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I have some wonderful, exciting, literate fans that I enjoy friendship and correspondence with. In this story the names have been changed to protect the naughty, but you know who you are.....here's to you M.R.-thanks for making those Friday afternoons a working delight!


Max Roberts, 25 years old, is lying on the gurney in the ambulance as the sirens wail overhead, cursing his luck. It had started as a pretty fair day. He had the day off and had scheduled an extra surfing lesson with his buddies Mike and Pete. Waves were rolling in pretty good when they hit the beach and it looked like a good day for a lesson. It was a good day for a lesson too, until a wave a little too high had trapped him in the barrel and pinned him against the bottom for endless moments. He'd swallowed a good bit of water and his board, on it's tether, had bounced and caught him hard against his hip and thigh, leaving him feeling initially like he'd broken a leg. Eventually the surge had relaxed and he was able to drive for the surface, throwing a limp arm across his board as his friends, and other surfers surrounded him to pull him out of the water and get him to shore.

He'd protested somewhat weakly when his instructor had insisted on calling EMS, but now that he was on board and on his way to the hospital, he found he was more embarrassed than anything else. Strapped in as he was though, with back board and neck brace to avoid any possibility of further spinal injury, he couldn't even scratch his own nose, and was starting to realize his injuries were not as bad as he'd felt they might be at first blow.

The whole thing blew chunks though. Today was the first time he'd had that incredibly hot, older woman as his instructor. The minute he'd seen her on her board in the water he'd felt the tingle in his balls and had to hit the water himself - belly down on his board until he could control his incipient erection. He loved the way her breasts assumed that teardrop shape, obviously natural and never touched with a knife. He longed to kiss and lick the sensitive whiter skin underneath in the fold of her breasts, before working his way up to what he assumed would be spectacular nipples. He knew she'd given birth to at least one, maybe two of the kids teaching, which explained the wider flow of her hips and he knew that the natural changes in her body in nipples and labia, would reflect that. Just like the laugh lines around her eyes reflected a lifetime of squinting against the sun, and the good-natured humor she evidenced in other ways. Starting to feel the tingle of arousal again he stopped and tried to focus on his pain, cold showers, and...shit...the fact that his car and all his stuff was still at the beach!

# # #

Allison Richards, Alli to most of the world at large, registered nurse and at 45 newly licensed and certified nurse practitioner, was stressing. It was her first day, of her first shift at her new job in the new hospital ER and neither the Head Nurse, nor the Chief Resident were very certain about having an NP seeing patients to reduce the work load of the physicians. It didn't help that she was outspoken, attractive, funny and flirtacious...all of which might have been forgiven if she hadn't also had an IQ of 165 and pulled straight A's in all of her classes. She was aware that both senior members of the staff felt threatened by her very presence, and the Chief of Staff had already warned her that neither her gender, nor her status as a Native American would help protect her if either of the two complained about her behavior personally or professionally. She knew they were looking for a reason to fire her and didn't look forward to these first few weeks of work until she began to prove her professional competence.

Right now though she was preparing Exam Room 1 for a young patient being brought in from a surfing accident. She didn't know much about him other than age, vital signs, and that he was oriented x3. She knew it was not a shark attack, thank goodness, so she brought in the portable X-ray machine and told radiology to hold availability for possible CT and MRI. Checking to make certain there were plenty of clean dressings available in all sizes, elastic bandages, IV solutions, and any number of injectables she thought might be needed, making certain current Tetanus and antibiotics were among them. Checking those items off her mental lists she moved to the next items, ensuring that any medical or surgical equipment she felt might be needed was not only available but ready and waiting on trays - just needing to be unwrapped for use. Several packages of sterile gloves in her size were available, as well as in the sizes of the nurses and residents who might be supervising.

During her initial ER rotation her Nurse Instructor and Chief Resident had both commended her for her level of preparation and near instinct of what might be needed close at hand. Neither had seemingly realized it was a function of both her IQ and a high level of memory that allowed her to visualize quite clearly the types of injuries, disease processes, and treatments needed. For now, however, she was as prepared as possible and knowing her patient was only moments away she grabbed a quick break to down the last of her morning coffee, followed by a piece of cinnamon gum to freshen her breath.

# # #

Alli enjoyed working in the emergency room and knew that it took a special kind of personality. She seemed to thrive on the controlled chaos and derived an almost sensual pleasure from out-witting death, disease and any of the other ills and injuries the human body delighted in inflicting on itself. When her young patient, Max, she noted his name absently, already knowing that his age was only a few years older than that of her son's. She talked to the patient, out loud, using normal, non-medical speech and using his name as often as possible, knowing that most patients find this reassuring. She told him every step of every procedure before it occured so as not to shock or further traumatize him, but all things considered his condition seemed remarkably good and stable. His color was excellent, temperature near normal, all his vital signs in fact were well within the normal range.

When initial X-rays showed no fractures she informed him that he would be sent up to Radiology for MRI scans and an ultra-sound of a large swelling on his right upper thigh, and that she would see him again when he returned. She was somewhat startled when he reached out a hand to grab her arm in passing, strongly pulling her into his line of vision, limited due to the cervical collar he still wore to restrict neck movement. The twinkle in his blue eyes was, she thought, probably one of the best indicators of his overall state of health. When asked what he needed he stated emphatically he wanted to know her name, and startled out of her usual warm, but strict professionalism, she said-


As his gurney was wheeled out to Radiology she mused, 'now what in the hell has gotten into you, Richards? Just because a patient flirts or asks your name you're going to lose it and put this job on the line?'

# # #

For Max, his impressions of his initial moments in the E.R. were somewhat different. There seemed to be nothing controlled about the chaos, except that there was a voice, a deep voice for a woman, was it a man? No, he thought, I'm sure that's a woman's touch I'm feeling when the voice speaks. Several times brief visions of the tops of people's heads would swim into view over the edge of the neck collar he still wore. Initially he'd forgotten and tried to turn his head to follow, but the neck collar they had placed on him, before even putting him in the ambulance soon disabused him of that idea. When the voice asked him if his neck hurt then, it was difficult to know if it hurt because he'd strained it fighting the collar, or because it was actually injured.

At one point he caught a glimpse of crows-wing black hair, framing a bold, angular face and a pair of enormous dark eyes, but then it flashed out of view again. You couldn't call a face like that pretty, it was too strong for mere prettiness, but those eyes were definitely arresting. There were shadows behind those eyes but whether from stress, fatigue, or some past pain he couldn't tell. Simply that they seemed to be wise, ageless eyes in a face far too young for them...and he shivered. 'The Voice' immediately sharpened, asking if he were cold or in pain and, while replying negatively, it began to irk him that, whoever 'The Voice' belonged to knew his name, but he didn't know hers. He was more and more convinced though that it was 'her', and that she was the woman with the eyes.

Finally, as they began to wheel him out of the little room and off to Radiology for more tests he was able to snag someone's arm and pull them toward him. He was glad to see that it was the woman with the black hair and eyes. No, wait, they were deep, dark brown - like a doe's eyes he thought. Her face solemn she asked what he needed and a flare of triumph went off inside him, it WAS her, SHE was 'The Voice'. And when he asked her name she smiled, her face magically altered to a swift and sudden beauty.

"Alli", she said, and he rolled the name around and around in his mind as they wheeled him down the hall.

# # #

While Max was in Radiology, Alli cleaned the exam room and saw several additional patients, an 8 year old with a suppurating rash that turned out to be poison ivy, a 28 year old ad exec with strep throat, and an incipient ulcer. It seemed to be a fairly slow, easy day in the Emergency Room. Either that, or 'someone' was deliberately mis-directing patients around and away from her. Preferring to believe it was the former, but not being sufficiently busy to keep her mind from wandering she had called Radiology several times to check on her prize patient for the day, Max. He'd proved to be slightly claustrophobic, as so many people do, and required some mild sedation before being put in the waiting line for the open MRI machine. Later he was waiting for the Ultrasound Tech to finish with a multiple pregnancy complication before starting his procedure. Finally she received word that he was on his way back down to ER and that his images and reports would be available shortly on the in-system computer.

She welcomed him back into the exam room, noting on his chart the removal of his back and neck braces. She saw him watching her with interest and spoke to him, asking how he felt, any change of symptoms, severe pain. She also informed him that, once she'd had a chance to review his test reports, assuming all his results were still negative, if he were hungry or thirsty, she could arrange a meal, juice or ice water for him. Meanwhile he could have ice chips to suck on if he was very thirsty.

"That'd be great, Alli. Feels like I sucked down half the bay when I was trapped underwater."

As she turned to get a cup of ice chips from the pitcher she'd fetched earlier, he noticed what a great ass she had. Her cargo khaki's fit snugly across the curve and slope of her bottom as it flared from the long tapering slide of her back. She wore a short white lab coat with a dusky red, western style shirt underneath that accented her bust while hugging her waist tightly. He couldn't get a clear view of her bosom with the lab coat in the way, but thought it would balance her ass nicely.

She spooned some of the ice chips between his lips, noting again what piercing blue eyes he had. Though not superstitious, like many Native Americans she found the turquoise, sky and ice blue colored eyes of many Caucasian's disconcerting. She always felt they could see right through her, while to her, their eyes remained soulless and an enigma. Max's eyes however had little flecks of green and gold, and they literally twinkled with barely supressed interest and...something else. Alli felt her face grow warm and the stirrings of warmth and moisture between her legs, while under her lab coat her nipples grew hard in response to what she saw in her patient's eyes. Turning away and focusing on the computer screen she fought to re-gain control of her physical reponses. 'What on earth is wrong with you,' she thought, 'He's a puppy! You're old enough to be his mother for god's sake!' And felt her nipples grow even harder at the thought of him suckling them.

If she was confused about her feelings, there was no confusion or hesitation at all in Max's mind. If there was any way to get into those cargo khakis he was determined to try. He watched her now as she sat in front of the terminal clicking rapidly through reports and what he assumed were his MRI and ultrasound views. She had long, slender fingers with natural, unmanicured nails and he imagined how it would feel to have her fingers, or better yet, her full lips, wrapped around his cock. Surreptitiously he brushed the head of his penis with his hand, only to feel it stir and begin to harden. 'Wonder what she'd do if she turned around and found me sportin' a full hard on?' he thought. 'Probably best not to have to find out, dude. Better think about icebergs for now...not that terrific ass...or how it'd feel to have her hair brushing your belly, while she.....icebergs dude, SHIT!' He cursed to himself as his member took another twitching step to erection.

Meanwhile, feeling more under control, Alli had finished reviewing all of the test results and reports and was pleased to see everything was negative. The swelling on Max's leg was simply the result of bruising and with rest, ice and elevation should return to normal in a day or two. She didn't dare to meet his eyes as she relayed the results to him, and so, found her eyes being drawn to another fairly prominent area of incipient swelling between her patient's legs. She watched fascinated as it began to harden, returned to a more flaccid state and then began to stir again. Max's apparent arousal was matching the warmth and dampness she was feeling in her own groin, but at the moment, his needs as a patient had to take pre-eminence.

"All right Max, we're going to get you cleaned up and bandaged, now that we know everything is okay."

"We who?" he asked, looking toward the door, somewhat worried that another person coming in might break the mood he'd felt building.

"Oh," she flushed before answering. "I don't know why medical people always say we, like we're royalty or something. I am going to get you cleaned up and bandaged. How's that?" And she smiled that face-transfiguring smile that took her from a rather severely attractive woman to someone who seemed to him startlingly beautiful. He grinned back at her, winking without thought of the circumstances, reacting only to her smile and his attraction to her. Startled, she almost frowned for a moment before smiling even more broadly and winking back at him. Turning to prepare a basin of warm water, and break open a new pack of wet wipes, she again fought hard for self control. She could tell that her pulse and respirations were up, her nipples were like rocks now and she'd be surprised if there weren't a damp spot beginning to show through on her slacks. Somehow Max had stopped being a patient, and had certainly stopped being a "puppy", and just become a man, an interesting, and definitely interested man...and it had been a long time since she had let herself experience such feelings.

She began to softly scrub the abraded and swollen areas of his hip and thigh in the firm but gentle manner she had initially learned back in nursing school, while trying to keep him covered and unexposed. She made small talk all the while about his surfing lessons, what he did professionally, the weather, movies he'd seen recently - trying to keep both their minds occupied, but it was no use, his prick continued to stir and fill until it was bobbing freely under the sheet covering him. And as Alli began, on the one hand, to assure him that this was a natural phenomenon resulting from a close encounter with death, as well as her own ministrations, on the other hand she marvelled at the size of his erection and longed to stroke him, or wrap her lips around him. Shaking herself mentally she thought, 'next thing you know Allison girl, people will be calling you a cougar and laughing behind their hands.'

Max was involved in his own dilemma, trying to decide whether to ignore his hard on, as Alli was suggesting, or to take one of those long beautiful hands in his and wrap it firmly around his shaft where he wanted it. As her lab coat fell away when she leaned forward he could see that her nipples were hard and pressing proudly against her shirt despite the constriction of any bra or undergarments. 'God,' he thought, licking his lips, ' they must be at least the size of pencil erasers, and considering her skin color, they must be a dark color, chocolate brown or a dusky pink.' As he lost himself in fantasies of the Indian woman's breasts and nether parts, his erection hardened even further and twitched once or twice.

It was at that point that the intercom announced that the Chief Resident would begin making rounds shortly, and Alli's mind went into over-drive...

"Jesus H...." and looking at Max, "May as well be hanged for a thief as a liar. Can you think that thing down. If you think about funerals or cold showers or icebergs will it help?"

"Afraid not," he grinned unrepentantly. "Passed that point some time ago."

Shaking her head at his youthful exuberance, while thoughts of her imminent dismissal swirled through her own head if the Chief Resident arrived to find her patient flaunting an erection the Resident would immediately assume she was responsible for generating. Turning to the door she flipped the lock and turning back to Max said, "Do you think if I give you a hand you'd be able to cum quickly?"


Beginning to unbutton her shirt to the waist and lifting her breasts out, over the top of her bra she repeated, "Do you THINK, if I help you, you'll be able to cum quickly?"

"Are you for real?"

"Very much for real, Max" she smiled at him, despite the fact he hadn't been able to take his eyes off her nipples since they came into view. Taking some lotion she lubed her hands well and rubbed them together briskly to warm the lotion before removing the sheet covering Max's groin area. She grasped his penis firmly, stroking up and down with both hands until most of the lotion covering her palms had been transferred to his shaft, feeling him twitch in her hands and seeing his balls begin to draw up with excitement. He groaned in pleasure and shifted until he was lying more comfortably on the gurney, then reached to stroke her breast, ending with a lingering circling of her nipple.

"That's great," he groaned. "But I'm afraid I'm gonna need more than that."

"I know baby, hold on a second," Alli closed her own eyes briefly in pleasure at the sensations he was evoking in her. Then, halting momentarily to shed her lab coat, she leaned over the gurney, sliding an arm under Max's neck and shoulder's to support him so that his mouth was closer to her breasts.

"Beautiful," he murmured before engulfing one nipple hungrily, as his hands sought out her other breast. She returned her attention to his massive erection, again marvelling at the size of it. The head was attaining a deep, reddish purple blush, the veins fully distended and throbbing with a definite right hand curve and the milky sheen of pre-cum moistening the head. Licking her lips she acknowledged a deep, aching hunger to take his cock into her mouth and suck him dry, or to shove the monumental staff into her now dripping pussy and ride him until they both collapsed in orgasmic fatigue, there simply wasn't time. Rubbing her thumb in circles around and over the head, while her hand continued the steady rhythm she was building as she pumped his shaft, she realized one of his hands was now fumbling with her zipper.

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