Thirty Minutes or Free

byTx Tall Tales©

Alexis scooted over on the couch, closer to her mother, and patted the small space next to her. "You can sit by me, Dan."

Mrs. Reynolds chuckled. "I think it best if you sit over here, young man. That might be a little too much stimulation over there, and we just shampooed the rugs." She indicated the space beside her on the loveseat.

"Ma'am, I think if we're worried about over-stimulation, it might be best if I sat as far away from you as possible," I warned her.

She blushed for the first time that I'd known her. "Silly boy, you're such a sweet little liar. Have a seat."

Harold harrumphed. "The lad's never lied once to us, and I doubt he's starting now."

I don't know why we went through the seating rigmarole. Within seconds Harold was breaking out the pizza. "It's still hot; I'd rather eat it fresh, than reheat it."

We sat around their kitchen table, and had pizza and wine. They had no problem letting Alexis and I drink. It felt a little weird; the stickiness of the vinyl under my legs, and it was distracting to see all the breasts around the table.

All the women were rather smallish upstairs, no more than a B-cup, but it appeared to keep them firmer than I might have expected. I found myself looking at the difference in their breasts more and more often.

Alexis, next to me gave me a gentle kick. I looked up to see what was up. She smiled, "It's ok to look but it's not polite to stare," she said softly.

I looked around in horror, caught out, only to find a sea of smiling faces.

"He does make you feel young, doesn't he," I heard Brenda say to her cousin.

I stayed for over an hour, and really enjoyed myself, but knew I had to get out before too long. My parents would be wondering, and I did have classes in the morning.

When I finally had to excuse myself, everybody stood, and I found myself receiving hugs and a kiss on the cheek from all of the women. I was still very embarrassed; my erection had never gone down the whole time I was there, although I'd tried to cover it whenever possible.

Brenda shocked the daylights out of me when she patted my erection. "You might want to take care of that before too long. That can't be healthy."

Mrs. Reynolds almost had an aneurism. "For goodness sake, Brenda! He's just a boy."

"He's more man than I've seen in over eight months now," she said. "Hell who am I kidding? He's more man than I've ever had."

I left in a state of complete and utter confusion. But I knew that I had really had a good time, and would do it again on a moment's notice.

* * *

It was two weeks before they called again, and life seemed back to normal. I did stay and chat a while, and Harold even asked if I'd like to visit a while, but I was still on the clock. Under their grilling I admitted that I had a very good time.

"Alexis is quite a pretty girl," Mrs. Reynolds said.

"Yes she is. I imagine if she's lucky she'll grow up to be the spitting image of you."

Marcy, blushed for the second time I knew her, and even Harold chuckled at that one.

* * *

It was a few weeks later, and I'd gotten another late delivery call. A couple of friends and I had been talking about our stranger deliveries, and I found myself holding back about the Reynolds. I wasn't even sure why. Derek and I had been working there the longest, and we both had some pretty good stories, but this one was different. It wasn't a story. It was part of my life.

Whenever the call came in after 10:00pm, I typically tried to check-out before leaving, since the last one was off the books anyway, and I could hang out and chat a bit. It seemed like at least half the deliveries were getting later and later, and I wasn't complaining.

Of course, the Reynolds knew whenever I was off the clock. All the drivers had to wear company shirts, and those stayed at work. It was the duty of the store openers and closers to make sure they got washed and hung up. When I showed up in my own shirts, they knew I could stay a bit.

Mrs. Reynolds greeted me at the door, taking the pizza and heading to the back of the house. "Come on in, Daniel. I hope you can stay a while," she said, walking into the kitchen.

She turned at the door. "Can I get you a drink, maybe a glass of wine, or a beer?"

"Thank you, ma'am. Are you having anything?"

She laughed. "Always the gentleman. I have an open Pinot Noir, if you'd like a glass."

I didn't know a Pinot Noir from Pinocchio, but I accepted gratefully.

She returned with a glass in each hand. When she saw me still standing in the entrance, she pouted.

"Daniel, there's something you should know. We're different, Harold and I, and we know it. When we meet with other Naturists, it's like being with our own. It's Us and Them. We look at the 'textiles' and just don't understand how they can go on the way they are."

She gave me a smile, "When you stand there, completely dressed, it almost makes me sad. I know you're more like us. You're more accepting, and you're comfortable around us and others. But as long as you're dressed, it's like you're on the other side of the line. Can't you just get comfortable and relax when you're here."

I carefully removed my shirt. "I'd like that, ma'am, but I'm still not sure if I should. When the time is right, or not. I guess I'm not sure what's appropriate." I continued with my shoes and socks, setting them by the door.

"Then let me clear that up for you. You are our friend. I meant what I said to Brenda. You are welcome here anytime. And anytime you're here for even 5 minutes, you're welcome to relax with us." She placed the wine cups down at each end of the couch, and waited.

I stood there, still uncomfortable removing the last item.

She laughed, and walked to me. "Daniel. Dear Daniel. Don't be ashamed. It's the most sincere compliment you could give an old broken down lady like me."

"Mrs. Reynolds! Please, you're hardly old OR broken down. You are the sexiest woman I know."

I watched in complete shock, as she dropped to her knees, reached up and pulled my underwear down, carefully pulling it over my hardness, and lowering it all the way to my ankles.

"I find that hard to believe," she said. "A college full of young ladies and you think that I'm the sexiest."

I was almost shaking, looking down at her sitting back on her heels, looking up at me from just in front of my hard cock.

"Me too, I guess. Alexis is as pretty as any girl I go to school with, and yet, I hardly noticed her with you here. I'm sorry. You just drive me crazy. It's nothing you do, it's just you."

She rose up and I watched her hand slowly reach out for me, her open palm gently stroking my staff, softly. "I'm afraid this is going to stand between us and you really relaxing. Let's get this out of the way, so your mind isn't so one-track."

I held my breaths as her lips approached and gave me a kiss just below the swollen head. Her tongue ran along my underside, and she pulled at my cock, which had been pointing directly at the ceiling, and pointed me more toward her, allowing her mouth to slowly engulf me.

I grabbed the table beside me before my legs gave out. "Oh Marcy," I gasped.

Her hand stroked me in tandem with her mouth, reaching beyond her moist lips. It was all too much, too soon.

"I'm going to come, Mrs. Reynolds," I gasped, and she pulled her mouth off of me, her hand stroking me briskly.

"Come for me Daniel," she whispered, and she didn't have to ask twice. I grunted, coming hard, shooting my juices all around her upper chest and neck. When I finally stopped spasming in her hand, she leaned forward and kissed the slick, ultra-sensitive head lightly, a small lick so intense I almost pulled out of her hand.

She stood, and pointed me at the couch. "Have a seat, darling boy."

She disappeared into the back of the house, and appeared a couple of minutes later, cleaned up. She also had a moist hand-towel which she used to wipe me down.

"I don't know what to say, Mrs. Reynolds," I stammered, my mind unable to grasp what had just occurred.

"I believe it would be appropriate to call me Marcy, now, don't you think?"

"Yes, Marcy, thank you." I had to say it, although I'd rather ignore it. "What about Harold, Marcy?"

"Harold understands. That's part of why he's left us alone tonight. I've been known to occasionally have other lovers. I believe he'd be happier if I settled down with one. What would you think of that?" she asked, sipping from her glass, as if she was asking if I like the wine or not.

I sat slack-mouthed, not knowing what to say.

She stood. "Daniel, I'm going back to my bedroom now. I'm hoping you will join me. And you're not hurting Harold by doing this, in many ways you are actually helping." She didn't add anything else, just turned and walked away.

And damn me if I wasn't getting hard again.

I walked into her bedroom for the first time, and she was lying on the bed, a pile of decorative pillows behind her, holding her up. "I thought you said that nudism wasn't about sex, you saw the inner person, not the outer shell?"

She smiled, and leaned back, beckoning me. "Silly. Just because it's not ABOUT sex, doesn't mean we don't HAVE sex. And if anything, it makes the sex better."

"And more frequent, I bet."

She smiled. "Maybe a little. And if the inner person is beautiful is it wrong to appreciate the outer beauty as well?"

I sat at the edge of the bed, shyly touching her, my hand gliding across her leg. "I guess not," I answered, looking at all her 'outer shell' beauty, and enjoying it immensely.

"Appreciate me, Daniel. Appreciate me to your heart's content. Appreciate me in every way you've imagined in the last several months. I need to be appreciated."

I leaned over her, drawn to her breasts, the very ones which had been the center of so many of my dreams. I touched them, gently, slowly filling my hands, feeling her, holding her, daring to lower my lips and see what she felt like in my mouth. I sucked on her nipple, drawing my teeth gently across it, holding it while my tongue flicked across the hardened tip.

I had to have both, and I moved to the further one, leaning across her. My tongue licked her, moistening the whole area, before taking her in my mouth once again. My other hand held her abandoned nipple and teased it, rolling it squeezing it, with just the three fingertips, until both were equally hard.

Mrs. Reynolds sighed, stroking my head and gently encouraging me. As my attention slowly changed, I was sliding down her body, feeling the curve of her ribs before stretching across the expanse of her soft belly. My hands wandered freely, all over, just feeling her skin, growing to know her.

I continued south, moving between her legs, the smell of her stronger, incredibly intoxicating. She was carefully trimmed, and I looked at her, studying her, seeing the little bit that was hidden during all the times I'd seen her naked. I touched her, to see how she felt, how she reacted, and then leaned down to try some of the things I'd heard about, read about, and even looked at, without ever having the chance to really understand.

I tasted her, her fragrance flooding my senses. I touched her, feeling her wetness, sliding a finger inside of her to see what it felt like. I stroked the edges of her entrance, feeling their puffiness, and pushing them aside to see more of what made her different from me. I found myself licking her, repeatedly, every sound she made, every slight moan a scream of encouragement. I wanted to pleasure her as she'd done for me.

I don't know how long I was at it, but she pulled me up after a while. "That was wonderful, but I'm getting sensitive. Isn't there anything else you'd like to do?" Her smile was an invitation to indulge myself beyond my wildest dreams.

I was as hard as possible, and I kneeled between her legs, trying to slide into her, when she reached down and helped, placing the head at her entrance. I pushed inside of her, holding my breath, concentrating on the feel of the penetration. I closed my eyes, and pushed deep.

"Slowly, Daniel. I'm not going anywhere. Take your time."

I tried to slow down, but the feeling was overwhelming. I pulled out to the very edge and looked down. I wanted to watch myself enter her. See my thick rod slowly disappear. Again, I pushed until I could go no further, and then eased back out.

"You're amazing," I told her, as I watched myself drive in and out.

I leaned down, and she spread wider to accommodate me. I braced my arms on each side of her and moved faster, feeling the fire spread through me. She watched me, and I was fascinated with her face and the tiny expressions of change that would dart across them.

She closed her eyes, arching her head back, exposing her long, sleek neck. I leaned down and kissed her neck, my tongue darting out and touching her, running the length of her jaw line, smelling her hair, nibbling an ear lobe kissing her cheek, and slowly moving my lips over hers until I was kissing her for the first time.

She accepted and returned my kiss, her tongue reaching out to my lips and teeth, brushing against me, sliding beside my own tongue. My lips rested, just barely touching hers, my breath coming faster and faster, as my movements speeded up. She was pushing back against me, and I felt the desire to finish nearly overwhelming me.

"I have to stop, Marcy," I gasped trying to stop, holding myself still inside of her, my cock throbbing, warning me I may have waited too long.

"Don't stop Daniel, finish inside me," she said softly.

I groaned, wanting to delay it, to continue thrusting into her, but as soon as I moved, I knew it was too late. I roared as I pushed. I was already completely inside her, but I felt like my entire body was going to pulse out of my hardness as I pushed and pushed, emptying my soul into her.

She held me, as I gasped and trembled. "Thank you Daniel," she said softly.

I felt myself still mostly hard inside her, and I closed my eyes, slowly moving, feeling myself hardening, my movements slowly lengthening, my heart slowing just a bit from the hummingbird pace it had assumed. She still felt wonderful, looser, wetter, but incredible. I felt myself getting longer, harder, thicker.

"Do we have to stop now, Marcy?" I asked.

"No Daniel, we can take as long as you'd like. We can even try a few different things that I believe you may enjoy just as much."

"I find that hard to believe," I assured her. "This is the greatest feeling in the world."

"We'll see."

* * *

For almost another year, I continued to deliver pizzas to the Reynolds, and about once a month, Marcy and I would extend my understanding of love and sex. Harold always made himself absent at those times, and though I felt odd around him at first, I soon got over it, and loved the evenings spent there, visiting and occasionally meeting friends.

I went away to college in the Northeast for my junior year, and we corresponded a few times, but school and my first real girlfriend made me grow lax. When I returned home for the summer, I stopped by the Reynolds house to find new homeowners there.

I never had a chance to see Marcy or Harold Reynolds again. I wish I could have had one last chance to really thank her, and Harold. They changed my life for the better.

Mrs. Reynolds, if you're out there, I thought you'd like to know I'm writing this in the nude. And thanks for everything.


Hope you enjoyed this little story. It's part of the 2009 Nude Day competition, and if you got this far, perhaps you'd be kind enough to vote. Thanks.

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