tagBDSMThinking It Was Okay

Thinking It Was Okay


The only sound in the room was me shuffling papers on my desk. The air was tense and uncertain. I called for you and you rushed in to see what I needed. I looked up to see you wearing the outfit I had laid out for you this evening. Nothing fancy, it was just you and me. The black silk boxers hung loosely from your hips and the white T-shirt showed off your nipples perfectly. My day slowly melted away as my eyes lingered on your neck...your collar framing the glow in your eyes. "Come to me", I whispered softly. You came and knelt down in front of me, your eyes lowered. "Have you thought about what you done wrong today?" I probed. I could see your lip quivering and sat back in my chair to watch you. I thought back to earlier today when we were out for dinner...

We were with some friends of ours and having a good time. I had something to discuss with one of them and had told you to wait in the car for me. You had refused and insisted that you stay by my side. My irritation must have shown when I turned to look at you because you immediately lowered your gaze and turned to walk toward the car. The ride home had been silent as I was sitting with my jaw clenched trying to keep my cool. We had come home, only to have me retire to do some work at my desk. I had threw some clothes on the bed for you to put on and ordered you to wear your collar. I hadn't even buckled it for you...

Now, here we were, you knelt down before me, waiting. You spoke softly trying to explain how you thought it was OK to wait by my side instead of the car. I firmly reminded you that I had told you to wait in the car. There were no choices. I had business to attend to. Your eyes filled with tears as I reminded you to never question me in front of people. You knew I was disappointed. I leaned back again to contemplate how to handle this. I knew you had to understand how important it was NOT to question me. I had enough of you explaining and rose from my chair.

"Stand up. Go wait for me in the bedroom" I ordered. I waited until you had gotten comfortable and walked into the bedroom. I stood at the door and saw you kneeled down on the floor. Sighing, I walked to the dresser and pulled out a blindfold. I knelt in front of you and began to speak. "You know, if you listened to me, I wouldn't have to punish you. Do you understand now why obedience is so important?" You slowly nodded your head and I grabbed your hair and pulled it back, hissing in your ear. "I asked you a question and I expect a 'Yes baby' or 'No baby'. Now, Do YOU understand?"

I could hear you whimpering softly as you managed a 'Yes baby'. I released your hair and slipped a blindfold over your eyes. "Tonight, you will learn what it means for ME to have to WAIT on you to obey." I said as I pulled your shirt over your head. Your nipples came into view and it was all I could do not to lean down and take one in my mouth. I shrugged it off, promising myself that would come later. As I spoke, I pulled items from our toy chest out and laid them down beside of you. "I want you to place your hands behind your back and remain silent. You will not move until I tell you to do so".

I looked down and the eroticism of the moment caught my breath. I so hated punishing you, but, disobedience called for it. I reached down and pulled your wrists tightly behind your back, buckling the leather cuffs tight. Ensuring that you would not be comfortable. I tightened your blindfold and assured myself that your sight was no longer usable. I pondered on the next object in my hand and decided that you would indeed be taught a lesson tonight. I ran the metal across my hand and let it dangle onto your chest...causing you to draw a sharp intake of breath. I leaned close to your ear and spoke low and firm for you to know this would be the night a lesson was learned.

"In the future, when you think about disobeying me, I want you to remember how this feels" I could see you shudder and deftly attached a clamp to each nipple. You opened your mouth to protest but immediately shut it. I then looped them through the ring in your collar so that every time you tried to lift your head, you would tug at the chain causing more pain. I straightened back up and looked down to see you blindfolded, bound, your nipples bright red as the clamps applied pressure. The metal cascading from your neck down to each nipple was extremely sensual. I turned to go back to my office and saw your head lift up at the sound of me moving away. Immediately you realized the price for disobeying once again as the chains hanging from your neck were pulled taunt. You bit your lip trying to be quiet. I smiled softly and went to finish my paperwork. Almost an hour later, I had completed everything I needed to do. I walked silently into the bedroom and saw you still knelt down, waiting for me.

Perceptively, I moved to kneel beside you and suddenly removed the clamps. The flow of blood to each of your nipples was excruciating. Your hands were the next to be released and I ordered them to lay at your side. I knew you wanted to rub your nipples to get them to stop hurting. Your blindfold was untied and you looked up at me with repentant eyes. I knew you had learned your lesson. Wordlessly, I leaned down to take each nipple into my mouth and soothe the hurt that you felt. I could hear you moaning softly. I stopped to look up at you and cup your cheek with my hand. "Tell me you learned once again what obedience is" I whispered softly. Your eyes looked deep into mine and I saw the words forming on your lips. I knew you had learned. I stood up and ordered you to undress me. I had a hard day and I needed release. Your hands eagerly began taking my clothes off piece by piece.

When I was completely naked, standing over you, I told you to touch me...now. I looked down to see your face drawing near to me, your tongue slipping out, the eager look in your eyes. Your tongue reached out and ran the entire length of my pussy and I pulled your head back. "Now, you will stop. I want you to remember that naughty subs are sent to bed without supper" I climbed into bed and saw the longing in your eyes. I held out my arms to you and pulled you close as we drifted off to sleep. I awoke to your lips covering my face and you reminding me that today was a brand new day. You smiled mischievously and whispered that you were hungry. I laughed and pulled you down onto me for a morning romp. Now this...I thought...is OK!!

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