tagLesbian SexThey Took Their Places On The Bed

They Took Their Places On The Bed


They took their places on the bed; one completely naked, the other stripped to her bra and panties. “Now, when he comes in,” she began, “I want him to see us kissing and hear load moaning. Can you do that?”

The tone in the answer was firm. “Yes, I can do that.”

“I’ll be rubbing you down there.”

“Do you really think it’s necessary?”

“It’s up to you how much you want to shock him.”

“I want it to hurt.”

“It’ll be alright. I won’t touch you much. I’ll just rub it a little. You’ll see.”


“He’ll be here any minute. Kiss me.” And their lips met.


When the hand touched her intimate area, the kiss broke off. It remained in position, prepared to strike gold.

“You were doing great.”

“I just wasn’t ready for it, that’s all. It’s so different.”

“We can stop it right now if you can’t do it.”

The eyes evened. “No, let’s keep going. I’ll do better.” She was so determined.

The hand commenced its mission. Kissing resumed. The head sank back further against the pillow. Soon the fabric would be quite wet, it was certain. Things were proceeding nicely.


The command was firm. “Open your mouth.”

The response was consistent. “Is it necessary?” Legs were slightly spread to afford more intimate contact. Nipples poked through the fabric. The crescendo had built steadily. Hips were gently grinding the pubic area against the hand. The door through which he was to walk was becoming ignored. Time was melting. The taste was pleasing. The room was growing hotter. The picture was drawing into sharper and sharper focus.


The mouth opened and the tongues greeted each other. Unconsciously, she embraced the strange body and drew it closer to her. A thought was taking shape.

“You’re doing great.”

“It’s not so bad, really.”



In-between kisses, now, they drew breath from each other’s lungs in tandem. Proper pressure was being applied expertly from mouth to mouth. Breasts were caressed, destinations drew closer. “It would be shocking for a finger to be inside the panties, really, it would.”

“Okay, I guess,” came the confused response, “but just for a little bit.” Breath was sucked in through the white teeth. “You’re not going to put it in, are you?” Lips pressed upon the waiting mouth. The finger found its target and entered. The moisture was expected; the heat was somewhat surprising. No stop signs in sight. “Be careful,” she warned thoughtfully. “I’m getting really sensitive down there.” The spotlight was extinguished and the players abandoned their roles. The real script took hold.


The panties were almost off, anyway. What sense lay in keeping the prop on stage now that the scene had been rewritten? “I’ll stop if you want,” came the token offer. Slowly, the long legs pressed together as the soaked underwear traveled their length. “I won’t do anything that makes you uneasy.” After the first foot cleared, the legs flung apart with the garment remaining attached to the other ankle. It was inconsequential now. Two fingers returned to their newly-discovered home. Access was requested and immediately granted for the tongue to caress the nipple. Moaning ensued. The thumb found the button it sought and pressed it a few times. The nervous system responded in perfect order. Breathing quickened and volume from the larynx increased. Hands were quickly on the second body; its secrets revealed now, at last. “It’s fun, isn’t it?”

“Yes,” she responded firmly. Her eyes were closed. She felt her heart pounding as her warmth rose. The fire was burning.

At last!


“Oh my God,” came the cliché. She had no idea. “What are you doing?” Eyes opened wide. Breasts firmly explored and maintained by knowing hands. The breathing was now extremely rapid. How could a ritual so old seem so new? The journey from the rib cage to the tan line by way of the belly button was complete. The eyes made contact. The tongue would soon enter the promised land. Her legs spread wide; orgasm was near. “Go ahead,” she agreed enthusiastically. “Put it in me.” Upon successful execution, there was a flood of sensation and shrieking as fiercely whispered words of encouragement filled the thick air. Control was lost and replaced first by ecstasy and then understanding. The universe opened its secrets to the unenlightened. Suspension of all conscious thought processes. Wriggling and giggling. Writhing and sighing. Screaming and creaming. Sensations erupting from scalp to toes. It all comes in twos, doesn’t it?

“Are you alright?”

“Don’t stop.”

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