tagRomanceThey Just Click Ch. 10

They Just Click Ch. 10


"You coming Jake," he heard over running water.

Well that seemed to make his decision a heck of a lot easier. He smiled as he walked toward the bathroom. He didn't realize how much he wanted her until that moment. Being this close was driving him slowly crazy.

His breath caught in his chest as he saw her figure in the shower. She was a true beauty. The curve of her hips, the way her breasts seemed to beg for his hands, his touch. Jake felt that familiar tug on his groin.

He began removing his mess of clothes. He was finally naked when he moved to the glass stall. Opening the door he stepped in with a smile. She had yet to turn and look his way but he certainly spent time to devour her with his gaze.


Erikah had called out to Jake, offering the chance to further what they had with this shower. She wondered if he'd take her up on it. After giving him her portfolio last night she hoped he would. Her eyes closed and she let her hands travel up over her wet body.

She rinsed her hair, running her fingers through it and turned around. It was then she saw him. Her eyes ran over his form. She knew from the beach that he had a great body but hell the man looked good. She blushed as she gazed upon all of him.

"You decided to join me," she asked in a voice that was rough.

"How could I resist with such a tempting sight," he said as his hands closed around her waist.

His head leaned down; his lips touched hers softly at first. It was a slow exploration. His tongue began teasing and tasting her. Jake couldn't believe how perfect she was for him. His hands moved down cupping her soft and perfect ass. He pressed his hard body against hers.

Erikah groaned as he kissed her. Her hands moved into his hair, running through it. The touch of him was electric. It stirred something deep inside her. That fire pooled in her stomach, that burning furthered when his hard length pressed against her. She turned them, letting him under the water.

It fell over them both, droplets clinging to their skin. Jake pressed his lips along her jaw, down her neck. He lingered over her collar bone giving her just a little nip. Erikah let out a moan, a soft whisper of yes. He moved lower, licking at the droplets as he pushed her back against the wall of the shower.

He reached her perfect breasts, so perky. Her nipples were already hardening, expecting his touch. His tongue ran over first the left, then the right. He heard her sharp intake of breath, her hands clutching at his head. He couldn't stop, he was like a man starved, only she could quench his need.

He began sucking, tasting her. Her nipple puckered and hardened even more under his touch. He rolled the other between his fingers. Jake was playful, he nipped and teased. Then he would suck deep, make her almost whimper. Then he switched to the other breast. He paid the same delicate attention to it as he had with the other. When he felt he'd tortured her enough he moved back up, kissing her lips again.

Erikah's hands slipped between them, covering the length of him. She moved on his cock slowly at first, testing him. She heard his groan against her lips and knew that she had him. She was quick to turn and let him feel the cool of the shower tile as she kissed along his chest.

She made her way down, finally reaching what she wanted. Her tongue slipped out, flicking over the head of his cock. She saw him take a deep breath. Then she ran it along his length as she looked up at him.

He was hard and yet his skin was soft. The taste of him went straight to her head. She closed her lips around him finally and took him deep inside the warmth of her mouth. Her hands pulled him into her as she moved on him slowly. Erikah heard his groan, felt his hand tangle in her hair. She continued her teasing him, sucking him into her mouth, feeling him hitting the back of her throat before she pulled out.

"Yes Erikah," he groaned, it was too much.

She could feel the tension in him. It was building, ever closer to the edge. Suddenly she was up against the wall. She looked at him, a wicked smile on her lips. He kissed her; it was hard, deep, and full of passion. He lifted her, positioning her right above him when there was a loud beeping.

Jake shook his head. "What the hell was that," he thought to himself. He lowered her back to the floor and opened the door. That's when he smelt it. The pizza, it was burnt. The smoke detector was going off. He grabbed a towel, wrapped it around him and went into the kitchen.


The timing was the worst he told himself entering the smoke filled kitchen. He turned off the oven, pulled out their pizza. It was done, overly so. He sighed as he opened the French doors, letting the breeze pull out the smoke.

"What perfect timing," he said in a soft whisper shaking his head as he leaned against the counter.

"What happened Jake," she said as she looked around seeing the burnt pizza. "Oh no, it's burnt."

"It is. I'm sorry Erika," he said, his eyes saying for more then just the pizza. "Let me make it up to you. Can I take you to lunch?"

"My clothes are a mess hun, I can't go out with pizza sauce all over them," she said softly as she walked up to him and put her hands on his chest.

"Let's see if we can find something that'll work," he said as he kissed her forehead then took her by the hand and led her towards the bedroom. Erikah stepped into the bathroom to grab their underwear as they walked past.

"Anything you want, feel free," Jake said as he opened the doors to his closet. He quickly grabbed a clean shirt for himself and went to the dresser to get clean pair of shorts.


Erikah took her time as she looked through the shirts hanging there before finally deciding on a long light blue button up and a black belt. She turned just in time to see Jake grab his clothes and start towards the door.

"Where you going?" she asked, stopping him cold.

"I thought I'd give you some privacy," he said with a smile.

"Don't be ridiculous," Erikah said with a wink as she dropped her towel and stood there naked before him. She heard a soft sigh from Jake as she started to dress. She felt a little color and that same feeling start to rise in her as his eyes traveled over her body.

She smiled as she reached for her bra and began dressing. She watched him walk to the other side of the bed and couldn't help but let out a little moan as his towel dropped, his back to her. She hadn't realized how nice his ass actually was until that moment.

She quickly looked away as he started to turn toward her.


"Okay then," Jake said as he walked to the other side of the bed and he too dropped his towel. He thought he heard a soft sound from the other side of the room, but by the time he looked over, her eyes weren't on him "Probably my imagination," he thought to himself and started to dress.

He looked at her and was still amazed at how good she looked in one of his shirts. He couldn't help but smile as she rolled up the long sleeves and his eyes were soon drawn to the couple of buttons she'd left open.

"We should probably throw our other clothes in the washer before we leave," he said with a smile as he held his hand out to her. They walked hand in hand out of the room and to the bathroom where they scooped up their clothes, being careful to not get any of the food on themselves.

After they were in the wash, Jake grabbed his keys from the table by the door and Erikah grabbed her purse. She took out a pony tail holder and quickly pulled her still damp hair back as they headed out the door.

"Since you were thinking pizza, there's a great little place just up the street. They have some outside seating so we can enjoy the weather too," he said as they left his building.

They walked the couple of blocks to the restaurant hand in hand, talking and laughing. They had to wait a few minutes for an outside table to open up, but quickly decided it was worth the wait.


Erikah glanced over the menu the waiter left them for a moment before looking over at Jake. She couldn't tell what he was looking at with the way his head was tilted and with his sunglasses shielding his eyes, but it wasn't his menu as it was laying closed on the table.

"You seem to know what you want, I'll let you order," she said with a trusting smile.

"What are your plans for the rest of the day?" she heard him ask, wondering what he had in mind. She knew how she would like to reply to the question, but held that answer back.

"Nothing I can think of off hand," she said with the memory of having his naked body pressing against hers less than an hour before.

His only reply was okay and it flustered her a little. She was about to ask him why when the waiter came and took the order. Her question was quickly answered when Jake ordered a bottle of wine with their pizza.

She slipped her shoes off and started to rub her toes on the top of jakes foot, just for the contact. The table was a little big for them to reach across and hold hands and she simply wanted to have physical contact with him.

Erikah moved her legs under the table and started to rub his leg with the other foot and soon decided to play with him a little. She slowly slid her toes up and down his leg as they talked. She acted nonchalant about what she was doing, but wanting him to know she hadn't forgotten their shower earlier. It was then that another thought crossed her mind, one she would share with Jake after their lunch.


Jake didn't need a menu. He was familiar enough with the restaurant that he knew what was good. He laughed at himself as he realized he couldn't take his eyes off the beauty sitting across the table from him.

He knew they made their own wine and that it was pretty good for "home made". It was actually made from the grapes that were covering the little fence they were seated next to. He ordered a bottle of it when he ordered the pizza, trying to get the same topping as Erikah had brought.

He still felt bad about the sudden change in plans -- all of the plans. He was about to say something when he suddenly felt her toes slowly rubbing his leg. He looked at her overtop of his sunglasses and grinned as he saw the look on her face.

"You're going to get us in trouble if you keep it up," he said tauntingly, glad the little fence around the tables was covered with grape vines as her toes inched further up his leg.

It was then that Jake got an idea. "Two can play at this game," he thought to himself. He sat back in his chair as he kicked of his shoe and began the same tease that he was getting from Erikah. He took his glasses off so she could see his eyes as his toes reached her knee.

He watched her shift a little. He took a deep breath as her foot continued to slide up his leg.

Erikah took off her sunglasses and Jake was a little startled at the look in her eyes. "You're evil," she said softly as her toes started to dig into his crotch.

"You started it," he replied and quickly followed suit, sliding his toes the rest of the way up her leg. Their eyes locked for about two seconds before they heard "Your order...." From the waiter as he set the pan on the table next to the wine carafe.

"Damn it, this just isn't our day is it," Jake said with a chuckle and poured them both a glass of wine. "Well, we might as well dig in."

The wind kicked up a little, giving off a nice breeze around them as they began to eat. Jake had ordered a delicious pizza. It had a rustic flavor and Erikah was very impressed. The man did have taste she decided. They ate, smiling up at each other making idol chit chat when she felt a tap on her shoulder.

"Hello there Erikah," Roni said.

"Uh, hey Roni. What's going on?" she asked.

"Oh not much. I just had lunch with some co-workers. I'm heading back to the office and saw you two thought I'd say hi. Hello Jake," she said with a smile.

"Roni, hello," he said.

"So what are you two doing?" Roni said looking over Erikah's outfit with a questioning stare.

"Just having lunch together," Erikah said taking a sip of wine. She knew the questions Roni could ask and was just a little nervous.

"I see. So you know I'm going to ask, what's with the outfit."

"I had spilled something on what I was wearing and Jake offered this to me for the time being," Erikah said letting her eyes tell Roni not to go further.

"It looks cute. Well I'm off to work. I'll give you a call later Erikah. Bye Jake," she waved and was gone.

Erikah held her head and began laughing. She knew that her friend would be calling her tonight and wanting every detail. That's how she was. She looked up and smiled at Jake. He began laughing with her even though he only assumed the reason why.

"You know Jake," she began when she caught her breath, "she is going to ask me all sorts of questions."

"What do you plan on telling her?" he asked, curious himself of how she saw them.

"That we are seeing each other, that I feel something for you. That I could be falling for you," she said looking into his eyes.

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