tagRomanceThey Just Click Ch. 03

They Just Click Ch. 03


As the girls lay on their blankets in the sand they noticed and felt the men around them keep glancing their way. "This is too funny. You'd swear these guys never saw a woman in a bikini before," Cassie said with a playful giggle as she sat up on her elbows. She was easily the "bubbly" one of the group.

"Why should here be any different hun. You can't tell me you've never noticed men staring at the four of us before," Veronica said as she sat up rolling her long lean body onto an elbow to glance over the top of her sunglasses at Cassie. She was always the more serious one of them.

Natalie, surprisingly, didn't say anything, just giggled as she lay back letting the sun warm her skin, shaking her head slightly at them. Usually, she was the one with the snappy come backs, but for some reason decided to let Roni handle this one. She had developed the "to the point" way of talking when she became friends with Roni. While beautiful in her own right, she was a little curvier and she felt her looks didn't compare to Roni's so she needed something to compete with when they went out.

Erikah on the other hand didn't notice the teasing going on as she had drifted into her own little world. Closing her eyes, she allowed a picture of Jake to form on the inside of her eyelids, a small grin then moving onto her lips. Her silence was noticed by the other three who all were staring at her and each other.

"I think someone has a case of the hots and needs cooled down," Nat finally said as she squirted a little water from her bottle at Erikah. The cool water splashing across her firm tummy caused Erikah to jump as she was pulled reluctantly from her dream world.

"What the..." she looked over at Nat. "I do not have the hots. I was just enjoying the sun," she said trying, unsuccessfully to defend herself and return the squirt of cool water.

The only problem with the water exchange was that Cassie was between them. She would let out a little squeak each time the shot water at one another because a few always landed on her. Her sounds though, only drew more attention from the people around them. All the girls started laughing at the sounds Cassie made.

"Would you two quit already," Cassie pleaded trying to sound serious but ended up giggling. Her comment drew a stream of water from both Nat and Erikah.


Jake was lying back in the hammock sipping on his beer, still unable to get that smile out of his head. It was frustrating to him. The main reason he had come out here for the weekend was to try to think about his job and what he really wanted out of life. Now all he could think about was her.

He could still hear her laugh. It was so close, like he only needed to look over his shoulder to see her. Man, he thought what a day dream. His eyes snapped open when he heard it again. Jake shook his head, trying to clear it yet the laughter continued. He had started to turn his head in his head in the direction he thought it had come from when he was interrupted.

"Jake, get off your lazy ass and help us with this stuff," Dan said jokingly as he walked into the house, keeping Jake from looking toward the beach. He got up from the hammock and walked into the kitchen to help the other three with the groceries they had bought for the cookout.

"Holy shit guys, how many people are coming over?" Jake said with a laugh as he saw the small mountain of bags.

"Around here, you never know," was Al's reply from the fridge as he made room for some of the beer they had bought and handed one to each of the guys.

"Friday night cookouts are open to whoever wants to stop by," said Ben from the other corner of the kitchen. "Everyone takes turns and tonight happens to be ours, so get your grilling apron ready buddy," he said with a smile as he started to season the meat for the evening.

The guys all went out to he patio and sat drinking their beer. Dan, who owned the house, kept a constant eye on the clock not wanting it to get to late before they finished getting ready for the cookout.


All four girls were enjoying the warmth of the sun, chatting about nothing and everything at the same time.

"So, chickies, what do we want to do tonight?" Roni asked as she sat up, looking across at the other three. Her long red hair fell back almost to the blanket. Her tanned lean body set off by the fire red bikini she had on.

"Well, there's always someone having a party along the beach somewhere. We just have to find one we want to go to," Cassie said as she stretched her petite sky blue bikini covered body. She sat up and moved to the end of her blanket, crossing her legs, and resting her elbows on her knees as she shook the little bit of sand out of her short blonde hair and looked at the other girls.

"There's something that sounds fun, getting all dolled up to have a bunch of drunk idiots hit on us all night," Nat said as she retied the strings of her black bikini before she rolled over onto her back, stretching a little and brushing her long blonde hair out of her face. Her sarcasm wasn't missed by the other girls as they knew Nat enjoyed the cookout parties as much as the rest of them did.

"Well, we could take a little stroll up the beach and see who's having the Friday night cookout," Erikah said as she rolled from her stomach onto an elbow and flipped her hair back. . "Besides, I didn't buy this thing just for you three to look at" she said with a giggle as she played with the strings of her new pink and white bikini.

The other three girls agreed so they gathered their things and started off down the beach away from their house. As they walked, they joked and laughed with each other.

Along the way they stopped a few times to talk to some people they knew, both from the city and from their occasional weekends at the beach. In those conversations, they had managed to find out where and when the cookout was that night. A guy named Dan was hosting it with some of his buddies. One of Cassie's friends from the city pointed out the house to them.

"So what do you think girls? Should we plan on it or what?" Erikah asked as they started back toward their own house, which was a path that took them past the house where the party would be.

"Why the hell not? We can at least check it out," said Roni.

The girls all agreed as they walked past the house. It was very well kept and looked beautiful, which was unlike some of the other places they had been to out here. This one almost made them feel comfortable, not like they were taking their lives in their own hands by walking in. So they all assumed they would be safe in enjoying a cookout there.


The guys finished their beers and figured it was probably about time to finish getting things lined up for the cookout. The house needed to be cleaned a little, coolers needed to be filled, etc., etc.

"Wow," Dan muttered as he was fluffing the cushions in the living room. He had glanced out the door and saw the most striking group of women he had seen in a while. He turned and walked to the kitchen.

"You know Jake, there's one great thing about having a house on the beach. I just saw four women walking on the beach that would take your breath away," he said matter of factly to Jake as he was working on some of the side dishes.

"There are plenty of them around here buddy," Jake said with a smile. Partly thinking of all the hot girls he had seen on the beach both today and other weekends.

"These four were different though, not your average beach bunnies. They were clearly sophisticated women. I could tell by the way they carried themselves," Dan replied.

"So you're an expert just by a simple glance hu?" Ben joked as he carried in another bag of ice for the coolers.

"Kiss my ass Ben," Dan replied with a laugh.

"Careful Ben or he'll make you stay in your room tonight," Al teased while finishing the marinade for the meat.

The four of them talked a little more and one by one ventured off to their rooms to get ready for the evening.


Erikah and the girls got home and each made their way to their rooms. They didn't have too long before the cookout was going to begin but enough time to shower and clean the beach from their limbs. With only two showers Nat and Erikah let the others go first. They were too busy looking through their clothes and deciding on what to wear.

"I think I'll just keep it simple," Nat said.

"Don't want to overdue it do ya," Erikah said with a smile. She knew Nat always dressed a little over the top so for her to "keep it simple" would be something to see.

"What, you don't believe me?"

"Let's just say it will be a feat worth seeing," Erikah laughed.

"What's funny Erikah?" Roni asked as she walked to her room.

"Oh just the fact that our friend Natalie thinks she can just wear something simple tonight," she said with a smile.

"That's classic. Just wait till Cassie hears that," Roni said through her laughter.

"Hears what?" said the four member of their girl group.

"Oh these two down think I can dress simple," said Nat.

"You can't," Cassie said with a wink.

All the girls laughed. Natalie wasn't upset, she knew it was true. She may always kick up her clothes a notch but it was only her way to compete with her friends. She was the one that was still not feeling as though she could compete with their looks. No one had ever said anything to her; it was just something she had always felt.

"Alright missy," she said pointing to Erikah, "we need to shower and let these to dress." While they showered, Roni and Cassie did manage to dress simply. Roni decided on a pair of jean shorts and a white tank top. Her long red hair lay on her back as she finished her makeup up with some lip gloss. She went back put on her white wedge shoes and went off to grab a drink.

Cassie ran her fingers through her hair as she looked over her reflection. She ended up in a black mini skirt and light blue halter top. It fit her personality to a tee. Plus blue was her favorite color and she liked to wear it. She ran her hands along her sides and she let her feet move into a pair black sandals.

Nat left the shower and quickly dried her long blonde hair. She put on just a touch of makeup, she never wore much. Dressing she opted for a halter sun dress. It would show off her tanned skin and body well. Plus the curves she had would look just perfect. She slipped into the pale yellow dress and slipped on a white pair of strappy sandals. Yes she thought this is simple.

Erikah dried her hair and went back into her room and searched for something. She always seemed to the most casual of her friends, well maybe Roni would tie her there. She pulled out a sundress, it was pink, a light shade that would compliment her black hair and semi fair skin. She had some white sandals that would look great with it and slipped them on. She then went on off in search of her friends.

"Ahh so that is simple," Cassie said to Natalie.

"For me it is," she laughed.

"Very nice girls," Erikah said as she came into the kitchen. "Shall we get our hot tushes moving?"

With that the group of woman made their way out the door. They headed to the house and the cookout that looked to be already underway.


The guys all made their way back to the kitchen slowly. Each dressed about the usual, board shorts and t-shirts. Jake was going out to begin heating the grill when the doorbell rang. He was sure one of the guys would get it.

He placed the ribs on the grill. The seasoning from them filled the air. He closed the lid and took another sip of his beer. He looked out over the back porch, the ocean looked beautiful. The sun was still up and wouldn't be setting for an hour or two. He felt his cares somewhat going away.

Several people were arriving and Jake smiled and said his small hellos. He'd completely forgotten about the laughter from earlier on the beach. He made his way back to the kitchen and smiled to Al and Ben. They were talking to a couple girls while getting a few other things together. Dan was the only one he didn't see right away. He went into the cooler and grabbed another beer when he heard Dan's voice. He turned his head to see him in a group of four girls. Dan always thought himself a ladies man Jack thought with a laugh.

"Hey Jake come here and meet some new people," Dan said.

The four girl's heads turned toward each other and a little laughter filled the room. It sounded familiar, very familiar. The girl in the middle, wearing pink turned and Jake's jaw fell along with his beer. It hit the ground and broke, splattering him on the way down.

"Nice job slick," he heard Ben say.

He shook his head and smiled into the eyes he had yet to forget about. He had been taken by surprise. He'd never expected to see Erikah so soon. Yet she was here before him and he had just spilled beer on him.

"I'll be back," he said and walked away.

The girls laughed, Erikah smiled and watched him leave. Dan watched the reaction and noted that his friend wasn't his usual self. He guessed he knew the girls and wondered how.

"Sorry, poor Jake usually has better manners," he told them.

"Yeah, we know Jake," said Natalie.

"How's that?" he questioned the girls.

"He bought a couple of photos of mine recently," Erikah said with a smile.

"Oh, I see. Well he should be back out before too long. Make yourself at home. I've got to make sure dinner is moving along," he said leaving the four amazing woman to talk.


Shit, Jake thought to himself, of all the times to loose it. Well at least now she'd seen him at his worst. He changed and cleaned himself off before venturing back out. He saw that the guys had finished with everything all that was need were the ribs. He went out to check on them but found Dan and Al had taken over.

"No worries, we've got it under control," Al said.

"Thanks guys. Sorry about the mess too," he said.

"Yeah, no problem but if we run out you have to go and get more," said Al with a laugh.

Jake looked around, scanning the crowd for her. He wanted to talk with her. It was only by second glance he saw her walking from the porch to the beach. Her girlfriends we all involved in their own conversations with various guys.

"Hey stranger," he said jumping over the railing and landing in front of her.

"Hey yourself, I didn't think I'd see you so soon," she smiled at him as they walked.

"Either did I. How's things been since you got here?"

"Good, hung out at the beach today. Just relaxing," she said looking out at the water.

"That sounds like what I did, just trying to clear my head. It's been a long week," he told her.

"Stressful. It was my first big showing you know."

"Then I'm sure. You have an eye you know. Your work is beautiful."

"Thank you. My mother wasn't always sure of my choice to be a photographer but it's what I always thought I was good at," she smiled.

"I can understand that. It's tough to make the choice to follow your heart and do what you love. Believe me," he said with a sigh to his voice.

"Want to talk about it?" Erikah asked.

"It's just my job, deciding if I want to play at being an architect or actually do it. My boss thinks I can't handle it yet and that's why I did Johnathan's place. I'm stuck right trying to decide if I stay or give it a go on my own," he said feeling glad he had someone to talk with about it all.

"I can understand that Jake. It takes strength to do what you believe is right. I'm sure you'll make the right choice when you need to," she said patting his arm while they walked.

The conversation fell into a lull as they headed back towards the house. Both were comfortable so the silence wasn't bad. They spent the rest of the night talking, chatting, and getting to know more about each other. They both found they had similar likes in music and movies. It amazed them both how at ease they were, it was as if they had been friends for so long everything was flowing so easily.

Soon the sun began to set and people moved more onto the beach. A fire was set in the pit and people gathered around while some danced to the music Al had turned on. Jake and Erikah even took their turn moving with the others. Laughter was a familiar sound the rest of the evening.

The party and crowd seemed to slow and lessen. The girls had left earlier but Erikah stayed behind. Her and Jake hit it off well and decided the next day to get their friends together for a game of volleyball. Jake knew the boys wouldn't mind and he wanted to see the beautiful woman again.

He was a gentleman and walked her back to her place when she was ready. She was expecting a kiss, something. There was an attraction there between them. Anyone could see it so she waited before opening the door, fumbling with her keys, giving him the perfect chance to kiss her.

Jake was nervous, he wanted to kiss Erikah but he was so unsure. There was something about her. Something was different than other girls he'd been with and so he didn't want to rush anything but he couldn't help the urge he had to thread his fingers into her black hair and kiss her.

"Goodnight Jake," she whispered kissing his cheek.

"Night Erikah," he said.

Then the door opened and closed leaving him alone and wishing he would have just taken that chance. He wondered what was wrong with him. He had been given the chance and blown it. Oh well, he said to the night air, there is always tomorrow.

Erikah made it to her bed. She undressed slipped into a tank and panty set and fell asleep thinking of why Jake hadn't kissed her. She thought she had given him enough signals. She hated those mind games, trying to let him know what she wanted. She should have just said kiss me. That was her last thought before falling into dream land.


Morning came and passed fairly quickly as Jake and Erikah explained to their friends what was going on that day. The volleyball game was a big hit with both sides. Everyone was up for it. The girls had a competitive streak in them that wouldn't be denied. The girls brought some sandwiches and the guys some leftovers from the cookout.

There was some smack talk between the two parties, even a little bet. The looser had to take a dip in the ocean bottomless or topless depending on who won. The girls were all for it and agreed completely. The guys thought this would be an easy win but found out as the afternoon went on how wrong they were. They ended up loosing all but one game. Needless to say the girls all watched them strip and head off to the ocean.

The laughter nearly made the girls fall over. They pointed and wiped tears from their eyes as they told the guys they had warned them. Then of course they let it slip that the four of them had been on their volleyball team in high school together and played often. The boys just reached for their shorts and shook their heads.

They built a fire and sat around it. Everyone talked about their weeks and how much they had enjoyed this weekend. Now that they all knew each other they thought it would be nice to make it a routine. So everyone exchanged numbers before the night ended. The group had actually grown fond of one another and so they hugged when the girls called it a night. Jake and Erikah said their goodbyes and that she would still be bringing the photos so they'd see each other soon.

The rest of the night was quiet as was that following morning. The girls packed their bags and crammed back it into Roni's car. The wind felt nice as they drove toward the coffee shop. They would be stopping again. This time not so much for tradition rather then need.

They pulled in an Erikah was lost in her mind thinking of Jake. She wondered if they would ever share a kiss or if she'd been the only one to feel the attraction. She got out of the car and saw what she thought was Jake getting into his car. She called out his name but it was too late, the car took off.

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