tagLesbian SexThey Made Marion... Pt. 02

They Made Marion... Pt. 02


This story has taken a different path from the original conception thanks to feedback from one reader. While it would have been nice if the comment had not been anonymous and maybe a little more polite, it did at least spur me into writing the next instalment from a different perspective and this is the result.

As always, your constructive feedback is greatly appreciated and I hope you enjoy my work...


Marion stood in 'her' gym, overlooking the varied class of University students undertaking their activities with what could best be described as mixed levels of enthusiasm. There were those for whom sport came naturally and it was to those that Marion was naturally drawn for they shared her loved of sports and physical activity. Then there were those for whom this was just a chore to be endured until they could get out of here. Finally there were 'The Plastics'. A group of self-entitled, narcissistic and over-privileged rich kids, who viewed this as an opportunity to preen, parade and generally pour scorn on others.

At their centre stood two petite blond girls, barely eighteen and with slim bodies to die for. They were the very embodiment of nubile young teen sex bombs and oh-my, didn't they know it! Piper and her sidekick or number two Angel had long been the bane of Marion's life, they were resentful, condescending, disrespectful, uncooperative and generally full of attitude. Marion had built up quite a disliking for these two girls as they seemingly represented all that she disliked in the new generation of kids. As a proud, athletic black woman she took pride in her glittering career, fierce independence and remarkably trim physique. She knew for a fact that many women in their twenties would love to have a figure like her, never mind women in their late forties like she was!

As she turned her attention away from the clique of shallow, superficial fashion victims all talking among themselves she saw Angel shudder as if jolted by a small electric shock and then look around to see if anyone else had noticed. No one had, they were all too self-absorbed to do that, but Marion had noticed and she steeled herself for what she knew would happen next. Suddenly a jolt shot up from deep inside her pussy and a vibration emanated from her anus. She fought to suppress the effects of these two actions as the fiendish sex-toys went about their work.

Marion laboured to control her breathing and looked for something to steady herself against as she felt her legs start to buckle. She really didn't know how much more of this she could stand but knew she had little say in the matter. Colours started to appear in front of her eyes and it was as if there was a mini firework show just for her, buzzing and fizzing assaulted her ears as the secret toys hidden deep inside her did their work. Just as Marion reached the point where she thought she could stand no more, where panic had started to set in as she felt sure that her secret would be uncovered, the buzzing in her back passage stopped and the mini electric-shocks that wracked her pussy stopped. In a way the emptiness that replaced the unbearable stimulus was worse and she longed to cry out and to reach her climax. She stole a furtive glance at Angel who was also trying to regain her equilibrium and smiled to herself at their shared experience.

Ever since she had allowed herself to be seduced by the two young temptresses she had been sucked into a world of sexual fetishes, hidden depravity and domination. She knew she should end it and should have done so straight away. But the truth was that as much as she knew what they were doing was wrong and would result in her immediate dismissal at the least, she had discovered two kindred spirits. Their own brand of twisted sexual games had unlocked a passion and excitement that she hadn't felt since the height of her sporting career. They seemed to naturally share her love of leather, latex, boots and gloves and all three swore to wear at least one item of fetish clothing at all times.

The amazing thing was that as much as their domination of her seemed to push her to ever greater depths of depravity, she had come to realise that they had somehow become a romantic threesome and she knew that they were falling for her just as surely as she was losing her heart to them. Piper was the lynch pin, the puppet master who seemed to pull all of the strings. Marion would never have conceived of allowing herself to be in a relationship with another woman, never mind dominated in a very sexual way by a girl nearly thirty years her junior and who was over a foot shorter than her.

Yet when they weren't all taking part in the latest twisted game Piper's sick imagination had dreamt up they all got on famously. She loved how they would all sit sofa in her apartment chatting away or watching a movie as if they were just another run of the mill couple. When not having sex there was no sense of superiority from either party. No one individual held sway or was obviously in charge, yet when it came to sex, Piper was clearly the one calling the shots. Marion couldn't work out how her life had taken such a bizarre turn or how the three of them had settled into such a strange relationship, but she knew they all were getting something from it and resolved to let it run to see where it went.

With the devices buried in her most private parts now dormant she was once more able to control her emotions. She marvelled at the technology that enabled even dildos and butt-plugs to be controlled by Bluetooth technology. This meant that the toys that she and Angel walked around with inside of them could go off at any time at the whim of their tiny teen-mistress Piper. She squirmed slightly to try and get comfortable and once more felt the delicious smoothness of the latex knickers and leather bra that her young lover insisted she always wore as underwear. Piper seemed to know just when to turn them on and how long to keep them running and Marion had been on the cusp of a massive orgasm for most of the day.

Back at the apartment Angel cleared the dishes as they finished talking about London Fashion week and the new iPhone that had just been launched. Topics of conversation were varied and ranged from issues of phycology to celebrity gossip and Marion loved how easy it was to make conversation with her two lovers. Sometimes hours would pass as they discussed their day or put the world to rights, no-one was superior to the other and they found an easy harmony where they treated each other as equals. By the same token they could go hours without conversation, just comfortable in each other's presence as they read or listened to music, the television barely came on except to watch the occasional movie. But at some point, the conversation would stop and the love making would start, and that was a whole other world...

Marion loved the constantly changing landscape of their relationship: when in public they worked at maintaining a respectable teacher/student interaction while taking great delight in teasing each other unmercifully. They each tried their utmost to get the other to show out and lose their cool and took great pleasure in driving each other wild with desire while knowing that maintaining a respectable appearance was of the highest importance. The attempts on each other's sexuality became a game of cat and mouse, more of psychology and timing than daring or rudeness. It meant that they could never totally relax in public and the thrill of the chase gave all three a buzz that filled their days with excitement and lust. The days seemed to pass in the blink of an eye and each of them could barely wait to get up each day and discover what surprises were in store.

As the evening turned to night time Marion found herself longing to take her two young lovers to bed and to share that intimate pleasure that only the most trusting of sexual relationships could bring. She looked across at Piper who recognised the longing in her mature lovers face, "why don't you go ahead and slip into something nice?" she asked Marion, "and make sure it includes that new strap-on we bought last week, I think you can be in charge tonight..." Marion felt the fire inside of her ignite as she considered her options and as she walked through to their shared bedroom she started to formulate a plan. She knew that Piper would have led Angel to one of the spare bedrooms and would even now be choosing something provocative and shiny for them both to wear.

By the time they entered the bedroom Marion was standing at the foot of the bed with her hands on her full yet athletic hips, looking for all the world like the ultimate Nubian goddess. She wore very little, instead letting the teenagers feast on her flawless chocolate skin. She wore a moulded black latex bustier that covered her modest yet pert breasts and even had he shape of two nipples cast into the round orbs. She loved the feeling of the cool, smooth latex on her skin and how it seemed to grip and squeeze every part of her equally. On her feet her favourite pair of high-heeled knee-high black leather boots added yet more height to her already statuesque frame and added immeasurably to her Amazonian appearance. Her hands were sheathed in short black gloves of the finest black Italian leather. Finally, protruding from her groin and held in place with a complex series of leather straps was an enormous black, rubber penis.

The two girls fairly gasped at the sight that greeted them, they had secretly lusted after this accomplished and highly intelligent mature beauty for so long in the privacy of their bedrooms. They had plotted her seduction over and over again until they finally put their plan into action, but even so the actuality of Marion's majestic beauty never failed to surprise them and they constantly thanked their lucky stars that they were able to share her bed. The amazing thing was that as Piper and Angel looked so lovingly at their mature lover, Marion looked over at them with a combination of love and lust that she had never felt before. She couldn't believe that two such exquisite beauties wanted to sleep with her and somehow found her as attractive as she found them.

She took in every detail of their appearance, noting that their petite white bodies and blond hair couldn't be more opposite to her own. Marion had never been attracted to women before these two temptresses seduced her, there was still a part of her mind that struggled to take in just how completely her life had changed since they first took her home from that bar. At first she had put it down to alcohol or loneliness, maybe she was vulnerable from being particularly tired or stressed? But as time had passed she came to realise they had unlocked something in her and she now felt younger, more carefree and content than ever before and she decided to just accept it for what it was rather than analyse and ruin it. She had concerns about their relationship being discovered but both Piper and Angel's family were rich and paid little attention to their daughters movements. All they knew is that they were both happier than they had been in a while and getting into considerably less trouble than had become usual.

Marion ran her eyes over Piper who's almost impossibly slim waist was topped and tailed by a gorgeously pert backside and a small but perfectly formed chest. Fried eggs Piper called them but Marion thought they were beautiful and never tired of looking at them. Tonight they formed small tents in the gossamer thin latex blouse that she wore, its length ending half way down her perfectly round buttocks and barely covering her naked and hairless quim. Her small feet were bent into an almost impossible angle in a pair of 6 inch heeled black ankle boots that forced her calf muscles into the perfect shape.

Behind her and on the end of a heavy silver dog chain connected to a thick black collar around her neck was Angel. She tottered behind her lover in a pair of patent leather bright red thigh-high boots, they were so tall that the tops rubbed against her pussy lips with every step just below the hem of a tight black leather mini skirt. Angel wore a complex arrangement of black leather straps on her torso held together and joined by silver buckles and studs that left her majestic and unfeasibly large boobs looking like they were caged in leather. They were their own miracle as they sprang from a figure that was otherwise incredibly petite and devoid of womanly curves, they also had the ability to defy gravity and despite having had no surgical augmentation at all pointed out at right angles to her rib cage. She wore long black latex opera gloves that only just ended before her shoulders and had somehow been polished to a mirror like finish.

As all three stood in the bedroom and feasted on the sight of each other, the tension was palpable and growing by the second. Marion walked over to the small blonde teens, towering above them as she did so. She looked down at Piper, normally the dominant one and reached down to lift her chin up with her left hand, she bent her own head down to meet Pipers upturned face and their lips gently touched. A spark of electricity shot between them and their passion quickly grew, Pipers tongue swirled inside her mature teachers mouth and sought to twist round and caress the beautiful woman's tongue as they excited each other more and more. They pushed closer to each other as their lust grew but the huge appendage strapped to Marion's waist came between them. As they kissed each other with unbridled and growing passion Piper drew her young lover closer by shortening the chain that was clipped to her collar.

Angel was now pressed firmly up against her two lovers and felt her own wetness grow as she watched them kiss. Without even acknowledging her presence Marion reached down with her right hand and slipped her gloved hand under the latex skirt of the tiny blonde submissive. A soft leather covered index finger found the entrance to Angels pussy and pushed past her labia into her love tunnel. Angel drew a sharp intake of breath as the cool leather penetrated her private place and slid in easily with her own moistness providing ample lubrication. Angel buckled slightly as the soft Italian leather found her g-spot and proceeded to work its magic, meanwhile Marion and Piper kissed ever more passionately as they seemingly ignored Angels ever more excited state.

All three quickly lost themselves to their lustful impulses and Marion needed no words as she moved Angel to lay on the bed with her he round boobs pointing at the ceiling and her booted legs dangling over the bottom edge of the mattress. Piper quickly grasped the situation and straddled her young lovers face. Angel eagerly extended her tongue upwards and was rewarded by the warmth and taste of her teenage mistress, she began to lap away at her softness and Pipers increasing moistness was a clear sign that her efforts were having the desired effect. Angels world was now in darkness and consisted of warmth from her lovers firm young body and the heady aroma of her love juices mixed with the smell of fine Italian leather.

Marion briefly paused to take in the erotic tableau before her: two petite young women in gorgeous fetish clothing engaging in wanton lustful acts with utter abandon. Despite being many years their senior she felt like all three played an equal role in this most unconventional of love triangles and she felt her heart bursting with love and passion as she knelt to express that love at the young submissive's exposed pussy. Angel was already in ecstasy as she paid homage to Piper in the most intimate of ways and so when she felt the warmth of Marion's breath on her labia her heart performed summersaults at the sheer joy of it all. Marion tasted the salty wetness of Angels sex and drank it in, before she had met these two girls she had not so much as kissed a girl and yet here she was drinking a this youthful fountain as if it were the very elixir of life!

Marion looked up over Angels pubic mound and saw the look of passion on Pipers face, she delved as deeply as she could into the nubile blonde with her tongue and felt her young lover became more and more aroused. Soon Angels inner thighs started to tremble and Marion realised she was driving the teen to a speedy first orgasm, she pulled her face back a few inches as she felt her petite lovers climax break and was immediately rewarded by a vast stream of love juice all over her face as the well-endowed teen lost all control of her body in the throes of her powerful orgasm. Piper thrilled to the scene before her and allowed herself a sweet release as Angel writhed below her.

Marion loved the effect she had on her two lovers and was proud of her ability to return the love and passion that they bestowed upon her. As Angels climax started to subside Marion rose up easily, pushed herself forward between the young woman's thighs and with one smooth, athletic thrust buried her large black rubber dick in Angel's pussy right up to the hilt. Angel gasped loudly at the sheer shock and felt sure she was being physically torn in two; her body rose right up off of the bed as if she had received a massive jolt of electricity and Piper tumbled to the bed beside the two unlikely lovers. As she savoured the dying embers of her own orgasm she watched with love and pride as her two friends gave themselves to wild and passionate lovemaking.

Piper thought they made the most amazing spectacle, the petite blonde teen clad in latex and thigh-high boots being ploughed by the tall athletic black woman with her huge phallus protruding from between her legs. By now Angel had lost all sense of self and was moaning and screaming with every leak and trough of her passion as her mature lover towered above her and plunged her strap-on in with powerful trusts to an ever quickening rhythm. Piper reached under one of the pillows to find the oddly shaped dildo that she knew lurked there and as she watched her two lovers explore each other's passions, propped herself up, reached behind herself and gently inserted the purple toy into her forbidden place.

Piper savoured the brief burst of discomfort as her sphincter adjusted to the intruder and as the sensation abated she started to slide the toy back and forth. Marion looked across at her with utter lust and desire and without a word being spoken they somehow synchronised their rhythms as if all three lovers were directly connected to each other. Marion varied her pace as she sensed one or other of the two girls appeared to be getting close to a climax, their cries of frustration spurred her own lust and she revelled in her newfound power to tease and torment. Peak after peak was ridden but never crested until Marion could contain her herself no longer and finally brought them all to the climax they had been longing for.

As wave after wave of lustful passion washed over them they all collapsed into one contented heap on the vast bed, unable to move after several hours of erotic exertions. Almost as one the unlikely trio slipped into blissful and contented slumber, thankful for their part in tonight's events and eager for whatever tomorrow would bring.

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by Anonymous09/16/18

Liked the shift in story to a more honest one...

BDSM relationships are not all aggression of one party over another, so I was really glad when you switched from what looked like it was going down an aggressive, almost revenge-like theme, to one wheremore...

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by Rubberuw06/06/18


Love your stories!
Looking forward to your next one.

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by Anonymous03/25/18


i totally agree with yukonnights comment . i myself am discovering just how wide and varied my own sexuality is , let alone being trans . i would dearly love for you to continue this story . loads ofmore...

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by yukonnights03/14/18

Nice Turn

At the end of part one, it seemed that the two younger women would now own their teacher...I like the turn you did on this second part! It showed a fulfilling relationship, which is always more eroticmore...

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