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Things Can Change Quickly


This is my second attempt at a story. It is not the most well written, but I have wrote it in the best way I know how... for now. I want to improve upon my syntax and style in the future of course.

For now, I hope you enjoy it and if it is even a little well received, I have a more complex and interesting story to continue with that I hope will make it an interesting series with a few bumps along the way. Enjoy it anyway, and as always I would love to hear your feedback so I can improve on my next attempts. -- MisterNoName

Edited 03-May-2012 -- Thank you to Mountainsboyca for pointing how my sloppy errors!


I woke up that morning with a familiar groan as I rolled over in bed and felt across my bedside table until I could turn the alarm off. I pulled the cover up over my head to block out the summer's bright morning sunlight and tried to get back to sleep. It was useless though as I resigned to my inability to return to slumber and simply pushed the cover from my body and swung my legs to off of the bed. Scratching my naked scrotum, I yawned and stared at the mirror sitting across the room on the wall. I surveyed my body in the morning sunlight and frowned at myself. I was small, standing at only 5'8" and had not a toned muscle in sight. I was in no way fat and even for my size my shoulders were fairly broad but I was still not happy with my body. There was no reason to do anything about it at that time, of course.

Running a hand through my long and unkempt hair, I rose from my bed and opened by bedroom door into the windowless, and thus dark, hallway beyond. I turned the light on and sighed to myself. I was alone in the house as I always was when I woke up. I never had lessons until after ten in the morning and by that time both my parents were out working and my two younger brothers were already at school.

I showered, shaved and tried to do something with my hair before I gave up completely and stalked off back to my bedroom to get dressed and force myself into sixth form for the last few lessons of the year before exams. The attire I chose was simply a blue chequered shirt and a pair of dark blue jeans with my dark blue vans for trainers. I rarely wore much different.

The journey to school was uneventful also. I listened to my iPod and slouched back on the almost vacant bus as I crept slowly through London towards the old, decrepit, hospital-like building and towards another day of mindless, boring lessons and rubbish.


"Hi," I mumbled as I saw Rose enter the room to the Psychology lesson.

I looked her up and down. Rose was not her real name; I could not pronounce her real name so I resigned to simply calling her Rose for ease, just like everyone else. Whilst her name was hard to say, looking at her took no difficulty. She was small, about 5'2" and was very slim. Her hair was only about shoulder length and she had it tied back into a pony tail. Rose's breasts were the true attraction to her. Her dark brown eyes had nothing on the cleavage which always spilt free from her top. It was a perfect line and you could always just about make out the very edges of the fabric that was her bra. I always thought it a major pity I was in the 'friend zone' with Rose. I would like to have given something so much more a shot.

"Hello," she cheerily replied as she sat on my right and was shortly followed by a second girl who went by the name Sara.

She had dyed hair which often changed colour but on that day was a dark brown, almost black with the bright blonde highlights. She had a body that was even slimmer than Rose's but she had much smaller breasts which did not take away from her stunning look as she still made sure her breasts were not an unattractive feature. However, her face was the most attractive feature of Sara. She was Asian, with dark swirls of brown for eyes and large, rounded cheeks. She had too many dimples to count which all came out in their beautiful way when she smiled a wide, white smile.

"Hi," she too said cheerily as she sat on my other side.

The lesson did not take long and we were soon sitting on the tables in an empty classroom chatting to one another during out free period that followed. "Damian" (By the way, my name is Damian) Rose said, stretching out her body into an arch and pushing her chest into the air as I took a quick look, "first," she continued, "stop looking at my boobs." I blushed and meekly tried to speak but was quickly spoke over, "Second, you're skipping your next lesson and meeting one of my friends with Sara and I, got it?"

I nodded my head. I hated going to Economics anyway; it was an incredibly boring lesson. Plus, it gave me more time to stare at Rose's boobs -- rule one: never turn that down.

I should also probably take this time to explain something about myself that may or may not have been obvious to you by now. I was a virgin and mostly because of my ability with girls. I'll grant you, both the aforementioned women were hot and I was friendly with them, but I could not think for a second how I would ever possibly get one of them to sleep with me.


An hour later and we were walking out of the old building and down the street towards the local town centre. On the way, we stopped off at an off-license and bought some alcohol (what was a social situation without being a little tipsy?) before continuing on and towards the river on the other side of the town where the Thames divided one town from another. We sat on the riverbank and stared out at the water or stared up at the clear blue sky for a while before Rose's friend finally arrived, coming down the path we had followed earlier and calling out a loud call to Rose as she did so.

She was about an inch smaller than me with dark hair and very light skin. Her eyes were dark brown and she had a friendly smile which she always tilted her head to one side when she showed. Her body was bigger than Sara's and Rose's but she was not fat. Rather, she had a much filler figure which made her breasts about the same size as Rose's but appear wider. She did not hide those breasts as she wore a plain white top which was cut low enough to reveal the very edge of a black bra and plenty of cleavage. Her bottom half was covered in a pair of jeans which she had tucked her top into and hugged onto her arse -- which was definitely the best arse of the three girls, both wide and full. Another girl I was sure I was never going to sleep with.

"Hi," she said, smiling at each of us in turn as Rose introduced her.

I fumbled my words as I tried to speak and Sara saved me by saying her own hellos. (They had apparently met before.) "Hi," I finally managed to say with an awkward smile.

"That's Damian, by the way," Rose said, introducing me as I quite clearly failed to do it for myself. "Let's drink and play 'Never Have I Ever.'" Fuck.

'Never Have I Ever' is a game where someone says something they have, (or have not done) before everyone who has done what is said, drinks. That doesn't sound too difficult does it? It happened to be a perfectly awful and embarrassing game for me for good reason. Especially in front of a girl I did not know seeing as at eighteen years old, only one subject was every used for that game - sex. What was Rose playing at?

Sara started the game. "Never have I ever..." she paused and smiled, "had sex in a public place."

Everyone but me drank and Rose went next. "Never have I ever..." she also paused in thought before smiling at Sam with a wicked smile, "had sex with a girl."

Sam drank much to my surprise and my pleasure. I did not which caused Sam to choke as she emptied her glass and looked at me with a raised eyebrow. "Are you gay?" she asked me, completely serious.

"No," I replied, looking away and staring down the bank and into the water. I should have asked her if she was gay.

"You've never had sex?" she asked me, complete surprised in her voice. I took that as a compliment, as bad as that sounds.

"No," I repeated. I would have lied my arse off in that game if Sara and Sam didn't know those details about me.

Just as she was about to speak again, Rose spoke up and stood up as she did so, taking Sara's hand. "We need to find a toilet; we'll be back in a second."

I, to this day, do not know if she left Sam and me there alone in such an awkward conversation on purpose but that is what she did nonetheless. I spoke to her about it afterwards but she would only smile and would never give me an answer. I have a sneaking suspicious she knew exactly what Sam was like. I also have a funny feeling that Rose had set this whole thing up in some twisted way. As you'll see, I did not question her doing that.

The two girls went into the distance and I turned back to Sam hoping that the conversation would move into another direction. It did not however, and instead Sam shifted up on the dry grass that was beneath us to get closer to me. She was sat unnervingly close to me as she stared at me. It was a while before she spoke with a wicked smile across her face and that trademark tilted head. "Okay, so if you've never had sex," she waited a second as she shifted her body and I stayed still awkwardly, "have you done this?"

Before I could react, she pressed her lips against mine and put a hand to the back of my head and would not let me go as I tried to push my head backwards. Well, I sort of tried to push my head backwards but in reality, I was not trying to get away as much as I was making out I was. I was kissing a hot girl ten minutes after meeting her. That was more than I was willing to turn down.

I had to wake up any second...

Eventually, she did pull away and looked at me dead in the eyes. "Well, have you?" I nodded without speaking; I was just about managing to stop my chin from dropping down. I had done that before though, two years before. "Okay," she said before curling her lips up in thought, "what about this?"

Once again, she leaned forward and put her lips to mine but this time I could feel her tongue pushing against my lips looking for entry into my mouth. I opened my lips and allowed her tongue in as I instinctively began to wrestle my own tongue with hers. I could feel her lips curl into a wicked smile just as her hand felt its way to my thigh and push up very slowly.

Where were Rose and Sara? I have no idea, but I was beginning to hope they would take their time or come back... I was confused really. This was not an ordinary or predictable situation.

Once more, Sam pulled away and stared at me again. "Well?" she asked and I nodded in response as though shell shocked. "Oh, okay then," she repeated once more as she put her hands down on the grass and used them to stand up. I watched her as she stood and looked down at me and watched her eyes as they moved over me. I felt like I was being surveyed and questioned with her eyes. She knew what she was going to do next though, I am sure that she was always two steps ahead of me at that point.

She stretched a hand out and I took it and got to my feet just as she smiled another wicked smile at me that mirrored the ones she had given me before. I had no idea what was going on but I was just going to follow. This was a new experience. I do not think it was an experience many got in a life time. It was never that easy with girls with me. Still with my hand in hers, she began to walk away from where we were seated. "What about Sara and Rose?" I asked as I followed her nonetheless, looking back with a mixture of guilt for leaving and giddy excitement and fear.

She ignored me as we walked towards some nearby trees that covered the riverbank. She walked between them and then between some more. It was a wood of sorts and soon we were deep enough that we could not see the river or where we had been before but away from any public path. Just as I was about to question her movements, Sam turned around and pushed both my shoulders until I stumbled back and my back hit a nearby tree. I coughed as I watched her step towards me with that same wicked smile upon her face. Her brown eyes dug into mine as she finally reached me and put a hand on either one of my hips, beneath my arms.

Once more she pushed her lips to mine and our tongues continued their dance together. As her tongue snaked into my mouth, one of her hands slipped from my hand and towards the top of my jeans. I moaned something into her mouth but even I was not sure what that was.

"Shh," I heard her whisper as she unbuttoned the top of my jeans and undid my flies so she could put a delicate and small hand under the hem of my boxers and feel for my cock. She wrapped her fingers around my member and pulled her lips away from mine. As she did that, my heart skipped a beat. I was certain that she was just about to laugh at me, say something that would forever haunt me but what she actually said was much better.

"It's excited for me..." she began with a seductive tone, "I don't like to disappoint."

"Very," I said, as my cock pulsed happily and I finally found my voice, "but I've done this before."

I do not know where my words came from in that moment but I knew that I was getting as lucky as I had ever got and I was going to take it for everything I could. Sam opened her eyes wide as I spoke, also surprised at the sudden spark of confidence I had seemingly found.

"Well then..." she said, that same beautifully wicked smile on her face, "I'll have to..." she paused again as she squeezed my member and pecked my lips with hers; "... try something different."

Before I could speak again, I saw her shift her feet so she was not standing on the roots of the tree I was leant against and she lowered herself down onto her knees. Releasing my member, much to my grunt of disapproval, she pulled both my boxers and jeans to around my ankles and let my member spring free until it was level with her face. She looked it up and down as she put a hand on either of my thighs and leaned in towards it.

Her tongue assaulted me first as the tip of it found the head of my erection and lapped against it as her hand finally found its way back to the bottom of my shaft. I moaned as the tip of her tongue ran around the underside of the head of my cock before running down the shaft and coating it thinly in her saliva. I almost shivered in response and the back of my head knocked against the trunk of the tree as I struggled to look down at the busty woman below me.

She rubbed the shaft of my hardened cock as it flexed under her touch. I smiled down at her but had no idea where to put my hands. I moved them around my side before I finally let them find their way to the very top of her head. I stroked her hair lightly and enjoyed her tongue.

A new feeling accompanied the older one a few seconds later as both of Sam's lips wrapped the tip and slowly opened to let more and more of my shaft into her waiting mouth until maybe two inches were inside her ever so inviting mouth. It was warm and I was easily able to slip between her lips as she conjured more saliva in her mouth and sucked her cheeks in so a vacuum was created with only her saliva in existence in her mouth. I grunted in approval. She swirled her tongue about and lashed the tip against the head of my cock as she kept it firmly lodged inside her mouth. After what seemed like an eternity she finally took more of me into her mouth until a little over half of my cock was slid between her lips. I finally managed to bring my head up to look down at the woman below me as she brought her head back and slid her lips back until the tip of my cock exited her mouth and she could look up at me with a sly smile.

"Have you done that?" She asked me as she stroked my cock gently at the bottom of the shaft.

I sighed heavily, my chest rising and falling deeply as it took me a while to collect my thoughts. "No... I can't say I have..." I choked a little, I could feel my cock pulsing in her hand as it willed to be finally and fully relieved.

She must have seen that because she smiled at me once more, rolled her eyes jokingly and leant forward towards my cock with her beautiful lips again. She made sure our eyes were locked together as she slid the head of my rock hard cock back into her mouth and sucked, locking her lips under the ridge of the head. The tip of her tongue dipped into slit at the very tip and I lost eye contact with her as I groaned and rolled my eyes upwards.

My body language must have given me away because she soon unwrapped her lips from my cock and gripped the shaft tightly and squeezed. I heard her speak but trying my best not to cum (and I was clearly about to fail) stopped me from being able to look at her. "Cum for me..." she whispered her words and I moaned and bucked my hips slightly to which she responded my running her grip up and down my shaft quickly and tightly, "give me the hot sticky stuff..."

I did cum for her. I cummed a lot for her as strands of the hot, sticky goo spurted from my member. It took me a few seconds before I was able to put my eyes downwards and see what mess I had made. I pumped a third, fourth and fifth time each with less and less cum as it began to run down her fingers and drip onto the earth beneath us. There was a long line of my cum along her pale arm and she looked up at me with an accomplished smile. "There you are," she spoke with mischeive in her voice, "you've done something new today."

"Yes, yes, I did," I said with my voice still laboured as I attempted to regain my ability to breathe again, "but... why?" I asked confused. It made no sense why she had suddenly chose to take me off into the woods and tug me off. I mean, no girl wanted to do that normally... yet she chose to. I wasn't complaining of course. I was just confused.

Sam did not answer me for a second as she grabbed a tissue from her bag (which I didn't even notice she had with her) and began to clean herself up and get off from her knees. She brushed herself down, titled her head at me and smiled before she finally answered me. "I'm a slut." She didn't say anything else as she hiked her bag over her shoulder and walked off; leaving me to quickly do my jeans up and follow her with a brisk walk.

"Really?" I asked, catching up, "That's it, you're a slut?"

"Yep," she glanced to me at her side, "you don't mind me being a slut for you, do you?"

"Clearly not," I said, shrugging. I had never met a girl quite like Sam. I had met a few easy girls in my time but none of them would ever get with me for a start and none of them revelled in being a slut so much, "I guess I should appreciate being another notch on your bedpost."

"Notch?" she asked as he finally got back into the sunlight and saw Sara and Rose sitting on the grass, facing away from us, "you're my project." She didn't say anything else after that as she picked up her pace and ran back to sit down next to her friends -- leaving my wondering where Rose found such a mystery. I followed them and joined them a few seconds later just in time to see Rose give me a strange look and raise an eyebrow.

"Have fun?" Sara asked as I sat down and tried to look anywhere but in their direction. I was awkward and in a new situation -- a strange one that I had never expected in a million years when I woke up that morning.

"You could say that," I mumbled.

Sam cut across me and reach across out little circle and put a hand on my thigh to which my face went bright red, "he had a lot of fun from where I was..." she paused, looked at the two girls, gave a small giggle and finished her sentence, "knelt."

I almost died from embarrassment as I stared at the ground and picked at the grass between my knees. I remained silent even though I could feel the eyes of the three girls staring at me playfully and teasingly. They knew what I was like after all. After several more seconds of silence and my red face, I finally lifted my chin and looked around at each of the three girls. "She did have a pretty good view..."

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