tagBDSMThey Were Both Spanked

They Were Both Spanked


Grant and Leanne had known each other all their lives they lived as neighbors with one house between the other. Their birthdays were two day apart so the weekend after they had turned 18 years old they had their first sexual experience together when Leanne asked Grant to help her put a new birthday present together a new Computer she had received the Computer package from her parents.

Naturally Grant was eager to help Leanne and had planned spending his hole Saturday at Leanne’s house her parents had gone away for the weekend so they had complete privacy.

He arrived at 12 Midday with all his tools to do the job with. Leanne was unpacking the Computer and Grant was assembling the Computer table. Grant was rather hot so he took off his shirt while assembling the computer and talking to Leanne as he did the table they were enjoying talking about old times and Leanne said she always enjoyed growing up with Grant because she was always the most Dominant of the two of them and always gets things her own way.

Grant blushed and said yes in a quite voice. Leanne said speak up slave I can’t hear my slave boy talk. Grant raised his head and looked her in the eyes and said yes. Leanne at that time she was quite amused by his answer. She them said from now on you are to call me mistress when ever we are together in private for the rest of your life slave. Grant answered yes mistress.

She also said that he is to never look her in the eyes without permission, and that he is to look at the ground when in her presents. To which Grant said yes mistress this time Leanne openly laughed. He went bright red but kept looking at the ground not daring to look up.

They continued to do the Computer and all the time Grant obediently called Leanne Mistress. The Computer came with a modem so Grant had to drill some holes in the floor and get under the house to run a cable to the phone. He is wearing underpants and shorts. Leanne said that so his shorts don’t get dirty Grant is to get under the house only in his underwear he says yes mistress and takes off his pants and puts them on a chair. She can see his cock pushing against the material she then placed her hand gently on his cock.

He gets a hard on and she says you have work to do slave so you can forget about me touching your cock any more at the moment. She told him to his get under the house and as he is climbing under his cock fell out of the side of his pants Leanne immediately says to him to leave it out and not to put it back in your pants and when you get out from under there you are to take your underwear off you don’t deserve to wear any thing for the rest of the weekend Grant did the work under the house all the time thinking about being naked in front of Leanne he had been calling her Mistress but being naked was a different thing altogether he decided that he would play along Leanne is not the person to argue with she likes to get everything the way she likes it so any thing to keep her happy.

As Grant is crawling out he can feel her looking at his semi hard cock when he is out from under the house she says that he can take off his pants while still out in the back yard Grant knows better than argue and hands her his underwear. Knowing that he is naked in front of his Mistress makes his cock hard while standing in front of her she then tells him to walk in-side with his cock out in front of him.

When they have the Computer set up they start to set it up to run on the internet all the time Grant is in front of his Mistress and with a very hard cock at one part his Mistress has to tell him not to touch his cock and if he dose he will be put over her knee and spanked this threat is taken by the slave in a serious way because Leanne’s mother spanks her still at her age once every month. She says that it is for all the bad things Leanne dose over the month Grant had seen Leanne do things to get a spanking before and she is always humiliated from the experience so Grant was not going to try his luck any further and just to do what ever he was told for the rest of the weekend.

They had spent the hole Saturday afternoon working to get things in working order and Leanne told Grant to start to look around at sex sites she had not seen the internet work before and is very eager to look around after an hour they found a cybersex site they had both been taken by shock and excitement. Grant was told that he was to masturbate in front of the camera so people out in cyber land could watch him. He just agreed to the order and proceeded to do as told he felt very strange being in front of Leanne naked now he is to masturbate in front of her he is shaking with fear and red with embarrassment but he had been told and he knew it was the only way to keep his Mistress happy so he got into position and started to fondle his cock as told to do.

It was not hard to bring his cock to a full horn as he had a semi horn already Leanne watched in complete fascination to see this sight right in front of her Grant was bright red the hole time but he could not stop from having the best orgasm he had ever had as he come his Mistress laughed out loud then she told him to bring his self over to sit in front of her and give her oral sex. Naturally he did as he was told to do knowing that it would be a great weekend and this was only the start of it.

After Leanne was fully satisfied with her slaves she tells him that he is to sleep at her house for the night and that he is to cook for his Mistress and that he is to clean the house for her. Grant was happy to please his new Mistress and he would do the best that he can to please her. First he cleaned the house dressed in only an apron that he had been ordered to wear. Then he tryed to cook her Steak & Salad he was doing well with the Salad but when it came to the steak he burnt it and he knew that it would be something that it would he would be getting for a spanking for.

Leanne told him that she is not sure if she will spank him or should she wait till her mother gets home to give the discipline he deserved she said that it is something that she must think about before deciding what to do knowing that Grant is nervous at the possibility of receiving a spanking from his new Mistress mother.

Though Grant was nervous he is in a state of bliss knowing that he had found someone that was eager to give him some essential discipline and also knowing that he would be used as a sex toy.

The rest of the night was spent for Grant naked with a very hard cock and eager to please Mistress in any way she so desired. He was ordered to sit at the foot of her chair while she watched television some times he was told to make coffee or to change the channels of the TV

At bed time he was told to kneel at the toilet door with a hand towel and await any more orders. When his Mistress had finished she opened the door and ordered Grant to lap up the last drops of urine in her pubic hair. Leanne watched this all the time knowing that she was in complete control of her new slave.

Grant had thought that he would be sleeping in the same bed as his Mistress but he was told that he would be only allowed to be in the bed while he give his Mistress pleasure. First he was told that he was to start by giving Mistress oral pleasure and then he would be able to fuck her. All the time he was eager to please her in any way so he started to lick that beautiful pussy and paying attention to her little love button as he was burring his face in her warmth. Mistress ordered him to lick her faster as he went when he was sure that she was almost ready to explode Grant plunged his warm cock deep into Leanne who cried out in pleasure and after it was over Grant could see that Leanne was softly crying when he asked her what was wrong Leanne said that her new found slave had made her that happy she had to cry.

The night was spent at the end of Leanne’s bed with only a sheet and no pillow to sleep with but he was as happy as could be so he did not mind at all as long as Mistress was happy. The floor was uncomfortable and cold through the night but in the morning Grant is ordered to give oral sex to Leanne’s beautiful pussy and after she had finished with his face he was given to best head job ever given to him.

It went along all day on the Sunday with Grant taking orders, he kept hoping that the spanking threat had been forgotten but it had been on his Mistress mind all day and she told Grant that she would telling her mother of Grant’s misbehavior of burning her dinner the night before. She allowed Grant to masturbate in front of her before going home and also to being her to another wonderful orgasm. Then he was allowed to go home with the promise that he is to be spanked by her mother on Tuesday afternoon at 2 PM and that he could be sure that it will be on the bare bottom.

As told buy Leanne, Grant reported to his neighbors house at 2 PM on the following Tuesday both of the ladies were waiting for him patiently in the lounge room Grant was told to call Leanne’s mother, mother also and to strip naked and to stand in a corner and wait till the ladies were ready for him as he was undressing he was very humiliated to be doing this though he also knew he deserved the spanking he was about to get and he could not stop his cock from getting hard in front of him.

Both women were aware of this and they smiled to each other as Grant was going bright red. Mother came over and sat on a chair that was in the middle of the room there was a paddle and hair brush on the floor next to it. She said Grant come over to me please as he was walking to her his cock was semi hard in front of him. She gently started to work her hand over his warm penis all the time it was growing harder and Grant was looking at the ground knowing that he was about to receive his first spanking.

She said he had a nice cock and now it is time to get what any slave should get for burning his Mistress tea. She guided him over her knee and put him into position taking one hand and putting it in her hand so he would not move about to much them she told Grant that he should not be to embarrassed to cry if he needed. Then slowly she started to slap his bottom slowly getting harder all the time Leanne was sitting on the lounge and watching what was taking place in front of her. She was enjoying to watch someone else getting spanked instead of her it was the first time she had been in this position and she wanted to make the most of it.

Grant was starting to feel the sting of mothers hand and his cock was pushing into her lap but she knew that is was normal and continued to do the task at hand she was careful to cover his bottom and the slaps were getting harder all the time Grant did not mind that Leanne was watching because he knew that she had been in the same place plenty of times in her life. He was starting to squirm as his bottom was getting hotter and hotter. The slaps were really starting to make marks and the pain did hurt but he started to feel a new feeling of excitement deep inside his loins he could feel his self starting to cry.

After he had received his spanking with her hand she then said that it was time to get a good dose of the paddle. Grant was rubbing his bottom from the hand spanking and now he knew that it was only a taste of what he was about to get. She again pushed his head gently down to the floor saying that it will all be over soon and that he is being very brave for a young man learning to behave for his new Mistress, and her mother.

Then the spanking started again it was slow at first but it got harder and faster a lot quicker that the hand spanking. Grant had received about 10 strokes and then he could feel his bottom really starting to get very warm and he was starting to feel his cock growing harder and harder. He slowly started to move his hips with the rhythm of the strokes. Mother could feel him moving his hips but this did not phase her. She was already aware of the sexual excitement Grant would be feeling. After another 10 strokes of the paddle Grant new that he could not control his self any longer and he could feel the semen start to explode into mothers lap.

As he started to relax after his orgasm Mother stopped and started to cuddle him in her arms telling him that he was a very brave and strong young man. She wiped the tears from his eyes and told him to lay on the lounge. She disappeared for a moment coming back with powder. Ordering Grant to lay on his stomach and slowly she applied a generous amount to Grants bottom after she had massaged his bottom softly she told Leanne to start to undress and to fold her cloths neatly as she did. Leanne started to protest saying that it was not her turn to be spanked. But mother only said that she was only a couple of days off her next spanking and that mother would deal with the both at the one time.

Leanne knew that it was no use to argue with her mother and slowly started to undress. All the time Grant was watching in amazement as Leanne obeyed her mother. She started to blush with Grant watching and her mother said that she should start to get use to being naked in front of Grant. Leanne could only answer yes mother. When she was undressed her mother started over to sit on the chair, she did not have to say a word she only had to clap her hands on the top of her thighs and Leanne went strait over and laid across her mothers lap. Her mother said to Grant that it is the only way that she has found that keeps Leanne down to earth and fully agrees that she should be spanked at leased once a month and that sometimes Leanne asks to be spanked more often if she feels she has been misbehaving to often.

Leanne took her spanking like she truly was grateful for the discipline at the end of it she thanked her mother and her mother sent her to stand in the corner and wait for the paddle that she will receive shortly. After 5 minutes Leanne was called over to her mother this time she went over her mothers lap easily. She was starting to feel moist and wanted to get her spanking over quickly. The paddle started and Leanne started to squirm her mother had one hand folded up her back and the other could not be removed from her side because mothers had hold of her so tight. The paddle was making her excited and she started to lift her bottom up to meet each blow. She was feeling her pussy start to pulsate and knew that she would come while being spanked she often did in her mother’s lap. It was very embarrassing and exciting to have this happen in front of Grant though she knew that he would understand that it is something she needs to keep her down to earth and it also a great way to explore sexual pleasure.

After they had both been spanked and were both aware of each others embarrassment they were told by mother to go into the bed room and comfort each other. When they were both in the bed room they fell into each others arms it was the first time they had touched each other while naked and the excitement was overwhelming. After they found the bed the spanking and the embarrassment were the last thing on their minds.

He was told to give his Mistress oral sex and then he may fuck her it was the happiest day of their lives. Because they knew that a dominate/submissive relationship would work for them. This is the first encounter but they are both sure it is not the last.

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