tagRomanceThey Just Click Ch. 09

They Just Click Ch. 09


Erikah woke the next morning after one of the best night's sleep she'd had in quite a while. Not sure what brought it on, but definitely not complaining either. She wanted to be on her A game today with the photo shoot. She felt some sort of connection with Debbie and wanted her photos to turn out perfect.

She slipped from the bed and headed for the shower, letting the hot water run over her, rinsing the last remnants of sleep from her face. When she closed her eyes, the first thing that popped into her head was a vision of Jake. The memory of kiss they had shared the night before soon followed.

"That kiss was different," she thought to herself as her hands washed her body, following the gentle curves. She tried to fight the urge, but the combined memories of his face and the kiss took over and her fingers toyed with her nipples bringing them to their full hardness.

Erikahs hands moved over her body, stopping at the soft folds of her pussy. She let one finger lightly rub the nub it found there. Her breath quickened as she rubbed harder, she heard herself whisper his name as her body neared the release her mind craved. The whisper became almost a scream when she plummeted over the edge of orgasm.

She rested with her head on her arm against the wall of the shower as her legs regained their strength. "What was different about that kiss," she said softly. "More care, more passion, more ...." she thought. "Oh shit," she said softly again as she realized what it might be, what it probably was.

She let the water run for a moment more before stepping out and toweling off. She looked at the clock. "7:45, plenty of time yet," she thought as she wrapped the towel around herself and walked to the kitchen to start her coffee. She saw she had some missed calls, but no new messages. She scrolled through the caller ID and soon realized that Jake had called during the night, but hung up without leaving a message. She decided to talk to him about it later to see if there was anything special he had wanted.

She quickly went to the bedroom and slipped into some comfortable clothes. Simple jeans and a hot pink t-shirt with little white hearts on it, covering a hot pink satin and lace bra and thong set. She slipped on her favorite "comfy" shoes, pulled her hair back into a pony tail and applied just a hint of makeup before heading back for her coffee and out the door.


Jake woke several times during the night and found himself lying in bed with his hand resting on the cover of Erikahs portfolio. A couple of times he even dialed her number, only needing to hear her voice. He felt a little strange, almost like a teenager, when he dialed and hung up after only a couple of rings.

When he finally woke in the morning, he felt surprisingly refreshed even though he didn't think he had slept that well. He felt his hand resting on the portfolio again and realized it wasn't a dream. He slowly looked through it again, taking in every little detail of the pictures.

When he got to the last one, the one that showed Erikahs face, he stared into her eyes as his fingers gently traced the line of her cheek, down her neck and shoulders, imagining what it would feel like to touch her like that. His body began to react to the thought.

Jake closed his eyes and laid his head against the pillow, the image of her burned into his mind, the memory of their kiss last night accompanying it. It was different, but he couldn't figure out what it was.

His mind flipped through different images of her as his hand rubbed the growing bulge in his boxers. Each time he saw either her intense smile or the one picture from the book, he rubbed a little harder. He finally gave in and slipped his hand inside his boxers, massaging his tightening balls and stroking his hardening cock.

His mind locked on that picture as his strokes intensified. He realized he was whispering her name as his hand moved. He felt his body tighten just as his voice called out her name as his body released a stream of cum into boxers.

He ran his other hand through his hair as he opened his eyes and realized what it was about the kiss that was so different, what it was about Erikah that was different. "Oh my god," he said with a chuckle. "What to do now?"

He rolled over and looked at the clock "7:45, I suppose I better get to it," he said and pulled himself out of bed after one last glance at the open book on his bed. He started his coffee before taking a quick shower. The hot water flowing over him was just what he needed this morning.

He stepped from the shower, toweled off, and headed to the bedroom. He slipped a pair of khaki shorts on with a print board shirt and walked bare foot through the apartment to get his coffee. He took a cup with him down to his mail box to get his paper and returned to a ringing phone.

It was his former boss. With some hesitation he answered it and was bombarded with Anderson chastising him about not returning any of the phone calls the day before. "Mr. Anderson, I don't work for you anymore and if I don't want to return your calls, that is my choice. With that, please don't call again. Good day sir," he said and clicked off the phone as he sat at his desk and started to flip through the paper.


Erikah got to her studio in time to check a few emails and start some coffee before Debbie walked in for her appointment. She could tell immediately the woman was nervous and did what she could to calm her nerves.

"We'll take the pictures you want, and only what you want. After, you can decide what you want to do with them. I promise you, no one will ever see them without you knowing it," Erikah said with a smile, clearly helping Debbie relax a little.

Erikah took Debbie into the back and showed her where she could change before helping her pick out the first couple of outfits. She then got her equipment setup while Debbie changed.

As the photo shoot went along, Debbie clearly relaxed more as the two women got more comfortable with each other. To the point that she was enjoying having her picture taken in the sexy lingerie she had brought with her.

After the shoot Erikah waited for Debbie to change back into her street clothes. "I think that went pretty well," she said with a smile as Debbie joined her. "I'll let you know when I have the pictures ready for you to look at hun," she said as Debbie hugged her and thanked her.

As her client walked out the door, Erikah looked at her clock and had a devilish idea. She grabbed her camera bag and her purse and headed out, locking the door behind her. She had one stop to make on the way to her final destination.


Jake sat at the desk in his apartment, contemplating who he should call first to announce his professional independence. Alex was first on the list of course, being his biggest supporter for all these years. The fact that he was Mr. Anderson's nephew only added to it.

"It's about damn time you pulled your head out," Alex said with a laugh after Jake said hello. His uncle knew him and Jake were friends and had asked him to try to convince Jake to return to the firm.

"Don't bother, there's no way in hell it'll ever happen. I'll starve to death first," Jake said, only half joking. They talked for a bit about Jakes plans and general chit chat. They hung up after agreeing to meet for drinks on Friday if neither had plans by then

He was about to reach for the phone to call Johnathan and tell him when it rang, startling him slightly. The voice on the other end sounded a little familiar, but he couldn't quite place it. The man announced he was a friend of Johnathans and had gotten Jakes number from him. He was doing a new night club a couple of blocks from his gallery and loved what he had done there and would like to meet with him about doing the club.

They set up a meeting for Friday afternoon and both men clicked off with Jake thanking him for the call. As he hung up, his other hand was already dialing Johnathans number.

"Johnathan I owe you a dinner," Jake said into the phone before telling him who it was.

"Well I never dreamed you would be inviting me for a little one on one time," Johnathan said, knowing Jake wasn't implying anything.

"I just spoke with Andrew. I'm meeting with him tomorrow afternoon to talk about his club," Jake said, drawing praises from Johnathan.

They talked for a few minutes before Jakes door bell rang "I gotta go my friend, someone's at the door," he said and hung up after promising him he'd call as soon as the meeting was over to fill him in.


Jake walked to the door wondering who could be there. He opened the door and his breath caught in his chest as Erikah smiled at him.

"Well don't just stand there silly, this bag is heavy," she said and winked as he stepped aside to let her in.

"To what do I owe the surprise?" he asked as he followed her into the kitchen.

"I come bearing food. I thought maybe we could have lunch ..." she said, but her words were stopped short as Jake stepped behind her, softly putting his hands on her hips and his lips on her neck.

She turned to face him, slipping her hands around his neck, pulling him to her in a deep kiss. They tasted each other, devouring with lips and tongues. It was like they hadn't just spent a day together. The hunger that hit them was strong. Jake was the one to pull back first.

"So you were saying something about lunch," he said while moving his hand to cup her cheek.

"Um, yes. I brought some things to make our very own pizza. Are you game," she said looking into his eyes, licking her lips.

The attraction between the two was surrounding them. Erikah let her hand run over his collar bone and then between them, moving over the planes of his shirt. This was different then any other moment between them. She wanted him, wanted to feel him. Just then there was a noise coming from her pocket. She stepped away from Jake with a sigh and answered it.

"Hello. Hey Roni, what's going on? Oh really. Well when is it? Hang on a second," she put her hand over the phone and whispered to Jake. "Are busy Saturday?"

He looked at her with a smile, "No I'm not."

"Come with me to a party?" Jake nodded that he would. "Yes Roni I'll be there with my date," she winked at him. She hung up soon after as Jake was already in the kitchen emptying her bag.

"Pizza I see," he said.

"Our very own too, I bought all sorts of goodies to top it with too."

She took out the cheese, mushrooms, tomatoes, fresh herbs, and premade dough. She laid it all out and began cleaning it while Jake got out a pizza brick to cook it on. She handed him the fresh herbs and let him begin chopping those while she cleaned the mushrooms.

"You know this was a great surprise," he said giving her a little nudge.

"I thought it would be a welcomed break for you," she said.

They talked about his new prospective client. She was very happy for him. Things seemed to be working out. Her business was as good as ever, she had met Jake, he had made a life changing choice and it worked. She smiled at him and tossed one of the clean mushrooms his way.

"Hey," he said with a laugh.

"Opps, must have slipped," she winked.

Slipped, Jake thought, my ass. He aimed the mushroom to the middle of her chest and tossed it while she went back to cleaning. It hit and then fell between her soft mounds. He turned quickly and began to whistle.

"Why you," she whispered. It was war.

She got out the pizza dough and laid it out and began putting on the sauce. She wasn't sure how he would react but it didn't matter. He would laugh and beside they would get to clean up. She took the spatula she had been using and aimed it, then let it fly. It hit his cheek and she laughed.

Jake turned around and caught her red handed. He took the sauce and spatula from her and decided to get his own revenge. By the time they finished food seemed to be all over their clothes. They did manage to make a pizza and get it into the oven.

"Look at the mess you made," he told her.

"Me, I think you had a hand in it," she laughed.

Jake thought he'd never seen a cuter sight. She was covered in food and pizza sauce but her smile was still as bright and light up the room. She was beautiful. He leaned into her, held her tightly around the waist and pressed his lips to hers.

The kiss was like the one earlier, filled with passion. There was that underlying need and desire there. Tongues moved, tasted, toyed with each other. Their hands moved, seeking out new places to touch. Jake was the one to break the kiss. He rested his head on hers and let out a breath.

"You make me crazy," he whispered.

"Only the best kind of crazy I hope," she answered.

"Yes, I think though you could use a shower," Jake told her.

"So could you," she replied and began walking to the bathroom.

Jake was left there wondering if he was to join her or wait his turn. He ran his hand over his face, steeped forward then stopped. He hated not knowing and being so unsure of himself.

"You coming Jake," he heard over running water.

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