tagLesbian SexThey Both Recognized Each Other

They Both Recognized Each Other


It was Halloween night. Me and a big group of friends from school are all getting together tonight for Nick's big Halloween party. He's been planning this since early September, maybe even right before summer ended. He worked hard to put this all together. He will have a little dance area, little bar, snack bar. It's going to be great.

A lot of random people are joining too. They heard about it and Nick approved of them joining. It's not bad partying with people you don't know, of course you want to make sure that there are people there that you know too. As long as they are around your age group, it's fun getting to know other people your age. He said a few of the names of the other people that are joining but I can't really remember.

His theme for the party is a masquerade. Everyone is dressing up in their own costumes and putting on a mask too. Any kind of mask really. I guess as long as other people can't see your face, you're good to go.

His party starts at around 10. I think that's when everyone is going to start heading out. I undressed in my room and changed into my costume. I'm being a cat this year. I just have a plain black all in one suit to wear, a headband with cat ears on the top and even a tail that attaches to my back.

I grabbed my black cat mask and put it over my head and adjusted it over my face so my entire face was covered. I looked in the mirror and fixed my tail and straightened my headband.

I began walking down the stairs cautiously, trying not to trip over my tail down the stairs.

I heard my mom laughing once I made it down.

'You didn't trip,' she said, laughing.

I grinned and let go of the tail.

'I don't know how cats do it,' I said, giggling at myself.

'You look great. Are you heading out now?' my mom asked, pouring the candy into a large bowl.

'Yes, thanks mom,' I said, slipping on some slip on shoes.

'Okay sweetie, have fun and be safe,' she said, placing the candy on the living room table.

'Okay mom, love you,' I said, heading out the door and getting in my car.

My tail got messed up going inside but that's okay, it should be fine. I started the route to Nick's house.

When I pulled into his street, orange Halloween lights reflected off the road and kids were trick or treating.

The street was getting full and I found a space and parked. I got out and started walking to Nick's house.

I walked up to his porch. It was decorated so neatly with orange lights and perfectly carved pumpkins that were lit up with candles inside. I opened the front door, and Nick was inside with a few of our friends getting all the drinks ready.

'Hey guys!' I said, closing the door.

'Hey! We're just getting the drinks ready, glad you could come,' Nick said, pouring the drinks.

Through the masks I could see that so far Courtney, Natalie, Olivia, Sara and Christina were here. I walked into the kitchen to help them set up.

Nick reached out and hugged me. He's such a great friend. I've only known him for less than a year but he's an amazing guy. He would do anything for anyone.

'Oh sorry! I think I messed up your tail,' Nick said, pulling away from the hug.

I unwrapped my arms from him.

'No you didn't. It was like that before I got here,' I said, chuckling as I remembered that I sat on it in my car.

'Oh, well everyone looks great so far. If everyone could grab a glass and a plate and bring them out in the back, that would help a lot,' Nick said, heading for the back door.

We all grabbed a plate and a glass.

I turned to Olivia.

'You look great. Decided to be a witch?' I asked, heading to the back.

'Yeah!' she giggled. 'You look great yourself. Do you know anything about those other kids that are coming too?' she asked, opening the door.

'No, I'm not too sure. We all went to school with them though which is good,' I said.

'Yeah, I think I remember him saying a girl named Jen, Ashley and a few others,'

'Perfect, we will meet some new people tonight then,' I said.

The night continued to grow with people. Everyone was wearing a mask. I could only tell from their body shape or voice as to who they were.

By just past 10, everyone had arrived and settled into the backyard. The music was up, Halloween decorations and pumpkins lit up the entire backyard. It looked so awesome. Nick worked so hard to do this and it turned out great.

'And one for you,' Nick said, handing out little filled martini glasses with gummy eyeballs in the center of them.

'Oh my gosh Nick these look great,' Ashley said, sipping from the glass.

I sipped from it too.

It was vodka and orange juice mixed. It tasted so good. Then once you're done your drink, you get a little treat at the end of it too.

I began talking with a group of our friends. The backyard was filled with people and Nick started bringing out the food.

Everyone started snacking on the food Nick had brought out. He had made little sandwiches in the shape of pumpkins, cookies, caramel corn, Halloween candy, chips. He had it all.

Me, Courtney and Sara grabbed a plate and began eating.

'Hey, you see that guy over there?' Courtney asked, pointing over to him, swallowing her food.

'Yeah,' I said, looking up.

'He just gave me his number. It turns out he knows my brother too,' Courtney said, grinning.

'That's awesome! What's his name?' I asked, biting into the sandwich.

Courtney stopped eating as she tried to remember the guy's name.

'Matt, that's his name,' she said, chuckling.

'Just remember that name,' I said, giggling with her.

Nick set up flashing lights and a little space for a dance floor. In his own backyard.

Wow, I wasn't expecting this much.

I made my way through the crowd to get to the dance floor, when suddenly and accidentally I bumped into a girl's shoulder.

I turned to face her.

'Oh my, I'm so sorry,' I said, kneeling down to pick up the her bag that I had bumped off her shoulder.

'Oh no worries,' she said.

I stood back up to face her and handed her the bag.

Her face was sparkled and covered with her mask. Her voice was gentle, quiet and soft. Like one I've heard before.

She looked at me for a few moments. It looks like she decided to be a cat too. I know she's a stranger but she seems oddly familiar. Maybe we've crossed paths before?

She took her bag back into her hands and placed it back onto her shoulder.

She looked me up and down, then smiled.

'You look great,' she said. I could see her eyelashes flickering through the mask.

I smiled gently at her.

'So do you,' I said, making eye contact with her.

My friend Olivia rushed up to me, pulling at my arm.

'Come on Kate, this is our favourite song! Come dance!' she pulled me out to the dance floor, but something prevented me from looking away from this girl.

She kept the eye contact too.

A lot of people were dancing on the dance floor, many of them were drunk. Olivia and I danced together, but I still had my focus on 'that girl'.

'Did you know that girl or something?' Olivia asked, dancing to the beat.

I moved my hips back and forth to the music.

'No, but do you know her?' I asked, hoping she did.

'I've seen her around before, but I don't actually know her,' she said, head banging her head to the beat of the drum.

Me and our group of friends danced along to the music. I kept looking at 'her', and she was talking with friends and looking over occasionally.

Suddenly a name to her face popped in my head as I went over to the little bar and got another drink.

Millie?... Maggie?... Meg?...

Something with an M.

I got another glass of orange juice and vodka. I sipped from it.

'So is this your first time being here?'

I turned around and was met with that same girl I had bumped into earlier.

That really familiar one...

Is it Maggie?... No wait...

'No, I've been here many times. Nick's a great friend of mine. And how about you?' I asked, trying to make out who she was.

'Oh nice. This is my first time. It's a pretty good experience so far,' she said, smiling and sipping from her drink.

I took a deep breath. Her scent is intoxicating. And her voice... It's so calm, so gentle. It could never hurt anyone.

'What's your name?' I asked, looking at her.

'Meagan,' she said.

Meagan! That's her name. I knew it started with M.

'I thought so,' I said, smiling.

'Yeah? What's your name?' she asked, smiling back.

'Kate,' I said, looking in her eyes.

'I knew it started with a K,' she said, giggling.

'Yeah? I know I've seen you before, I just don't know where,' I said.

'I recognized you the second I saw you,' she said. She gave another one of her signature smiles.

'Really? Where do you know me from?' I asked, becoming very focused on this conversation.

'I know you from -'

'Meagan! Get over here, we're bobbing apples!' her one friend said, calling Meagan over.

Meagan rolled her eyes playfully.

'Guess I'm bobbing apples now,' Meagan said.

I softly grabbed her arm.

'Wait, how do you know me?' I asked, very eager to know the answer.

'I know you from that -'

'Meagan! Come on!'

She looked back at her friends.

'I have to go, we will talk later,' she said, offering a kind smile then leaving.

I watched as she left to go to her friends.

I know I've seen her, but I have no idea from where.

I watched as Meagan and her friends tied their hands behind their backs and bent their heads down to the barrels of water, struggling and laughing to get the apples.

Suddenly Meagan lifted her head up from the barrel with an apple in her mouth, and she brought one hand out from behind her back and began eating it.

My God she's sexy. I know I've seen that body, heard that voice, looked into those eyes and smelled that intoxicating scent before.

I looked over to my friends as they were also bobbing apples. I grabbed my drink and joined them.

The night went on. The blackness from the night outlined the full bright moon. I went inside in the basement. A lot of people were also down there watching horror movies and eating on snacks. Me and my friends decided to join the others.

We made our way to the lower part of Nick's house to see Olivia, Natalie and Courtney with a whole bunch of other people sitting on the couches and ground watching the movies.

'Go get some seats guys, I'm just going to check something out,' I said, heading to another room in the basement.

It was originally a storage room, but Nick and his dad decorate it every year for Halloween and Christmas, and Easter too. It always looks so nice, decorated or not. They even use it as a spare bedroom and put a bed inside too.

I opened the door and stepped inside. Candles were lit, lights reflected from the walls and little ghosts hung above the bed.

'I know you from that art class from school,'

I turned around to be met with Meagan who was closing the door and now walking to the middle of the room.

I looked at her closely. That art class was over 4 years ago.

But oh my gosh... It is her...

'Oh my gosh, no way. It is you,' I said, looking at her.

'It's me,' she said smiling, and walking up to me.

We looked at each other for a few moments, just staring into each other's eyes.

She lifted her hands to my mask and carefully lifted it up over my head and placed it on the bed.

The cool air from the room hit me in the face. My entire face was being exposed to her now. She held my face gently and stared into my eyes.

'I knew it was you,' she said. 'You were that quiet, sweet and shy girl at the back,'

I blushed.

'Take off your mask,' I said, smiling.

She smiled back, and placed her hands on the side of her mask and lifted it over her head, tossing it to the bed.

It is Meagan. It's as clear as day now.

'Oh my gosh yes, I remember you,' I said, holding her face gently.

'You were always so beautiful, you never failed to impress me,' she said smiling.

Oh my gosh... This is crazy... A girl I haven't talked to in years is here with me... I'm holding her beautiful face and staring into her torquoise eyes.

'I always wanted to kiss you,' she said, placing a hand on my cheek.

I paused, and let out a shaky breath.

'Kiss me then,' I said.

'Can I?' she asked, her eyes widening.

I nodded, inching closer to her.

She placed her other hand on my opposite cheek and pulled my face closer to hers, pressing our lips together.

Her lips are as soft as I imagined they would be. Soft, plump and so smooth. Mmmm...

She asked for entrance by grazing her tongue across my bottom lip. Instantly, my mouth opened, and our tongues became one.

The kiss heated quickly. This was not just a kiss, this was now a full out make out. And I was getting pretty turned on.

She moved her lips across my cheek and down to my jaw, placing kisses all over my neck and the base of my throat.

I leaned my head back, giving her more access to my throat.

'My gosh Meagan, you're so sexy,' I said, gripping the hair on the back of her head.

'Mmm... Kate... I've always wanted to do this with you...' she placed more kisses at the base of my throat.

I moaned, yet at the same time I was surprised.

'Ugh... Really?...' I asked, gripping her hair.

'Yes... Oh my gosh yes... The things I want to do to your body... You'd only understand once it happens,' she said, licking up my throat.

'I want you Meagan... I've wanted you for years... Please take me...' I said, begging her.

She softly pushed me onto the bed, gently removing my headband and ran her first through my hair.

She pushed all my hair to one side and hovered over me, leaning down and pressing kisses along my neck.

I moaned, and she began tugging on my suit, slowly pulling it down my shoulder.

'Can... Can I please take this off?' she asked politely.

'Take it off please...' I said, arching my back.

She obliged and resumed taking the black material away from my shoulder, pulling it down my lower body, dragging it down my legs.

I kicked off the suit at my toes, and I lay there in my bra and panties.

Her eyes widened, and immediately she ran her hands all over my body.

'My gosh you're beautiful,' she said, moving her hands behind my back and unhooking my bra, freeing it from my chest.

I moaned as my breasts became free. My chest was now naked, and she held them softly in her hands, massaging them gently.

'Mmm...' I moaned as her hands produced great pleasure on my breasts.

'So soft... So beautiful...' she said, rolling her fingers over my nipples.

I suddenly gasped, arching my neck as her fingers pleasured my breasts and nipples.

'You like that Kate?' she asked, leaning down and placing more kisses at the base of my throat.

'Yes... Meagan you're so good...' I answered, allowing another moan to fall from my mouth.

She pulled back and began undressing herself, kicking her suit off as well. I sat up and wrapped my arms around her, unhooking her bra and throwing it to the ground.

'Touch me Kate... I want you to touch me...' Meagan said, taking one of my hands and placing it on her breast.

As nervous as I was, I began massaging her breast in a circular motion with shaky hands. She moaned, and it gave me a boost of confidence that I was making her feel good.

'Like that?' I asked, looking up at her then placing kisses along her neck and collarbone.

'Yes... Just like that...' she said, leaning her head back.

I continued massaging her breast, running my finger over her nipple.

'Mmmm.. That feels good...' she said in a quiet voice.

'Does it?' I asked, kissing down to her chest now.

'Hmmm...' she said.

I removed my hand and replaced it with my mouth, swirling my tongue around her nipple.

She looked down at me as I licked her breast, and her moans started to intensify.

'That feels so good Kate...' she moaned, gripping at my hair.

Her moans encouraged me to move to her other breast. I kissed along her chest and placed my mouth around her other nipple, sucking softly.

'Ughh... Mmmm...' she continued to moan, and I looked up at her as I softly sucked her nipple.

I began running my hand down her torso, tracing my fingers over her panties.

She gasped at the contact, and she pushed me down gently to the mattress, now kissing my chest. She began to suck my nipples softly.

'Oh... Mmmm... Your mouth feels good Meagan...' I moaned, enjoying the feeling of her mouth around my breast and nipple.

'You like this?' she asked, kissing to my other breast and doing the same.

'Hmm...' I said, looking down at her.

She began kissing down my stomach, kissing my hips and my sides.

My back arched as she went further down.

Her tongue glided down my navel, and she tugged her fingers in the waistband of my panties, dragging them down her legs.

I moaned at the feeling of my panties coming off. I then felt her lips kissing softly up my legs, my inner thighs, just inches away from my slit.

My hips bucked impatiently. I wanted to feel her soft lips in me, eating me slowly...

'Can I eat you Kate?' she asked, softly holding my hips down.

'Yes... Yes please... Eat me...' I said, gripping her hair.

Just then, I felt her tongue move up and down my slit softly.

I let out a long moan. My gosh she's good.

'More?' she asked, waiting for my approval.

'Oh my gosh yes... Yes please keep going...' I moaned, arching my neck.

She continued, and her tongue broke through my lips, hitting all the nerve endings inside of me.

'Oh shit... Oh my ...' I moaned, tugging the bed sheet with one hand and her hair with the other.

She swirled her tongue gently inside of me, slowly making her way to my clit.

'Meagan... Your tongue feels so good...' I moaned loudly.

She softly licked around my clit, brushing her tongue with my clit gently.

'Oh Meagan... Oh please...' I begged for her to touch my clit.

She knew what I meant, and softly her tongue brushed over my clit. She repeated the motion several times.

'Ugh... Yes... Yes just like that...' I moaned, bucking my hips to the rhythm of her tongue.

Her tongue circled my clit perfectly. In the perfect pace, the perfect direction.

The perfect everything.

'Yes... Oh my Meagan... You're going to make me cum...' I moaned as I felt my stomach beginning to tighten.

Just after I said that, she wrapped her lips around my clit, sucking it softly and gently.

'Meagan! Oh God!' I nearly screamed, and that was all it took to for her to make me cum.

My body shook relentlessly as my orgasm washed through me. My legs trembled, and my hands gripped the bed sheets so tightly.

She began kissing back up my body, showering my neck with kisses.

I breathed heavily, and slowly I opened my eyes.

'Did you enjoy that?' she asked, hovering over me.

I smiled as I tried to catch my breath.

'Meagan, it was blissful,' I said, touching her face.

She blushed and smiled down at me.

I suddenly caught my breath, and I grabbed her playfully and turned us around so I was on top.

We both giggled as I did so, and I was now on top, planting kisses all around her neck and shoulder.

She replaced her giggles with moans, as I let my hand travel down her stomach and I cupped her gently through her panties.

'Oh.. Kate...' she moaned, arching her neck. I took this opportunity to place more kisses on her stretched out neck, while I gently moved my hand back and forth on her.

She let out encouraging moans, and I slipped my hand inside her panties, running my finger up and down her slit.

'Mm... I like that...' she said, looking down at my hand.

'You like that?' I asked, kissing along her jaw.

'Yes... Can I please feel your tongue?...' she asked in a quiet voice.

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