tagSci-Fi & FantasyThey Came From Phallus Prime

They Came From Phallus Prime


Jennifer cringed back against the rough-timbered wall of the ship's claustrophobic cabin. The grinning, bronze-skinned barbarian advanced upon her in quick, sure strides, his immense, thick-muscled bulk blocking any possible escape routes. Crouching like a stalking predator, he nearly salivated as his eyes took in each of Jennifer's supple charms, cataloguing them for future plundering.

Jennifer yelped as the sweating brute lunged suddenly, quickly covering the remaining distance between them. His palms and fingers dug into the aged wood on either side of her, giving her little leeway for movement of any kind. His rock hard torso pressed against her, pinning her to the wall. His chest heaved with lust, his eyes glistened with desire. His hot breath washed down over her like volcanic mist as he spoke.

"Now, pretty strumpet, you belong to Brom!" he snarled, grabbing her by the hair and tugging her head to one side so his lips could viciously maul hers. Pressing his body tightly against hers, he invaded her mouth with his probing tongue. He sucked the oxygen from her lungs in his urgency to have his mouth explore hers.

"Get off her, you wretched mongrel!" came a booming voice from the far off doorway.

Brom whirled, growling his displeasure at having his dalliance interrupted. "And what if I don't, you puny ant? This wench is MINE! Begone, little man, before I slice off that inchworm cock of yours and shove it up your arse!" He turned back to the cowering Jennifer, his every pore again oozing lust.

As the would-be hero advanced upon Brom from behind, Jennifer suddenly recognized him. It was Stephen, her ex-husband, still, apparently, just as much of a dick as ever. She knew this wasn't going to turn out well for him. And, as expected, it did not.

"Unhand her, I said! Remove your filthy hands..." the words trailed off into a sickening, choked gurgle, as blood filled Stephen's throat and lungs.

In the space of three short seconds, Brom had reached down into his boot, removed from it a thick hunting knife with a twelve inch blade, and snapped his knife-wielding arm back so quickly that Jennifer's eyes couldn't even focus on it - all the while his leering eyes never wavering their greedy vigilance on Jennifer's heaving bosom. Even without looking, his aim had been true. The unfortunate Stephen was pinned by the neck to the far wall, his dulling eyes - like his silenced mouth - no longer refuting Brom's right to have his way with Jennifer. All the would-be hero could do now was twitch briefly and then sway with the rocking movement of the creaking ship.

"Stephen, you ass!" Jennifer screeched at her swaying ex, "What the hell are YOU doing here? You never COULD keep your nose out of other people's business, could you? Now see where it's gotten you, you arrogant, stupid..." Again, words were cut off, this time by Brom's lips rather than his blade. His tongue again invaded her mouth, licking all around inside it, his lips fused against hers. His eager hands each roughly fondled a cloth-covered breast, squeezing and mauling the yielding pair as savagely as his lips mauled her mouth.

"Ahhh, you WANT Brom, don't you, wench?" the barbarian panted, reluctantly taking his mouth off of her for only a moment. "You want him inside you. You lust for him as he lusts for you. Is this not so?"

Not waiting for an answer, Brom leaned back and eyed Jennifer madly, eyes ablaze, nostrils flaring. Holding her by the neck against the wall, his other huge hand clutched the front of her blouse at the center of her cleavage and tugged ferociously. The fabric vaporized in his strong fingers, leaving her bare, bouncing breasts as but playthings for him to fondle and feast upon as he pleased. Jennifer swooned.

Brom lifted her off the floor, his slurping face buried in her chest as he carried her in his muscular arms. He took but a few steps and then tossed her like a rag doll. She sailed through briny air and landed on the unfortunate, now headless captain's small cot, flailing and trying to recover her senses. Snorting his lust, Brom was back on her in a flash.

He didn't bother to untie the rope belt about her pants. He simply tore at it with manic fingers, easily tearing it free of the front belt loops until her pants were loose enough for removal. He then grabbed her pants by the waist and heaved upward, flipping Jennifer upside-down in the process, and yanked her off the bed with her legs kicking at empty air. He tugged on and shook and snarled and cursed at those pants, soon feeling the fabric give way to his wanton desire. They tore, they split - then they, too, vaporized in his hands. He ripped them to shreds in his haste to remove them from his squealing captive. Having defeated the much tougher pants, the flimsy panties were no match for his eager hands. One grasp and but a single tug, and Jennifer's soft bottom and moist flower were his for the taking.

Naked and shivering on the tiny cot, Jennifer watched in horror as the sweating animal tore off his own loincloth. As it was the only clothing he wore at the moment - aside from his blade-concealing boots - that one quick, decisive act left him as savagely naked as was necessary to ravage the vulnerable Jennifer. Her eyes grew wide at the sight of the long, thick muscle that had thus been given its freedom. Easily as long as a blacksmith's hammer and as thick as a Hungarian sausage, it appeared angry, and starving for woman flesh - hers!

"Now," the barbarian sneered, wiping drool from his chin, "now Brom fuck you like a whore! Brom show you what a real cock can do, what true pleasure is, not like that puny insect, Stephen."

He was on Jennifer in an instant. His hands had her by the ankles with her legs spread wide. He bent her long legs upward, over her head, putting his weight on her thighs and calves as he prepared to enter her. She screamed, struggled mightily, but to no avail. Brom had her pinned yet again beneath his considerable weight.

His face came close to hers and he grinned. "Now, teasing whore, you are mine! I am going to fuck you until you split like seasoned timber beneath the woodsman's axe!" He slammed himself forward mercilessly - and was instantly inside her. Jennifer felt his huge member tearing into her, the bloated head and shaft stretching her to her limits, roaring deeper and deeper into her. Again she swooned.

Brom grunted his pleasure. His hips thrust his huge, swollen member into her over and over again, his panting as animalistic as his thrusting. He pummeled her with bawdy glee, asking her how she liked his huge cock inside her, how good it felt being Brom's personal whore. She could barely breathe, let alone spit curses at him.

Moment by moment Brom's crazed thrusting increased in intensity. Harder and faster he invaded her most intimate opening. He was like a human battering ram, his relentless, unstoppable hips gaining speed and power with each animalistic thrust. Instead of tiring, his strength grew, his desire multiplied. He fucked her like a wild animal that knew nothing else, cared about nothing else, LIVED to ravage any available pussy it could ram itself into. And Jennifer wondered if she might indeed split in two.

The tiny cot started rising off the floor in tempo to Brom's ramming hips. It slammed against the wall repeatedly, to the ever quickening rhythm of that barbaric beat. Splinters rained down on Jennifer from splitting beams hammered by the cot's iron frame. The floor creaked and split apart in several places. Walls cracked, and the cold, briny sea dribbled and sprayed itself boldly into the cabin of lust. The entire room shuddered, gasping and thrusting along with the sex-crazed Brom. Objects began to fall from tilting wooden shelves, paintings nailed to the walls dropped to the floor with a shattering of their bamboo frames. Compasses, spyglasses and wine bottles rolled and clattered about the floor as Brom's thrusting increased still. The entire world seemed to be mirroring the chaos of Brom's unquenched desires. And all the while the dull-eyed Stephen looked on, thankfully not seeing his ex-wife being ravaged by a thick-skulled barbarian.

Everything was movement now, the entire ship rocking and jerking about on the roiling sea. Brom's heaving loins seemed to be the catalyst for every movement aboard this captured ship. Wooden walls creaked and moaned, unfastened objects rolled and flew about the room, the more fragile ones shattering and raining their pulverized remains down on the hapless maiden. Jennifer's eyes rolled up in her head. With her legs pinned above her head under Brom's bulk, all she could do was suffer thrust after thrust into her core. All she could feel was his long, fat tool slamming into her mercilessly. All she could think of was that cruel, arrogant, invading member drilling deep into her womb - and know she couldn't do a thing to stop it. And truth be told, she didn't WANT it to stop. It felt so damn good! She screamed aloud, "Oh, yeah, fuck me, barbarian boy! Give me that fat, juicy cock! C'mon, baby, ravage my hot pussy until I come all over your brainless, muscle bound ass! Wooohooooo!" Her sudden enthusiasm spurred Brom on to greater heights of sexual fervor, more blatantly crazed and maniacal fucking.

"Arrrrggghhh!" Brom growled, teeth clenched and jaw locked tight, "Brom fuck you to death! Brom kill you with his cock! Brom fill you with cum, and split you right in half!" His hips were self energizing, feeding off their own power... slamming, slamming, slamming, harder and faster, making the whole world quake and tremble.

"Yeah, baby!" Jennifer squealed, "put your money where your mouth is! Fuck me raw! Fuck me senseless, you savage monkey! Show me what a real cock can do! If I'm your whore, baby, PROVE IT!!"

Sadly, Brom's penile prowess, impressive as it was, was not to be fully realized, nor was an orgasm in the stars for either of them, for the more than slightly disappointed - and substantially livid - Jennifer woke with a start. Her twitching body knew instantly that her intense fuck at Brom's barbaric hands was over, but her mind took a bit longer to wrap itself around that fact.

"Aaaarrrgh...Goddammit, Goddammit!" she cursed, "not AGAIN! Why is it every time a dream lover starts humping me into oblivion, I have to wake up? Why, Lord....WHY?!!" She writhed and squirmed on her bed, her legs squeezed together tightly and her teeth gnawing on her lower lip with a vengeance. She'd come so close, so close. Orgasm had been just moments away. She curled into a fetal position for several minutes, until finally the sexual tension eased enough that she could lie on her back. Many four letter words spat from her lips.

Lying atop her wrinkled and wet - from both sweat and other "unsatisfying leakage" - bedspread, frustrated fingers clawing deeply into it, Jennifer bit her lower lip and snarled her anger at the unfairness of the situation. She could still feel the quaking of her body from mighty Brom's heated thrusting into her. It was even making her bed shake and causing small items to skitter about her bedroom floor just as it had in the captain's cabin in her dream.

But, wait. How could this be?

It was several moments before her clouded brain - even now still hoping to recapture the dim-witted but hugely hung Brom and restore him to his place between her legs - could accurately gauge what was going on about her. Her bed was indeed shaking. Objects were indeed falling off her bedside table and fleeing for their lives on the floor. Pictures on her walls were swaying to and fro as if dancing to some tune only they heard.

"Oh, my God," Jennifer gasped aloud, "an earthquake!" Then she thought for a second and scolded herself. "An earthquake? Get a grip, girl, this is New York. 'Quakes just don't happen in good ol' suburbia. But then,


By this time, the sounds from outside were beginning to seep through both the walls of her home and the haze of her dissipating dream state. Sounds like low-flying jets interspersed with screams and screeching metallic

noises. It sounded like an arcade outside. High pitched squeals and low-pitched humming noises mingled with the sounds of shouting voices, though not all the voices made sense. Grunts. The sounds of car doors slamming closed and tires screeching. A few sporadic gunshots, which ended quickly and did not resume. But it was the low-pitched sounds that seemed to make her house shudder as if caught in an 8.0 Richter event.

Her dour mood at having her dream hump taken from her was replaced by curiosity - tinged with fear. Either there WAS an earthquake in progress, or there was a war going on outside. Or...she was dreaming again. A dream within a dream. She'd had those on occasion, but not usually this vivid, this real. So she scrambled from her bed and headed directly for the window, part of her wanting to know what was happening and part of her wanting someone or something to blame for the interruption of her deflowering-by-barbarian dream. When she got to the window, still feeling the floor vibrating beneath her bare feet, she slid apart the light, summer curtains and pulled down sharply on the shade, immediately letting it go so that it snapped back up with a vengeance and spun around several times before coming to a rest at the top of her window. She looked out into the early morning sunlight.

All hell was breaking loose.

Cars were screeching over lawns, churning up dirt and grass and murdering the unsuspecting mailboxes that dared to get in their way; people were running about helter-skelter, screaming, most of them in blind panic; a thin blue haze hung over the entire neighborhood, drifting slowly eastward in an apparent light breeze; occasional flashes of red or green light made the entire scene appear surrealistic. And overhead, something Jennifer thought she'd never see in her lifetime.

Shiny, flying metallic cylinders - each about the size of a bloated, overfed stretch limo - were zipping to and fro just over the rooftops of the complex's neat little houses. They moved so fast Jennifer could barely focus on them. Some of them hovered above homes. Some had apparently landed on lawns. It appeared that whatever propulsion systems these craft used was what was causing the low pitched hums and the earthquake-like symptoms suffered by Jennifer's cozy little neighborhood.

That was when she saw her first alien. Not so alien in appearance, actually. More like a huge man; easily six and a half feet tall, broad-shouldered and looking tough enough to skateboard on. It looked like a bodybuilder, but its muscles, while well defined, were not overdeveloped. Strong chest, slim waist, thick and powerful thighs. And a tan a California surfer dude would envy. It was the most perfectly proportioned man she'd ever

seen. His overall appearance took her breath away, though she wasn't sure how much of that breathlessness was from fear, and how much from some other emotion.

The creature was directly across the street from Jennifer's vibrating home, at her best friend Claire's house. It stood tall and proud as it raised one fist to the sky. But it wasn't gesturing in triumph. It held something in its hand and it was pointing it skyward. It was as the alien stretched its arm upward that Jennifer noticed for the first time that it was naked. With the exception of a chain around its neck and a belt around its waist, it wore nothing at all. And if she thought its body was well crafted, its sex organs were magnificent! Unobstructed in any way by body hair, those perfect jewels proudly displayed themselves for all to see. The creature's entire body, from head to toe, was completely hairless. Human in every way, but certainly no couch potato.

The creature's gender became still more fascinating as she gazed on, her pupils fixating on those flaunted organs. As it continued to aim its alien device skyward, its rather impressive penis hung down, glorious even in its flaccid state, a quiet power emanating from every inch of it. Jennifer sighed deeply as she eyed it wistfully. It was plump and long even though obviously not erect. It was larger than any penis she'd ever seen. Even the barbaric Brom would've been envious of such a member! She could only imagine that mighty organ aroused and poised for entry into the orifice of its choice!

A shadow came down over the creature, wresting Jennifer's attention away from his penis. One of the shiny cylinders was lowering itself to the ground beside the alien. It was only as the creature prepared to enter its ship that Jennifer noticed he held a captive draped over his mighty shoulder. And that limp, dangling captive was none other than...Claire! Jennifer's truest, dearest friend was being abducted by an alien!

Huge penis or no, Jennifer was not about to allow her best friend to be kidnapped by some alien monster! She began to act on pure adrenaline rush now, running to the kitchen for some kind of weapon. Her need to rescue her friend overrode her fear of the creature and its brethren. But, as she opened her bedroom door and ran into the hallway leading to the kitchen, that chemically induced bravery went screaming from her body.

She was all of three bounding steps into the hallway when she was face to face with another of the aliens. It stood before her, an almost exact copy of the creature who was hauling Claire off to its home planet...or at least to its ship. This creature, also, was naked. Despite her fear and her desire to free her friend, Jennifer couldn't resist a quick look down at this creature's "manhood." It was as delicious as the other's. It made her wet just to look at it, and she became light-headed, but she nonetheless charged the alien, hoping to overcome it by sheer surprise.

The creature never even tried to stop her. He simply stood his ground. Jennifer ran into it at full speed and slammed to a screeching halt, bouncing off of its rock hard chest and crumpling to the floor in a tangle of flailing arms and legs. Stunned ,she tried to scramble up for another try, but the creature simply waved its arm at her and she seemed to grow calm, her racing heart slowing to almost normal. Nonetheless, she cowered back against the wall of her hallway, eyeing this magnificent creature suspiciously. Her mind raced with many thoughts, premiere among them how she could escape this creature and save Claire, and then contact the authorities to take care of these invading baldies once and for all.

The alien leaned down and offered her its hand. She didn't know what to think of that. Was he going to toss her over his shoulder and cart her off to Mars or Venus along with Claire? Well, at least they'd still be neighbors, if they weren't eaten or used as some form of slave labor.

This creature, like its brother hauling Claire away outside, also had a chain around its neck. At the end of the chain was a blue amulet. Still holding out his hand to her, he reached his other hand up and grabbed the amulet, pressing the sides with his thumb and forefinger before letting it go. "Do not fear," came an only slightly metallic voice from the amulet, "we mean you no harm." His lips moved, though not in synch with the words. The words themselves came from the amulet, each syllable of sound causing it to glow and pulsate with an eerie blue hue. Despite the slight metallic imperfection, the voice from the amulet sounded much more human than she would've expected.

Jennifer's legs turned to rubber, and her back slid slowly down the wall until she once again sat on the floor. The alien walked up close to her, his hand still outstretched. She looked up at him, dazed, confused, and only somewhat relieved by hearing the soothing English language coming from her uninvited company.

A thousand questions poised themselves just behind her lips, but could not find their way out. Instead, she found herself looking up, but not into the creature's eyes. She felt shame even as she realized that her dilating pupils had locked themselves on his genitals, lured there and then frozen by their hairless beauty. Her eyes took in every minute detail, and every hormone in her body responded to that indiscreet probe.

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