tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThey Met in the Summer

They Met in the Summer


They met in the summer.

Well, in reality he first saw her in the summer. The days were warm, hazy and close and he had sought the shelter of the forest to escape the heat.

His tall, lithe form made easy work of the forest floor and as he walked, the cams that dangled from his climbing harness jingled around noisily.

Climbing had always been a passion for Chris, the sheer concentration, the beads of sweat that occurred as you knew each movement breached the line between life and death, was inviting to him. For many, escapism lay in books, or films. For Chris, it was reaching the top of a solo climb with your life intact that helped him find his Zen.

Today was no exception, and he'd chosen to travel to a new location, deep in the forest. Somewhere that was yet to be climbed was too great a challenge to pass up. It offered him the chance to name and claim the new climb as his own. At the same time, Chris decided it would be good to camp out in the open. Take a few days aware from the bustling suburban life.

That night, after he had climbed the first section of rock a few times, he lay down beside a roaring fire. The temperature had dropped, the first of the late summer leaves had begun to fall from the trees around him. Warmed by the fire, and the foraged meal he had just ate he tucked his hands behind his head and stared up at the stars. They were interspersed with the boughs of the trees that stretched far above him. Somewhere far off a wolf howled and Chris sighed in content.

Sometime later a noise not far off startled him. He woke up, groggy and confused; checking his watch which told him it was a little after 11pm.

'I must have dropped off' he said aloud to no one in particular.

Rising slowly to his feet he stretched out his stiff muscles, spending the day climbing and falling asleep on the hard ground had taken their toll. Before he had time to think too deeply about it though he heard another noise, a twig snapping and then another very distinct sound. Someone was shushing themselves; he could tell it was only one person as he could hear only one set of footsteps. They came close to his camp, but then moved away again in the other direction.

Chris presumed that they were heading to the nearby river.

Waiting a few moments, he started to follow, sticking far enough away to remain out of earshot but close enough to be able to follow the person's bobbing lantern. After a short walk he could hear the rushing of the wide stream fed by a lake a little further up-steam from his location.

At the bank he reached down and cupped his hand into the cold running water, taking a few deep mouthfuls, careful to keep watch on the lantern as it floated up-stream. The refreshing water removed the last of his sleepiness and spurred him on, once again following the mysterious figure into the dark forest.

After a while, the lantern moved up slightly, and Chris presumed the owner had hung it on a low hanging branch. Watching it sway slowly, he approached, watching carefully where he walked so as not to stand on anything that might startle the figure. The stream to his right had now begun to widen, and open into a sizeable, calm lake. Walking through the trees and into a clearing, the light of the lantern illuminated the scene before him.

A woman, stood near the edge of the lake, laying out a towel on a big boulder, removed a glass bottle from a leather satchel at her feet. Chris assumed they were bathing products, thoughts that were confirmed as she set them near the edge of the lake. Chris suddenly realised that he was standing in plain view of the woman should she turn, he looked around him and saw a nearby bush. It was the perfect height to ensure he remained hidden, kneeling he returned to gazing at the woman.

She had begun to hum, her eyes darting this way and that, Chris thought he saw a look of impish glee in her bright eyes. She turned and looked almost directly at him, causing Chris to kneel lower down. If she had caught sight of him, she didn't let on and continued to hum, and suddenly she begun to remove her clothes.

Starting with the buttons to her blouse, one by one they popped open, the sides revealing the soft skin, and the suggestive curves of two pert, amble breasts. Chris had to bite his lip, suddenly feeling a little light-headed at how fast the blood was rushing south.

The woman slipped off her blouse, letting it drape over a branch near her lantern, next came the three quarter trousers she was wearing. First the button and then the zip, she stripped slowly, almost teasingly, as if she really wanted an audience.

Turning her back to Chris she shimmied out of her trousers revealing only a cute pair of knickers. Those soon followed the path of her trousers, and were folded neatly on top of the boulder. Naked, the woman did a twirl, Chris was becoming more aroused with each second that passed and growing more and more suspicious that she knew of his presence and continued regardless.

Even though, she still refused to let on, and stepped slowly into the inky waves of the lake. Sighing with pleasure she was soon up to her breasts in the water having grabbed her little glass bottle before getting in. Once happy that she was sufficiently wet, she leaned forward letting her hair soak in the water. Jerking her head back caused a cascade of water to fly from her hair. It splattered back into the lake, sending waves rushing out and away from her. But Chris had only noticed how her breasts swayed with the movement, her nipples stiff from the chill of the night air.

Moving back towards the bank, she popped open the bottle and poured some into her hair. Lathering up her long, red tresses she eventually moved on to soaping up her body.

'Oh come on!' Chris whispered to himself incredulously. It was clear she couldn't possibly be unaware of his presence as she moved her soapy fingers across her skin like something out of a porn film. His hand moved to his crotch, it was hard, so hard. He quietly opened the zip and freed his throbbing manhood, beginning to toy with it gently while watching the woman wash herself in the lake.

Eventually, satisfied that she was soapy enough everywhere else she let her hands wander south too. The hair there was soon soapy, but her hands didn't move, they simply slipped inside the lips of her pussy. Chris couldn't help but let out a quiet sigh, squeezing his own sex firmly.

After a couple of minutes, she was moaning, her head dropping backwards, and her feet still in the waters of the lake. Unable to take the pleasure any longer she simply allowed herself to fall backwards into the water, sending waves of soapy water in all directions. Resurfacing, she washed the remaining soap from her hair and body, giving her hair a good squeeze to get all the excess water out. Stepping from the lake and into a waiting towel she seemed to deliberate for a moment.

Placing the towel on the ground she stood, hands on her hips. Water dripped down her body, running in streams across her damp skin.

'Any men, any tall, blonde men who are hiding in the bushes right now should come out now. I know you enjoyed what you just saw, so come out and let's make it even better.'

Chris baulked, what to do? Move and admit he was watching? Or stay put and risk her leaving? He stood up sheepishly and she smiled at him, beckoning him forwards with her finger suggestively.

'I knew you were there; get off on watching people do you?' She asked with a tone of mock-anger in her voice.

'I...I'm....err....' was all he could manage.

'I thought as much.' She said with a smile, putting her damp hands on his t-shirt, he simply allowed her to remove it. She let her hands wander across his broad chest, before toying with his zipper and removing his cargo trousers. The two strangers now naked, the woman stepped back and perched on the boulder behind her, beckoning once again with her finger suggestively.

Pulling herself up onto the rock she spread her legs and pulled Chris between them, his cock finding her pussy instantly. She wrapped her heels around his butt and pulled him deep inside her.

They both moaned loudly into the forest air as he began to fuck her, hard, fast and deep. The damp but warm feeling of her skin against his made his senses soar. Somewhere far away a wolf howled, Chris felt like he could howl back, but instead he took one of her damp, hard nipples into his mouth and sucked hard. She moaned in response, tightening herself around the cock buried deep inside of her wet pussy.

His thrusts sped up; her tight pussy gripped him, causing him to let his head fall back with a loud moan. Breathless moan after moan escaping the lips of the beauty that sat before him. He reached around her, picking her up by her rump he moved her down onto the towel on the ground.

Still inside her he continued to buck, the new position forcing his cock even deeper into her. Lost in the pleasure she spread her arms out, gripping at the leaves and dirt either side of the towel.

Soon they were both approaching orgasm, she looked deep into his eyes as they rocked together, her fingernails dug into his back and he massaged her tits. The deep guttural groans mixed with her breathless moaning drove them both over the edge as he came deep inside her. Kissing him on the nose she breathed 'my name is Scarlet'.

Suddenly, Chris awoke with a jump, a couple of seconds later he came to his senses. Alone once again where he had lain before the sex...had it all been a dream? But then he saw it, the light bobbing in the trees in the exact place he had seen it earlier.

He didn't stop to think; he got to his feet and went after it....

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