They're Everywhere: The Co-worker Ch. 02


She cried out now telling him that he was really hurting her clit. But still Jack continued to stimulate her pussy with his mouth! Finally with his face covered with her cum and her body heaving and panting Jack came out from between her legs.

She felt for a second that he was done with her. But he pushed her back on the bed and turned her around. As she lay on her stomach now he pulled her hips lifting her ass up high off the bed. He didn't go slowly and he wasn't easy. He coated his cock with her cunt juice and thrust his cock into her ass.

It only took three thrusts before he was fully inside her. It hurt like hell! He made her take all that he had as he told her that her body was not her fucking boyfriend, buut his to use as he pleased. He fucked her ass again and again while he rubbed her swollen sore clit with thre fingers! She screamed as another orgasm flowed over her and Jack pumped her ass hole until he moaned and arched his back shoving his cock into her fully one last time and held it there as he filled her ass hole with his cum.

When he had finished he stood up and told her to get a wash rag and clean him like she had done to that ass hole lover of hers. She limped into the bathroom and got two clothes. She wet both of them. She wiped him off and then washed him off. Finally she dried his cock.

She stood there looking down at her he told her to get him hard again. She knew what me was asking and she took his cock in her hands and he told her to suck it! She did, Dottie began to suck and lick her husband's sex just like her lover had taught her. She had become very good at it too. She had lots of practice over the months the two of them had been together. Finally Jack was big and hard and ready to bust.

He got on the bed and laid back. He told her to ride him. Dottie straddled him and inserted his cock into her very sensative vagina hole. She rode him as he told heer harder and faster. It was hurting badly. Her cunt was so red and swollen he knew she wouldn't be fucking anyone for a few days, not even him.

Finally he couldn't hold back any longer. He rolled her over and began fucking her with her on her back. He was doing it like a savage. He had no expression on his face except mad lust. He rammed into her making her cry out with each thrust. He asked her, "Is this how you like it bitch? Do you? Like it hard Dottie? Is this what he did to you! Did he fuck you this hard."

He was like he was crazy. He moved his hands to her shoulder and pumped his hips hard ramming he cock harder into her yet. His hands slowly moved to her neck and then he began to squeeze.

She looked up at him with horror on her face. she tried to yell jack but no words came out! As her husband rammed his cock into her body and his hands were choking her at the same time he grunted loudly now. Her hands went to his hands and she tried to get him to release the grip he had on her.

Again and again he rammed her pussy fucking her so hard his nuts were hitting her as and it was beginning to ache. As they hurt more and more he looked down and saw his wife's eyes beginning to roll up into her head. He felt her hands relaize and fall off his hands. He realized what he was doing just in time.

Releasing his grip he stopped fucking her and rolled off of her. She responded by taking I a sharp breath of air and coughing and choking. He moved off of her and held her as she tried to get her breath back. He stroked her and told her how sorry he was. he was crying, she was crying too.

Finally she sat up and looked at him. She got up and dressed. He sat there and didn't say anything. She said, "I need some money Jack. You canceled all the credit cards and I'm not staying here with you. Please give me enough money to get a hotel room."

He did, he gave her his wallet. She finished dressing and as she was about to leave he stopped her. He said, "No Dot! I'll stay at the hotel you stay here. I'll see you tomorrow. "

He left before she could say anything. She went to bed shaking with fear of what just happened to her. Would he try and kill her? She wasn't sure.

The next day Jack came back to the house and she let him in. She told him to sit on the far side of the room. She stood by the door. He looked at her and understood what he had done to her last night. He said, "First I want to apologize for what I did to you yesterday Dot. You didn't deserve that!"

She said, "OK. No I didn't So now what?"

He said, "I promise nothing like that will happen again. I'm leaving Dot. I can't stay here it's just too painful. Jesus I almost killed you the other night I was so mad! I can't do this Dot. I have to go. You can have the house I just don't want to hurt or hurt you any more."

She said, "Please Jack don't leave me."

He said, "I have too. I'll call you when I get settled."

Six weeks later they were not married any longer. She told him she was going to have a child. He told her if the blood tests prove it was his he would support her. It turned out the baby wasn't his.

Jack moved to the west cost and started over.

Dottie never married again and stayed home most of the time after work taking care of the baby. she wa sueing her lover for supporet. She didn't date and didn't care to do so. Every once in awhile she would think about her old lover and even drive past his apartment.

One day about a month after all this happened, she saw him with another woman. She knew the woman was married too. She went home and called her. They talked for an hour and finally after Dot told her everything that had happened to her the woman thanked her. She said, "Dot I thank you very much for sharing that with me. But, I can't stop seeing him. He drives me wild. I know he's a player but even at the risk of my husband finding out, I have to see him again."

Dot hung up and said, "What a fool', then she said, "And so was I!"

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by Anonymous03/27/18

i can understand why it wasnt rated higher

and isnt a fan favourite. She was a selfish whore and vastie must be a retard to basically blame the husband.

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