tagLoving WivesThey're Everywhere: Politicians Ch. 01

They're Everywhere: Politicians Ch. 01


He read the short note again. This would be the fifth time he had read it. It didn't change it simply read, "Your wife is cheating on you. Believe it."

There was nothing on the envelope as to who sent it. But Jeff knew the note was from someone who either was his friend warning him or someone who wanted to see his wife and his marriage fall under hard time. He put the note back into his brief case and walked out of the school building and drove over to pick up his son. He used his cell phone and called his wife. The recording told him she wasn't available.

When he got home he called her office and the secretary answered and told him she was in a meeting up state and wouldn't be back until late. Jeff gave a sigh and thanked her for the information. He knew late would be at last 7 PM. This would be the at least the eighth time this month Ann had to work late. And it was always upstate in the real capital where it would be extremely hard if not impossible to check on her location.

He dialed her cell phone again and again received her voice mail. It simply said she was not available at the moment and to leave a message and she would call back as soon as possible. He hung up and walked into the bedroom where his son was playing with his toys. The boy looked up and asked about his mother but all Jeff could say was she would be late again and that they would go out to where ever he wanted for dinner.

Jeff's wife worked in the financial area of the state and spent many hours checking on figures and doing her own calculations on budgets and bonds and recently on investment income. That was the reason she gave for working over time. She was at the mercy of the senior management of the state as well as the cabinet of the Governor. She had a very important job but never received over time. People in her position are paid high sums of money and are expected to work as needed to get the job done.

Jeff was a teacher. He more or less was raising the one child they had and Ann wouldn't even think about having any more kids. She didn't want to have to stop work or even take time off for another baby. One was enough she told him especially since it was a boy to carry on his name. Jeff told her he didn't care if it was a boy or girl. But Ann told him she would not come off the pill.

After dinner at Chunky Cheese Jeff and his son drove home to wait for Ann to get home. It was now 7PM. Jeff watched his son as he took a bath and then put him in bed and read him a story. Around 8 PM he came down stairs and turned on the TV. At 11 PM Ann was home since Jeff could hear her big engine convertible roaring up the street and into their driveway. She came in looking wild eyed and all excited. Never bothering to even kiss him hello Ann went into the kitchen and made a drink as she passed him sitting on the sofa she was telling him about all the assholes and cheating dumb son-of-a-bitches she had to deal with all day long. Finally she came in the room and took a seat in the chair next to him. He said, "Man you're really late tonight. Guess the boss made you work up north all day. I called you and was going to ask you to meet us for dinner. But you never returned my call Ann."

She sighed and said, "I didn't leave the Governor's office until 7:30 PM and JM and I had dinner while we worked in his office on the project for the state. It was my idea to have something to eat before coming down and home. I really didn't have time to call you until I got to my car around 9:15 PM. I guess you didn't hear your cell ring."

He said, 'I was giving our son a bath. So I guess I didn't hear it ring. I just wish you didn't have to work so many nights. You told me if you took this new job you wouldn't have to work overtime so much. But it looks like you're working even more now."

Ann gave him the look he knew so well. It told him not to go there! She didn't want to rehash the same stuff they had talked about so many times in the past. When Jeff said, "Well how long will this project go on? It seems like we never have time for each other and your son misses you as much as I do."

She glared at him now and told him she didn't know how long it would take to complete the investment project. Since there was no one left in the office that could handle it, she had her own work to do as well as chair this project. She couldn't pass the buck. So he would have to deal with it since it meant she would be on her boss's short list to follow him into the Governor's seat or maybe even Washington, DC one day. He was known to be on the fast track and she saw big things for him and her and more money and much more prestige. She told Jeff that he would have to hang on another year or two and then things would be much better.

He asked, "Better for who Ann? Me? Our son, you? Better for who?"

She jumped up and yelled at him. She got in his face and told him about how hard she had to work to provide enough income to have the house and cars and life style they had. How his income could hardly pay for the clothes and food they needed. That the only reason she worked so hard was to provide a very good life for all of them. She reminded him about the vacations they had taken to the Caribbean and the trips all three of them made to Florida and Disney World etc., etc., etc.

Jeff had heard all of this before. He knew Ann would always throw it up to him that he was just a teacher while she held a very important position in state government with lots of high officials that she had done favors for and who were her friends. She always told him these people would help her one-day have a very high paying job and they would have the kind of life she always wanted.

He finally interrupted her and told her, "I don't give a fiddler's fuck about any of that Ann. I simply wanted a wife and a mother for our son. I'm going to bed alone as usual! "

As he walked up the steps he could still hear her bitching and complaining about him and how little he understood about her job and responsibilities. Jeff got into bed and rolled over setting the alarm for tomorrow. About an hour later Ann came to bed and faced away from him. As he lay there looking at the window he wondered about the life he had now with Ann and about the note he received today. He read it over in his mine again, "Your wife is cheating on you. Believe it."

Finally Jeff fell asleep. As he came into the school parking lot his cell phone rang and it was Ann. She said, " Look Jeff I'm sorry about last night. I tried to catch you this morning but you left early. Come on Jeff, you know I was just pissed off at work and took it all out on you. I'll see you tonight and maybe we can talk some more and make love after we put our son to bed."

Jeff said, "He has a name Ann, our son has a name!"

She turned into a Bangui in seconds and said very nastily, "Christ! I know that Jeff. Fuck! I try and call you to apologize and you give me more shit. I don't need that Jeff! I don't need shit from you too. "

She hung up on him. Jeff walked into the building and checked his snail mail. There were two magazines and one envelope. As he walked to class he opened the envelope and there was another typed written note. It was longer this time but looked as if it were written by the same person who sent the first one. It read, "Ask your wife why she was coming out of the Crab House's men's room with the RL during the Budget party they had last week. Ask her why she was wiping the wetness off her face and mouth and why RL was zipping up his slacks. Now I just happen to be standing there waiting to use the lady's room. I heard the Men's room door unlock and they came out together after seeing me standing there. They have no idea who I am. Believe it!"

Jeff held the note and just looked at it. He hands were shaking. He didn't want to believe it, he made ever effort to not believe it, but deep down inside he knew it was true, his wife was cheating. The day dragged by and still he had no idea what he was going to do. At 3:45PM class had been over for about a half an hour. His cell phone rang and Ann was calling. She asked him if he cared if she had dinner with the Chief of Staff and the Director of DP tonight. Of course he had to tell her no he didn't care. Even if he did she would go with them anyway.

Then he asked where she would be eating and she told him up state. She said she should be home by 10 PM. He just sighed and she hung up. "At least I called him", Ann said to herself as she drove to the hotel room where JM had waiting for them.

As Ann came into the room she smiled at JM as she watched him laying o the huge king-size bed jerking off. He was already completely nude and said; "You're late baby! I started without you. Hurry over here and help me out."

At first, dinner for her that night was a seven-inch cock and a load of JM's warm cum! She loved the taste of a man's cum. They were all a little different. JM's was sweet and she imagined that was because he ate very healthy. Ann was about to be fucked in all three of her holes and the sex lasted for about three hours. JM was certainly the best love and boss she had ever had. His stamina was great and he loved to fuck he from behind. He was a very demanding boss but now she was in control and she was even more of a demanding lover. She would direct him and tell him how and what to do and when to do it. Orgasms with her boss were so much better than with her husband. JM fucked her hard and sometimes he would ram her pussy and ass as he fucked her. She loved it when he took her as she rode his cock in an aggressive and controlling manner.

Each time JM shot his load deep inside her made her feel superior. She could out last any man and in fact she could out last two or three of them and had done so in a few occasions. But now when JM was finished and only a few drops of his sweet sperm was dripping out of his cock, Ann would suck him back to hardness. Once he was hard again she offered him another hole to fill with his nice hard cock and fuck him waiting for his cum! She loved how she drained him before these sessions were over. Right now she was fucking the Treasurer and Controller and the 3rd District State Senator. All three were big players in the state and she felt all three would be moving up the ladder quickly.

They all knew she was married, hell all three of them were too. So that meant one night a week was all they could give her and one night a week was all she could share with them. The other four nights she spent with her husband and the kid.

There were some nights she would come home and let Jeff fuck her after she had been with one of the men and showered and cleaned herself up! Then there was that one night where she came home almost clean and wondered if her husband would notice how wet and open she was. He never did. She let him eat her pussy that night after the State Controller had fuck her three times. Jeff never knew or at least he never said anything. He was so happy to get a piece of her ass he just went at it. She laughed when she remembered how he went down on her as she told him to lick her pussy. Jeff gave good head. Hell that's one of the main reasons she married him. She figured she could always get cock. Then when she got older and no young man wanted her any more, she would always have Jeff's mouth and tongue to lick her into a climax or two. By then she figured she would be making enough money to have a man whenever she wanted one. All she had to do was pick up the phone and call for an escort service.

She remembered back to the job she had before. The biggest thrill had been when she sucked the Controller's cock in a public restroom of a restaurant while his entire department was celebrating the success of another fiscal year. That had been so thrilling and so nasty! God she loved it!

After she and JM were completely drained, JM would call for room services. When the food arrived they would talk shop while they ate. Then they would shower and begin to lick and play with each other until JM was hard one more time. She would let him take her doggy style again this last time so he would feel he was in control. It made him feel good since his wife forbid him to fuck her this way. It was degrading to her. Ann felt she was just a princess and didn't know how to fuck properly anyway. JM had told her that on a few different occasions.

Ann always felt his cock went in deeper and that she had a better orgasm from his fingers flying across her clit as his cock pumped away in and out of her pussy as he fucked her from behind. It usually took JM about 20 long wonderful minutes to cum for the third or sometimes the forth time. It was sure to give her multiple orgasms! Then she would shower again and fixed herself up so she could go home.

As she left his hotel this night, he told her she was by far the very best assistant he ever had. He also told her if and when he moved up and ran for another office that he would take her with him. He told her that if he became Governor, he would make her his Chief of Staff. If he went to DC she would go with him. If Jeff couldn't move with her, she would come home on the weekends riding the train with JM. That would give her a week of fucking JM before coming home to her family. She smiled and felt so excited her knees were weak. She could hardly wait to tell her husband the good news about JMS plans.

As she entered the front door, Jeff was waiting for her. He had the notes in his hands. As she came in she noticed his look and asked, "What's wrong? Why are you looking at me that way?"

He said, "I want you to sit down and tell me where you were and what you have been doing tonight An. And I want you to read these."

Ann became defensive immediately. She said, "what the hell do you mean where have I been? I've been up north and I've been working! What do you think I have been doing Jeff? What's going on?"

She took the notes out of his hand and read them. Jeff could see her eyes moving across the paper and then she looked up at him. He could see the colors of her face get deeper and he knew she was blushing, but trying to control it. Then she said, 'This is bullshit. Where did you get these?"

He said, "They were sent to me over the last few days Ann. I would like you to tell me why someone would write these notes if they weren't true? Are you cheating on me? What are you doing on nights like this while you're away? Are you having sex with someone?"

She looked at him and gave him that look. He aid, "I'm not falling for the "look" tonight Ann. I want answers."

She said, " I have been working Jeff. I have been doing what I need to do to do my job and get a head. You have a lot of nerve asking me if I'm fucking someone. You know I am working and I'm tired and I'm irritable and I want a shower and then I want to go to bed. It's past 11 PM and I want to sleep. You have some dumb ass writing you notes about me, which aren't true. In my line of work I piss off people and some of them might have wrote these notes to you to try and get back at me. I'm telling you straight up Jeff that I'm working while I'm out of the house. I'm doing what I need to do to accomplish my job. That's all."

Jeff just looked at her he wasn't sure what he believed. But it was late and she had answered his questions for now. He said, "OK Let's go to bed."

She said, "I need a shower first."

He said, "OK I'll wash your back babe."

She said, "What? It's 11 PM and I'm beat. I come in from working my ass off and you think I'm cheating on you. Accuse me of fucking someone else and now you want me to let you have sex with me! Well forget it Jeff. Go to bed."

Jeff stood there and said, "I want to take a shower with my wife and then I want to have sex with you. Come on it's been a while."

She said, "Well it's your fault Jeff. All you do is make me mad when I come home. Now go to bed. It's not going to happen tonight. I'm going in to take a shower and then I'll sleep in the spare bedroom so you don't paw me all fucking night!"

Jeff said, "You can't be serious! You're not even going to sleep in the same bed as I am! What is going on with you Ann?"

She looked at him and as she shut the bathroom door he heard the lock snap close. She told him behind closed doors, " I'm tired, you're horny, that means no sleep for me. Go Jeff. Jerk off or something because I don't want sex tonight Jeff. GO TO BED!"

He stood by the door and waited. When she came out drying her hair he took her arm. She pulled away. She began to yell, "Get off of me damn it! I told you I want to sleep."

She walked to the spare bedroom and sat on the bed. She had a towel wrapped around her body and another one on her hair. She was rubbing her hair and looked at her husband standing in the doorway. He didn't say a word and just looked at her. Finally she said, "WHAT?"

He said, "I think the notes are true Ann. I think you're cheating on me and I think you have been doing it for a long time. Talk to me damn it!"

She said, " OK. You want to talk I'll talk. You have no idea what it takes for a woman to get recognition and succeed in my line of work Jeff. And in fact, for that matter, a woman in any line of work has to work so much harder than a male. The men I report to and work with are for the most part fools. . None of them are as intelligent as I am and yet they are the management and I have to deal with them. So yes, there are things I have done which I'm not proud of Jeff. And yes, there are things I have done that I won't tell you about. Things you don't want to know about Jeff. Just know that I had to do them for us Jeff. I mean Jesus just look around Jeff. Look at what we have. Look at the great way we live. You know, I'm not really ashamed of anything I have done Jeff. And you'll just have to just get over what you think happened. Because I don't plan to tell you anything about my past and I don't plan on stopping or slowing down my moves to advance my carrier. And no matter what I have to do to reach my goals I'll do. Look! Think of it this way Jeff, what you don't know can't hurt you. When I'm not home and I tell you I'm working just accept it. I'll be home baby. I won't leave you. I'll bring you with me just like JM will bring me along with him when he moves into a bigger and better position. It will mean more money and power for both of us."

Jeff started to say something and she interrupted him, "But, if you keep hunting for things and checking on my and searching for the things I do, then it will only mean embarrassment for me and humiliation for you. I can't stop you from checking up on me or the men I work with. But they are very powerful men and they won't think twice about stopping you from hurting them or their lives or carriers. Remember, you have been warned. If you start to try and destroy their lives, their marriages, or their positions, they will retaliate and I won't be able to stop them. The choice is yours Jeff. But think about this. I have never said no to you. I have done nothing to really hurt our son or you. So I'm not there at 5PM sometimes, big fucking deal. And sure I work with a lot of men. But I still come home to you every night Jeff. So I have a business life and a home life. It won't effect how we live with each other unless you start to drive a wedge between us! Now go to bed and let me do the same. Tomorrow is Saturday and if you don't piss me off I might show you how much I love you."

Jeff stood there for a minute and then turned and walked out of the spare bedroom and into the master bedroom. He shut the door and sat on the bed. He didn't know what he was going to do.

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