tagGay MaleThey Are A-OK Ch. 46

They Are A-OK Ch. 46


This is a work of fiction and contains graphic sexual depictions. If this may offend you or you cannot legally view this material in your jurisdiction please exit now.

To any new readers who somehow stumbled upon this chapter without having read anything before it:

My stories tend to defy categorization. I put this in the gay section because it deals mostly with men enjoying men. However, there is heterosexual sex and much kink that may not be your cup of tea. It is all fantasy and there are few limits to where my mind wanders. If you are the type to be offended I may not be the writer for you.


On the flight home, Reggie was clearly filled with sorrow. It was easy to know what weighed so heavily on Kyle's mind, but the reason for Reggie's unusual lack of cheerfulness was a mystery. He had said nothing of his visit with Adam and had shown no interest in another round of sex. That was just as well since Kyle and I were spent on our final night in the hut It made me wonder if Adam had invited him to share a last romp. I was sorry I asked once I got the answer.

"My boy, as much as I would have loved for Adam to have fucked me or allowed me to suck his cock or provide whatever sexual comfort I could give, I am afraid all that is now quite impossible," He informed us as if he were lecturing a child on some fact of nature.

"I don't understand," I protested.

"Adam voluntarily had his cock and balls removed in an attempt to rid him of what he believes to be a demon," Reggie elaborated.

"But, that, er, whatever he was, the naked guy indicated that he had provided sexual release for Adam," I insisted.

"Adam's alterations were recent. It is in part because of what he was doing to the initiate that he felt compelled to destroy his ability to have sex. I think the initiates own choice to be castrated may have given him the idea."

"Do all the men at the monastery give up their genitals?" Kyle asked clearly curious about the practice.

"Actually, very few of them do. Most are sexually active. Some have wives, others practice homosexuality. It is only those who feel that their sexual desires are deviant that choose that path," Reggie answered sounding very old and tired.

The three of us fell silent again. It seemed we had nothing to say on our long journey home either. Kyle and I couldn't speak of our problem in front of Reggie. The only thing our British companion talked about was Adam's businesses and charities and how he could assist me as I took control. It wasn't until we were on approach to Heathrow that Reggie finally admitted that he had been taken into Adam's confidence some years ago about the protectors and the danger Tomas posed. He assured me that he would be by my side as soon as he cleared up a few things at home to help in the battle. I wasn't convinced that it was the best of ideas to put him in additional danger.

We dropped Reggie in London before heading back home to face our destiny. Kyle and I jointly decided to put off dealing with the brotherhood until we spent some time with Julia and Zack. It was important for me to be totally honest about my feelings for Kyle. However, far more important than that was assuring my lovers' safety. I had decided that they needed to go to the island before Kyle and I began our plot against Tomas. That was the one place in the world I knew he couldn't get to. Though I had been repeatedly told that it was my life that was in danger, I believed it was far more likely that those I loved would be in harms way. If I were Tomas, I knew that was how I would fight an enemy.

I could see how nervous Kyle was about the meeting with Julia and Zack as we rode in the limo to what was now my mansion. I don't think my reassurances did much to alleviate his concerns. Though I too had a few concerns I was far less anxious than Kyle. I assumed that Zack who already knew Kyle well would have little problem adding him to our love nest. Though I was less sure of Julia's reaction, I didn't have too much fear there either. She had been ok sharing me with the entire brotherhood. It was hard to imagine that adding a stronger emotional connection would be much of an issue. I also was certain that she would enjoy riding his monster cock on a regular basis. As for the emotional part, I never knew anyone that wasn't drawn to Kyle. Of course, I had not yet fully acknowledged to myself how in love I was with my big brother.

I purposely didn't call ahead to let them know I was coming home. I didn't want them planning some big fuck fest for the minute I came in the house. As it turned out it may have been a good idea to warn them that I was bringing company home. When we arrived the house was fairly quiet which made me think that they might be upstairs fucking. If I hadn't heard the sounds of a television coming from game room I would have proceeded up to the bedrooms with some caution. Instead, I led Kyle down to the room where I assumed I would find my lovers' watching a movie. What we found was a bit of a surprise. Zack was there alone, naked, absentmindedly fondling his erect cock while watching a guy with a bigger cock than Kyle pounding a skinny twink's ass on the big screen.

"Wow, Brother Kyle, how are you?" Zack said as he jumped up and offered his hand to our older brother.

"I am good. Looks like you're better, brother," Kyle said as he skipped the handshake in favor a bear hug.

"Hey baby is that you," I heard Julie call out behind me.

I turned to see my beautiful lady bounding down the stairs naked except for a skimpy pair of panties. Kyle turned just in time to see her amazing tits bounce one last time as she took the bottom stair.

"Oh shit, you didn't tell me that you were bringing a friend home," She said obviously not embarrassed by being so exposed in front of Kyle.

"Hi baby, you remember Kyle?" Was all I could think to say as she moved toward us.

"Of course," She replied happily as she ran over and gave him a hug.

My hug came with a sloppy kiss.

"Well damn, Zack you sure are happy to see the big guy," Julia teased our third, who was still sporting about three quarters of a full erection.

Zack grabbed a pillow off the sofa and made a big show of covering his genitals as if he was actually embarrassed. Julia was clearly in the mood to play.

"That cock is too sexy to hide, baby," She cooed as she walked over and yanked the pillow out of Zack's hands.

"Um, I am sure Kyle is as anxious to play as I am, but could we slow down a bit? I have something I want to discuss before..." I said probably sounding a bit too serious before Julia cut me off.

"Damn, John, I can't ever remember you wanting to delay fucking for talking. What's wrong?" She asked.

"Nothing, there is just something that I want you to know."

"Should we put clothes on then?" Zack asked not sounding like he wanted to cover up.

"I've always preferred you both naked. What about you Kyle? Are you uncomfortable with their wardrobe?" I asked knowing from the growing bulge in Kyle's pants that he was happy with the eye candy.

"They look great to me!" He exclaimed.

"Well if we aren't covering up, you two need to even the score," Julia insisted.

Kyle and I stripped down to our underpants and then I insisted that we sit down to talk. Julia and Zack patiently listened to my explanation of falling in love with Kyle and my hope that they would be ok with him joining us on the island.

"Baby, it's all good for me. I want you to be happy and god what girl wouldn't want the opportunity to ride that amazing cock. But, we aren't moving for awhile. I know Kyle is special to you, but is this for the long haul. How about you Kyle, are you ok sharing?"

"Yes, I am very ok as long as it doesn't screw up what John has now. By the way, I don't think this is just one of his passing things," Kyle answered first.

"What he said, but, that move is coming sooner than you think," I added ignoring the obvious concern I saw on Zack's face.

As it turned out he was far more worried about adding Kyle to our arrangement than Julia was. My first thought was his issue was more about Julia wanting the big cock over his. It wasn't something I could deal with at that point. There were far more important things to discuss. I went on to explain that things were happening that might put us all in danger. I talked about my fears of my new enemies going after them to get to me.

"If there is danger, the two of you are fucking going with us!" Julia demanded.

"Baby, we can't. We have duties and responsibilities. We have to try and fix things. I can't do that if you are here in danger," I added.

She seemed resigned as she came over and sat in my lap.

"Hey, Zack how about we go somewhere and talk, maybe I can make you feel better about things," Kyle said as Julia and I kissed.

"It would be more fun if you let us watch," Julia purred before Zack could respond.

"Maybe we will come back and put on a show. How about it, Zack?" Kyle replied.

"If you want to talk it is fine, but I'm ok," Zack insisted.

"Let's not start things with polite lies," Kyle said as he got up and offered Zack his hand.

Zack took his hand and the pair walked out of the room. Watching Zack's bare ass and Kyle's tight boxer briefs leave the room heightened my already elevated state of horniness. But I figured it was better to use the time to have a private talk with Julia than a quick fuck.

"Are you really as ok as you seem with bringing Kyle into our relationship?" I asked wanting to be sure of her feelings.

"Baby, I want you to happy. If that means you need a dozen pieces of beef cake available for play that's fine. Besides, I really like Kyle and I wasn't kidding about that cock. You helped me discover things that make me happier than I could ever imagine. I have known for awhile that committing to one man for life was going to be hard for me. You showed me that being in love doesn't mean not fucking other people. I love you and sharing only makes that love better," She replied sounding sincere.

"I love you baby. What about Zack? I never imagined he would have an issue with another guy. Fuck, he has been with me in a room full of guys sharing each other."

"I don't think you ever realized how much he loves you. Fucking other guys for fun is way different than having another lover. Zack is not as secure as you think. He knows you are very close to Kyle in ways you may never be with him. I am sure he sees a threat that you could love Kyle more than him or even stop loving him," She suggested.

"That would never happen!" I insisted.

"I know, baby. But Zack will need time to accept the change."

"I don't want him hurting and I know Kyle would never join us if he thought it would hurt anyone."

"I believe you, but what I don't know is why you are sending us away. You have to tell me more about the danger and what you are doing," She said in a way that I knew meant I was going to break my vow to the protectors.

"I can't tell you everything. It is part of a pledge. What I am going to tell you, you can't tell anyone, not even Zack or Kyle. If anyone found out you knew about this stuff we would all be in more danger."

"Are you saying Kyle doesn't know everything?" She asked sounding truly amazed.

"He knows, but he can't know that I have broken the vow. Now, please, be quiet and listen."

I told her that there were powerful people who were using the brotherhood for the wrong purposes and hurting some brothers. I also mentioned a group that was charged with the protection of the brotherhood. I even told her that official histories of the AOK had been perverted. When I was done she seemed to accept that there were serious problems and understood that I needed to try to fix things.

"You know that Zack will never understand why you're sending him away." She insisted.

"I know, but he'll do what he is told, especially once he sees that you are going willingly."

"You better not get your ass hurt, baby."

Kyle returned before I could reply to her ultimatum. I was a bit concerned that he was alone.

"Where's..." I started to ask.

"Zack's upstairs in what he said was his room. He wants you to come up," Kyle replied to my unfinished question.

"Is he ok?"

"Yeah, I think he is, but he needs some time with you."

I turned to Julia for reassurance.

"Go on baby, talk to him, suck his cock, fuck him, whatever he needs. It will give Kyle and I a chance to get better acquainted," Julia said clearly excited by the idea of being alone with the big guy.

"Ok, I see how it is," I teased before giving her a very sloppy kiss.

I made a show of giving Kyle a similar kiss before leaving my two lovers to fuck each other silly. I wasn't at all jealous, just disappointed that I wasn't going to get to watch Julia ride that big cock. But I was sure I was going to have many more chances to see her cunt lips stretched around his wood.

I found Zack lying in the bed of the room he seldom used. We generally all slept together in what had once been Adam's room. He looked far more innocent than he was lying in that big bed naked and uncovered. He seemed child-like and bit angelic.

"Hi," He said in an oddly shy way as I walked over to the bed.

"Baby, I'm really sorry if my announcement or the abruptness of it upset you. You should know I will always love you and want you,' I said as I slipped off my undershorts.

I could see from the way he looked at my cock that he wanted it as much as I wanted to give it to him. He slid over so that I could crawl into bed next to him. We kissed briefly before he pulled away.

"I'm sorry for my bratty behavior. Kyle is a great guy and I know everything will work out for us. I just, god, I love you so fucking much, John. I know he is special to you and I was, fuck I am afraid," He said clearly fighting tears.

"Zack, you have nothing to fear. I love you more than can be expressed. You know how I am. I don't stop loving one in favor of another. It has always been ok with the three of us and I know it will be great with four."

"I believe you. But, it is scary and it is different. So far, I have been the one who had the best deal here. I know you love me and I love you, but I know something else. Something maybe you don't know. Julia and I are also deeply in love. Kyle is a great guy, but we don't have those kinds of feelings for each other."

"Fuck, of course I know you and Julia are madly in love. Though I know it is in a different way, it may be possible she is even more in love with you than me. Also, there is something I hope you know and won't tell her. Because of my preference for cute guys like you, if push came to shove I would have to admit my feelings are stronger for you," I admitted as I began to gently caress his cock.

Although, Julia and I had never discussed it, I was pretty sure she was aware that despite my love for her, I would always prefer guys.

"Yeah, but maybe that is the trouble. Kyle isn't a girl," He replied sounding even more concerned as his cock responded to my touch.

"He isn't half as cute you as you, Zack," I insisted.

"I guess maybe I just need time or maybe combined with the idea of being sent away it seems worse. Do I really have to go?"

"Yes, it is for all of our sakes. I hope it won't be very long before we can get our business taken care of and join you. You'll have Julia and she will need you to be strong."

"John, you know it will be her being strong for me, but thanks for trying to give me a mission," He said sounding like he was feeling a little better.

I moved in to kiss him again. He didn't pull away. I fondled him until his cock was rock hard while we kissed passionately. When my own cock became erect, I pulled his body tight to mine. Our cocks rubbed together as our flesh became as one. Our hands roamed over each other's backsides. Mine were mostly caressing his ass. We murmured our love for each other as our passion began to build to a crescendo.

At some point our bodies shifted as if responding to a carefully orchestrated plan. I straddled him as he lay on his back. He began happily licking my heavy ball sack as I took his sweet cock into my mouth. He was excitedly cooing and moaning while I slowly slid my lips up and down his throbbing shaft. He moved his tongue from my balls to my asshole and I increased the pace of my cock sucking. I felt his tongue darting into me. I fondled his tightening balls while deep throating his delicious cock. I couldn't wait to taste the sweetness of his cum.

"Oh god," He moaned into my wet asshole.

His cock jerked in my mouth and I sucked harder hoping to bring him to climax. He lay back panting. His hot breath cascaded over my saliva covered balls. Shivers ran along my spine as I worked harder to coax his orgasm.

"Fuck!" He wailed.

Simultaneously a spurt of cum shot into the back of my throat. I swallowed as three more shots came like rapid fire. I was able to savor the taste of the last spurt.

"Come fuck me, please, baby! I want you inside of me," He panted.

I spun around and lifted his legs up. He grabbed his ankles. Neither of us wanted to pause to get lubricant. I went down on his exposed ass as if I was eating Julia's pussy. I used my tongue to push as much spit as I could manage into his asshole.

"I'm ready, fuck me!" He insisted.

I moved between his legs and pushed my cock head against his now slippery sphincter. He pushed back and my cock head popped into him. He smiled briefly and then winced as my cock went deeper into his barely lubricated man cunt.

"Yes do it! Fuck me hard, I want it!" He demanded clearly feeling me back off in response to my fear of hurting him.

I thrust forward, going ball deep, giving him what he requested. The look in his eyes told me that he wanted more. I pulled back and then slammed into him again. We quickly developed a rhythm. He rose up to meet each thrust and fell back each time I withdrew. I felt my climax building. He must have sensed my impending orgasm.

"Yes baby, fill me up! That's what I want, cum inside me," He cooed.

I felt his rectal walls contract as if his asshole was sucking my dick. I looked down at him. He was smiling as my cock erupted. I continued to fuck him through my orgasm and for as long as my cock was hard enough to thrust into his ass. Finally, I collapsed atop him. His cock pressed into my belly. It was covered in cum that had oozed from him while I was fucking his ass. As we cuddled I wondered if Kyle and Julia were as happy as Zack and me at that moment.

He fell asleep in my arms. I had always liked watching him sleep. He was beautiful and seemed so angelic. I held him for awhile, listening to his gentle breathing. At some point I drifted off. When I awoke, the lack of light coming through the window told me that we had slept for several hours. I wondered why Julia and Kyle hadn't come looking for us. Zack didn't even stir when I slipped out of bed.

As had become habit in the house, I left the room without bothering to dress. I discovered that Julia and Kyle were no longer where we had left them. The ornate clock in the room told me that I had slept almost six hours. After looking around the main level and not finding them, I figured that they had decided to use one of the bedrooms. I was oddly pleased that I did not find them in the room that Julia, Zack and I regularly shared. I found eight more beds unused. Doubting that they would have gone to the servant's wing or the never used third floor, I went to a window that overlooked the rear grounds.

I barely saw them out beyond the lights of the expansive pool area. They were lying naked in the soft grass. Julia's head was on his chest. She was gazing up toward his face. Though I couldn't see their eyes they were clearly awake and talking. I wondered how many times they had fucked while Zack and I slept. I felt uncharacteristic pangs of jealousy. However, I wasn't sure which of my lovers I was jealous over. Clearly sharing Kyle was going to be harder than I thought.

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