tagLoving WivesThey're Everywhere: Mailman Ch. 02

They're Everywhere: Mailman Ch. 02


Just to let everyone know, I won't stop writing completely over the summer. But my stories will be fewer and take longer to get written. But I will submit a couple including this one. Thanks Vastie


You know when you get that funny feeling in your head and heart that something isn't right. Well I have been having it now for sometime. I sat there thinking back at when it started. And I came to the conclusion that it actually started the day I came home for the lunch with my wife and found her standing there in our driveway talking to the mailman. I remember what she had on and how her blouse wasn't buttoned correctly. Then it was little things subtle things that standing alone didn't mean much, but together gave me a feeling like when you get embarrassed. You know what I mean. It starts with the back of your neck as you feel it get warm and maybe even burning. Then you feel it moving up and around your ears. Finally your face gets red and your brain tells you this isn't correct or isn't right. At least that's how it worked for me.

I had been on the road around the city, not spending any nights away from home just filling in for the guy who usually calls on our local customers. But he had been on vacation and had broken his foot diving. Now for the foreseeable future I had my job and his to do now. Well since I had trained the guy and it use to be my old job, the boss told me to start training someone else. He told me that as soon as I did I could get back into the office. So for three weeks now I had been do just that. But today, I made Jim stay in the office to see if he could do the paperwork by himself. If so he would be fully trained. "Thank God!" I said to myself. Jim was Ok but I didn't enjoy acting like a nurse mate to him day in and day out.

Today I was to take Alex Boomer to lunch but he had called my cell phone and told me he had an emergency and couldn't make it. I told him we could reschedule and if I could help. He told me no so I told him to call me when he could. I did enjoy being out of the office and away from the boss, my new trainee and the phones.

So since Alex's office was close to my side of town, I decide to go home and try and have lunch with my wife. We had been having more fights about small things and the fact that she never answered the phone during the day and when she did it was like on the 6th or 7th ring. She always seemed out of breath and in a hurry to get rid of me. She told me I should stay home and try to pick up after two small kids and a messy husband, and clean the house, cook dinner, etc., etc., etc. But that was just it. The house wasn't as clean as it used to be and our dinners were now not much more than a lick and a promise. Pizza or breakfast food, hotdogs and hamburgers were the main courses three or four days a week. No, dinners were not the dinners she used to make. They made the kids happy but I continued to wonder what Gloria did with her time.

As I turned the corner to our street, I saw her pull out and drive away. I was in the company car so when I honked the horn Gloria didn't recognize my car or me. She kept on driving.

I decided to follow her and maybe try and catch her at a stoplight or wait and meet her where she was going. As I followed her I couldn't understand what she was doing or where she was going. She seemed to be going up one street and down the other. From one street in our neighborhood to another she drove as if she was looking for something or someone. She drove up and down each of the side streets in our development. I just followed her. I wondered what she was doing and decided to just stay behind her and see.

She finally turned out of our development and drove down the street and into the neighborhood across the street. She did the same thing, driving up and down the streets in and out of this neighborhood too. I said to myself, "What the fuck are you doing babe?"

Finally, Gloria must have seen what she was looking for and she pulled over. She parked her van across the street and up about two cars from a mail truck. I stopped the car at the top of the hill and watched as the mailman got out of his truck. It was Frank! "Son-of-a- bitch", I said loudly!

He walked up to her car and I saw him bend into the driver side of her van. It looked like he kissed her long and hard. Then they talked a few minutes and then he got back into his truck and pulled away slowly. I sat there and said again, "What the Fuck are you doing Gloria?"

I watched as she started the van and turned into the next driveway. Then she backed up and turned in the same direction as the mail truck. I didn't even duck down as the truck and her van went past my company car and down the road. I waited a few seconds and then made a U-turn. I followed at a distance watching my wife following the mail truck. Again I asked to myself, "What the Fuck is going on Bud? Jesus she is having an affair with the mailman. Wait don't jump to any conclusions watch an see."

I continued to follow both vehicles about two miles into a new development. Then the truck stopped and so did Gloria. The Frank the mailman got out and walked towards her van. I sat at the top of the hill and watched as my wife got out and they walked into the house next to a wooded lot. She had met the mailman and went into a house at the end of a street which had a heavy tree covered new home that sat next to a wooded lot. It was very isolated.

I saw them both go up to the house and watched as the door opened and another man come to the door. He looked as if he was welcoming both of them. The new man put his arm around Gloria and the three of them walked into the house and closed the door.

I didn't know who lived there. I also didn't know what my wife was doing going into a house with two men. Was she cheating? It sure looked that way. There were no sighs of it as far as I could tell. Sure we were on a down side these last two months but all couples go up and down over the course of their marriage. But then I wasn't really looking for signs. If she was cheating I never realized it. If she was having an affair there were no major signs, none at all.

I attempted to sneak up to the house and look into the window but the drapes were closed. There was music playing but it was some sort of tone I knew I had heard before but I just could put my finger on where. It was music with a steady rhythm beat and a pounding and a steady beat over and over again. Then I heard cries and moans and muffled words I could understand. The music just drowned out all the other sounds.

Finally frustrated, I couldn't see or hear anything else I went back to my car. I started to leave and then said, "No damn it. She's in there and I want and have a right to know why and what's going on."

I got out of my car and wrapped on the door to the house. A big black man answered and I told him who I was and that I saw my wife come in there. He stood in my way and told me, "Look man, you're all wrong. No woman has come in here. There are only four guys playing cards for big bucks. No one is allowed in. Now leave."

When I insisted the black guy got mad and told him he was going to throw my ass off the pouch. Then he was going to call the police. I started to leave and decided not to get caught as a peeping or cause a problem with the cops. Besides, if my wife was there she sure wasn't coming to the door when she heard my voice. So I told him I was leaving.

About twenty minutes later I saw the black man come out and look up and down the street. He then waved and Gloria come out with the mailman. They both drove away in different directions as I sat there. I knew she would tell the black guy what car I rove and since he didn't see any car like that he felt I had left.

I watched as Gloria drove quickly out of the neighborhood and directly home. I waited and finished what I had to do for work. Then I arrived home early. I had questions but didn't know if I should ask what I was thinking. Maybe I could find out from the way she acted. After dinner while the kids and I played, she sat there reading and watching us.

She looked worried. All afternoon, I couldn't for the life of me come up with a reason for my wife to be in a new house with our mailman and at least two other men, one of them black. I was stumped about her trip but decide to see if I could find out anything by talking to her after the kids were in bed.

I put the kids to bed about 45 minutes later and then came back into the family room. I sat down next to her on the sofa and she said she was going to take a shower. I asked her to wait and then I asked her calmly and slowly. "So Gloria, how was your day do anything interesting?"

She told me I do what I do everyday, clean, cook and take care of the kids while we wait for you to come home Bud. But today I was invited to visit a new home. It's Frank our mailman new house. He has asked me to help pick out the drapes and furniture! It was fun and I was very happy to do it. It was great to break up my boring day."

Gloria seemed the same as she talked to me. There was nothing that I could see different about her. She was in a semi-bad mood again tonight. Other than that there were no clues that I could see.

I said, "You know I was there."

She said, 'Where?"

I said, 'Stop it. I saw you meet and drive to that house. I saw you meet the mailman and then go into that house. I saw the other guy greet you and him at the door. And when I went up to the door I met the big black man. What's going on Gloria?"

She said, "Oh yes, Luke. He's one of the guys helping to build the house mostly the inside. Rufus was the black guy and he's one of the laborers. Nice guys. Why didn't you come in?"

I said, "I tried believe me. I wanted to see what my wife was up too. But Rufuse wouldn't let me in and he told me no woman was there. Only four guys playing cards for big bucks. That was before he threatened me and I left. What the fuck is going on Gloria. What were you doing in there?"

She looked at me and said, "I told you Bud. I am helping Frank decorate."

I said, "Give me a fucking break. First you go into a house arm in arm with two men. Then when I come to the door a big black guy stops me. I heard nothing but so fucking steady music pounding in the house. Then I saw the way Frank looked at you and how you looked at him when you left. You better tell me what you have been doing."

I raised my voice and said, "I HAVE SOME REAL CONCERNS HERE."

She sighed and said, "Nothing is going on Bud. I told you. Rufuse was told not to let anyone ion the house so nothing would get taken. All the appliances are in now waiting to be hooked up. I guess I was either up stairs or downstairs and we didn't hear you. Then when we came out you were gone. We looked for your car but didn't see it. Why all the questions here. I was helping a friend. Yes, Bud Frank is a nice guy and a friend. I want to help him out that's all."

Finally I realized we were at a junction here. She wouldn't tell me anything and I had no proof she had done anything wrong. She said, " If you want we can go and visit tomorrow so you can see there was nothing going on."

I said, "How about now?" She said, "Who will watch the kids? They're in bed Bud."

I was so fucking frustrated. I said, "First thing in the morning then."

As we got ready for bed I noticed a new piece of jewelry on Gloria's ankle. It was a bracelet with a design I didn't know or understand. I knew I didn't give it to her so I asked about it saying, "Where did you get the bracelet?"

She looked down at it and smiled as she said, "Oh from one of the floor merchants at the mall. Pretty isn't it?"

I said, "What's the design, what does it mean?"

She said, "I don't know it's just for fun like a toe ring Bud. No big deal."

As I was going to take a closer look at it she stopped me by getting up and telling me, "I'm going up and take a shower I'll check on the kids."

I asked her as she stopped when she got top the foot of the stairs. I asked her if she went anywhere else today and she told me, "Yes, I just told you I was at the mall Bud.

I said, "Well I came home and was going to either take you to lunch or have lunch with you but you pulled out as I came down the street. That's all, which is why I asked. Just the mall?"

I waited to see what she would tell me. I knew now why she had a reason for being with the mailman and that other guy. She said, "I went out for an hour Bud. No place special, to the mall to a few stores to look for a new outfit. I'll show you when I'm done."

I got so upset with her I had to walk out of the room and I asked her if I could get her anything? She told me, "No", she was going to take a shower. It was her third today but I didn't know that at the time. As she turned I took her hand and made her turn towards me again. I smiled at her and said, "Are we all right babe? I mean are we really OK?"

She just looked at me and then said, "What? What do you mean by that Bud?"

I tried to smile and said, "I just want to know if we're doing OK! Is there anything you think we need to talk about? Is there anything wrong with our relationship?"

She told me no. The I asked, "What do you say if I join you in the shower and wash your back?"

She said, "Oh Bud that would be nice but I'm so tired. Let's wait until Saturday when my mother has the kids."

I said, "Oh come on let's surprise ourselves and have some fun on a week night. I'll make it worth your wild."

She said, "No Bud. I'm just too tired tonight. I just want a shower and then I want to sleep."

I was upset and decided I would go into the bathroom anyway after I was sure she was in the shower. It had been almost two weeks since we had been together physically and I wanted her bad tonight for two reasons. One to se if I could tell if anyone else was inside her body or on her body. Secondly I needed sex, love and affection from my wife. Plus I felt it might help me decide what I should do about what I saw this afternoon.

So once Gloria was in the shower washing her hair I came into the bathroom and opened the shower door but in doing so I surprised her more than I wanted too. She jumped and got soap in her eyes. She yelled at me to get out that she didn't want anything from me tonight.

I said, "Why not?"

She said, "I told you Bud! I'm tired! I'm very tired"

It was then that I saw her shaved pussy for the first time. I just looked at it and then looked up at her face. She was still wiping her eyes when she realized I saw her hairless vagina. She said, "OH Great Bud! Now you have wrecked the surprise I was going to give you this weekend."

I said, When....when did you...start shaving your...vagina?"

She said, "Yesterday Bud! Damn it! I was going to surprise you Friday night when the kids left with mom. But, now you know. Please get out and let me finish washing!"

I said, "Yea. OK. I'll be in the bedroom.

I was going to ask her more about her trip to the house when she came to bed but decide to wait. She came out and started telling me, "You should be ashamed of yourself thinking I would do something like what you are thinking Bud. I was simply working and helping Frank with his new house remodeling it. And I'm happy he has asked me. It gives me a good brake and I'm happy to offer him my help. That's it! That was all there was. That's why I was there."

I didn't know if I believed her or not. It was simple and gave him an answer. But I still wasn't sure about it. For weeks now things just weren't the same between us and now new house thing had happened. I was thinking only bad things and tried to clear my brain of everything but the facts. Fact I had no proof. Fact I had seen nothing really wrong. Fact she had invited me to see the house and meet Frank. I would take her up on it tomorrow and later on when she told me she was done. I wanted to see the before and after results.

The next day, I asked for a couple of days off giving a medical reason and the need to have some tests done. I told them I would still do the emergency calls when needed but that the person I had trained could handle most of the things involved with the day to day tasked of the job. Plus I was always available by cell phone.

They told me OK and since I was on call I could continued to drive the company car that was given to me for the weeks I did this job. I planned to follow my wife everywhere.

The next day I parked on the side street and watched as she pulled out and went to another place. She parked in front of the mail truck this time and they went into another house, a different one. She spent the day there and as I around the side of the house I tried to see in the window. They must have been upstairs or down stairs because there was no one in the front room but the big black guy watching TV. Then after a while I heard the same type of music playing again. For the life of me I couldn't place it but I knew I had heard this type of music before.

I waited and about 5 hours later she came out by herself. I watched as she got into her van and went home. She walked OK and looked OK and when I pulled in tem minutes later she was in the kitchen making a real dinner! She greeted me like nothing was wrong and asked why I was home early. I said, "To make love to you. Let's go intro he bedroom and have some fun before the kids get home."

She told me there wasn't time."

I almost demand that she come with me to the bedroom. She finally told me, "If you're that horny go take a shower and call me when you're done."

I did what she asked and then called her. She came in and took the towel off of my body and knelt between my legs and started to jerk me off and suck on my cock. She had me hard in a minute. She had a very nice and somewhat new technique in sucking now. I wondered where she had learned it maybe from Frank. I said, "NO! No Baby! I don't want to cum in your mouth I want to cum in your body. Come on Gloria! Stop it! Stop it! Damn it Gloria! Stop sucking my cock."

I never believed I would ever tell her that in my life. I grabbed her as she frantically tried to make me cum! I pulled her down and we fought for a few minutes until she finally gave in. I moved between her legs and saw she had no panties on. I stopped dead in my tracks. Kneeling between her legs, her skirt up around the top of her thighs, I looked down at her shaved pussy and said, "When did you stop wearing underwear?"

She said, "I took them off so I could shower before you came home I was going to surprise you tonight after the kids went to bed. You wrecked my surprise again Bud."

I said, "Well I guess I'll have to pay you back. I moved further up between her legs and she spread them for me. She pulled a pillow from the side of the bed and put it under her ass. She had never done that before. I moved my cock to her pussy slit and could see her already opened. I aid, "You're either hot as I am or you have been playing with yourself."

She smiled and said, "Busted baby! I guess you caught me. That's really why I didn't have any panties on. I don't have a bra on either. See!"

She opened her blouse showing me her full round breasts with her nipples sticking up an inch or more. I moaned as I saw her body and placed my cock in her open vagina lips. She arched and pulled me deep into her tunnel as she held my ass. She moaned like she was in total heat, "Fuck me hard Bud. I need you bad baby!"

That always did it for me. A husky voice spoken in a whisper telling me to fuck her made me want to cum almost immediately! It was so sexy! Plus I wanted to fuck her hard. I wasn't thinking about her as I slammed my hard cock into her fully. She was very wet and somewhat loose but not as bad as I was thinking. If she had been fucking all afternoon she would have been much more open, I was think. I still had no proof.

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