They're Everywhere: Mailman Ch. 01


Bud cried out with his lust and passion. He couldn't hold off any longer! He strained as he told her that he loved her and then he cried out again and his cock thumped and thumped and thumped inside her body as his balls released his sperm. "Oh Yes!' Gloria yelled out with the first shot of warm wet sticky cum.

Over and over again Bud pumped his cum into his wife's vagina tunnel filling her cave completely and then overflowing. She just held on to him and watched his face as he climaxed in her. It was one of her favorite things to do during sex. To see the man cumming and that look of pure lust and then the start of his release on his face as she held him deep inside her gave her such a sexual and evil animalistic thrill! She climaxed again on his hard cock as she felt it pumping his sperm and emptying his balls into her pussy. Slap, slap, slap, slap his balls pounded against her ass as Bud arched his back and buried his shaft as hard and deep into his wife's body as he was humanly possible to do. She kissed him and held him as she started panting from the sheer sexual pleasure Bud was giving her.

It turned out to be the best night of sex they had in many months and Bud did everything she wanted without her asking. Her orgasms were many and drove her wild with her own need and desire. Yet it didn't compare at all to the sex she had with her mailman lover hours before. She felt sick and sad inside as she knew Bud had done everything right and had pleased her more tonight than in a very long time. He was a good lover! And yet, there was no comparison to what she had received this afternoon from Frank.

It wasn't that Frank was so much bigger or better, he wasn't. Yes, a little maybe but there was something about the thrill of having him in her house, fucking her savagely, while her kids were over a friends house and her husband was working that drove Gloria wild with a evil lust! Frank was a very good lover. So was Bud. Frank didn't give a shit about her satisfaction but she had orgasm like she never knew existed before with him. He drove her wild with a lust she had never known.

She realized she wasn't about to leave her husband she did love him more than anything else in her life, except maybe fucking Frank on the side. She couldn't help it Frank did things to her brain not just her body. She needed that stimulation now too. She didn't know why except Frank simply was an animal and she was his meat. He told her it wasn't going to last forever and that he had other women. She didn't care. She needed him and wanted him almost daily. Each time she saw him her pussy got wet and her thighs hurt with an ache from wanting him. He made her scream by touching her. Bud made her scream too but he had to fuck her and make her orgasm. Frank simply hard to kiss her or lick her nipples and she was gone. She would risk everything for Frank to fuck her again.

It had started today! She had finally given in to him and he had taken her like no man had ever done before. Frank and Gloria fucked for three hours. It was the start of their affair and the slow ending of her marriage. She had finally given in to his smile his touch his words of lust and sex. He attitude was so much different that her husband. She had never met a man like Frank before. She hungered for him more each day he talked to him. She would masturbate each day after he left her. Sometimes he talked to her for a few minutes. Other times he had ice tea with her in her kitchen. But today she had let him take her in his arms and kiss her. When she felt his tongue move into her mouth and his hand cup her full breast, she surrendered completely.

She remembered him lifting her and carrying her to her bed. The bed she shared with her husband for seven years she was now sharing with the mailman. She had let Frank take her and as he smiled down into her eyes she simply told him in a whisper, "Fuck me Frank! Fuck me like I know you want to baby!"

He drove his hard hot cock deep inside her with one thrust. She was as wet as if she had three oral orgasms. Frank hadn't licked her or fingered her. They had simply undressed and she opened her legs and he moved in-between them holding his hard cock at the door of her pussy. She guided his cock head into her pushing her pussy lips apart.

As she arched her back, she made an animal sound and that started it. They fucked like the world was coming to an end, hard and fast that first time. He had filled her three times in less than three hours but he give her orgasms like none she had ever had before in her life. She released herself completely to her lover not holding back anything. Not trying to be a lady or a decent woman like she had with her husband. No! She was a fucking slut for Frank and she let her lover take her in ways that she would never allow her husband to do. She lost her asshole cherry today to Frank. She took his wet cum covered cock and sucked him back to life twice. She had never done that with Bud. She had even swallowed Frank's cum that last time after they had dressed.

When she came outside with Frank it was only a matter of five minutes or so before her husband showed up surprising both of them. It was close and she was scared to death. But when he left for work that afternoon she had stripped the bed and washed everything. Then she showered and douched.

As they lay on what was clean sheets, now covered with her and her husband's cum, she closed her eyes and wondered what was ahead for her. She felt guilt but she also had that ache in her loins again and she knew tomorrow if Frank came to her door she would let him in. Finally she kissed her husband and got up. She walked towards the bathroom holding her hand over her vagina that was filled with her husband's cum now.

Yes, Frank was the predator mailman and he had taken a taste of her. She knew he would be back and she would submit to him again, and again and again. She had no choice she was his now. She went into the bathroom and started to cry as she cleaned her pussy. She was risking everything and she knew it. What would she do?

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