tagLoving WivesThey're Everywhere: Politicians Ch. 03

They're Everywhere: Politicians Ch. 03


The meeting with the lawyer went well and Jeff was told he should get everything he wanted from the divorce. The lawyer even felt that since Ann made far more money than Jeff did and since she was the one who had cheated, she would have to pay major child support with any visitation rights being left up to Jeff. The house and other assets would most likely be a 75-25 split for Jeff too. Since Jeff had all the evidence he needed regarding Ann's infidelity his lawyer friend felt he should do well at the hearing. He told Jeff that Ann might not even contest the divorce but knowing Ann like he did, Jeff didn't think that wasn't very likely.

As Jeff left the layer's office he drove went home. Unknown to Ann, Jeff had taken the entire day off. Since school was to close in just two more days for the summer their vacation would be starting in three. Jeff decided to have the paperwork prepared as quickly as possible and have Ann served early in the morning on the day of the vacation was to start. With all that done Jeff drove home.

Arriving home he saw the four cars parked in front of the house. He felt another strange pain I his stomach and heart so he drove by the house and parked under the big oak tree next to his neighbor's home. She was a widow who had just lost her husband in Iraq 6 months ago. Their children had become good friends his son and while Ann didn't even pay her last respects to her, Jeff had gone to the funeral pallor and made friends with the woman.

As Jeff walked up the driveway and was about to open the front door when he heard men's voices laughing and his wife's making sounds he couldn't understand. Then he heard JM's voice again and then more laughing. Yes, there it was again coming from inside.

He looked in the family room window and didn't see anyone. He walked around to the living room window and saw a group of men standing around the dinning room table. He couldn't see exactly what was going on only that they were all either nude or semi-nude. So Jeff went to the back of the house and looked into the dinning room window. It was a big bay window and the drapes were not opened. But there was about a two-inch gap between the ends of the drapes where they met. It was an opening large enough for him to see into the house. As he looked in the pain hit his stomach again and he inhaled deeply and then as he watched he exhaled loudly just before vomiting in the shrubs.

Lying on the dining room table was his wife completely nude and then he saw that she was completely shaved. Her pussy was as bald as one of the men's head that was standing around the table.

Jeff saw her boss, JM, fucking her hard and fast while she was sucking the cock of someone whom Jeff remembered was a major political player from his or her district. As she sucked his cock she had the cocks of the other men in her hands. Jeff stood there watching for a few seconds before vomiting from the sight of the woman that he loved whoring herself.

It took about five minutes before he saw JM arched his back and at the same time thrust his hips hard into Ann. Jeff knew he was cumming in her pussy. She was yelling and grunting as she arched her back and took JM's entire big cook.

A few minutes passed as JM strayed inside her. The he moved out from between Ann's legs and Jeff saw JM's big cock fall out of her opening and hang all red, wet and fat between his legs. Cum was dripping off the cock head on to the dinning room rug. Jeff was sure that some was leaking out of Ann's pussy on to the table itself. The table they held holiday gatherings with their families and children.

Jeff continued to watch as a guy who Jeff seemed to remember as Steve something or other move in between Ann's opened thighs to take JM's place. Steve's cock was already hard and Ann smiled at him as she saw him move closer and felt him insert his cock fully into her with one push. Steve then began to thrust his hips and ramming into her fucking her. As he did the guy who Ann was sucking off began to cum and Jeff saw that it was her old boss. Jeff couldn't remember his name. It was something like Ralph or Rich or maybe Russell. But, he was sure it was the man the second note told him about. The one who her sucked in a local tavern/bar's men's room.

Jeff walked away and went to the car. He opened the trunk and took out the digital camera. He than walked back around and stood by the window again. As he was facing the dinning room table, Jeff snapped shot after shot of the four men fucking his soon to be ex-wife while she sucked one and was jerking off two others. While one man was shoving his cock into her opened and waiting mouth Ann was cumming over and over again as the four cocks filled her again and again.

As Jeff snapped away with the digital camera the four men took turns fucking his wife. Once one was done with her he would move out from between her gapping thighs and another one would take his place. The man who had just cummed would then take his place and have his cock stroked by one of Ann's hands. Then when they all over again the man would put his cock in her mouth to be sucked back to hardness. It went on and on!

Finally after Jeff had seen enough he went back to the car and drove away. About two hours later he called home and Ann answered. He asked her why she was home and she told him she had called in sick today. Her head hurt. He then told her he was coming home shortly and was going to drop off their son at his mother's house so he wouldn't have to do it in the morning when they were leaving for their trip if she didn't care.

He couldn't believe it when Ann didn't seem to care that she wouldn't get to see her son again before they left for the two weeks of vacation they were going to take without the boy. Then she told him, "Good! We need to talk anyway and then we can have the house all to ourselves tonight. I want you to fuck me a lot tonight Jeff. You haven't done that in over a week. Do you realize that? I might as well have a lover to satisfy me. So be ready because tonight you're going to fuck me damn it!"

He didn't tell her about the divorce papers, which were going to be served to her first thing in the AM. And he didn't tell her he was not planning to take the vacation she had paid for either. Yes, in the morning the shit would hit the fan. Jeff went to the closest bar and started to drink. He then went home shit faced.

Ann was mad as hell at him and yelled for over an hour about her sexual needs and how he was so drunk he wouldn't be able to perform. Jeff wasn't that drunk he just didn't want to fuck the whore of a wife he now had. Ann went into the bedroom and left him lying on the sofa. Once she went to bed Jeff rolled over and tried to sleep on the sofa. The visions of her fucking all those men came back to him and he cried. He wondered how he would make it on his own with a 6-year-old son. He worried about the money and the house payments and all the bills they had. Finally he drifted off to sleep around 4AM.

At 7AM Ann woke him and told him to go get dressed and to pack. Their plane left at noon. Jeff went into the bedroom and began to take a shower. He looked at his watch and realized he had a half an hour before his wife would be served. He smiled at first and then he became sad again. He stopped the water in the shower and put on some clothes. Then he came into the kitchen and got a cup of coffee. Ann was in the spare bedroom packing the bags.

At 8AM exactly the doorbell rang. Ann yelled for Jeff to get it! He did and let the Sheriff and his own lawyer into the living room. He then called Ann. She came in and the Sheriff asked her if her name was Ann (last name held for the sake of being sued).

She told him it was and asked what this was all about?

The Sheriff told her she was being served with divorce papers and also told her there was a restraining order placed against her. She had 30 minutes to pack any clothes she needed and to make arrangements to move out of the house and away from Jeff and their child. She was not allowed within 50 feet of either of them. He then asked her if she understood these things and she looked at Jeff and then the Sheriff and told him yes.

Then she started in on Jeff with her very nasty mouth yelling and screaming at him. The Sheriff stopped her and ushered her into another room. Jeff and his friend could hear her yelling and screaming that there was a mistake and that Jeff and she were getting ready to go on vacation. But the Sheriff didn't budge. He helped her with the suitcases she had packed for her trip. And walked her out of the house.

Jeff finally exhaled. His lawyer told him to change the locks and to not talk to Ann or have any communications with her whatsoever. He shook his hand and left too.

Jeff sat in the big house alone and cried. It had been about two hours since Ann was escorted out of the house. He was still crying when the phone rang. He checked caller ID and it was Ann. He didn't answer it. He let the machine take the call. She was screaming at him to pick the fucking phone up. That he was a no good cock-less excuse for a husband who would get what was coming to him. She was going to take him to the cleaners and he would never see his son again, etc., etc., etc.

Jeff decided to wait until the locksmith had finished changing the locks. He paid him and went into the shower. As he was just about finished he heard a crash and realized a window was brokered. He dialed 911 immediately just like his lawyer told him to do before he left. When he put on a pair of jeans and came downstairs just in time to see Ann climbing into the big window in the living room. He told her she wasn't allowed in but she told him to go fuck himself.

Five minutes later the police arrived and Jeff showed them the restraining order. They promptly arrested Ann.

There were six weeks that pasted and finally there was a meeting held between the two attorneys. Jeff and Ann each waited in separate rooms. When Ann's lawyer came back to talk with her, Jeff could hear her voice screaming at the attorney that she was taking Jeff to court. That she was the woman and the mother and she wasn't going to just roll over and sign the papers and give up everything she had worked so hard to get. Jeff could kiss her ass before she would give up.

And then there was a calmer voice speaking but Jeff couldn't make out what was being said. Finally there was silence in the room. Jeff looked at his lawyer and he told Jeff, "She must be looking at the evidence and the 20 or so picture of evidence I had provide to her attorney!"

He smiled at Jeff and Jeff smiled back. About a half an hour later the paperwork was completed and Jeff was a free man. Ann and her lawyer left as Jeff waited and then his friend took him to lunch.

One day after the divorce: Jeff received twelve phone calls from the four men involved in the affair with his wife. They all asking if they could meet with him. He also received about at least a dozen phone messages from Ann. He didn't return any of the calls but asked his lawyer to call them.

When the doorbell rang around 5PM that day, Jeff didn't know what to do. He looked out the peephole and saw his neighbor standing there. He opened the door and she was standing there and gave him a little smile. Then she said, "I heard about you and your wife Jeff, I'm so sorry. I fingered you might need a dinner so I made you a chicken casserole."

He thanked her, asked her in and put the dinner in the oven. He made drinks for them and they sat in the living room. He told her what had happened without going into detail. She held his hand and told him he had been there for her when her husband died so now it was her turn. She would be there for him if he needed someone. He thanked her and after dinner she left. There was no romance or sex; it was just too soon for anything like that for either of them. He had a son to raise and she had two kids of her own.

During dinner the phone rang and rang but Jeff checked the caller ID and it was his wife again. He turned down the bell on the phone but didn't answer it. He went to bed around 10PM that night exhausted.

Two days after the divorce: Jeff received another group of phone calls and these were again from his wife. She had become calmer and has stopped yelling. Finally she started to ask to meet with him to talk. He never answered the calls or called her back. He did call Jan his next door neighbor and asked if she and her children would like to join him and his son for pizza on Friday. She told him she would be very happy to do so.

Three days after that they met at the local pizza place and had fun and enjoyed each other and the kids. Two hours later they told each other goodbye and left the restaurant. They waved at each other as they puled up in front of their two homes. Again there was no romance.

Jeff saw Ann's car parked on the street and he used the garage door opener to get inside his house. He told his son to go get ready for bed as Ann walked up the driveway. He told her to stop or he would call the cops again. She stood there looking mad as hell but calmly asked to see her son. He let her standing on the porch and took his son out to see her. He stood there while they talked for a few minutes and then she looked up at him and asked if there was any chance of them getting back together even to talk once in a while. He told her no. Then Jeff walked his son into the house. He turned and told her, "Now get off my porch."

She didn't move. He said it louder this time, "I said get off my porch. Do it now or the police will be called."

He walked back into the house letting her standing there and closed the front door. She heard him lock it and then he said, "I'm dialing now Ann you better go."

She did.

There was a call from his lawyer and it told him his wife would like to meet with him. He called him back and told him he didn't want to speak to her. He then told his lawyer to tell her if she didn't stop calling and bugging him he would call the police again.

The next call was from Jan telling him his son was invited to a sleep over on Saturday at her house. That night, while the kids played in the basement Jeff and Jan had snacks and talked about what they were going to do now that each was single again. They began to grown very close very fast that night. Jeff made the move as as their bodies closed against each other he heard Jan maon wit her passion. Cuppiong her breasts she looked him in the yes and told him she wanted him to fuck her. But they couldn't that night with the kids there. Waiting until the kids were asleeep they enjoyed each other's bodies exploring like school kids. They didn't have sex but Jeff now knew how lovely Jan really was. she learned that Jeff had a very nice cock a very, very hard one to. That night was a turning point in both of their lives.

One week after the divorce Ann had pretty much stopped calling him. His lawyer called three of the men who wanted to met with Jeff and told them Jeff wasn't interested and had no plans to do anything to any of them.

Then the lawyer called JM and told him if he called Jeff one more time Jeff would give his wife the pictures of him fucking Ann. He also was told that if he was a wise man he would dump the whoring bitch who worked for him and who had started all of this sexual activity before she got him in any more trouble.

JM was already in trouble. His elected position was in trouble due to the problems in his department. It was under the Auditor's watch and there were newspaper articles about how sloppy his investment and banking practices were. The fact that he was spending over $250,00 a year more than he needed to have the investment job performed outside didn't help at all. He needed outside help since no one was qualified in his office and it was causing a great deal of problems internally. Now that the best banking and investment managers had left his office over the months he had beeen the boss had left him with nothing but incompetence in the remaining staff. None of these people could do the job. It hit the papers just like that. Contracts were awarded to friends and not the best bidder. JM had nothing else to do but to fire Ann. She absorbed the entire blame.

Jeff and Jan went out on their first real dates without the children. Time, was what it was going to take for them to become even closer. Time and being alone so they could enjoy each other's bodies was what they looked forward too.

Ann was called into the office by JM and was told she was let go. JM had no choice and she knew it. But, she was a revengeful woman and everyone knew she was a Bangui. She went wild with her anger. Guards had to be called to escort her out of the building. She was livid and called Jeff screamed in the phone that she was going to get even with him if it was the last thing she did. She called JM's wife that afternoon when she got to her new apartment and told her she wanted to meet with her.

Three days after that phone call Ann met with JM's wife. That's when it all came undone! When she did she showed her the pictures of her husband fucking her. The photos showed JM fucking Ann in the ass, in her cunt and her sucking him off. There was a great deal of photos.

JM's wife filed for divorce the next day. The following day JM moved out of his big house into a two-bedroom apartment.

Two weeks after the divorce: Jeff and Jan had been dating now on regular bases and began to go out at least twice a week without the kids to dinner and a show. They also started to have dinner with their kids two or three other times each week. Jeff had stopped crying now altogether. So had Jan! She had opened his heart again and he enjoyed their time together with and without the children.

Ann had received a large sum of money from the job separation and was now working for the county government but at a much less amount of money and she was suing everyone and everything. She had investments and contacts but the state folks didn't want anything to do with her. All her fuck buddies didn't call her back when she called for a job. They didn't want to meet or talk with her. She did however meet with three out of the four of them by waiting for them to come out of their offices. They told her they couldn't help her. She told them she would get even with them too.

But JM's wife was way ahead of Ann. She took the pictures and called the other four men's wives. New divorce papers were now in the process for two of these men. Their wives would take everything since Ann was a willing witness for the wives. She had pictures of all of them that her husband's lawyer gave her.

One month after the divorce: All four men now lived away from their wives. Each wife had a set of the pictures Ann supplied. It was pretty much a slam bang for the women! They got the house and everything they asked for from these powerful men.

Ann had been written up twice for her attitude and was on probation. Her work was just good not great and she really didn't understand that much about investments. She had a boyfriend who helped her. The manager of her department was female and didn't give Ann any slack at all. She was on her back all the time. Ann knew it was only a matter of time before she either left or was fired. Ann felt like hitting her manager everyday.

Jeff and Jan were together it seemed to be almost every night. They cooked out either at his house or hers. They were a couple and their kids got along great together too. Both of them were very happy even if they hadn't actually had sexual intercourse yet. Yet oral sex was given by each one to the other. Jan was a woman who shaved all her vagina hair off and Jeff couldn't kep his mouth off of her. She loved how he ,ade her climax.

Two months after the divorce: Jeff and Jan were becoming more and more involved with each week that went past. Finally one night Jeff asked her to spend the weekend with him. She arranged for her kids to spend the weekend with her mother. Jeff arranged the same thing with his parents and he and Jan flew to Ft. Lauderdale together for a long 4-day weekend. Their relationship took on a completely new level that weekend. The sex wasn't just good it was fantastic and very often. In fact for two days they never got out of bed. Both had needed to make up for a lot of lost time. Both enjoyed the other's body kissing and touching and licking and just looking at it. And when Jeff entered her for the first time Jan screamed with lust and passion!

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