tagGroup SexThey Met For Breakfast

They Met For Breakfast

byRose P©

They met for breakfast.

She was filled with anticipation and trepidation.

They were fascinated and fascinating.

She carried the impression of hard and cold; intelligent and analytical and over all, disinterest.

Why had they brought her here? What would they achieve through this? This was a passionate woman? She appeared distant.

Breakfast was served, both of them wondering whether they should be plying her with champagne but she was disinterested. She wanted to be stone cold sober as she put it.

C wondered at her use of metaphor. It seemed to describe the person he saw before him quite succinctly. Stone cold. This was a fascinating situation to be in and different from anything he had ever encountered before. He wished his wife could be there to help him appreciate the nuances he was missing.

He opened conversation first trying to learn more about where she was from, who she was, why she was here. He asked about her husband, her child, her age, her life. He asked while eating and did not look into her eyes.

As he finished his breakfast and asked her how she met J he looked up and saw her eyes for the first time.

Green, burning and passionate.

The windows to her soul.

Her clothes, business like and stark. Her hair long, tied back and severe. All these belied her true reason for being there and hid her true self from public view. C was immediately fascinated and aroused.

She appeared in control and unpliable. He looked at J and decided to take a risk.

“Shall we go down to the river?”

J agreed after an instant. She was silent but had already stood up, ready to leave. A mysterious smile suddenly covered her face and her eyes sparkled. C realized that this was a complex being in front of him and that the hard as nails exterior hid a passionate but vulnerable woman of substance. He felt himself become erect.

J watched the silent interaction and realized why he had planned and orchestrated this morning. It had been too long and this new blood was what he needed to break his frustration and release all he had suppressed for far too long.

As they arrived at their vehicles he climbed into his van and watched her climb into C’s van with ease comfort and an undeniable sexiness. This was what had captured his attention the first time they had met at the office. Her sexiness. Not blatant, not arrogant but quiet and close to the surface. It was there when she walked, when she smiled, when she made coffee dammit! This was why he wanted today. He wanted to feel if that sexiness was a front or a true reflection of her soul.

C found her a different woman as he climbed into his vehicle. Her hair had been loosened, her shoes removed. She sat turned toward him with succulent lips in a soft smile and eyes blazing with erotic thoughts. He felt he could read her mind and what he found there excited him beyond any expectation. He could hold her gaze for no more than a few seconds. The intensity of her was overwhelming.

As they drove they discussed many things. Sex, synchronicity, energies. He was amazed that a person 20 years his junior would think like this. He had only ever encountered this type of intellect once before and had married it 23 years prior. She spoke of her husband and his understanding of why she needed to do what she was doing and why he wouldn’t join. He sounded fascinating and C hoped to meet him one day.

They arrived at the river. Her trepidation evaporated. C could feel it go.

J put the seats of his van down and climbed into the back. As he turned he saw the look of absolute raw sexuality on her face. He could feel her arousal and could hardly contain himself. C saw the interaction and felt J’s arousal.

Her ability to tie knots with her tongue was a turn on of note to J. He asked her to share this skill and talent with C and as she sat and placed her unknotted chain in her mouth both J & C felt the expectation of what was going to happen swell through them. It was then that her true sexual self made its appearance.

She had always loved being in control in the most subtle of ways. Even when bound to a bed, she knew how to achieve control with a look, a movement of her head, a sliding of her hips, a parting of her knees. Here she put her most practiced tactic of using her eyes to lock them into her game. Her control would be absolute for the rest of their time together. As she removed the knotted chain from her mouth with a wicked smile on her face and her loosened hair covering one eye, J & C realized that this was going to be one of the best fucks they would have. Her understanding of the underlying energy and how to manipulate it and be manipulated by it proved a prowess beyond her years.

J lay himself down and asked her to place her tongue around him. She acquiesced with no question. She was still fully clothed and found this fact a further arousal. As she kneeled between J’s legs and bent to take his semi erect cock into her mouth, C was moved beyond his imagination by the shape of her haunches in her black skirt.

He started to undo the zip and found the vision of her head down on J, her haunches raised and her g-string peaking out from under her skirt, erotic beyond belief. J had closed his eyes and thrown his head back to enjoy the sensation of a practiced tongue encircling him and a tender hand stroking his balls. When he looked down he found a pair of green eyes with red hair framing them staring back at him. He felt his orgasm start and was thankful for the ability to stop it in its tracks.

C slipped her skirt and g-string over her legs and J undid her top and bra. J caressed her breasts while C found her clit and stroked it with great ability. He found her wet and responsive. Her groans filled the van.

As she lay back next to J she found herself aroused beyond any point she had ever been at. The sensation of four hands all over her body finding all her secret places and stroking them at the same time mind blowing. C came up to her while J went down on her. As C parted the lips of her cunt, J’s tongue found her receptive and her clit hard and responsive.

C sat back and watched while she arched her back and found herself responding with her whole body to each of J’s tongue movements. He could take it no more. With a franticness he mounted her and slid himself into her. She responded with a tightening of her muscles around him. J found her clit under C and manipulated it with long luscious moves.

She found herself in a place she had never been. Her body was humming with ecstasy. Her muscles were clenched in expectation. Her mind was crying out for a release that it was loathe to accept.

She felt the first wave of her orgasm hit through her and pin her to the floor of the van by her shoulders and heels while the rest of her torso flew upward in spasms of delight. The next wave followed in its footprints and threw her higher into the air. This wave found her vocal chords and the cry she emitted was basal, primal and raw.

C came almost simultaneously and found himself clenched within her and hardening almost immediately afterwards. She felt a more subtle orgasm well through her at the knowledge that her power and manipulation was driving C hard again.

J watched as she came and realized that this was one of the few times that he had seen a woman orgasm so totally. She was not faking this. Her enjoyment was complete and total. He found the sight erotic to the point of orgasm and enjoyed holding himself off again. The temptation to come was a wonderful one to stem until later.

C rolled off her and found himself exhausted and sated. Something that rarely happened in these circumstances. She found herself in a different place completely. Her mind was unfettered and her body peaceful. She felt herself rise above the situation as the sweat dripped off her forehead. It was as close as she had comet to an out of body experience yet.

J sat smoking a cigarette while watching the energy change in the van. He heard her giggle a deep throaty giggle. He saw C smiling a deep contented smile. He watched as their muscles shook as they sat up. The contentment all around was obvious. The voyeur in him was content too.

She looked into J’s eyes and saw his desire and his contentment intertwine. The smile on his face was one of wickedness. He looked like a naughty schoolboy. The sweetness of the moment would stay with her forever. Such simplicity and openness was highly pleasurable.

As they recovered they discussed mundane every day things. Work, money, the weather. She was moved by the surrealness of it all. Three people, naked and sated in the back of a van next to a river discussing the potential for rising interest rates and the weather for the upcoming weekend. You never saw things like this in porno’s or erotic movies she thought to herself.

She decided to move them out of their mundane thoughts and moved herself back in the van with them watching her. They noticed her and smiled. She spread her legs and quietly moved her finger into herself and slid it up onto her clit. They stopped talking and smoking and watched her spellbound.

She found her clit hard and ready. As she clasped it between her finger and thumb she felt her body respond it its tried and tested way. She rolled it gently from side to side and opened her eyes to watch them. They were both mesmerized and their cocks grew in response to her movements.

She moved her legs further apart and her feet into their laps. Her toes found their dicks and stroked them. Her finger and thumb moved faster around her clit. She fell into the orgasm with ease and surprise. She did not believe that she could come so quickly after her previous orgasms.

J was harder than C and so she beckoned to C to lie down. As C moved to lie next to her J grabbed and split her legs open. His tongue lapped at her with great yearning. He coaxed the next orgasm out of her with skill and dexterity. As she came she turned herself around and found C’s cock for her hungry mouth. She sucked and licked with the same yearning she had felt in J’s tongue. C moaned and J lay down to see her suck C. She flicked her hair out of her eyes and winked saucily at J. He smiled and stroked himself.

C’s hands found their way into her hair and his hands talked books to her. She could feel his enjoyment through his hands, his hips and his moans. She felt her power as the aphrodisiac she had known since the age of 14. Two willing partners had doubled its intensity.

She yet again made eye contact with J and found his burning desire more than she could deal with.

Her mouth leaving C, she found J and straddled him. As he entered her she felt C’s hands around her tits and J’s finger on her clit and his hand on her hip. He found the soft spot above her hip where the tattoo was with ease and effect. She felt herself respond almost violently. The orgasm wracked through her and during it she found herself being moved backwards onto C’s lap, J still in her. As C entered her she thought she was going to split. The four hands moving across her frame and face were almost more than she could deal with.

Tenderly J withdrew and moved her next to him on her back. His hands gently ran across her body and his fingers circled her breasts. C lay down next to her on the other side and circled his fingers around her nipples.

She pulled J onto her and the feeling of him entering her was beyond her wildest dreams. His long dick reached up to the very hilt of her cunt. Its slight upward turn beat against her belly from inside.

He looked downwards to see a look of rapture and complete surrender on the face beneath him. She smiled groaned and frowned in concentration. Her hair waved wildly as she turned her head from side to side. He felt the spasm after spasm rolling through her and found himself reaching the brink.

She felt him thrust frantically into her and suddenly withdraw as he came. He spilt out over her belly and she felt C’s fingers enter her and roll and swivel within her. J sat back and watched her reach for his come and rub it into her.

The orgasm that followed was brought on directly by C’s adept fingers. It was felt through out the van as it rocked from side to side. C moved up to lie next to her and J lay beside her. They stroked her body and rubbed the come into her. She felt herself return from the place she had gone. It was a slow return. The hands fingers and tongues of her suitors helped make it smoother and easier.

The smile and giggle that she found happening on her return proved the level of her enjoyment. J found himself craving a cigarette. C found himself wondering how soon they could meet again. He had just watched and experienced one of the best fucks ever.

J started up the van and drove them down to the river. As she stood to get out of the van her legs confirmed the power of the activity she had just experienced prostate on her back. She turned to look back into the van and saw her finger marks all over the windows.

She climbed into the fresh rock pool and allowed C to wash her belly and cunt with his soft hands.

J looked on smoking his cigarette and wondered how he was going to train and work with this sex cat on a daily basis. He had never had a problem switching off once the event was over but he feared that this time would be more difficult. A challenge he wasn’t sure he could meet.

She could only focus on the dizzy heights she had just reached. For once she felt no concern for any one else’s enjoyment. It was all hers and it possessed her mind. It was complete and emancipating. She could not wait to return to her husband and share the experience with him. She felt freer than ever before. Suddenly her sexual world had doubled in size.

As she alighted from the pool and moved uncertainly up the hill to get dressed she looked up at J and saw what she could only describe as raw passion in his eyes although the term was lacking in the intensity it needed to describe.

As she dressed she explained to J and C her next fantasy. To go down on J in the office, under his desk and make him come. She desired nothing more than to taste him. She craved his taste to compare to all others she had experienced.

C dressed watching her slip her still wet body into her skirt, bra and blouse. She coyly turned to him and gently placed her black g-string in his pocket.

“Keep it as a memento of today. Let’s do it again soon.”

The wanton woman and sweet innocent combined erotically in her manner and speech. He felt his cock stir.

As they parted at his vehicle he thanked her in a deeply sincere way. She felt honoured and flattered by his attentions and could feel his ill concealed desire. She said nothing but with her eyes. They were powerful and sublime words. She leant forward and gently kissed his cheek.

“Thank you” she whispered quietly against his face.

As she and J drove away. She turned down the window and in Sign Language said “Thank you for a great Fuck.”

J was withdrawn and distant. She waited for his approach. He was a prickly and unexplored person. He was closed off to her. As they left the farm he looked over her and she felt him relax.

Their discussion ran along the lines of her husband, work and the ground rules. He tried to bring the walls down but found himself unable to do so. She on the other hand looked content and filled with the need to get home and share with her husband.]

She felt a burning desire to fuck her husband so intensely that she was wet again. As they pulled up to her little red sportscar she knew that her evening would involve a series of sex acts that she never dreamed she would be comfortable doing.

She climbed out of the van turned and thanked J tenderly. He looked on as she closed the door and walked to her car.

His surprise at his desire to return and kiss her surprised him. Her ability to cut off, close down and return to what was her usual center of influence left him empty.

She climbed into her car, smiled to herself and drove quickly to her husbands arms.

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