tagMatureThink About Icebergs: First Night

Think About Icebergs: First Night


As I've mentioned before, my fans are very special to me and some are precious indeed - special recognition and thanks are due to R.S. for your input with plot, and editorial assistance - and for the rest "Ditto".

# # #

Allison Richards, Nurse Practitioner, had settled her young patient, Max Roberts, into her own bed, knowing that there was more room there for him to stretch out and relax in his sleep. She had intended to sleep on the couch, but Max had disabused her of that notion, telling her that whereever she intended to sleep, he intended to sleep as well, 'bed, couch, floor or bathtub'. It had been a long day for him and she expected fatigue to claim him fairly quickly, only to find him wide awake, leaning on one elbow and looking somewhat anxious as she finally exited the bathroom dressed for bed in boxers and an over-large T-shirt. Seeing his expression she hurried toward the bed, her nursing experience and training winning out over all other thoughts.

"Max, is everything all right? Are you in pain?"

"A little," he acknowledged, reaching toward her. "It's just...."

"What?" She asked distractedly as she began preparing a dose of the pain medication she'd prescribed for him earlier, and then had filled during the afternoon's errands.

"You were in there a long time. I thought maybe you'd changed your mind."

Startled she made full eye contact with him, realizing how serious he was and how much their experience in the E.R. had apparently meant to him. Putting the capsules and glass of water carefully on the bedside stand, she turned to him, taking his free hand in hers and leaning forward to kiss him gently.

"No, Max, I haven't changed my mind. But I am curious as to what outcome you hope for here?"

He flushed red with embarrassment, taking his hand back and running it through his hair.

"To be honest, Alli, I haven't thought that far ahead. I'm very attracted to you...and, I think maybe you're attracted to me too. And what little we had this afternooon was...well, better than I've ever experienced with any other woman before. I haven't thought beyond that."

"Okay", she said smiling. "Let's get you well then and back on your feet. If you do have any thoughts or make any decisions, I expect you to let me know though."

"Ditto", he said smiling, before reaching up to pull her down to him by her braid for a long, lingering kiss.

As his mouth and tongue hungrily battled her own, his hand continued to stroke down the path of her braid, following the contours of her body till reaching her nipple - already erect and straining against the confines of her T-shirt. He stroked it lazily with his thumb, feeling it grow harder, ridged and pebbled around the aureole as her arousal intensified, and eliciting a low, throaty groan from her.

"By the way", he said as he nuzzled at her throat, "if you thought that outfit would keep me from getting turned on....think again."

Taking her hand in his and placing a kiss in her palm he placed it firmly on his once again erect penis. Lowering his head to nibble at a nipple through the shirt he added, "Personally, I think it makes you look incredibly hot!"

Arching her back to thrust her breast further into his mouth Alli murmured, "I thought that you might be tired from all the excitement of the day. Your trip to the E.R., then back to the beach to arrange for your car to be driven here, getting your meds filled, being stuck in traffic while we drove out here..."

Weaving her fingers into his hair she pulled his head closer to her breast as he gnawed and suckled her nipples through the now sopping T-shirt material as his hand began to fumble at the button of her boxers. Unbuttoning it he inserted his fingers to find her hot, wet and slick against his hand. This time he groaned as he tried to move lower in the bed, causing her to start away from him in concern -


"No, I'm okay - just a little sore and pretty stiff."

Alli rolled her eyes and chuckled at the obvious double entendre.

"Can I help with anything?" she asked.

"Well - you could lose the clothes while I change position."

"Okay. If you're sure you want to do this - or I could..."

Pulling her down to him by her braid again he stopped her mouth with a kiss.

"I'm positive I want to do this, and I want to do it now! We were rushed this afternoon and I want more of you than that..." Smacking her lightly on her butt he added, "Now if you'll just cooperate by getting undressed?"

Reaching down she grasped the tail of her shirt firmly, pulling it up and over her head in one smooth move before Max was even able to struggle out of the bed to a standing position. As she wriggled out of the boxers, letting them fall to the ground and stepping away from them, Max paused to drink in her appearance. She was, he thought, everything he admired as womanly....and perhaps, then some. Her full, ripe breasts hung heavily against her ribcage - the prominent, dusky nipples he had noted earlier, already erect and pebbled. Her warm, copper-brown complexion ran from her toes to the crown of her head showing no evidence of tan lines. She had a figure that he could only describe as womanly. A narrow waist swept out to full, pear-shaped buttocks and long, strong legs. She had a slight belly, the kind that he had always thought of as "the baby bulge", strong evidence of having given birth at least once. She was standing, legs slightly spread and one hand on her hip, smiling slightly as she examined his now naked physique.

"Still sure about this?" she asked.

"Does it look like I have any doubts whatsoever?" he returned, as he gestured down at his prick, fully distended with veins throbbing as it bobbed freely between his legs.

Striding around the bed toward him she knelt, cupping his balls in one hand, while the other held him firmly at her eye level. He thought he heard her murmur, 'beautiful', before her eyes closed and her mouth opened to engulf him wetly. He groaned his delight , rocking forward as much as possible to thrust more deeply into her mouth. Cupping his hands around her head and weaving his fingers loosely under her braid he closed his own eyes, focusing on the pleasure she was generating with mouth and tongue. Her tongue swirled across the head, as her lips circled him just under the crown, then using the point of her tongue to rub against the sensitive knot of tissue at the base of the head before taking several long, sucking strokes, trying to get the whole length of him into her mouth and down her throat. It seemed to take only seconds before he felt the familiar drawing sensation that presaged his climax.

"Soon," he murmured.

Alli opened her eyes to look up at him and he could tell, from the change of shape and the twinkle in them that she was smiling as she winked and closed them again, moving back to her 'work' with true dedication. Tightening his hands under her hair he gave himself over, feeling the pleasure-pain of his balls drawing up and the first hot jets of his cum shooting down her willing throat.

Alli swallowed eagerly, delighting again in the warm, bittersweet taste of his cum and the throbbing velvet feel of his prick in her mouth. With one hand she softly stroked the wet folds at her core. During her shower earlier she had fingered herself to orgasm while recalling the events of the afternoon. She still wasn't sure what had gotten into her. She never allowed herself to get this out of control anymore, not since....well, not since.... She had sworn she was never going to lose control like that again once her son was born, and the few lovers she had taken since had been strictly on her terms. Mostly she had subsisted with necessary self-stimulation and some toys. Once her studies intensified they had taken most of her energy and attention and she realized suddenly it had been years since she had even thought about taking a lover. Maybe that explained it. Knowing that there was probably more pleasure yet to come she continued idly stroking around her clit, not seeking an orgasm, just to sustain the high level of arousal she was at until the next stage of their lovemaking could be reached.

As his penis finished pulsing out its load of spunk she swallowed again, stroking as lightly as possible with her tongue, knowing how sensitive the head can get after orgasm. Opening her mouth she allowed his now semi-flaccid member to fall from her mouth as he bent to urge her to her feet. Capturing her mouth with his, he pressed her fully to him, one hand fondling a breast as the other pulled her buttocks closer, grinding her against his groin.

Cupping the weight of her breast in his palm he bent to suckle her, causing a feeling of delight to shoot straight from the nipple to her groin. She found herself pressing even closer to him as she experienced an unaccustomed weakness in her knees. Chuckling as he realized her problem, Max deftly turned, despite the limitations of his leg, and pressed the backs of her legs against the mattress letting her down gently on its surface.

She wiggled back across the bed, making room for Max to join her. Hissing once as his bruised muscles moved too quickly, Max stretched out between her legs, separating her folds gently with his fingertips.

"God, Alli, you are so beautiful." He drew the outlines of her labia with a fingertip, "Your lips are so pink,and wet. And the more you get turned on, the more they swell and fill and the deeper rose color they turn. And your clit," He paused to stroke it with the point of his tongue, flicking it back and forth before suckling it like a nipple. "your clit is like a pearl, hidden in an oyster. But your cunt is the best, sweet and juicy, dripping with honey and all for me."

At that he buried his tongue in her cunt, thrusting deeply, licking and sucking to extract all of her nectar. At the same time with the thumb of one hand he was rubbing her clit back and forth, then around in a constantly varying rhythm that was driving her mad with excitement. Lost now to pleasure she began to fondle her nipples, pulling and pinching them as a low constant hiss began to escape her lips. Her hips began to thrust uncontrollably against his mouth not realizing Max was watching her appreciatively over the curve of her belly, enjoying the process of seeing her pleasure build. With the fingers of his other hand he now began fucking her, gently at first, then more firmly as he heard her gasp 'yes' before thrashing even more violently against his mouth.

As she gave one especially violent thrust upwards he felt her muscles begin to clamp and spasm around his fingers signalling the onset of her climax. Burying his face in her cunt and holding her hips firmly with both hands he rode out the contractions as her cum flowed over his lips and tongue. Lifting his face only far enough to breathe and only when necessary he felt her spasms ease off and then, out of nowhere, trigger again. He realized with delight that Alli was one of those rare and wonderful creatures, a truly multi-orgasmic female. Switching to finger fucking her while stroking her clit firmly with his thumb he bent even further, licking and stroking with his tongue as her juices oozed down her cleft, stroking lower and lower until he was circling the tight pink rosebud of her anus with his tongue. Pointing his tongue strongly he circled then began to quickly fuck her ass with his tongue as she went wild, all of her muscles spasming into rigor around him as she came again, then almost immediately again.

"Enough," she gasped, clamping her thighs firmly around his head in an effort to keep him from reaching her now overly sensitive clitoris. "Fuck me! Now!"

Bracing himself on his hands he said "I don't know..."

"Oh," she chuckled, realizing his limitations. "Fine! Get your ass up here and lay down."

"Bossy bitch." He said grinning at her as he complied.

"Yes. Thank you for noticing." She said as she smiled down at him, leaning over to kiss him deeply, licking around his lips where her cum still lingered on his skin.

Reaching between her legs she grasped his member, stroking the head between the lips of her vagina to thoroughly lubricate him before settling down onto him. She gasped slightly at the feel of him filling her after being empty for so long. Unsure for a moment if long unused muscles would be able to stretch sufficiently to take him fully inside her, she held herself firmly in check, easing slowly down onto him until she could feel the fur of his belly against her. Settling onto him and nearly purring with delight as he reached up to massage her breasts and nipples she checked briefly to make sure she wouldn't hurt him with her movements and then began, first with a rocking, near sliding motion. Sliding forward on his cock till he was nearly free of her, then rotating her hips quickly to settle him firmly back into her canal as she rocked down onto him.

As the excitement level began to build between them his hands left her breasts and moved to her hips, urging her into a more rapid, straightforward rhythm. The bruising and muscle strain in his hip wouldn't allow him the movement necessary to fuck her, but with a nearly instinctive response to his muscle tension, she sped her movements, tiny beads of sweat appearing between her breasts as the only indication of her effort. Her own excitement and arousal level now rising to match or exceed his own, she began slamming down onto his rod, the wet slap as their skin connected echoing through the room while the musky smell of their arousal rose around them.

He could feel the pressure building in his balls and warned her, saying, "I'm gonna cum."

She tossed her braid back over her shoulder and smiled down at him as she answered,"Good, fill me up."

Never pausing in her rhythm she thought she was very close to cumming herself when she felt the first twitching throbs of his emission. As Max started to orgasm he pressed his fingers between them, sliding them against her clit and rubbing her hard as he said -

"Cum with me."

The moment she felt his fingers move against her clitoris she felt the world explode in silent white light behind her eyes, and an implosion of hot pleasure in her groin and that was all she knew.

As she collapsed onto Max he cradled her carefully against him for several moments while his breathing returned to normal. But when she continued to lie on him like dead weight he quickly became alarmed. Good God, he thought in a moment of panic, don't tell me I've killed her. Trying to remember first aid classes taken prior to babysitting in high school he checked her neck and was relieved to find a strong pulse. As he relaxed he became aware that he could feel the soft feathering touch of her breathing against his neck and realized she had either fainted or collapsed in exhaustion.

Not sure specifically what he should do he felt he couldn't go wrong keeping her warm and comfortable. Shifting her onto her side he pulled the covers over her and wrapped himself around her. Sighing contentedly she nestled back against him and wrapping his arms around her as though he might not ever let go, he gave himself over to sleep as well.

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