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Think Twice


You were sitting in the living room, playing one of your games on a game console. I didn't have a clue what it was called, neither the game, nor the console. I didn't like that kind of games, but preferred table top games. I was sitting in the garden, cross-legged on the grass, reading a novel while the spring sun was keeping me warm. One of our cats was lying next to me enjoying how I absent-mindedly stroked her back.

"Lorri, I would like a coke."

I sighed. I hated when you called me that, instead of calling me by my actual name Laura. For some reason, you always felt that on lazy days, like this one, I should get you anything you wanted so your day could be super lazy. You knew very well that I didn't like being referred to as 'Lorri', which was exactly the reason you used it when appealing to my submissive feelings.

Slowly I got up from the grass, making sure not to disturb the cat. When I looked at you through the open window, your expression made already clear that you thought I should be quicker. I didn't mind. I wanted to be back on the grass instead of serving you. It was moments like these that I regretted that I had ever consented to the relationship dynamic as it was now. When I walked past you, you looked at me over your shoulder.

"Bring me some of that cake as well."

I rolled my eyes when you looked away again. Yesterday you had decided that cake was required to celebrate the start of our holiday. You hadn't even intended to tempt me with it, knowing I was trying to loose weight. But since we now had the cake, you did like to tease me about it. I hurried to the kitchen in front of the house to get the coke and cake. When I returned to you, I kneeled next to the coffee table to put them down. I got up again to walk back to my spot in the garden, when you stopped me in my tracks.

"Lorri, you forgot to put a slice of lemon in the coke."

Crap! I'd forgotten you had brought lemons as well. This 'rule' you had introduced last summer, just after we moved into the house. Every spring and summer we would have lemons and your coke should always have a slice of lemon in it. I couldn't suppress a sigh. You got up from the couch faster than I'd ever seen and you were in front of me within seconds.

"Did you really just sigh?"

Your voice was low and demanding. In other situations my knees would get weak when you grunted at me like this. All I wanted today was to be back outside, reading in the sun.

"You heard it," I answered.

I didn't care how much trouble I would land myself in. I quickly walked past you, back to my spot in the garden.

Once I took my seat on the lawn again, I looked up to see where you had gone. I had expected to find you standing next to me, to tell me exactly how I was going to make up for it. Instead, I found that you had taken your seat in the living room again and, from what I could tell, you had resumed playing your game. Gosh, this might be worse than I'd expected.

I got up from the lawn when I was getting cold. The cat followed me into the living room and got comfortable in the window sill enjoying the setting sun. I continued to the kitchen to find you already chopping vegetables.

"Shall I take over?" I offered.

You put down the knife and turned away from the counter. I took the hint and continued cooking. Without saying a word, you returned to your video game in the living room. When I finished chopping the vegetables, I turned on the oven and put a pan on the stove to prepare the filling. I put the lasagna in the oven 30 minutes later and walked to the living room again.

"Would you like something to drink sweetheart?"

You looked up, staring at me until I got uncomfortable.

"Well? Why don't you answer my question?"

I lost my patience and cursed inwardly. You noticed and chuckled.

"What's up dear? Trying and failing to make up for your mistake this afternoon?"

I couldn't look at you, knowing very well that you enjoyed this very much. Too much for my liking.

"I'll have some wine when dinner's ready."

When I was on my way back to the kitchen, the doorbell rang. I went to check the door and found Dean standing outside.

"Hey Dean, I didn't know you were coming?"

You smiled at me and said, "Hey Laura, I didn't know either until this afternoon. Ray called me and asked if I would like to come over and stay the weekend."

If I wasn't worried before, I certainly was now. Dean was Ray's other submissive, but he was also a switch and they liked to team up against me now and then.

"Will you join us for dinner? We're having lasagna. Would you like something to drink?"

"Oh, I'd love to join for dinner Laura. I'll have a coke."

Point made, you would be dominating me as well sometime this weekend.

"Would you like a slice of lemon in you coke?"

Now I did remember!

"No, thanks. I'll be in the living."

With that, you walked away to greet Ray.

Once I brought you your coke, I returned to the kitchen to serve dinner. I set the table for three, poured red wine for each of us and put the lasagna in the middle of the table. Then I walked to the living room to tell you that dinner was served. Both of you sat down at the table and left me to serve the lasagna. I obliged your silent command. Then I sat down and made sure you both had started eating before I did. During dinner we made small talk.

When we'd finished our lasagna, Dean said to me, "Laura, do you have any desert?"

I looked a question at Ray.

"Lorri, you can offer Dean cake or ice cream."

I turned back to Dean.

"We have cheese cake that Ray bought yesterday and we have raspberry ice cream. Which would you prefer?"

"I'll have some ice cream Laura."

I looked at Ray again.

"Would you like desert as well?"

"No, thank you sweetheart. After you bring Ray his desert, go watch TV. We still have something to discuss."

You startled me when you grabbed me by my throat. You were standing behind me and pulled me back, so I could hardly breathe. Your mouth was close to my ear as you whispered the commands.

"You have exactly five minutes to prepare yourself. I'll see you upstairs."

Five minutes may sound like a lot of time to walk up two flights of stairs, but I always managed to make it only just in time, or not make it at all. Once you let go of my throat, I got up from the couch and walked up the stairs to our bedroom. I undressed and stood in front of the mirror. Should I shave quickly, before we started play? I decided yes, so I went into the bathroom.

Knock, knock. I looked up, realizing I had lost track of time.

"One second, I'm coming!"

Oh, dear. I threw my razor away and hurried outside. I tried to slip past Ray and Dean to get to the third floor first, but was stopped by Ray grabbing my hair.

"Where do you think you are going? Aren't you going to apologize first? Worthless excuse for a submissive that you are!"

Your last sentence did the trick. I wasn't easily hurt with words, but at my core I wanted to serve and submit to you. You speaking these words meant that I'd let you down. Really let you down. I sank to my knees in front of you.

"Sorry, sir, I'm very sorry that I let you down."

Then I bent down and kissed each of your shoes. I stayed down until you spoke again.

"We'll see if you're truly sorry. Get up and move your ass upstairs. NOW!"

I got up and hurried upstairs, closely followed by you.

"Go prepare yourself Dean and be up in a minute. I'll get started with this one."

Get started with 'this one'? This doesn't make sense I thought. Aren't they going to team up against me? Totally perplexed, I let you lead me to the far end wall, where to fastened my hands using the buckles attached to the wall, me facing the room. Then you took a spreader bar and a pair of ankle cuffs and used them to spread my feet apart.

You had hardly finished attaching the cuffs to the spreader bar when Dean came walking in. Had he been clocking that minute? The last thing you did was to grab your custom built Hitachi frame and place it right in front of me. You put the Hitachi in and turned it on. If I pushed my hips forward, I could just reach far enough to get some stimulation. It would be tiring though.

You turned away and focussed your attention on Dean. He had stripped naked as well. He was already rummaging through one of the closets. Soon he turned around, carrying a number of candles, a lighter and a blanket. Dang! He would get to enjoy wax play. You knew how much I enjoyed wax play and now you were going to make me watch how Dean was getting to enjoy this. I only just managed to suppress a shout of agony and I was glad I did, because you would certainly have made my punishment much worse if I hadn't.

I put down the mattress that was standing sideways against the wall and spread out the blanket over it. Then I took a cushion and lay down on my back, the cushion supporting my head and my feet pointing towards Laura so that I was looking up to her. I thought about saying something smart to her, but decided against it. Even though Ray had made clear that our playing together was meant to be punishment for her as much as it was for me to enjoy, I knew that I could get myself in serious trouble if I teased her too much. That is, unless Ray and I were co-topping of course. And tonight, I didn't plan on ending up on Ray's wrong side. I saw the jealousy in her eyes as she watched Ray get ready with the candles.

It didn't take long for Ray to set up everything how he liked. He lit the first candle, a blue one, and let it burn for a couple of seconds before turning to me. He held the candle high up when he let the first drops of wax land on my belly, dripping them around my belly button. I let out a sigh. Some more drops of wax landed, slowly going up from my belly button towards my neck. Then Ray blew out the candle to replace it with a green one. I took the time to look at Laura's face again. She was definitely jealous of me. And Ray hadn't even started her punishment.


The next drops of wax had landed on my left thigh, dangerously close to my scrotum. Ray was holding the candle much lower now, maybe 15 centimeters from my body. Ray moved the candle down my leg, to my ankle and back again and then down and up my other leg as well. He changed to an orange candle, one I knew would get warmer than most of the others and used it to drip wax over my chest for a minute. I couldn't decide if I wanted my eyes closed or open, while Ray kept on dripping wax over my legs, my belly, my chest and my arms. Every time Ray started with new candle I let out a sigh or a yell. I could never really relax during wax play, resulting in my body being tense until all candles had been put away again. So it happened today as well.

After he had stored the candles back in the cupboard, Ray sat down next to me, his back turned to Laura. He took one of my hands in his and looked deep into my eyes.

"You know how very sexy you are? How incredibly hot you look, the way your face shows your pain every time I start with a new candle?"

I let your compliments wash over me. The connection we had was incredible. I needn't say a word for you to know how I felt, what I wished for and what my deepest desires were. You leaned forward to kiss me. Your right hand held my head down, while your elbow leaned on the mattress. You kissed me on my lips very lightly, over and over again, kind of like you were nibbling on them. Then you slowly licked my lips from left to right. When I opened my lips so my tongue could lick yours, you moved back instantly, shaking your head.

"Have patience my dear. You know you like this."

I closed my mouth again, allowing you to continue. You started kissing again, sometimes licking my lips to moisten them. You continued like this for a couple of minutes before you pushed your tongue between my lips to indicate that I should open my mouth. You seduced me into sticking out my tongue just far enough so you could take it between your front teeth and hold it. In a reflex, I tried to pull back my tongue, but you bit just hard enough to prevent me from succeeding. Your grin was unmistakable, showing how you enjoyed this. You let go of my tongue, continuing to kiss me.

Some minutes later you stopped and moved down. As you sat down between my legs, you took my cock in your mouth. You circled the head of my dick with your tongue, both your hands holding it by the base. Slowly you circled. You knew exactly how to play me, how you could give me just the right amount of stimulation for me to keep hard, while not progressing any further to my orgasm.

I felt anguish rise, as I knew this was primarily meant as torture for Laura and I was only your tool in this. You could keep this going for minutes. So you did. Ever so slowly you stimulated me more. This would take half an hour, minimum, before I was going to have my orgasm. Suddenly you stopped, moved your head up and looked around.

"Don't. You. Cum."

As suddenly as you had stopped, just as quickly you resumed what you were doing. Not only just circling the head any more, but alternating between circling and moving up and down the shaft. Sometimes using your tongue to just lick my scrotum. You played me so well, that I couldn't decide if I loved you for taking it so slow and enjoying every lingering second of it, or that I hated you for taking it so terribly slow, thereby delaying my orgasm until I couldn't take it any more. Eventually I drifted off, overloaded with stimulation, until at some point I got pulled out of it by such an intense orgasm that it took me ten minutes to get my bearings afterwards.

Okay, so the wax play I could manage. It was hot to see Dean squirming every time the hot wax landed on his body. I decided to look away, so it would be easier for me to handle this punishment. I soon found out that looking away wasn't really helping much, as Dean kept on sighing and yelling. Even though he didn't intent to, he was making sure I didn't miss a bit of what was going on in front of me. Which certainly had been your intent. Bastard.

I couldn't help myself, so eventually I pushed my hips forward to reach the Hitachi. I had to relax shortly after, as I had to put a lot of strain on my body, just to be able to push forward far enough to reach it. I pushed forward again, and also had to let go again. I hated you for it.

When you were storing the candles back in their place, I allowed myself time to rest and get myself together again. I knew you far too well to hope that this was the end of my punishment. Sure enough, you made it worse.

The sweet words you whispered to Dean made me envious. Yes, rationally I knew that you though the same of me and that you loved me. The thing is, I wasn't thinking rationally. Not after seeing you and Dean enjoy wax play. Every word you said to Dean stung. Every word you said to Dean, I wanted you to say to me. I wanted to know that we would be okay again. I wanted you to look at me again. I wanted to know that I'd suffered enough to deserve your respect again. Of course I hadn't suffered enough yet.

Sure enough, you started kissing Dean when I had barely finished that thought. What have I gotten myself into, I thought. I sincerely regretted my behaviour of this afternoon. I could have known, should have known, that you'd make me regret it. I just hadn't imagined it would be this bad.

I got worked up more and more by the minute, so hot was it to see you two like this together. I kept on straining my body to get the stimulation I so craved. I only relaxed just enough to keep it up, wanting to get as much out if it as possible. When I saw you take Dean's erection in your mouth, you pushed me to the edge. Unfortunately, I had put so much strain on my body that I had to relax for a bit. After a minute or two, I pushed forward again. My breathing had gotten heavy and I was close to my orgasm. Then I saw you look at me.

"Don't. You. Cum."

Your eyes shot fire. You scared me. Instantly I flexed my muscles, the strain to be replaced by a scared tension in my entire body. I didn't dare move a muscle, not even after you returned your attention back to Dean.

Only when Dean had had his orgasm, and you lay down next to him, did I feel the tension leave my body. I watched you caress his body, you lying down next to him. Now I really, genuinely, enjoyed seeing you two together again, knowing how far you had pushed Dean just to punish me. I was also very glad that it was over. Once Dean had come by, you kissed him again before you started taking of the wax from his body. Bit by bit you took off pieces of wax, letting them fall on the blanket.

"Go take a shower and refresh yourself," you told Dean. "Take your time. We'll see you again after I finish off with Laura."

Finish off? Oh crap, this didn't sound good! Slowly Dean got up, hugged you and then walked out of the room to take a shower. Only then did you return you attention back to me.

"So, you thought we were done already?"

Your tone mocking, instantly making me regret my naivety.

"I had hoped so sir," I confessed, my voice betraying my dejection.

"Well, I'm nearly done. Just one more challenge. You've done great so far. You are going to cum for me, it may just not be the way you'd like it."

You put emphasis on the word 'are', making it clear that I didn't have anything to say in this matter. You stopped the Hitachi and put it away. Then you walked to one of the cupboards and took out a cane. You walked back and stood right in front of me, your face only a centimeter away from mine.

"I'm going to hit you with the cane. I'm going to hit you two hundred times. You're going to count them, counting every stroke after I hit you. I set the pace, you just make sure you keep up. You will cum for me when I finish, but only after you count the last stroke. Am I clear?"

Your voice was low, almost a whisper, threatening.

"Yes sir, unmistakably clear."

You stepped back. The first blow landed on my left inner thigh.

"Auw! One."

You already put quite some force in the blow. This was going to be torture. The second blow landed only millimeters next to the first one.

"Auw! Two."

The speed with which you kept hitting me was high. You were relentless. Only when we hit the fifty mark did you slow down a bit. Both my thighs were already covered with marks. With eighty you had me sobbing. With a hundred I was crying out loud. And we were only half way.

At a hundred and fifteen you paused, only just long enough to say, "Remember that you will cum at two hundred. Otherwise I add another hundred."

Through my tears I could hardly see the evil grin on your face.

"Auw! O-one h-hundred a-and sixteen," I stammered.

The pace was still just as relentless. Luckily you had only been hitting my thighs. I soon found out that you were reading my mind. With a hundred and forty you no longer focussed on my thighs, but decided to hit my cunt instead. You did slow down the pace, and you did ease on the force you put in the blows, but it didn't matter.

I was in agony, trying to keep counting every blow. My knees had gotten weak, my legs unable to support my weight. I was just hanging by my wrists. At one sixty you slowed down the pace even more. In between my sobs I just managed to count the blows, my voice barely audible.

I tried to focus on my orgasm. Only forty blows left, if, and only if I managed to orgasm at two hundred. I didn't dare think of what would happen if I couldn't. I wouldn't survive a hundred more, I was sure of it. Eventually we arrived at the last blow, or at least I hoped it would be.

"T-t-two h-h-hundred!" I cried.

"Now cum!" you barked at me.

I surprised myself by how quickly my orgasm built all of a sudden. I heard the cane fall to the floor. You stepped forward, taking me in your arms and carrying me a few steps to lay me down on the mattress.

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