tagMatureThink About Icebergs: Their Summer

Think About Icebergs: Their Summer


Episode 1

They were soaking companionably in a small, secluded hot spring, south of Big Jimmy Creek off Sheepskin Road. Max thought he'd never felt so totally relaxed and at ease in his life. The sky held a thick blanket of stars above them. He'd never seen anything quite like it before - certainly not in the cities where he'd spent his life until now. Glancing across at Alli he realized she was subtly different too - the furrow of "worry lines" she usually carried between her brows was gone and there was a barely noticeable smile playing around her lips. She was laying back with her eyes closed, her hair loose and flowing in the water, her puckered nipples barely breaking the surface.

It had been a long couple of days - loading the car with every sort of household good HE could've thought of. Piles of blankets, stacks of cast iron skillets and dutch ovens, good knives and - most surprising to him, considering her views on alcoholism, and smoking, half a car load of whiskey in various size bottles, and tobacco - both cigarettes and tins and pouches of the stuff. He'd raised his eyebrows at Clayton as they started loading things into her GMC Jimmy but Clayton just shook his head and rolled his eyes meaningfully at his mother. Finally, when the only room left in the interior of the big truck was seating for three, Allison seemed - if not satisfied - at least resigned to her space limitations. Luggage for the trip was tied down tightly on top of the rig, covered with several layers of waterproof tarp, and tied down tightly again. Eying the end result Clayton had risked his mother's raised eyebrow and potential wrath to stage whisper -

"All we need now is Granny in a rocking chair on top to REALLY look like the Beverly Hillbillies!"

Max had grinned back at the young Indian and started to laugh until he'd seen the look in Alli's eyes. She was tired and short-tempered so he choked back his laughter and any potential questions until a more opportune time might present itself. He thought perhaps now might be that opportune time and he appreciated Clayton's thoughtfulness in leaving with some of his cousins and friends for a few days hunting, so that they might have time alone.

"Alli, sweetie?" When she opened her eyes and smiled at him he gathered his courage and asked, "What's with all the stuff? The blankets, and stuff - mostly the booze and tobacco? I mean, after what you told me about Clayton's dad...and being a nurse and all...I just don't get it."

She smiled at him then with full, dazzling effect - rolling in the water and moving next to him. The pool they were in sloped sharply but in the shallows, where they were laying, the water was comfortably warm - it got hotter as it got deeper - but for all that it was summer, the night air was cool outside the water and away from the fire. As her chest rolled out of the water he watched her nipples draw up into hard points and she pressed close to him rubbing the nubbins against him, making it hard to concentrate on her words.

" - hard to understand tribe mentality I know, baby - but you could have asked me anytime and I'd have tried to explain." She paused to wring the water from her hair - finger combing it and loosely braiding it while she pondered her next words. " See, even though I don't live ON the Res anymore - because I 'made it' and am pretty successful at what I do, I have a duty and responsibility to the rest of the tribe. Not that I'm a chief or anything so dramatic as that - just that I've had some success, and I have some skills and ability and...."

She shook her head, unable momentarily to find words to relay feelings and emotions she had carried for a lifetime.

"It's not just that I owe them - for helping to make it possible for me - for taking care of Clayton and me, when I couldn't do it myself yet... That's true enough, but it's not the whole story either - I...I.."

"Those who CAN - DO?" he asked solemnly, affected by her mood as much as her words.

"Exactly!" she exclaimed, her eyes lighting up and nipples crinkling hard again with excitement at his understanding. "As for the alcohol-most of that will, I think, wind up being poured onto the ground as a sort of offering....like the tobacco smoke. Most of that won't be smoked in its current form - some will maybe - but mostly it will be burned along with sweet sage, and maybe sweet grass, to make a purifying smoke - smudge...or as an offering to the Mukua - the Spirits."

She added thoughtfully, "Some of what's coming...well, I don't know that I can ever really explain." She gazed at him intently then, "But you seem to understand things so well sometimes, about me especially - I guess I'm hoping maybe I won't have to find English words."

He realized then, for the first time really, that despite her lack of an accent of any kind English was not the language of her birth. Smiling down at the woman in his arms he told her, "I tend to forget that English isn't your 'native tongue'."

Eyes twinkling she responded to the double entendre as he'd hoped, "Why don't you just lie back and look at the stars...and I'll give you a little sample of my 'native tongue'."

Grinning through his beard stubble he rolled, spread-eagle onto his back in the shallows at the water's edge. Her eyes crinkled with her laughter as she knelt to pounce on him. Shaking her head and still chuckling she leaned over, enjoying the vision of his cock beginning to stiffen and rise out of the surrounding water.

"Eager, my love?"

She smiled over her shoulder at him as she prepared to straddle him, the wet pink ruffles of her sex winking at him as she moved - helping to provide further stimulus to his arousal.

"Hell yeah!" He agreed happily. "Our last week or so....."

"I know, baby. I'm sorry. I've been so tired and things have been....perfunctory"

He stroked her thigh until she looked back at him again -

"Alli - even perfunctory sex with you is amazing - better than with anyone else." He inhaled sharply as her mouth engulfed him, "Ahhhh, fuck!"

Alli, meanwhile settled happily to her "work". Inhaling deeply of the musky smell of Max's sex, and thinking briefly how much she loved the smell of the young man, she held his balls cupped firmly with one hand, the other wrapped around the base of his now steely rod. Lips wrapped around him warmly she sent her tongue, gliding and sliding over the head, running up and around the rim of the crown before pausing to suck and lick at the sensitive knot of tissue of the frenum.

Hearing Max's groans of pleasure, along with the crackle of the logs on the fire and more distant calls of night birds and tree frogs, as well as smelling the increasingly strong scent of his arousal amid the other smells of the wilderness around them, was providing nearly overwhelming stimulus for her own arousal. Steam rising from the water around them warmed her skin almost as much as Max's mouth and hands moving on her did, while the cool zephyr of the night breeze seemed to heighten the sensitivity of her already aroused flesh.

Sucking deeply she slid her mouth to the base of his cock, feeling the head of his penis at the back of her throat while he pulsed and throbbed, hot against her tongue and lips. Holding him firmly and running her thumb over the head now, she bent to suck first one, then the other testicle into her mouth, humming happily around the orbs, only to hear and feel Max's moans from his buried face. Stretching further, she didn't want Max to stop what he was doing after all, she stroked the perineal bridge, first with her tongue and then, unable to reach further, with a saliva moistened finger. Curiously, she circled the tight pucker of Max's anus with her fingertip as well, wondering if he would find it as pleasurable as she did. She was rewarded with an uncontrolled jump of his hips toward her and bent to engulf him wetly in her mouth again, while continuing the anal stimulation.

His hips continued to twitch and rise while he tried to resist the urge to thrust deeply down her throat, letting her control the action. Meanwhile, with his own arms wrapped tightly around her hips and his face buried in her slit, he was enjoying the night, and his woman, as much as she was enjoying him. Stroking with his tongue he laved her from the hood of her clit to the rosebud of her anus. The heat rising from her sex was palpable while the perfume and taste of the sweet nectar flowing from her was, he thought, the best he'd ever found. He thought possibly that loving the woman might have something to do with his pleasure in her body - or perhaps it was the pleasure she took in his body - or maybe there was some truth to all the old saws about chemistry and pheromones - whatever the cause he knew that, while life with Alli would hold challenges in plenty it would never be boring or mundane and he wanted no other life, and no other woman.

Burying his nose in the crack of her ass he sent his tongue darting in and out of the open flower of her sex, enjoying her obvious pleasure as she lifted her pussy further in the air, grinding herself against the rough stubble on his chin and crying out as the spasms of her orgasm pulsed wet against his lips and face. Reaching with one hand he thumbed a turgid nipple that had been drilling into his belly for some time, demanding his attention, while beginning to finger-fuck her with the other hand. Sucking her clitoris into his mouth he alternately stroked and flicked it with his tongue delighting in how quickly she came again, internal tissues clamping warmly around his fingers.

Nearing the point of no return now he smacked her ass sharply, appreciating the self-control she exercised not to bite him. A muffled, interrogatory grunt signified her mouth still being full and he chuckled, planting a kiss on her open cunt and asshole before replying.

"Get UP, wench!"

Taking her mouth off his rigid prick and turning to arch an eyebrow at him, "Wench?" she said with some humor.


Cupping a hand firmly around his balls she repeated, "Squaw?"

Smacking her ass again and grinning at her he replied, "Cum slut!"

Nodding her head thoughtfully and trying not to laugh she let her fingers tighten slightly around his nuts.

"Cum slut...."

Laughing out loud now he added, "Sweet baby, love of my life?"

Leaping to her feet and shaking her braid back over her shoulder she laughed down at him, saying, "Where do you want me, sweet cakes?"

Momentarily unable to speak due to his own laughter he waved in the direction of the fire, watching her bound over and spread out on the zipped together sleeping bags. As he struggled to his feet, impeded both by laughter and his raging hard-on, he was shaking his head.

"Sweet cakes?"

"Oh yeah, baby!" She nodded happily, busily thumbing a nipple with the fingers of one hand while the other hand toyed lazily between her legs. "You definitely got some SWEEET baby cakes!"

"'BABY' cakes?" He asked as he stroked himself idly, watching her play.

Her own eyes narrowed, watching him. Bringing her fingers to her mouth she sucked on them briefly, wetting them as much as she was tasting, before dropping them back to her vulva. She watched his eyes follow the movements of her fingers, sliding them into her pussy and back out again, glistening with her juices. Judging his arousal from the heaviness of his breathing and the throbbing of the member between his legs, she did it again.

"'Baby' cakes?" he asked again thoughtfully.

Nodding her agreement, the point of her tongue just showing between her lips, she added, "SWEET baby cakes!"

Finally, unable to continue to resist either her cheerful good humor or her blatant sexuality, he dropped to his knees between her parted thighs.

"How about sharing some of that?"

"This?" she asked, holding her glistening fingers up and wiggling them in front of him.

"Uh huh!" He nodded, licking his lips.

Holding her fingers to his lips she let him lick them clean, before he cleared his throat and said, "Nice! But I was hoping for a little more straight from the source..."

"OHHH! Well, in that case," she flung her legs further apart, using both hands to spread her labia, "Please be my guest!"

Laughing out loud he slid forward, burying his face between her legs again replacing her fingers with his own. The roughness of his whiskers burned pleasantly against her already sensitive tissues and she came again, almost as soon as his tongue pierced her, flooding his mouth with her sweetness. Realizing he couldn't wait any longer, Max crouched over her, engulfing the nipple she offered up to him, as he slid home into the wet velvet sheath of her sex.

"I can't..." he groaned.

Simultaneously she took his face in her hands, telling him earnestly, "Cum in me...NOW!"

Her legs lifted to lock him deeply within her as he began pumping her full of his hot jism. Feeling briefly as if his climax might be never-ending and that his spunk was being pumped from his fingers and toes, which had gone numb in the process, Max buried his face against Alli's neck, gasping for air.

"Geeee-zzuss FUCK!" she gasped, "If this keeps getting so much better every time we're going to have to start carrying a portable defibrillator with us!"

She felt him begin to shake within the circle of her arms and legs then, helpless with laughter, as she felt their mingled juices begin to ooze from her cunt.

"Damn, Max - we left the towel by the springs - the sleeping bags are going to get soaked!" she cried in frustration.

Eyes twinkling lustfully at her again he replied, "Well, we can't have that now can we?"

"What..." she asked as he slid down her body.

Watching her over the rise of her belly to see her reaction, Max opened his mouth against her, sucking and lapping the mixture of their cum from her. Screaming her pleasure to the night wind she came again, and again, muscle contractions forcing the creampie from her body. When Max finally rose again, face wet, she grabbed his ears, pulling him down in order to kiss him deeply and repeatedly, licking the last of the splooge from his face.

"Always wanted to do that," he grinned down at her.

Still gasping for air and shuddering with aftershocks she shook her head, unable to find words to describe the experience.

"All things considered," he continued, "I thought it turned out pretty well."

He laughed at her continuing speechless state, as her head bobbed her agreement.

"I sort of gather you may have enjoyed it a little?"

He captured her hand before she could punch him, continuing to grin cockily at her, "A lot then?"

"GAWD!" she finally gasped, helpless in the throes of her continuing shudders.

Realizing that at least some of her problems were from being chilled in the cool night breeze, Max bundled her under cover, cradling her against him in the sleeping bag. Spooning her, with one hand cupping her nearest breast, his semi-rigid cock now nestled between the rounds of her buttocks, he kissed her shoulder softly.

"I love you Allison Richards," he murmured against her skin.


He heard her sleepy reply, and having seen the movie Ghost, he was content.

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