tagGroup SexThey Came Back Too

They Came Back Too


AUTHOR'S NOTE: This fictional story involves scenes of extramarital and unprotected sex. If that's not your thing, please move on to something more to your taste. Civil comment welcome

"I promise I'll be back in a few hours, I won't stay long."

"But you're on vacation," she objected.

"Honey, you know that I'm never really on vacation," I reminded her. "Harry sounded urgent."

"Harry always sounds urgent," she scoffed. "I wanted you to stay home with me," she said. "Michelle and her friends are leaving, they're going to the beach," she hinted seductively. "We'll be alone." Michelle is our daughter. She and her friends were preparing for their beach day.

"I know, and the sooner I leave, the sooner we'll be alone, together, just the two of us."

"I don't know if I can wait," she said stubbornly. "How about you fuck me now, before you go?" She pressed her body against mine, rubbing her crotch into me in a singularly un-seductive manner. She was never subtle.

"As tempting as that offer it," I told her, "let me go, and I swear I'll be back before you know it." I kissed her and pushed her against the bed, where she sat with her legs open, unladylike, and pouted. "I need to get fucked," she stated, a little too loudly.

"Stop, they're in the kitchen, they'll hear you."

"I almost don't care," she insisted. "I'm so horny I might start without you!"

I grabbed my keys and made for the door, kissing my daughter goodbye as I left. I was sure that I could solve Harry's imagined crisis in no time flat, eliminate some email, and get the staff on track and be out of there in an hour. The hard part would be the forty minute commute to the office and then back again. I felt bad about leaving her alone. Maybe I'd stop for flowers in the way home; she'd like that.

As I left Michelle and her friends (three guys including her friend Ashley's boyfriend), they were putting their stuff in the boy's car. I pulled away and started making my way to the highway, wondering what might await me at the office, and thinking about some hot sex when I got home with my wife Danielle. I wasn't halfway to the highway before I decided to grab a cup of coffee, and realized I had left my wallet home. I figured I could live without it, or maybe there was a fresh pot at the office. I drove on, and right before I got to the highway realized I didn't have my phone, either. Fuck it, I thought, let me go back before I get on the highway. I turned around and head home.

When I got back to the house Michelle's boy's car was still there. I figured they hadn't left yetas I let myself back in the house. I didn't see them in the kitchen where I'd left them, ready to go. I listened for the sounds of where they might be, but heard nothing that sounded like kids going to the beach. Maybe they just switched cars, I thought. I would find out later that Ashley and her boyfriend had a big fight when they all got there, and Michelle stayed with her, the beach trip cancelled for the day. But I didn't know that walking into the bedroom to get my money and phone.

I opened the door, thinking my wife was in the backyard, and assuming that Michelle was still home with her boys, getting ready to go. I walked in to see a naked woman on her hands and knees on our bed, with two naked strapping young men, one with a cock in her mouth and the other behind her.

I panicked, thinking it was Michelle, my daughter, and yelled, "Holy shit" and backed out of the room and pulled the door closed. "What the fuck, Michelle?" I yelled through the closed door. I heard fumbling and urgent voices, kept low. I called her name again.

"It's not Michelle, Greg," I heard my wife's voice call from inside. "You may as well come in."

Dani? What was she doing in there? Was she watching them have sex? I turned the knob and stepped in. The three people were still at it on the bed, in the same position, and my brain rejected the facts my eyes captured. Danielle wasn't watching, she WAS the naked woman! She was getting fucked by one of Michelle's boys while she sucked the other's cock. And they clearly were not forcing her. The guy she was sucking looked a little worried, but the other one fucked her enthusiastically, as though I wasn't there. She pulled her mouth off the young man's cock and turned to look at me.

"I didn't expect you back so soon," she said, one hand holding the cock at her face, rubbing it across her wet lips. She smiled seductively. "I was going to surprise you with the story when you got back, but since you're here..." I stood frozen, the only parts of me that we're moving were my pounding heart and my filling cock. "Do you think Harry's emergency can wait a little while longer? I still have one hole open."

I took a moment to react, but it felt like forever as my mind whirled through the possibilities. We had teased each other about stuff like this, fantasy talk. Part of me wanted to throw her out and beat the shit out of the two boys. Part of me wanted to tell them to leave, and have a serious discussion with Danielle. But the last part won the battle, and the other thoughts vanished as I walked to the bed and pulled my cock out.

"You slut," I told her, pushing my erect cock at her face as I climbed to her head. "Suck my cock!" She opened her mouth and I pushed it halfway inside, and pumped her mouth a few times. "Fuck; you nasty bitch. What a horny cunt you are." I was looking at her, not at the boys. They were just props, extras in the scene that was playing between my wife and me. "You're gonna take all three of us?"

She pulled off my cock to answer. "I will if you want my ass more than you want Harry and his silly problem," she grinned. My conflicting thoughts vanished for good. I pulled away and stripped off my clothes, and went to the bathroom for some KY. When I came back in Daniele was finishing rearranging herself and the boys, and I watched her straddle the guy she had been sucking. Her ass faced the door and she looked over her shoulder.

"Ready?" She asked as she lifted her hips. I saw her hand snake between their bodies and grasp his hard cock and aim it at her hole. "You watching?" I nodded, and she stared at me as she lowered herself. She stroked her slit with the head first, then pressed it at her hole. I watched her lips pushed inside as she pressed her hips down, and saw her hole stretch open and accept the fat cock. She slowly slid herself down his pole staring at me with a grin until she settled her pubic bone against his, and grinded herself on him. I groaned at the same time she did.

"Oh, fuck, that's good," she told the room.

"Fucking incredible" I confirmed. I climbed on the bed and opened the KY, and started lubing my cock. I knelt behind her, but before I moved she looked back at me.

"Before you go in, check this," she told me. The guy who was fucking her was at her face now, and her hand gripped his shaft. "He was just fucking me," she said, and her tongue snaked out for a lick of the head. "It tastes like pussy." I watched, entranced as she licked up the shaft slowly, then opened wide and took half his shaft into her mouth and sucked her juices off it, swirling her tongue around the head. She sucked it clean and pulled off. "Okay baby, one hole left." she took his cock back into her mouth, and held her hips still for me.

I coated my fingers with lube and pressed one into her ass. She moaned deeply on the cock in her mouth, and the young man pushed his hips to her face. I worked my finger in and out a few times, loosening her, before adding a second finger. When her ass relaxed and opened more, I began pressing a third one in, twisting the group of fingers, working her open for my cock.

When I thought she was ready I pulled out and pulled her cheeks apart. "Here it comes," I told her. She didn't turn, but she took the cock from her mouth and took a few deep breaths, holding the shaft at her face, her lips at his balls. I squatted over her to get a better angle, and pressed my cockhead at her tight back door. "I'm coming in," I announced.

"Yeah, put it in my ass," she muttered, "fuck my ass, give me three cocks!" She held her hips still for me. The boys were silent and held still.

I pushed, and the head pressed into her outer ring; it was so tight, I thought I might explode. I heard her breathing hard, felt her muscles try to tighten and expel me, but I pushed a little deeper, fighting her involuntary clench. She tightened on my cock head and I pushed back, fighting to not get pushed out. I let her get used to the invasion, and then pushed a little deeper.

She let out a groan into the guy's ball sack. "Stop, wait a second," she muttered, and took a few deep breaths. "Fuck, it's so tight. It hurts a little."

"Change your mind?" I asked.

She turned to look at me with an animal glare. "Hell, no," she snarled, then grinned tightly. "Just go slow."

"You got it," I acknowledged, and pushed a little deeper, but slowly.

"O-oh, fuck, yeah," she mumbled, her face back in his crotch. I added some lube to my exposed shaft and pulled back a little, then pushed again, a little deeper, and she moaned again. I slid slowly in and out a few times until she pushed back at me, and I felt her ass relax on my cock, opening, welcoming me. I pushed until I was about halfway in and felt the resistance at her inner ring.

She felt it, too. "Hold on," she said, "let me." she braced her hands on the shoulders of the guy beneath her and began pushing back against me, and I resisted, holding my hips steady, until I felt the ring push, and resist, and then give way as she cried out and her ass slipped all the way down my shaft, swallowing me. "Oh, holy fuck, it's in me, it's in my ass!"

"Yeah! She took the whole thing in her ass!" the kneeling guy barked. She looked up at him.

"Shut up and put your cock in my mouth and fuck my face!" She looked down at the guy beneath her. "You too, fuck my pussy!" They both did as they were told, and I watched her mouth open and his cock pushed into her mouth, and she took it, deep, until she gagged a little and pulled her head back. I pushed into her as she pulled away from him and she groaned around his cock. I could feel the guy in her cunt fucking up into her as I began taking short thrusts into her bowels, not pulling out past her inner ring, forcing it to stay open.

The guy at her face was fighting her gag reflex, and she was resisting, so I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back, forcing her mouth open, and on his next thrust I watched him push slowly all the way into her throat. I was overwhelmed with erotic desire and held her hair, holding her mouth open, fucking her ass as he fucked her face, and the guy beneath her pushed up inside her. I knew she was horny and had wanted me to stay home, but this was pretty far outside our normal range. She was really into being taken by all three of us, being used as a fuck toy! I watched her face; there were thick strings of saliva dripping from her chin, coaxed out by the face fucking, and then looked at her ass, stretched open around my cock. She had never looked so wanton and nasty and dirty, and it stirred something in me, something animal and rough. I WANTED her dirty, and cheap.

"Yeah, you fucking slut, take that cock down your throat," I urged, "You like this, don't you? Getting all your holes filled with hard cocks?" I never gave a thought to how these boys would ever look at her again. I didn't care, I just wanted her, like this; my cock pistoning into her tight anal passage, feeling another guy in her cunt, and watching her get face-fucked.

She couldn't speak, but her grunts conveyed her affirmation, and I continued. I had not previously talked to her this way; we had traded fantasies of outrageous sexual acts, and enticing behavior, but doing it was new, and raw and exciting. "Yeah, that's right, you slut, take those cocks, you fucking love all this cock in you. Fucking your mouth; your cunt."

"And her ass," the guy in her mouth piped in. He just couldn't keep his mouth shut. Didn't he know that despite his presence, this was between me and my wife? I glared at him, making sure he understood that he was here for his cock, not for his banter. He shut up, sneered, and grabbed her by the sides of her head and pushed himself deep into her throat so she couldn't breath and held it there for a few seconds until she was banging her hands on his thighs. He pulled back and she gasped and coughed, fighting for breath. I pulled back, almost to her outer ring, then drove back In deep, pushing her inner ring open again. She yelled at the sudden violation.

"Oh, fuck," she barked, spitting out a string of thick saliva onto the guys cock. She turned to look at me, tears streaking her face, her mouth and chin coated in spit. "Fuck, that hurt," she gasped, and took a deep breath. "Do it again!" she turned back and swallowed his cock again.

This time I pulled all the way put, spreading her cheeks and watching her formerly tight knot remain open and eager, pulsing for more. I quickly spread lube on my shaft, for the first time looking down and seeing the cock beneath her pushing up into her swollen cunt, spilling juices out. His balls glistened with her wetness. I then plunged all the way back in, forcing my cockhead past both rings and pressing my hips against her, listening to her muffled high-pitched squeal around the meat in her mouth.

"Fuck yeah!" I said, and slapped her ass, then repeated the full out and in several times, getting the same reaction. Hearing her reaction drove my excitement higher and I felt my balls start to boil. "I'm gonna cum in your ass, slut!" I told her. I looked down at the guy beneath her, and he nodded. I guessed he had been pacing himself for the finale. Good boy. I nodded back, then looked to the guy at her head. "You," I told him, "on her face." he grinned. I pulled her hair again, tugging her head way back, off his cock, forcing her mouth to hang open as I drove my cock into her ass. The guy stroked himself, inches from her face, and my legs started to tremble. I pushed all the way in and exploded, screaming.

"Yeah, take that cum, slut! Take it in your ass!"

She was muttering, repeating, "Yes, yes, give it to me, yes!" and then he blasted her face with several strong thick ropes of cum, into her open mouth, on her nose and forehead. I pulled out and watched her stretched asshole begin to ooze cum as the guy beneath her grunted and unloaded in her pussy, his motion collecting a frothy cream at the outside of her hole.

I motioned with my head to the two boys, and pulled my wife off the guy beneath her, and laid her on her back. They scrambled for their clothes and beat it to the door, closing it. I heard them hooting to each other as they left, then looked down at my wife.

"You didn't cum," I told her. "Do it now. Make yourself cum."

Her one eye was closed, glued shut by a glob of cum, but the other one twinkled at me as she bit her lower lip. She pulled her legs up, showing me her open holes, dripping cum, and her hands went to her crotch. She slipped two fingers of one hand into her red, swollen pussy, and slipped the other hand under her leg, and pushed a finger into her own ass, and began fingering herself to climax.

"Fuck, I'm a nasty slut, fuck," she hissed. "You like that? You like seeing me finger my cunt and ass after taking three cocks?" I watched as she dug her fingers in deeper, and her thumb stroked her engorged clit. "Oh, fuck, I'm close, fuck, you horny bastard, making me finger myself! Fuck!" Her eyes opened wide and her mouth dropped open silently, and then she cried out as she came; her ass ejected her finger and she switched hands at her pussy, rubbing her clit furiously through her orgasm, and she pulled the cum-slicked fingers to her mouth, wiping the cum on her lips and forcing them into her mouth, eyes closed, sucking them clean.

I waited for her to relax and start breathing normally, and when her eyes opened she looked at the ceiling, then turned to me. We looked at each other silently, gradually grinning, until we were beaming smiles at each other. I leaned down and took her in my arms, sitting her up, and kissing her, despite the mess of cum on her lips and face.

"You came back," she snickered. "I figured I'd give you a treat when you got back from Harry's emergency." She pecked my lips. "But this was better!"

"I'm still a little stunned," I told her. "I know we talked about stuff like this, and I knew you were horny, but I didn't think..."

"Didn't think I had it in me?" she smiled.

I smiled back. "Well, you've had it in you now!"

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