tagRomanceThey Just Click Ch. 01

They Just Click Ch. 01


Erikah James sat in front of her vanity, gazing at herself in the mirror. Her long black hair fell softly to the middle of her back in straight strands. She had just finished applying a little makeup before heading out to a gallery opening with some friends. She stared at her reflection noting her stunning emerald green eyes. Everyone told her that her beauty didn't require much, even when she was little.

She had been invited to quite a few openings now that her photographs were starting to sell. Finally she was getting a name for herself and it had nothing to do with her looks. She thought then about how glad she was that her mother had forced her to finish school when they had first been approached about her doing some commercial modeling work. Erikah had only been a teenager and had cursed her mother for not letting her do what she thought she wanted, now though she was more than thankful for her mother stepping in.

Standing and walking to her dresser she picked up her new black lace bra with matching thong and slipped them on. Next came the lace topped silk stockings, she pulled each one up and over her long, lean legs, wiggling her toes in front. Erikah then went to the closet and picked out what she thought would be the perfect dress for the evening. It was a little black number that perfectly accentuated the curves of her body. She slipped it on then slid her slender feet into the black stiletto heels she always wore with this outfit. For her, it was always difficult to find a pair that she was actually comfortable in but these were them.

She stepped back and turned to look at herself in the full-length mirror in the corner of her room and smiled. It still amazed her how good she could look in a simple outfit. It drew attention to the various parts of her body that needed it. Running her hands down her sides, smoothing the dress, smiling into the mirror that one last time, deciding she looked perfect. After her final approval she reached for her small purse and headed out the door.

Erikah was running a few minutes late and knew her girlfriends would give her a difficult time. They had planed to meet at a local dive for a drink before the opening. She was never right on time for anything with them. This night seemed to be no exception yet she knew she'd be forgiven; after all they were great friends.


Jake Roberts sipped on his bourbon as he stood in his boxer-briefs, looking into his closet trying to decide which suit to wear. He was going to the opening of the gallery of his first client. The architecture firm he worked for had no idea he was starting to branch out on his own. Yet he didn't care if they found out, especially after spending the last six years of his life wasting his talents for a boss that didn't seem to notice he was there.

It wasn't as though he was out looking for work. He had actually been approached by a friend to design the gallery. He had known of Jake's talents which included his library of photos of the architecture around New York. They only added to his ability to design an amazing gallery. Being an amateur photographer helped him because he knew how to design the lighting to best display the artwork as well as the plan of the gallery itself. Most went over the top, distracting from the beauty of the photos they were showing.

Flipping through the various suits he grabbed a silk black one with a matching shirt. He had bought it a few days ago along with a black silk tie. It could be perfect for tonight he thought to himself. Laying it on the bed Jake debated if it was too much. Taking out another shirt, this one was still silk but cream colored and a blood red tie he placed it on the bed. It was then obvious that the second was better. What he really wanted was to just go in jeans and a comfortable shirt. He knew, though, that the opening was going to be a formal affair. Besides, he wanted to make a good impression with the other people at the opening as they might be potential clients.

He slipped on the suit and looked in the mirror, straightening the tie then combing his dark brown hair. He smiled, thinking to himself how the suit did make him look pretty good. It showed off his toned form just enough without being overbearing. Jake looked at his watch and realized he was going to be late. Johnathan, his client and friend, had asked him to be there early so they could talk about some things before the guests started to arrive. He was sure his friend was just having some pre-opening jitters. He left the house smiling happy with life and what he was doing.


Erikah stepped out of the cab in front of the little pub. After paying the driver she hurried through the door, and spotted her friends at a table in the corner. As she looked around the room she could feel eyes on her, both of men and women. She always attracted those stares wherever she was and had just learned to deal with it. Walking over to her friends she could see them shaking their heads. It was only a matter of time before they let her have it. It was all in good fun and she really didn't mind. Her friends were more like sisters.

"How long did that look take you, 30 minutes? And yet you're still late," Natalie said as she sat.

"Really, how do you do it? It would take the rest of us hours to look like that," Cassie added.

"Leave her alone you two. Can she help it if God gave her the package and all she has to do is wrap it?" Veronica said with a teasing poke at Erikah

Erikah blushed lightly. "Sorry, I'm late, I couldn't find a thing to wear," she said teasingly, knowing her friends all knew she had this dress picked out as soon as she got this invitation.

Even though she knew everyone thought she was stunningly beautiful, she didn't entirely see it and rarely flaunted what she knew she had. She always took those compliments with a grain of salt. It seemed to keep her level headed most days. Even though she'd heard it all she never let it get to her. To Erikah she was just your average girl next door.

"Chardonnay...," she said to the waitress when asked what she would like to drink. She guessed there would be champagne and wine at the opening so she didn't want to go with anything too strong too early. There was always an after party at events like this. She was sure she'd have plenty to drink later.

The ladies all chatted lightly; enjoying their drinks before they decided it was time to go. They stood and headed towards the door. Again they could feel eyes on them, almost drawn to them. Each of the four women was beautiful in their own way and none ever had trouble attracting attention. It seemed that when they were all together the attention only multiplied.


Jake's nerves were starting to get to him a little as he stepped from the taxi in front of the gallery. He hadn't talked with Johnathan since the builders had finished and he hoped he was happy with the way it had turned out. He was sure he'd have heard something before now but still those nerves never went away. Looking over the exterior of the building, the framework, the doorway, every little detail including the awning looked great.

"Jake, you sexy beast," he heard as he walked through the door. He turned and saw Johnathan smiling at him and approaching holding the hand of Derek, his latest fling.

"Do you like it?" Jake asked as he looked around the room. He took in some of the pictures on the walls, smiling then at the way the general lighting lit the room. The colors that the interior designer had picked out allowed it to give off a subtle glow. Everything looked just how he had envisioned it, contemporary, but with an old building flare to it.

"If you mean the gallery, I love it. If you mean the suit, I couldn't have picked a better one for you myself," Johnathan said teasingly.

"I thought you would approve," Jake laughed at his friend's reply. "So what did you need to talk to me about before your guests arrive?" he asked. They started to discuss a couple of minor issues as Derek found them a glass of champagne. There was nothing, nothing that would stop the opening. They all toasted to the gallery and its success. Moments later the doors were opened and the guests arrived.

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