tagLoving WivesThey're Everywhere: The Co-worker Ch. 02

They're Everywhere: The Co-worker Ch. 02


It was the appearance of Jack more than his words that scared both Dottie and her lover. They were on the street level balcony and she was bouncing up and down fucking her lover hard and fast trying to make him cum when her husband came around the side of the bushes next to the street and stood there in front of them.

They were both completely nude except for the thigh, high, black hose she wore especially for the time she spent with her paramour. Dottie screamed and jumped off of him just as her lover was beginning to shoot his cum deep into her body. As she pulled off his cock it continued to shoot out of his cock and hit her up over her stomach and thighs.

Jack looked at her face and then down to her shaved pussy and watched drops of cum run down both of her inner thighs. He said, "No need to come home Dottie and try to have me eat the cum out of your whoring pussy like your lover boy here wants you to do. It's running out of you now. And, you won't be able to get into my house now anyway. You see this afternoon while you two were working and fucking Romeo here, I was busy. I had all the locks changed and all the bank accounts closed. Everything is changed baby. I also met with a lawyer and he's proceeding the paperwork to have this joke of a marriage dissolved. I just thank God there no kids involved here.

What Jack, Dottie nor her lover knew at that moment was that a child was involved. Dottie was about 4 weeks over due for her period. And since she wasn't never on any birth control being a good catholic, she was now 100% impregnated.

She said, "Jack!! Wait! Wait! I can explain. Don't leave me here. It's you I love."

She pointed at her lover who had his cock back to a soft normal size and she said, "I.....I don't love him! Jack........wait!! Don't go. Let's talk about this.....PLEASE!!!!"

But Jack was already walking back across the grass and head down to his car and crying. She bolted into the apartment and pulled on her skirt and grabbed her blouse. She left everything else there. She ran as fast as she could as she was trying to hold the blouse closed. She leaped over the balcony and climbed the rod iron fence and down to the grass. She ran hard. She saws her husband climbing into the car he hadn't even looked back at her. She ran harder. Harder than she had ever ran in her life. As she got by the passenger side of the car, Jack put the car in drive and floored it. He left her standing there with her hands on her knees gasping for air and crying hard. She yelled, "JACK!"

But he didn't even slow down. Jack went to the first bar he saw and sat there and began drinking Manhattans. He had 8 of them in less than two hours. And then, he tried to walk out and drive. There was a guy and a woman walking out of the bar to their cars as Jack fell down and was now on his hands and knees trying to find his keys that he had dropped. They helped him up and found his keys. The guy held them and said, "I think I better get you home mister, you're in no shape to drive."

Jack didn't fight with him. Hell he could hardly see him. They put him in the back of his car and the man drove with the woman following them. According to Jack's driver's license he lived on Oak Street.

The man helped Jack into the house while his wife took his shoes off. He let Jack lay on the sofa. All Jack said was, "Fucking Dottie. Whore! Don't let that bitch in this house. OK? O.......O.............K man?"

Don didn't know who Dottie was but he put everything he had wallet and keys on the coffee table and made sure the door was locked before he left. Jack had passed out and was sleeping when he heard his wife's voice. He heard it but couldn't open his eyes

She was first begging for him to let her in. He tried to get up but fell back on the sofa. He laid there listening to her pled and begging and then finally he heard her Irish temper take over and Dottie got mad. She yelled and told him, "OK then you ass hole you know what Jack? Fuck you! Fuck you all the hell. I'm leaving and never coming back here. I'll be at Tim's apartment fucking him more and more while you just stay inside and not talk with me."

There was silence then for a while. Then Jack seemed to be in a fog. He heard his wife's voice again. She was crying loudly as she told him, "Oh God Jack. Please don't shut me out like this. We have to talk about this Jack. Come on I'm sorry I didn't mean for you to get hurt like this. I'm a selfish bitch but we can work this out. Please Jack. Please Come on open the damn door."

Jack had his eyes closed and heard the pounding in his head. It was harder than the voice outside talking to him. He rolled over and fell off the sofa. He moaned but didn't move. He just stayed on the floor lying in the pool of his own vomit.

About 11AM the next morning Jack became conscience and woke up. He saw what he did to the carpet and he slowly got up. The fumes from the puke made him sick again. He never made it to the bathroom. But, it didn't matter, he only had dry heaves left now. Nothing else was in his stomach. His belly hurt, his head really hurt, and his heart was fucking smashed.

He turned on the shower and stood in it letting the cold water turn to warm and then hot and then hotter and he yelled, "Oh Jesus!!"

He jumped back which really hurt his head. As the steaming hot water hit his lower stomach and cock he moved quickly back away from it. He reached around and turned on the cold water mixing it until it was good. He stood there and let the water run down his face and body. For how long he didn't know or care. He only knew that eventually the water became cold again and he got out.

He had cried again in the shower. The love of his life was fucking some other guy! He knew it! He fucking knew it! She just wasn't good enough to cover her guilt in front of him these many weeks. She hadn't been able to look him in the eye for a month. She hadn't been the same pure girl he married.

Now when they had sex she was now moaning and grunting like some whore. She was also saying things to him she had never said before. But when his only love told him to fuck her harder and faster over and over again, he knew she was doing something behind his back.

He hoped she was just reading about sex and trying out new things, and doing some experimenting. She had told him a 100 times that's what being marriage is all about, trying new things. He had not agreed with her.

But when she kept asking him to go down on her pussy and lick it, he had refused. He had also stopped her from trying to suck his cum covered cock back hard again after he had shot his sperm into her pussy. That made him sort of sick in the stomach. He realized she had changed big time and in his opinion the change was not for the good.

So he decide to see what was going on. He worked outside fixing equipment and was pretty much his own boss. He sat in the company parking lot of her office in the truck he took. This one had no markings on the side. It had not been sent to the detailers yet and so no one knew what the truck was only that it was blue in color. The windows were tinted and we watched and waited.

The first two times he saw nothing wrong. Dottie and the man she rode with drove straight to her house and she got out. But then the third time he saw them stop and park. They stayed parked for over 30 minutes. He wondered what they were doing but didn't go see. He sat there until they pulled out again. He then came home about 15 minutes later. He never spoke to her about it.

Than the next time he did drive by where they were parked. He didn't see any heads in the car at all. That told him they were down in the seat. Then the next day he actually walked pass the car while Dottie was being licked and sucked on by her lover. Jack saw this guy's head between her open legs eating her pussy like she had wanted him to do.

When she got home he wanted to make love and as they did she again tried to get him to go down on her. He just couldn't do it. So he fucked her long and good finishing with him pumping his cum deep inside her. He heard her scream with such passion it made him nervous.

But when she asked him to do it again he couldn't get it up. That's when she tried to suck his dirty cum covered cock. He wouldn't let a whore do that let alone his wife. He told her that was disgusting! He walked out of the bedroom rather than talk to her about it. She cried and he slept in the living room that night. The next morning he told her to never bring it up again.

Then the next day he ;left for work but parked about a half a block up the street in the same truck. He watched as her lover stopped in front of her house to pick her up. He watched as he got out of his car and went into the house. He saw the front door open and then close as he walked in. Jack waited for over three hours before they both came out and went to work. He knew what had happened or was very sure about it.

From then on it happened almost everyday. Wither in the morning or after work. Day after day he watched as his wife either be eaten or fucked by her lover wildly every day and sometimes at night too. He knew she loved what he did to her. He could hear her cries of passion as he moved his truck closer to the car once they started.

Then one night she came home and told Jack she had to work overtime. He called her office about 7 PM and received no answer. He called her cell phone still not answer. So he drove over to the apartment he knew her lover had rented and saw he car parked there. He went to the window on the ground level and watched as his wife fucked and sucked her other man in many positions. He watched as her love sucked her pussy for almost an hour that night. And, he saw and heard how she screamed with pleasure.

"How could anyone do that?" he said to himself. He watched her lover and began to learn what she liked but he never tried it.

Dottie wanted to try the different things she had learned with her husband. She wanted to ride him and for him to fuck her from behind. All Jack wanted to do was fuck in the missionary position. It was good for him and she did orgasm. But she wanted more. He knew it and even if she hadn't faked any orgasm he realized he wasn't satisfying her like her lover.

Jack was now at a crossroads. He told himself it was his fault that Dottie was fucking someone else. He decided to try. When she came home from the second night she had fucked her lover, her pussy was full of his sperm. When Jack attacked her she fought him off telling him she was sick.

She went into the shower and washed herself real well. She even tried to douche but there was none. So she washed her pussy more. She was sure by the time she was done that she was emptied of his cum. At least she was sure she had removed all of it. But her other man had fucked her and cum in her three times that night. She was still full of his juices but they were deep inside her body. She was new to all of this fucking and didn't realize it. When her husband tried to lick her pussy he got a mouth full of her lover's spunk and he gagged and spit it out. He ran into the bathroom and tossed his cookies. She cried and cried as he begged her to forgive him. He never tried it again. Even when she begged him to!

The affair went on and on and Jack was not working much. Finally the afternoon she called him and told him she had to go back to work he knew he had to put a stop to it. He waited a few minutes and then drove to her lover's apartment. Sure enough both cars were there.

It was almost dark now. Jack stood in the parking lot when he saw them both silhouetted in the window. He saw him holding her and she had her legs wrapped around her lover as she rode his cock in and out as he walked them out to the balcony. As he sat down Dottie straddled him and inserted his cock back into her body. She went back fucking him.

Jack watched the two people fucking and his cock was getting hard from this erotic scene. Even if it was his wife he watched and got excited, somewhat. But he was broken hearted because he knew there was no reason now she would give him up since her lover did what Jack wouldn't do. He was loosing her. But he didn't think it was his fault. He never considered that he might be at least partly to blame or was partly at fault.

He took photos of them as she fucked away on her lover's body like the whore she was now. Finally he heard them talking but it was so low he couldn't make out the words. He had to know what they were saying.

He walked carefully to the side of the building and passed the other apartments hiding in the shrubs just next to the apartment his wife was in. That's when he heard her lover tells his wife to make her husband eat his cum out of her pussy tonight. And Jack heard his wife laugh and tell him that Jack never eats pussy, he thinks it's dirty. They both laughed as her lover said he couldn't believe Jack didn't eat her pussy every night. That he certainly would if she was living with him.

Jack was crying as he stepped out of the bushes and faced them both. He scarred her terribly and her lover's cock shank quickly until it was completely soft. As he stood there talking, Dottie couldn't believe he was there. She had been caught red handed. She screamed his name and cried out for him not to do anything crazy. He was saying something about the door locks and not eating her lover's cum. Then he turned and just walked away.

She had tried to catch up with him dressed as she ran but only wearing enough so she wouldn't be arrested on the city streets. But Jack nerve stopped for her. He saw her in his rearview mirror bent over as he pulled away.

He hoped she was as hurt as he was. Then he saw the bar and started drinking and that's all he remembered. Oh yea, someone helping him stand and then someone outside talking to him later on that night just before he passed out again.

The next day, Dottie sat outside her house on the front steps and every few minutes she would rap on the door. He looked out the window and saw her with her head in her hands crying. He never opened the door. He sat in the dark. Finally at midnight he opened the door and saw her still sitting there. She jumped up and said, "Jack! Please!!! Please let me in! We have to talk about this!"

He didn't care but opened the door and she came into the living room. He sat in the chair while she sat on the sofa. He didn't turn on the light. When she went to do it he yelled, "NO! LIGHT! Leave them off please!"

She did what he told her She started to talk to him in the dark. She could make out his outline but nothing else. She said, Could I have a glass of water. I have been sitting out there all day waiting for you."

He said, "You know where it is. Get it if you want."

She went into the kitchen and got a glass filled it with some ice and water and came back into the living room. She left the light in the kitchen on. As she walked past him she saw his face for the first time. It looked so sad, so hurt. She was sure she had cried herself out, she was wrong. Seeing his face made her start to cry again.

Finally she said, "I would like to try and explain why I did what I did." He said, "Go ahead talk about whatever you want Dottie. Tell me why my wife is fucking another man and justify it to me! Bitch!"

She said, "Well I would like you to talk to me Jack. Please can't we try and get over this. Please Jack I do love you."

He said, "DON"T TELL ME THAT AGAIN! Goddamn it Dot no wife does what you did and then tells her husband she still loves him. That's just bullshit!"

She moved down the sofa getting closer to his chair. Then she said, "Well that's what I'm tell you Jack.. I fucked him. Yes! You know that. You saw me. But I don't love him Jack. I had great sex with him and if I hadn't been caught I might still be doing it. But I don't love him Jack. I don't love him, I....don't..... love him!"

She started to cry again. He sat there emotionless. Finally he said, "Why? Tell me why?"

She said, "He seduced me."

Jack said, "Oh come on you're a grown woman."

She aid, 'That may be true but that's what happened. Plain and simple he came on to me slowly and finally I let him kissed me and I kissed him back. When he touched my body it shocks went all over my body. But when he touched my vagina something happened. I can't explain it. One minute I was going to stop his advances and then next my legs were open and his mouth was on my vagina and I shuttered with such orgasms I couldn't stop him. I almost passed out from the oral sex! I'm not justifying what I did Jack. It happened and I'm so sorry. But you know I asked you a million times to try that with me and you refused. Again I'm not trying to justify any of it! I cheated and I was wrong."

He looked at her and said, "So if I would have licked your cunt you would have stopped seeing him? Is that what you're telling me Dot?"

She said, "I don't know Jack. It might have stopped it and then again it might not have. We'll never know now will we?"

He said, "So it's all my fault! You fucked another man because I wouldn't lick your dirty cum filled pussy. God what's wrong with you?"

She said, "You never really tried."

He said, "Oh yes I did Dot! When I did I got a mouth full of something. I didn't know then what it was but I fucking do now. I licked his cum out of your cunt that night didn't I?"

She shook her head yes, But then said, "But that wasn't planned Jack! Oh God you have to believe me Jack. I didn't clean myself well enough that night after being with him. It was my fault! I was just so full of it I didn't realize that some of it was still inside me. I washed myself really good before I got in bed with you. Oh Jesus Jack I am so sorry. Please give me another chance. I know it will be hard and we can go to counseling. See a priest! Please, please, please Jack let's try and work this out."

He didn't answer her. She looked at him and said, "Answer me please."

He said, "If you want an answer now the answer is fuck you Dottie and get out! But I know you don't have anywhere to go but back to him. If you want you can do that. Or, you can sleep in the other room for tonight. It's late we'll talk more in the morning."

She started to go to him and he stopped her. He said, "NO Dot! Just go to bed now. Please. Before I do something I will forever be sorry for."

She walked around him and into the spare bedroom. He heard her cry for hours as he laid there in the next room, their bedroom looking up at the ceiling. He was wondering how the fuck he had become a cuckolded. Then he said, "Fuck it! I'll be damn if I am. We'll see how hard I can fuck!"

He got up and went into her room. He busted open the door and grabbed her. She screamed! He rolled her over on to her back and grabbed her legs. He forced them open wide. As he knelt on the floor he put one leg uder each of his strong arms and began to eat her pussy. He burned his mouth on her cunt. He began to lick and suck and lick and sucked as he finger fuck her long hard. He was super aggressively!

It took about two seconds for her to realized what he was doing when her feet were now over his shoulders and he was presing her knees down agaist her full breasts. She held his head and moaned, "Gentle Jack! Gentle. You're to hard! Easy oh easy you're hurting me"

He looked up into hr face and said, "Fuck you! You want it hard and fasts I heard you tell him that again and again!"

With the touch of his tongue and lips Jack sucked and sucked on her clit making her cry. As he continued to work on her she began to made sounds like an animal and finally she thrust her ass up off the bed as her body ripped her into a huge orgasm.

He continued! He ate her pussy as the dawn came up over the trees. Dottie was still screaming as she came and came on her husband's face an unknown number of times. Finally when she felt like a wilted flower she tried to pull his face out from between her thighs. He would move and he just continued to lick and suck on her twat.

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