tagLoving WivesThey're Everywhere: The Co-worker

They're Everywhere: The Co-worker


Another chapter in my predator stories.


It started by her co-worker always telling her how luck her husband was to have her in his bed night after night. They kidded and flirted a little as he teased her about her Victorian attitude and Catholic way of life.

She had gone to Catholic schools all her life, raised in a very Irish family atmosphere and dated the same guy for years before marrying him after graduating from high school. She had been in love with her husband Jack but not in Lust with him. That was what she had for her soon to be lover.

It had been almost 16 months now that they had been working together. But it was just the past 3 months that things had gone further than just a friendship. He had gone very slowly talking alone with her every chance that he got. He would complimented her every day telling her how beautiful she looked and that the dress she had on looked so good on her. He told her she was a very attractive woman and such a sexy woman whether she believed it or not. She didn't and told him he was the only man other than her husband who ever told her that. He said it was because other men didn't know her, didn't know r feel the passion for life she had inside her.

He knew what to say he had done it a 1000 times before. He knew she was sexual much more so that even her husband realized. She blushed when he told her that. She didn't believe she was anything but maybe average, if that. He told her she was much more than average and just needed to believe in herself. He would help her to do that if she wanted. She did and told him so. That started it.

This would be the third time Dottie was on her way to meeting him. It was the third time she had lied to her husband and told him she had to work late, maybe as late as 11 PM. She had never worked over time before, before receiving the promotion from the man she was going to see. It wasn't very often that she did it and her husband told her he understood it was all part of being promoted to a management position. He didn't have a problem with it. Since they had no children yet. He would just play pool with his brother-in-law while she was out. No, Jack had no idea she was about to cheat on him for the third time meeting her lover for a night of sex rather than a few minutes in the car.

Looking back Dot couldn't remember exactly how it had all started. Each time she did it she felt terrible about what she was doing. But never the less she was headed down that road again as she was taking that short ride to her lover's apartment to have sex with her co-worker and boss. He had rented this place which was only about two miles from her house. He lived had lived about 15 miles from her house before he took this place. Mow, it took no time for her to leave her husband and be with him in his bed nude, letting him work on her body so very masterfully! Now that he had rented this place she was sure she would be going there more and more often.

Tonight would be the third time Dottie would let him take her to his bed making long hard love to every cell in her body. No wait, it wasn't love that they made! No not at all, that was something she did with her husband. When she was with her lover, it was out right animalistic fucking. Yes, that was a better term for what they did when they were together. Sex with her lover was just that, sex. But it was oh so sweet and satisfyingly good sex. Evil yes, but it was also so, so fulfilling and very erotic to her.

As she drove she knew it was wrong, very wrong. In fact, it contradicted everything she had been taught in her life and she knew that wasn't decent. As she pulled up into the parking lot, she sat there and closed her eyes. She remembered how the touch of her hand on his that first time had made her vagina lips opened and become wet almost instantly. They were open now and she remembered that afternoon. She could feel them begin leaking that quickly. Jesus!! Her nipples had hardened and grew longer and actually ached now for his touch and lips. God she loved how he licked and sucked on her small but very red nipples.

Still sitting there she remembered the shock her hand gave her when she touched his that late afternoon driving home. While he had been very smooth, caring and easy bring her along, bring her and him closer and closer with each passing day they worked together, it was she who actually made the first move those many weeks ago. She smiled as she remembered how it was a little surprising to him when she did it, when she took his hand and looked into his eyes. No words were spoken. None were needed. They both knew what it was they wanted. But then when he took her hand and pulled her gently over to him and held her in his arms she felt like she was on fire and melting with desire.

She remembered how he kissed her and how she let his tongue move into her mouth. And then! God, how it began fucking her mouth in and out as they ran their hands all ver each other. Then as she sat there thinking about it, she shuttered remembering how his hand moved up and cupped her soft young breast on the outside of her blouse. Even with her bra and blouse on she remembered how it felt to have her breast squeezed by his hand. She loved it. She knew then that she would do whatever he wanted. She smiled again as she remembered how she automatically opened her legs as he moved his hand to the inside of her knee and lifted her skirt as they sat in the car right there on the street. He smiled as he looked into her eyes and cupped her fat swollen dripping vagina over the white granny panties she had on. She laughed a little since now she wore bikini or things. The granny panties were a thing of the past!

She got hot chills as she recalled how he pulled the leg opening of those granny panties to the side and then he was touching her naked wet burning hot pussy stroking it. She moaned then and she moaned now as she remembered how his middle finger slipped deep into her vagina tunnel. It was so tight and hardly ever penetrated. Only John, her husband, had been in there. But she was almost a virgin since John had used her vagina very sparingly over the time she had been married to him.

She remembered it was only seconds later when she began to rock back and forth on his hand. Moaning over and over again in his mouth as she sucked on his tongue as she arched her back. As the sexual stimulation continued from her lover's hand, she lifted her ass up of the car seat and humped and humped her pussy on his hand as she climaxed.

Oh God she had climaxed within minutes from when she had stopped the car. She was so embarrassed. She couldn't look at him. He held her and stroked her hair and told her she was so beautiful. So loving and so sexy and he told her he wanted her so much. He said he was so glad she had shown him that she wanted him too. As he held her telling her all the right things she relaxed in his arms and felt a warm glow now. He kissed and held her touching her body gently and so very lightly as she came down from her first orgasm with him. He told her to wear thigh high hose or hose with a garter belt from now on. He didn't want to have to work around panty hose.

Then she smiled as she recalled how they drove to work from then on while all the time he was stroking her body and playing with her pussy. He did it all the way to work even when they drove down streets full of people going to work. Once on the parking lot they arrived early and he told her to park on the top level. She did what he told her and when she pulled the car into a parking place they were the only car up on that high level. He pulled her to him and again she opened her legs automatically and he bent down kneeling on the floor of the car. He started licking her pussy giving her the first of many oral climaxes with his mouth and tongue.

She was gone! It was unbelievable for her. Never had she felt anything like it! She only knew she wanted more. Later that day as they drove home he told her to take her panties off. She gladly took them off for him and he lifted up her skirt and again played with her pussy after pulled her panties off her feet. He put them to his face and took a deep breath. Then he smiled and put them in his pocket as a keepsake he told her.

When they were close to his place she pulled over by the lake which became a regular thing each day. He then gave her another oral licking until she screamed and climaxed on his mouth. He came up and kissed her. She held him tasting her own juices and as she did she felt herself shaking with her excitement. He whispered that he wanted her so badly. He placed her hand on his cock and she moaned with desire. She knew she would have to find a way for them to complete the affair.

From that day on she had wanted him as badly as he had wanted her. He told her over and over again that he wanted her. Then it happened. One day, she simply stood in the doorway of her home waiting for him to arrive. She had on a robe and was freshly bathed. Her husband had left for work over an hour before. When her lover pulled up on front of her house to pick her up for work, she waved for him to come in. He did and shut the door behind him.

He had taken her the first time in her hallway seconds after she had closed the front door to her home. She left him kiss her as his hands undid the robe. She wore nothing under it. He lowered her to the rug on the floor in front of the closed door. His hands searched for the heat coming off her body from between her soft silky young thighs. Again automatically she opened her legs wide allowing him to move his body between them. Neither of them said a word. He didn't even take the time to undress.

He moved into her and inserted his cock as he pushed her vagina lips further open then they already were! Then he was inside her. "Oh GOD yes!" she cried out.

As he moved in further she began to hump and hump up into him wanting to please him so very badly. He stroked her face and told her, "Easy baby! Easy Dottie! Slowly my love, slowly. Savor the moment. Enjoy it! There's nothing like the first time with a new lover. Oh Dottie you don't know how long I have wanted this!"

She sighed loudly and said, "Yes, yes I know! I have wanted it too! Oh Jesus fuck me! I'm burning up inside! Fucked me, fuck me fuck me!"

He moved with steady but slow and powerful thrusts as he pumped his cock in and out of her tight young almost virgin pussy. Her legs wrapped around his back but he took one in each hand and lifted them higher up over their body. As he held thigh using it to pull his body into her he used it as leverage. He began to thrust hard now. The thrill of the chase was about to end and he wanted the first time to be the most powerful fuck she had ever had. She moaned and made soft whimpering sounds with each thrust now. She was close. He felt her vagina tighten up as he rammed into it! His was only the second cock ever to invade her pristine body. He moved with such experience, so much better than her husband did it! His movements inside her drove her crazy with a need. She felt it would kill her if it weren't satisfied. And then it was!

She cried out loud as he began fucking her faster and harder now. It was there on the floor in the living room in front of the front door that she reached her first cock orgasm from her lover. It was there that she went insane for moments of time cumming harder and climaxing harder than she realized was possible. And it was there in front of the door on the rug in the living room on August 26 that her lover planted his seed deep inside her for the first time. She almost passed out from the sheer joy of finally having him.

She had such a hard and long lasting orgasm it scared her. She wasn't sure it was going to end. It went on and on and on moving her body with a rhythm that drove her lover to the brink. Then he felt his balls tighten and he knew he was about to fill her love tunnel with his cum. He didn't even tell her he let it flow.

He couldn't hold off! When she felt his sperm begin to pump into her it drove her even more crazy with the lust that had been building up inside her for weeks. She screamed and screamed with each shot of his warm cum. Her legs wrapped around him holding him tight as she thrust her body up into him giving him her entire being! Her orgasm went on and on and on! She held him and rammed her body into his giving him everything she had to give.

But then it was finished. When he had stopped cumming he held her for the longest time stroking her hair out of her face and kissing her lightly. She could still feel his cock in her body as she held him with her arms and lowered her legs from around him. It was marvelous! Finally after no telling how long, she felt him lift up gently off of her. She felt his semi-hard cock slip out of her pussy.

She figured they would just get dressed and go to work late. But instead, he stood up, his big red cock bobbing up and down covered with both of their cum. It was still hard and wet and dripped on her rug. He looked down into her eyes and smiled. He offered his hand and she took it. He lifted her up off the floor. As she stood before him completely undressed except for the robe, which was completely opened, he kissed her. She melted into his embrace

He locked the door with the dead bolt and took her hand. They waked side by side into the bedroom. He then undressed completely as she watched. They stood there looked at each other's young firm bodies! He saw all of her lovely body now, something that only her husband had seen before. She stood there as his eyes devoured her. He touched her gently as he turned her around. She had a spectacular body even better than he imagined. Her ass was perfect and her breasts small but shaped perfectly too. Her stomach had just the slightest little bulge but she looked so good.

She saw his cock throbbed and she giggled. As he stood there, it was now completely hard again. It stood out straight from his body.

Ah the endurance and stamina of youth!

He told her and they moved to the bed. As they stood by the bed he took her hand and placed it on his sticky hard cock. She held it and smiled up into his eyes. She felt its heat and its hardness and she moaned inside. He told her how beautiful she was and that she had made his cock so hard. He pulled her close and kissed her as she felt his dick rub over her stomach. He felt her nipples pressing against his chest. They were super hard and blood red.

As he laid her back on her bed he smiled as he moved between her open thighs once again. They spent the morning fucking her in her bed. He had fucked her three times that morning, once in front of her door on the rug in her living room and twice in her bed she shared with her husband.

Dottie smiled as she remembered how he had to talk a great deal of BS to the boss about why they were both late that afternoon. Luck for him he had called in earlier after going to the bathroom in between sexual encounters.

She sat in the parking lot and recalled the second time they met and he took her. That time it was in his bed after licking her pussy in the car and convincing her to come inside. She knew he wanted to take her again and she submitted completely. He spent an hour pleasing her with his fingers, mouth and tongue before fucking her twice into heaven. He licked her everywhere, that night! Yes ever her ass hole was sucked and licked before he inserted his cock in her pussy and drove her wild with the feeling. She watched his cock after they fucked. She saw it all wet, cum dripping off the head, and she knew she was going to have more hard hammering sex. Once was never enough for either of them. She knew he could keep going too, not like her husband who fucked her once and then rolled off of her and was asleep before she got back from the bathroom.

She saw their bodies covered with perspiration from having suck great sex. They had fucked so hard the workout made them completely wet by the time they had finished. And it was a set of screaming orgasms for her as he filled her with his seed again and again. She sometimes had to suck him hard again but she did it gladly. Then she would shower before going home. There was no problem as she came in and as usual found her husband sleeping on the sofa.

Now tonight as she stood in the hallway to her lover's apartment and rapped on his door she knew she had to have him again. It was too late to stop or to turn back or to feel guilty. That would come later. She couldn't deny him when he asked her at lunchtime to come to him tonight. She called her husband almost immediately and told him she had to go back to work after dinner tonight. Since it was the end of the quarter he just said, No problem babe, It's cool."

She closed her eyes when she heard the lock being undone. Then the man behind the door opened it and smiled, took her hand as she walked into his place. She got a chill from the excitement and the idea that soon he would be in her giving her what she so desperately wanted, what she desired, what she needed so badly.

Never did she believe she could achieve such over all satisfaction from another person. He husband gave her orgasms but her lover was in her body, mind and yes, he held a piece of her sole too. She would go to him even if it meant risking her marriage. She had no choice any more. No her husband knew nothing of him so far only that she worked with him. She was sure her husband had no idea what they did together every late afternoon or evening when they shared a ride home together in his car or hers. Even the quick oral sex they gave each other in the car in the parking lot or on a dark side street were fantastically good.

She never wore panties on the way home any more. She cleaned her pussy just before they left and he did the same thing to his cock. But she told him one when he didn't have the time to clean up after work, that she would suck him off anyway. She didn't care if he hadn't had time to clean his cock. She wanted him that badly. Whenever he undid his slacks she dove down on his cock with her mouth with such excitement and vigor there were times when he would cum in minutes.

Then he would see her smile as she sat back licking her lips and spreading her legs showing him he reward. She had become much freer with her body and didn't care now if he exposed her. His mouth drove her wild with desire. She grabbed his head and rammed her hips up into his face fucking herself on his mouth tongue and lips as he ate her, and ate her and ate her. If this wasn't heaven she didn't know what was!

If it was dark enough in the parking lot or side street he would fuck her quickly and cum in her as she held him tightly sitting on his big dick bouncing up and down. She held his cum in her and slipped her panties back on keeping it inside her body, just like he told her. She did whatever he asked now. Anything and everything was game for her. A new sexual spirit had awakened in her.

She would moan and beg him not to cum fast as she felt his cock thick and get hotter and harder. He held off for as long as he could but the excitement of fucking her in the company parking lot and the chance of being seen drove them both on. And the fact that she was now so willing and eager and opened with her body gladly accepting his cock anywhere he wanted as a type of reward for pleasing him so much made him want to cum faster too.

These things always made both of them cum quickly as he filled her insides now every night before dropping her off at her house. Her very tight, very sweet young pussy was spectacular too since she had shaved it as he asked her to do. Her husband liked it too.

He knew he was only the second cock she had ever had. And he knew he was far superior to her husband, hell she had told him that. No not in cock size they were pretty much equal according to her. While he was somewhat thicker but no longer but he had so much more experience and knew how to really please and satisfy her like her husband never realized she needed.

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