouths are better suited to holding our cocks than spouting ideas. The Brotherhood and more importantly to this conversation the Protectors are about tradition. Our Society's mission is to protect what is; not to create something new," He said clearly attempting to reprimand me.

"I understand the mission, brother. Now is there anything else you needed to tell me?"

"Yes, I have some sad news. August has slipped into a comma. His doctor believes that life support would be cruel at this point. Therefore, his death is imminent. Perhaps you would be good enough to tell his grandson, who I understand is a current pledge."

I assured Tomas that I would speak to Horatio and ended the call. Kyle held me for a few minutes while I cried. I wasn't sure why I felt such grief over a man I had only met once. Perhaps it was more a case of grieving over my suspected loss of innocence regarding the Brotherhood.

After getting my self together, I called the Brotherhood's nursing home. I spoke to Nelson's nurse and confirmed the information. Then Kyle and I dressed and went in search of Horatio. We did our best to comfort our grief stricken younger brother. I arranged for one of the senior brothers to drive him to the home to be with his gramps. The old man died with his favorite nurse and Horatio each holding a hand the next afternoon.

"Babe, I think we may have jumped into some fucked-up shit," Kyle said nervously when we were alone again.

"I am pretty sure that the brotherhood most brothers see is a huge falsehood. I already know that Frederick Stimson started the frat and many of the traditions as a way to get gay sex. At some point it was all turned into some mystical BS about healthy bisexuality and expressing love for your brothers," I offered.

"Well, ok but so what? Why are guys like Tomas so determined to keep that secret?"

"Fuck if I know. But there has to be more. What we have read of Nelson's journal indicates that at least late in life Stimson was into using young guys beguiled by frat tradition to get sex."

"You think?"

"I think it probably is worse than I think. You heard Tomas. He fucking declared that young brother's mouths were for sucking cock not expressing ideas."

"Yeah, that was weird, even though you and I do that with the new guys too. Peers always talk about the value of every brother."

"I think Adam and Nelson might expect us to blow this shit up," I confessed.

"I don't want to do that," Kyle said sadly.

That night Kyle and I found the truth that had been suppressed since the founding of the AOK. The origins of the Brotherhood were not the issue. Stimson had founded the frat along with a few friends as a safe place to enjoy gay sex. They recruited new members and added the brotherly love rhetoric to get access to more cock. In light of the lack of available female partners it wasn't very difficult to convince other young men to indulge.

The first revelation that was possibly untoward was events that occurred after Fred and his pals graduated. They formed the precursor to the peers in order to have continued access to sex with young males. They added mysticism to frat lore that made it almost obligatory for the new student members to service the graduates. It was the start of all those high sounding ideals about passing things on to successive generations. Though I suppose it made it easier to continue selling the ideals to keep secret the truth behind them this wasn't enough to explain the Protectors.

The true shocker occurred when Stimson and the other founders needed to find a way to finance the continued operation of their private pleasure house. They turned to wealthy, older men with secret sexual desires. In return for access to the young members of AOK, these men endowed the Brotherhood. In essence, the founders had turned the new brothers into unwitting male whores. The young men eventually benefitted, because the older men gave most of them good jobs. In turn many of them became wealthy and continued the largesse.

That is in fact how the brotherhood continued to work. Within a generation, much less outside wealth was required to fund the brotherhood. Eventually outsiders were not needed at all and the brothers of later generations were no longer made into unwitting whores. But the germ of using what became a continuous supply of young men was set. Only it was alumnus peers that now benefited.

"Shit, he turned straight guys into gay whores and later when others figured out the game they turned him into a saint rather than give up the young cock and ass they were getting. Am I getting this shit right?" Kyle asked me clearly distraught.

"That's what I see," I answered sadly as the sun began to rise. "If we don't go back down now we might be stuck up here all day."

"No reason that we can't sneak out through the council room later," Kyle suggested.

I agreed and we decided to share the council's private shower.

"So what do we do now?" He asked me as we stood together under the warm flow of the shower.

"If you are talking right now, I say we take a nap. We are going to need some rest before our dates. If you mean about all this Protector nonsense and the real history of the Brotherhood, we need more information. We need to figure out why after they found out the real stories, the first Protectors decided to keep the secrets and even expand upon the lore."

"They were fucking pervs who thought they would lose their little sex buddies," Kyle declared confidently.

"That's ridiculous. Do you really think any of the guys now would care? Nobody is being forced to do anything these days," I insisted.

"Maybe, not forced. But I know that there are some that get talked into it at first because it is frat tradition at the coolest frat on campus. I'm sure no one stays who hates it or even doesn't like it, but without the lore there might be lots of guys that never would have gotten past the first days of pledging," Kyle countered as he watched me wash my balls.

"So do you think that the protectors are doing the right thing?" I asked worried that even Kyle wouldn't be on my side.

"No, but I want you to be prepared for what might become of the Brotherhood. You are likely slated to be the leader of the whole shebang someday. I know you love the life in the house. Revealing these secrets might bring it all crashing down," He said before pulling me into his arms.

"Fuck," I exhaled as his hands caressed my buttocks.

I didn't want to destroy the AOK. Kyle was not exaggerating when he said I loved the frat and all the activities. But, I didn't like the lie or using a false past to recruit others to try to things they weren't fully ready for. As for being the leader, that held no interest for me. My intention was to move to the island. Julia and Zack had expressed their delight at the idea of life in paradise. If Kyle was serious, I was sure he would be a perfect addition to our hedonistic triangle.

But the only decision I was able to make at the point was to slowly slip down Kyle's body. He reached to turn off the water as I knelt in front of him. His large, gorgeous cock was already growing when I began licking its length while fondling his heavy balls. Soon I was sucking as much of his twelve-incher as I could manage without choking to death. He moaned deeply as I worked his upper shaft with my lips and tongue while stroking the lower portion.

"Oh, god, I love what you do to me, John," He gushed as his cock throbbing in my mouth.

He didn't have to tell me how close he was, I knew from experience that he was going to cum soon. I always loved when he ejaculated in my mouth. Kyle's cum was especially tasty to me.

"Fuck yes," He gasped as his hips involuntarily jerked driving his cock a little too far into my throat.

I gagged and he quickly pulled back. As his cock left my mouth, it erupted, sending a stream of thick semen onto my face. I grabbed his cock and guided it back to my mouth. I sucked hard on his cock head as he continued spouting ribbons of sweet cum. He was gasping and panting while I swallowed the rest of his offering.

"God, I love sucking your cock," I declared after licking the errant sperm from my lips.

He looked down at me and smiled broadly.

"I love you, John and every thing you do to me," He said in a deep purr-like tone.

I stood and confessed my love for him.

"If you weren't spoken for, I would ask you to marry me," He said in a playful way while smiling wryly.

"You know I am not a one man kind of guy," I replied after kissing him softly.

"Me neither," He confirmed as he took hold of my erection and began gently stroking me. "But were you serious about there being room for me on your island?"

"Hell yes!"

"What about Julia and Zack? They won't mind?" He asked while stroking my cock and looking deep into my eyes.

"With us everything is open, so no they won't mind. Hell, I will probably have trouble getting Julia to fuck me with your monster cock available," I joked.

"How about you fuck me to seal the deal?" He suggested.

I asked him to turn around and then I used body wash to lube up his rectum. He braced himself against the wall as I slowly drove my cock into his body. His ass opened up easily and I began riding him with long deep in and out thrusts.

"Oh yes, god, fuck me, babe!" He wailed.

I increased the pace and force of my thrusts to his obvious delight.

"Damn, man, what the fuck did you do to turn your ass into a cunt. You're as good as any pussy I have ever had!" I declared.

"Shelly and her huge dildo did it," He panted.

That was pretty much all the talking we could handle at that point. After a few more good thrusts I was pumping his ass full of cum. We held each other awhile before rinsing off and leaving the shower. Even though it was after nine we decided to try to sneak downstairs unnoticed. Unfortunately, Colin came into the council room from the front door just as we came from the back rooms.

"Greetings brothers," The council gofer said stiffly.

"Um, greetings brother. What brings you up to the council chamber so early?" I asked not fully able to hide my anxiety.

"I must take care of my duties when time permits. I wasn't aware that you had council business with Brother Kyle, this morning," He said in a way that sounded a bit like an accusation.

"We came up to relive old times," I lied.

"Sir, I know about the secrets of this place including hidden rooms. You need not pretend with me," Colin informed us.

"Though I am not sure what you could be referring to, I suggest you take great care with your words," I replied in the most threatening tone I could muster.

"I know that you're pledged as I am not to speak of certain things, but that pledge does not apply inside the circle. I have seen your name in the ledger and suppose that Brother Kyle's name is now just below your name. I know that the dearest of the Protectors is near death. I also know that you need my help."

"Colin, I fear that you have entered into dangerous territory and I demand that you explain yourself!" I said in a commanding tone.

"I will if you care to join me in the council ante room," He assured me.

The three of us sat in the back room where the council held private deliberations.

"Sir, I know what lies behind that wall because I serve as caretaker to the Society of Protectors. Those secret rooms must be cared for and the protectors are seldom here. You had to have wondered who dusted and took care of other mundane tasks. In addition, they need someone to receive new materials and help secret them to the sacred chamber when they are here," The gofer explained.

My heart skipped a beat. I was fairly sure that he wasn't lying. But at the same time, it seemed odd that Tomas had not told me about Colin. Even more puzzling was the lack of any documentation that a caretaker existed in the archive.

"Why are you spinning this fantasy about a non-existent secret chambers?" I asked trying to force him to prove his tale.

"Damn it, John, you must listen to me! You are in deep shit. I am risking at the very least my balls and maybe my life by coming to you. The society's members are dangerous. Brother Tomas does not want you and Kyle to be Protectors!" Colin insisted as he rose and went to the wall with the secret panel.

He opened the nearly invisible slot and produced a key that gained him access to the archive.

"If you're lying and have gained access to that room without authorization, you likely know what I will have to do," I told Colin, not sure if I could cause the sweet young man to be so severely punished.

"I'm not lying," He insisted. "But even telling you these truths will cause me great pain if you chose to side with Tomas and tell him what I am telling you.

Then he went to the podium that held the large ledger where Kyle had added his name a few hours earlier. He pressed a hidden button that I did not know about causing a small panel to slide open. Colin brought me the book that had been secreted in the newly exposed cubby. The title page simply read, "The caretakers of the Society."

The next few pages contained the pledge Colin mentioned taking and a list of gruesome punishments. After that there was a list of all those who had served as caretaker along with their dates of service.

"This isn't possible!" I declared. "This says that you have been caretaker for three years."

"It is accurate. I am older than you think I am. I graduated before either of you came to the Brotherhood. When I was a senior I became apprenticed to the previous caretaker who was my mentor. I completed a graduate degree while his assistant and took over the job just over three years ago."

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