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Third Encounter


Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. Any resemblance to actual persons is

Coincidental. A story about an adulterous encounter containing foreplay and oral consensual sex

I'm Tony. B any critique on this story will be very welcome at. So if you read me let me know what you think. Please enclose return address.

"Good morning Gwen." Peter said as he passed her desk.

"Oh good morning Mr Morris. It looks like rain doesn't it." She replied.

"Yeah it sure does, ah well we are inside if it does." Peter said as he carried on walking to his office.

Lunchtime came and he went outside and it was raining. He ran to his car. He drove to the mall and went to the eatery. Looking around he decided on a sub and coffee for his lunch. Finding a table he sat down and ate his lunch, as he did he looked around idly. He smiled to himself at some of the outfits he saw. Wondering who taught them how to dress and what colours to wear and what not too.

He thought back to last night with Gwen in Grayson. They had a great time together.

Leaving the mall the rain had stopped and the sun was beginning to peek through the remaining clouds, as they scurried away on the breeze.

As he was getting in his car he saw Rita come out from the mall she held the door for someone behind her. A young kid scooted out as Rita let go of the door. Another lady was about to come through the doorway. The door handle slipped through Rita's fingers. The person that came out was Gwen and Rita was speaking to her. They walked away chatting and laughing. Peter drove off and back to the office. The rest of the day passed much like any other. After work he had chores to do. Lastly he went to the grocery store. Putting the things in his car he decided to go to the lounge for a drink and a sandwich. He sat at a small table towards the rear of the bar where it was a bit quieter. The waitress came for his order. He ordered a Coors light and pastrami on rye. After a few minutes the waitress came with his order. She put it on the table. As she strolled away he thought that she was a good looking. Then he noticed Rita sitting at a table across the lounge. She was wearing a red top with a V-neck, a low V-neck at that. She was showing ample cleavage. Her skirt was a white straight skirt that left her knees bare and high heels.

The waitress went over to Rita's table and took her order. They spoke briefly and chuckled. The waitress left and Rita played at primping her hair. When the waitress returned she put the drink on the table. Saying something to Rita who looked up with a sidelong glance and knowing smile, putting her hands up under her bosom. Pushing it up. After a moment or so she let them regain their proper posture and she put her hands down on the table. Taking her drink in one. The waitress said something to Rita. At the same time she put a hand down on Rita's hand and squeezed it playfully. As she turned to leave, Rita patted her butt and gave it a squeeze. The waitress wiggled her hips as she walked back to the bar. Rita sipped her drink idly. At one point she put her hand in her lap and rubbed her thigh. Her white panties were partly visible.

Peter went to the washroom. When he came back Rita had someone else at her table. The waitress came around the partition from the bar and Peter ordered another beer.

He was partly obscured in his view of Rita's table by the partition. The other person was a woman as well, who had a scarf over her hair and a light coat on. taking off her coat she dropping it on to the seat, then she took off her scarf, revealing a head of wavy auburn hair. It was Gwen. The waitress came by with Peter's beer and a martini. The waitress took the martini over to the table for Gwen, just as Peter had thought. Rita and Gwen were talking and enjoying themselves.

After a while Rita moved a foot so it touched Gwen's, leaving it there for a couple of seconds before moving it away. They were chatting all the while. Then Gwen moved her leg so it was closer to Rita's, as she twisted her foot out and it rubbed against Rita's.

Gwen finished her drink saying something and picked up her coat. Reaching she picked up her scarf. As she left she gave a wave to Rita, she had a cheeky smile on her face.

Peter arrived at work only to see that Gwen wasn't there. He was busy at his desk when his phone rang. "Good morning Peter here."

"Well good morning to you to. I'd love to buy you an ice cream say 12.15." Gwen said softly and added in a husky whisper. "I love you and have missed you already."

"Hello their sweetheart. I've been missing you to.

That sound nice, alright 12.15 then. And I love you."

"Very good Mr Morris that's fine, thank you, bye."

It was obvious that someone had been close to Gwen desk as she was speaking to Peter.

Peter drove to the ice cream kiosk by the park.

Gwen was sitting on a bench under a shady tree. Seeing Peter she couldn't contain herself and ran to meet him. She through her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately almost hungrily. Not caring who may see.

"Oh Peter not being with you is a living hell. - Anyway lets see you like vanilla right." Gwen said as they walked hand in hand to the window.

"I'll get it sweetheart. What would you like?" Peter asked her.

"A chocolate swirl please. That's a small one ok " Gwen said with a chuckle.

"Ok a small cone. You find a spot and I'll find you."

After a couple of minutes Peter had their cones and looked for Gwen. She was sitting on the grass off to the side and leaning against a tree trunk. She was facing out across the park, her knees bent and her feet were parted. Her skirt was just below her knees.

Peter walked over and said quietly. "Here you are sweet thing. It's good to see you again; I've missed you as well, a lot.

Finishing his cone he half sat and half lent on the grass in front of Gwen. His legs stretched out and one arm bent, its elbow on the ground Peters head held up by the hand it rested in.

He was admiring the attractive woman that was with him. Reaching out his arm he rubbed her leg from her ankle to her knee.

Gwen parted her legs some more under Peter's soft touch. "Oh how I've missed your warm hands on my body." She said softly.

Peter could see Gwen's pale blue lace bikini panties. Her trimmed pubic curls were partly visible through her panties.

"I've missed you as well. Just hearing your voice gave me a lift, and knowing that I'd see you soon made my day. You look gorgeous you lovely woman." Peter said with a warm smile.

"When I called you and you answered it made my day. I thought what ever happens from here in today. Let it happen. I don't care I'm going to see my lover. My love. So you still find me attractive do you? I'm glad because you are very attractive as well." Gwen said softly as she looked at him. She put a hand on his and squeezed it as he caressed her knee. "Your touch is heavenly and I can't get enough of it." She said as she caressed Peters arm. "So what did you get up to yesterday evening? Go to the movies, do laundry or what." Gwen asked Peter cheekily.

"What did I do? Well all I did was some grocery shopping, and then I went to quizno's and had hot beef sub and a pepsi. Then home for the evening. And how about you, what did you do?" Peter said as he caressed Gwen's ankle.

"Me I went home and made supper and cleaned up. Bill was watching boring TV. I put on my coat and went to the lounge, on 2nd Avenue.

"Oh yes. I know it, I've been there a couple of times." Peter replied.

"Well who was there when I got there. Rita, she saw me come in and waved, so I went and sat at her table. I think she came on to me a bit. She rubbed her foot against mine. I was surprised when she did it and I'm not sure what the feeling I had was. Other than that it was a bit arousing and exciting. I think that I was worried. I don't know. She is a lesbian though. Gwen had a blush on her cheeks and a tear welled up in her eyes.

"You were scared of your own feelings I think." Peter said as he caressed her hand as he added. "Rita sees you as I do but in her own way. Maybe you are bisexual. I see nothing wrong with that. I may be wrong but I don't think I am. You are a very soft and warm lovable woman Gwen. Don't deny your gut feeling. Any lesbian pictures I've seen were very sexy, yes but more than that. They were very full of softness and physical warmth. Don't deny your feelings sweet thing. I'll still love you and no less either." As he finished he moved closer to her and kissed her tenderly. Brushing her thigh with his hand.

"What you are saying makes sense, I think I was scared of what I was feeling. Her foot brushing against mine was very suggestive and made my pulse race. Like a naughty feeling you shouldn't have." Gwen said as she rubbed Peters hand that was on her thigh, and she added. "I think secretly it was pleasurable though."

"Go with your gut feeling sweet thing, they won't let you down. - I guess we'd better head back. Remember I still love you and still want you, ok." Peter said as he was getting up.

"Ok it's really good to know that you still want me. I appreciate you saying it though, how you feel about me. And I want you my real lover." Gwen said as she linked her arms with Peters. They walked back to there cars quietly. Getting to Gwen's car she said softly. "Want to go for a coffee later this evening say 8.30."

"Sure that's fine by me sweetheart." Peter replied.

Gwen kissed him on the cheek and got into her car and drove off.

When Peter walked into the building Gwen was at her desk. "Nice day isn't it." Peter said.

"Not bad at all really." Gwen replied with a smile.

The workday done Peter headed out and on his way home.

Gwen tidied up her desk and was about to leave when Rita walked past her. "Want to go for a coffee?" She asked.

"Sure why not." Gwen replied adding. "Timothy's."

"See you in 10." Rita said as she walked out of the building.

Gwen felt that same feeling she had the other time, only this time she was aware and interested.

Getting to the coffee shop Gwen got her coffee. She looked around and saw Rita sitting across the room. Her legs were crossed and her skirt was above her knees. The blouse she was wearing was snug over her ample breasts.

As Gwen crossed the floor Rita uncrossed her legs and sat with legs slightly parted, her feet flat on the floor.

A glimpse of red panties was visible. Very hot Gwen thought. She sat on the chair in front of Rita, she was toying with her skirt. As she did her skirt rode up her leg to around her knees.

"That's a pretty skirt Gwen." Rita said and added. "It looks nice and soft material. Rita reached forward to feel the hem of Gwen's skirt.

"It is very soft and so simple to launder." Gwen replied as Rita's hand touched her knee.

"You have fine soft skin. You take care of yourself for sure." Rita said softly as she softly caressed Gwen's leg just above the knee.

"Lots of lotion and skin cream. You have a very warm soft touch." Gwen replied, letting her legs part a bit.

"Thank you I don't like rough stuff. You feel nice and warm." Rita said as her hand caressed the inside of Gwen's thigh.

"Your touch feels nice on me." Gwen said softly in a throaty tone, and added." You are married right."

"Yeah I'm married. I thought it was what I wanted. I think it was the wrong guy though, - you."

"Yes pretty much the same scenario as well." Gwen replied as she slipped a hand onto Rita's bare knee.

"Hmm you have nice soft hands. Hands to be fondled by." Rita exclaimed softly as Gwen flushed up. "It's all right." Rita said quietly seeing the blush on Gwen's cheeks. She added in a whisper. "You've never had a girl friend before have you."

"No and I'm finding it a bit awkward, sorry."

"You needn't apologize Gwen. What are you doing later? We could meet at the lounge." Rita said.

"I have stuff to do at home tonight. Maybe tomorrow evening, ok."

"Sure, sounds good. I guess I should do some laundry tonight. What a prospect." Rita said.

"Right." Gwen answered and added. "Under shorts with skid marks yuck!"

"I'd rather be doing your lace and scanty undies." After a pause she whispered. "Better get going. See you tomorrow." Rita said giving Gwen's leg a final squeeze.

"Ok, I guess I should be heading home as well. See you tomorrow." Gwen said with a sparkle in her eyes. Her heart was pounding in her chest. I am bisexual she thought as she drove home. She was more aroused that she cared to admit to.

Sliding a hand down under her skirt. She touched her panties and they were quite damp.

After the supper things were all taken care of Gwen told Bill that she was going to the mall. Put on a light coat and left. She drove to the coffee shop, arriving at the same time as Peter did.

"Hi sweet thing. Can I buy you a coffee?" Peter said with a big smile.

"I'd love that.

Do you think we could take it over to the park though?" Gwen replied as she kissed him tenderly.

"Sure why not. It's too nice to sit inside. I'll get the coffees on a tray and meet you at the park." Peter suggested.

"I'll follow you ok." Gwen said as she got back into her car.

Peter came out with the coffee and got in his car and they both drove over to the park parking lot.

They strolled into the park; Gwen had an arm around Peter's waist.

They sat under a large tree on the soft grass and slowly drank their coffees.

"It's so good to see and be with you Peter. I feel like a prisoner who gets an occasional day pass for being good or something." Gwen said as she leaned against Peter and kissed him.

"I look forward to our few hours together as well you lovely lady. I'm totally attracted to you sweet thing. I'm afraid that I'm falling in love with you for sure." Peter admitted a bit awkwardly.

"I feel the same way about you Peter. We are both prisoners aren't we?" Gwen replied. Her head was resting on his shoulder.

"Looks that way for sure. So how was your day?"

"Oh pretty much as any other I guess. Except after you left the office Rita asked me out for coffee and I agreed. As we had our coffees we talked and she made a move on me, putting her hand on my leg above my knee and asked if I'd had a girlfriend before. Oh Peter this is embarrassing." Gwen said as Peter put his arm around her shoulder and squeezed it tenderly. "Anyway I said that I hadn't and that I found the situation awkward. I had put a hand on her knees though. Rita just kept caressing my leg. - Why am I telling you all of this, I don't know?" Gwen turned and Peter pulled her head to his and kissed her a long tender kiss.

"I think the awkwardness was just you looking at a different experience. Not as awkward as before though." Peter said softly as he looked at the pretty face.

"No I don't think so. Oh Peter what does worry me though. I was really turned on by it. I was wet." Gwen said nervously.

"Why be worried by it sweetheart. You've found a new venue of affection. That's no sin. Good for you. Enjoy it, and embrace it. I admire and adore you Gwen."

They had finished their coffees.

Peter got up saying. "Want to go for a walk?" He pulled Gwen up and put his arm around her.

"Sure why not. You aren't put off by what I've told you. - A question. What I told you. Did it turn you on?"

"In a word yes it did. If you'd sooner not tell me I'm Fine with that, ok." Peter said softly as he put his arm around her shoulders.

"Rita said that she liked the feel of my hand on her leg. That would like to be fondled by them." Gwen said in a husky voice. She put a hand up on Peters and softly pressed it against her coat over her heaving breast.

"Peter truthfully. Would you be offended if I went with Rita as well? I know that I want to experience the new feelings?"

Peter stopped and turned toward her and looked in to her teary eyes. "I'm happy for you sweet heart. Like I said before. You go with your feelings, and don't deny them. I wont want you any less. I may even want you all the more, you hot sensual woman." Peter said putting a hand behind her and kissing her.

Sucking her lower lip into his mouth and running his tongue along it. Their kiss became passionate and urgent. There tongues played with each other's even after there lips had parted.

Gwen's hand went down and caressed the bulge in Peter pants. She saw the bushes ahead and without a word she took Peters hand and strode up the rise and over the top. Urging Peter forward down into the secluded area. As they neared the seclusion of the shrubs Gwen was taking her coat off. Reaching the secret spot she tossed her coat against the tree.

Turning she got to her knees and quickly unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants. Letting them fall to the ground as she pulled his jockey shorts down over his erection. She took it between her fingers and stroked it gently. She exposed the purple-red man head. Positioning her head over it she dribbled some spit onto its head then began to pump the foreskin energetically up and down. After only a couple of minutes Peter moaned. "Ugh I'm cumming, I'm cumming." As he was moaning Gwen took him into her open lips and pumped him orally. She felt him shudder and stiffen.

Throwing his hips forward his prick twitched ejecting one, two, jets of hot thick cum into her mouth. Pulling away and looking up at her love she let his creamy cum trickle out of her mouth and to run down her chin and neck. Trickling down between her heaving breasts.

"Hmm you taste good and your cream feels so sexy between my tits." She dipped her head and took him into her mouth to drain the last drop of his love cream. Gwen took a tissue out of her bag and wiped her chin and neck, But she left his cum between her breasts and where had run down over her tummy.

"Does my love feel relaxed? Me I feel great and a bit raunchy." Gwen said as she lifted her skirt up, exposing her black lace panties. She threw her hips forward and peed through her panties.

A she did she said in a throaty dreamy voice. "Ohh that feels so sexy. She pulled her panties off and spread her legs some more and finished peeing.

"Come here sweet thing let me dry your love lips." Peter said as he knelt in front of Gwen.

Three small steps and her hot wet cunt was right in front of his face.

Sucking her puffy wrinkled labia into his eager mouth, tasting her salty pee.

"Hm that felt nice, thank you lover." Gwen said as she dropped her skirt.

Peter got up and pulled up his pants and zipped them up. Going over to the tree Peter picked up Gwen's coat.

"I have a plastic bag in the car that I'll put my trophy in." He said as he held up her black lace panties.

"You darling sexy man. I so want to be with you all night, snuggled up in your arms." Gwen said as she linked arms with Peter. "Ah well I'd better head back to my cell. I'll see you at the office. Oh yes, Rita asked me out to the lounge tomorrow after work." Gwen said a bit nervous.

"Well you enjoy your self. Use your feeling to guide you. I'd love you to be with me all night as well sweetheart. Feel your warm body next to me. Just to be together would be really good. For us to make love a real dream." Peter finished speaking as they got to there cars.

Peter had his back to his car when Gwen came up to him. She kissed him hungrily as she pulled his head to hers. Her leg was bent as she pressed her thigh and knee into Peter's crotch.

Panting for air they ended their carnal kiss.

Gwen walked away to her car. She was very emotional about having to leave what she wanted with all her heart.

As Peter got into his car Gwen was driving out of the parking lot.

He looked at her wet black panties. Putting his head back he draped them over his face. Drinking in the image that they evoked and Gwen's very own personal scent. Taking them off of his face he put them in a bag from the glove box and drove home. Content yet yearning for there next time together.

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