tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThirteen Pussies Tease...: Vol. 1

Thirteen Pussies Tease...: Vol. 1


Thirteen Pussies Tease and Fuck Me: Vol. 1

My eyes opened but I couldn't see. I felt cold and I knew that I was naked. As I tried to move I felt air rush past my body, past my balls and ass, and I realized that my hands and legs were tied. I was suspended by ropes, hanging by my hands and ankles, my legs held open by the ropes with my back toward the ground.

As she whispered I felt her breath in my ear: "I bet you want to come in front of all these beautiful ladies." The room was silent. But I could smell pussy, I could smell sex. The salty smell of pussy that makes you want to wrap your mouth around a cunt and suck until it spurts thick girl cum into your throat. Then walking…shuffling of feet, people getting up. I couldn't move.

Then I heard, "Do you want to come for me?" In the other ear, "Come for me." The intoxicating perfume wafted around me as they walked by, woman after woman, "I want you to come hard."

"I want to make you come." It was confusing and unreal, but I was there, blindfolded. I couldn't see but I knew the light was on, and very bright; light pierced the blindfold.

I heard metal scraping across the floor, and then a "click." It grew warm between my legs, the huge light that they had slid across the floor shone on my balls and cock and ass. It was warm, and getting hotter. I knew they were looking at my growing member. I didn't mean for it to harden but with the heat, almost unpleasant on my balls, I couldn't help myself. The hot lamp was between my legs, almost pressed against my shaft. It was close to burning me…pain! Then a soft hand touched me on my shoulder. Then another, and another…I was covered in smooth hands, rubbing me with oil, on my nipples, on my stomach and ass, but never touching my cock. I knew the purpose was to get me harder and harder until I would want to explode. They slapped my wet nipples and pinched them, still rubbing, teasing. Precum was dribbling from my tip, I could feel it slide down my dick. And the hands stopped.

"Do you want to come yet?" she blew into my ear, nibbling and biting it. "Do I smell good? Do you want to ram your tongue into my puffed up, hot pussy?" And I couldn't keep my mind straight. I replied to all of their teasing whispers, "I need to come right now! Help me come!" And then laughing, and more teasing, and "Awwww does your little cock need to spurt his white goo?"

And then I heard, "He's ready." I thought finally, these women will give me release. They took off the blindfold. About a dozen naked women stood around me. They were beautiful, and young. They were all very tall and had bright red hair and perky medium sized tits. Each had pierced, hard nipples and as I looked at their faces I realized that they were as turned on as I was. Then one of them, the one in charge, said "Ok ladies, let's show him." And they all turned around, lined up in front of me, and bent over. They grabbed their ankles and spread their long, white legs, revealing their dripping pussies, clear drips running down the insides of their legs. The head one carried a black bag with her and walked to the first bent over woman. She took from her bag a large, red jelly butt plug and said, "Wait just a minute, I have to prepare him first."

She walked teasingly over to me, between my legs, and took out a piece of twine. She looked into my eyes and caressed my balls. She grabbed my balls and pulled them down, and began wrapping the twine around my balls tightly. "What are you doing?" I blurted out. "Just be patient. You'll see." She wrapped tighter and tighter, and I could feel my scrotum being squeezed hard by the string. "Did I do something wrong? Could you stop doing that?" I didn't understand, but she had finished and tied it off. It was tight, and it hurt, but it made me want to fuck the hell out of all of them, which was the point of the string. She flicked my balls once and said, "That ought to do nicely." I winced.

She went back to the spread-legged girls. She dribbled some lubrication from a bottle onto the first one's asshole, and then began working the red jelly butt plug into her ass. She moaned quietly, with pleasure and pain. Each girl got a plug in her asshole, and now they were moaning and I could hardly take the enticing sound of twelve hot red-headed women moaning with sexual pleasure. She then attached a wire to each of the ass plugs, and at the end of the wire was a knob with a light. She told the girls to turn around and look at me all tied up, wanting to come, but the string keeping my balls from releasing the jizz. She then turned the knob and a little red light lit up.

The girls wiggled their cute asses with delight for a few seconds until she turned the knob and the red light went off. Then again, and again, in short intervals, the big plugs vibrating harshly inside their asses. Each girl then took a small vibrator and put it all the way inside her pussy, so that only the wire hung out. They encircled me, wanting my cock, but not touching it, just staring and tightening their ass cheeks as the head woman turned the knob up and down.

"He won't come until we untie the string, so do as you wish with his cock now." And then all of them were on top of me. One sucked on my tongue, her soft lips working up and down it like it was a cock. One played with my left nipple while another sucked and flicked her tongue against the right one. My balls were broiling with jizz waiting to climb up my dick, but it couldn't happen with that little insignificant piece of string around my nuts. I felt lips curl around my hard-on, and the wetness was enough to make moan. I didn't want to moan, it was embarrassing.

She was sucking now, working her lips and hot tongue up and down my pole. Someone was flicking my nuts gently from beneath me, and I felt a wet finger press against my asshole. It pulled away, got wetter, and then slid in. I thought that was enough to throw me over the edge and come in spite of this fucking piece of string. That would fuck up their little plan. So I tried, I pumped my cock in and out of her little fuck hole of a mouth. All I could do was thrust with my hips, any other movement was impossible. But I couldn't do it.

I heard "BZZZZZ!!!" and I saw them wiggle again, the one in control had both of the vibrators buzzing in their little asses and pussies. "That's right ladies, I turned them both on full power. And I'm not turning them off until I come just from watching you all torment our little tied up man." They all wanted to make me come, they began to come themselves after half a minute of constant pussy and ass vibrators. They wanted to taste my cum and swallow it all. Those horny little bitches.

One by one I could hear them coming. They rubbed their clits and played with me, spanking me, sucking every part of me, my toes, my nipples, my ass. It felt like a hundred mouths and hands. They squeezed my aching balls and rubbed their pussies on me. One rubbed her pussy on my hip bone by putting one leg over my stomach and gyrating her pussy all over my side. Her moans got louder and I felt her pussy vibrate on me as the warm cum squirted onto my stomach.

They lowered me to the ground which felt good, but I was pinned down by twelve voraciously hungry women. One of them immediately sat on my face, rubbing her pussy into my eager mouth. And then she told me to suck her asshole. When I didn't immediately she grabbed my balls and squeezed so hard that I thought I would come in pain right then. I stuck my tongue in her ass and felt the end of the butt plug vibrate on my tongue. She released pressure from my balls, but still squeezed painfully. I felt her asshole tighten around my embedded tongue as she dripped gobs of cum from her vibrating pussy.

I looked down and watched a spread-legged girl ease her pussy onto the head of my cock, and then lower herself quickly, my full dick sliding into her slick pussy. I felt the vibrator against the front of my cock, and she stayed like that, not moving up and down. She had all the motion from the vibrator she needed, she just needed a big penis to fill her up and stretch her pretty little pussy lips so she could cum. And indeed she did. She bucked on top of me and squeezed my dick between her thighs. Her pussy contracted and released until my balls were covered with her thick juices.

After every one of them had come at least once, the head woman said "Enough!" And immediately they all lined back up in front of me. Some were on the verge of coming and had to stand still and let the vibrators inside them tease them, since they couldn't play with their clits. Some had come too many times, and it was painful to have such big plugs lodged inside their butts. But they stood there, silently.

The head woman walked between my legs and caressed me. I was afraid, but she told me as I was lying on the concrete ground that I would appreciate this in about thirty seconds. She squatted, revealing her wet pussy. The other girls were incredible, but this one was by far the hottest, wettest one. Her perfect tits were covered with oil and her dark smooth skin shone as she slid her hands over her breasts and pinched her nipples. She squatted over my cock and looked at me seductively. Her lips parted and her eyes looked into mine, until they rolled back in her head with pleasure. "I haven't come yet, and I really need to," she whispered to me.

The head of my cock pushed into her, and she stayed there, with just my tip inside her, licking her lips, and moving back and forth. All of the fast-paced rubbing and licking and sucking from the other girls had turned into this slow, seductive woman, with my head just inside her oozing, beautiful pussy. She lowered herself slowly, my cock sliding into her slick, coated cunt. She moaned, and got into a rhythm, sliding up and down my hard shaft. "Does that feel good?" she asked. At the time it just hurt how much I wanted to come, so I didn't really know. But I answered, "Yes." She climaxed at that moment, slowly sliding up and down. She ground her ass into my thighs in circles, with my prick all the way up her, while she came over and over again. The cum squirted from her pussy at first, then came out in little gushes, in a rhythm. All over my tied balls.

Finally she untied my cock, after she had climbed off me. She told me, "You're going to come now." She spread her ass cheeks apart, and slid her finger into it after salivating all over her finger. She spit on my cock for lubrication. I knew that the slightest stimulation against my cock would cause me to spurt. I could have rubbed it against her leg and ruined her fun, but I decided to wait, because it would be so much better inside her tight hole.

She knew I would come as soon as she touched my cock as well. So she was not slow about this, she slammed her asshole down onto my cock so that I could be all the way inside her ass. I felt the cum spin around in my balls and bolt up my angry cock, up into her stomach in one big load. I rammed inside her ass, over and over again. I grabbed her upper thighs with my hands and rammed her ass down onto my dick. It hurt her. She yelped and tried to resist. She didn't expect this. I pulled out, still gushing jizz, and shoved my prick in her mouth and told her to suck it, as I squeezed her tits threateningly.

he obeyed, and I shot white gobs into her mouth, and of course I made her swallow every bit of it. When I was finally done, after about twenty seconds, I had her suck me off gently until I was done with her. I was untied now, and she belonged to me. I tied her up in the suspension ropes and raised her, her sore ass and pussy held open by the ropes. I licked her pussy clean and saw jizz oozing out of her asshole. And then it started again. Only this time, the twelve girls were in my control, and so was she. It was time for revenge. I found the biggest butt plug I could and stretched her asshole with it until...

To Be Continued...

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