tagLoving WivesThis is How to Vacation

This is How to Vacation


Marcy tugged down her tiny swimsuit bottom and aimed her phone camera just below her beltline, making sure to frame a tuft of pubic hair with the white fabric and the tops of her thighs. She took the picture, and sent it to her husband Jack with the message, "Only one more day!"

"You finally found an acceptable bikini? I like it." Jack sent back.

Marcy smiled and set her phone down. She continued laying out clothes to pack for their week in the Caribbean. They had been planning this trip for six months. Tomorrow they would be flying to a five star resort with their fiends Kate and Hank. Marcy went through her clothes; a knockout dress for one big night out, but mostly just t-shirts, shorts, and a couple of casual summer dresses. Jack had been referring to this week as " strictly "E-D-S-F", as in, Eat, Drink, Sun, and Fuck. No schedules, nothing to hurry for, and most of all no stress. Marcy thought about the "F" as she packed her sexiest lingerie. She opened her sex toy drawer; thought for a minute, then closed it. She would be mortified if Customs opened her suitcase and her vibrator fell out. "Jack better warm up that tongue", she thought.

Across town, Kate and Hank also prepared for the vacation.

"I don't think it's going to happen Kate", Hank told his wife as they loaded their suitcases. "Jack, maybe. But I don't see Marcy being into it."

"We'll never know unless we ask. And this trip is the perfect opportunity." Kate said as she folded a pair of black panties with "SLUT" printed on the front in pink letters. Kate and Hank weren't exactly swingers in the sense that they went to clubs or had regular swapping partners. But during their ten-year marriage, they had engaged in a variety of threesomes, groups, and "hall passes" as situations presented themselves. They were very much in love, but also very free in their sex life. Since meeting Marcy and Jack at a music festival a little over year ago, Kate had been smitten with the couple and was angling to get something going. The two couples, all in their late thirties, shared many happy hours, dinners, and other activities and there were many casual flirtations. But the time never felt right to make the move.

"We'll see. But I doubt it." Hank said, coiling up a phone charger and putting it into the suitcase.

"You're just afraid Jack will be into it and Marcy won't. Then you and Marcy will be left sitting there drinking daiquiris by the pool while we go off for some fun, " Kate said, smiling at her husband.

Hank could see where Kate was going and played along. Dirty talk was her specialty. "Really? And what would be so much fun with Jack?" Hank asked, looking his wife in the eye.

Kate was not one to back down from a challenge. "Well, Jack does have a rather nice body. I suppose I could start by giving him a massage."

"He can get that at the spa." Hank said, taking a step towards Kate. He loved their little games.

"Well....maybe I would lay him on his back. Maybe my hands would drift a little low on him. Maybe I would accidently brush against his cock." Kate said, her voice getting lower. "Maybe he would get hard."

"What would you be wearing when you gave him this massage?" Hank was now very close to Kate, standing right behind her. She could feel his breath on her neck.

"Just panties," Kate whispered. "I don't like to be restricted when I give massages."

Hank wrapped one arm around Kate and nuzzled her neck from behind as he rubbed her breast. Kate took a breath and continued.

"Maybe I would start to stroke his cock. Maybe I would just lean over and suck on him a little bit." Kate reached a hand behind her and felt Hank's erection.

"You are good at that," Hank said as he drew her closer.

"And of course, I'd have to climb up on the table," Kate said.

"Yeah...?" Hank's other hand was rubbing Kate's ass now.

"And pull my panties to the side so he could see my pussy."

Kate and Hank were both breathing heavily now and fondling each other.

"And I might get so horny that I would slide down onto his cock and fuck him until he came inside me."

Hank couldn't take anymore. He spun his wife around and started to undress her as she undid his pants. Both still half dressed they fell onto the bed, where Hank got her pants all the way off. He ran a finger between Kate's legs and felt her wetness. Moving on top, Hank pushed forward and easily into her. Pants still around his knees, Hank fucked his wife until they both tensed up in orgasm and collapsed on the bed.

"You have some imagination," Hank said, catching his breath.

"I should have been a phone sex operator," Kate laughed. "Now let's finish packing. And mark my words, we will fuck Jack and Marcy this week."

Their flight was on time and all four enjoyed a few cocktails during the trip. Once they got through customs they found a driver with an old VW van to take them to the airport. It had two rows of bench seats and as Marcy climbed into the back row, her skirt rode up almost all the way to her crotch. Hank, standing just behind her, had a full view of her toned thigh as she slid into the seat and smoothed her dress back down. He was giving Kate's plan some ore serious thought now.

It was a warm sunny day as the driver wound through the narrow road, palm fronds brushing the sides of the van as they went. Soon the lush vegetation gave way to an open beach road and they pulled through the gates of the resort. A bellhop came out to meet them. Jack paid the driver and he pulled away. Then the four followed the bellhop into the brightly decorated lobby. They stepped up to the front desk.

"Good afternoon and welcome," The woman behind the counter said. She took their names and typed into her computer. "Yes, we have you in a two bedroom oceanfront villa for six nights."

"That's it," Hank said, handing her a credit card.

"Excellent, Jonathan will show you to your rooms," The woman said, gesturing to the bellhop. "And if you need anything at all don't hesitate to call the front desk,"

The bellhop led them through the lobby and out sliding doors to a large pool deck. The pool had a concrete island in the middle with palm trees and plants. Other guests were on lounge chairs or in the pool, most sipping drinks. Jonathan walked them past the pool to a path that led around the main hotel building to a set of low structures at the entrance to the beach. "Here, you're in number four." He showed them into a large main room, with a small kitchen area near the front with an island and several barstools. There was a bedroom to each side and a living room area in the back with a couch and several chairs. The back wall of the villa was mostly glass, with sliding doors leading to a deck that looked out onto the beautiful white sand beach.

"This is awesome!" Marcy said, sliding the door and stepping out to feel the warm ocean breeze. The four checked out the rest of the place and took a short stroll on the beach. The resort had beach chairs and umbrellas, and there was a small stand for surfboard rentals.

As they got back to the villa Jack said, "Well, I'm going to see if I can squeeze in nine holes this afternoon." He was an avid golfer and the resort had a top ranked course.

"Ok, have fun baby, I'm going to get my book and get some sun on that deck," Marcy said. She looked at Hank and Kate. "What about you two?"

"I think we'll do some exploring," Kate said, giving Hank a wink.

"Ok, we have an eight o'clock reservation for dinner on the Ocean Terrace. Let's all meet up back here at seven thirty. That gives us all a few hours to decompress from that early flight," Jack said. He gave Marcy a peck and went to get his clubs. Marcy got her new bikini on, grabbed her book, and headed for a lounge chair on the deck. Kate and Hank popped into their room.

"Marcy's looking pretty good in that bikini," Kate said, giving Hank a wry smile.

"Jesus Kate, we haven't even unpacked yet," Hank said, opening his suitcase. "I'll tell you what. Let's have a little warm up before you go to work on them."

"Meaning?" Kate asked.

"We have a few hours, and it's been a while since we played with others. Let's each go our own way and see what trouble we can get into. Then we meet back here and give each other full details," Hank explained.

"Sounds good to me," Kate said, dropping her sundress and giving a Hank a perfect view of her toned naked body as she slipped into her swimsuit. "I'm hitting the beach. I saw some candidates on our walk."

"You never switch it off, do you," Hank said, giving Kate a smack on her ass. "I'm hitting the pool bar. Back to the room at seven and we compare notes." The two headed out in their separate directions.

Seven o'clock came. Marcy had moved to the pool deck, Jack wasn't back from golf yet. Kate got back to the villa first and sat out on the deck, listening to the surf. Hank got back a few minutes later. Kate immediately noticed he was wearing a different pair of shorts than the bathing suit he had on earlier and had some dirt and scratches on his shoulder.

"Oh, I can't wait to hear this," Kate said.

"I guess I should go first," Hank said, sitting down in a deck chair and setting out two beers he had grabbed from the refrigerator inside. "First, let me say I'm not proud of this." Hank took a pull from his beer and recounted his afternoon.

" There was an attractive brunette at the pool bar, probably about mid forties, " Hank began.

"Ooohh, a cougar!" Kate said, leaning forward. "Go on."

"I chatted her up and we had a couple of drinks. She actually made the first move, putting a hand on my leg. I suggested we move to the hot tub; once we got in she grabbed my crotch. As I got hard she opened the front of suit and started stroking my cock under the water. In broad daylight, people walking all around us. She didn't even stop when another couple got in. She was holding a drink in her other hand and even making conversation with them."

"Impressive," Kate said.

"After a while, she leaned in and put her tongue in my ear," Hank continued. "She whispered her room number and got out of the hot tub and headed out. For obvious reasons, I wasn't able to follow her right away. Once I got myself situated and my hard on went down, I went to her room. This is on the first floor of the main hotel -- which becomes important later in my story."

Kate leaned back in her chair, one hand holding her beer, the other on rested on her stomach, eyes focused on Hank.

"I knocked, and she opened the door, completely naked. She had a cobra head tattoo where her pubic hair should have been. The room was a mess; clearly she had been partying for several days. Clothes strewn all over, empty bottles...crazy. She leaned back against the desk in the room and waved me over. I stepped over to her and she pushed me down on my knees. She grabbed the back of my head and held me between her legs. I went to work with my tongue, she was already soaking wet," Hank paused for a drink.

"I know the feeling," Kate whispered, her hand moving from her stomach to just inside the waistband of her swimsuit.

"She grabbed a half empty champagne bottle from the desk and poured it on herself at her belly button. It ran down into my mouth, I drank as much as I could with my tongue still half inside her. At this point, I figured it was time to assert myself. I stood back up and spun her around, bending her over the desk. She spread her legs and I dropped my suit around my ankles. I had one hand on her back and one on her pussy, which was soaked from her, my tongue, and the champagne." Hank stared into Kate's eyes.

"Then what happened?" Kate asked. Her hand was now all the way down her suit, her fingers working slowly.

"My hard on from the hot tub was back with a vengeance, " Hank continued. "I pushed it against her and she let out a moan. She started begging me to fuck her. So I did. I could feel her warmth as I slid inside. I found a smooth rhythm and pumped as she was bent over the desk. I kept one hand on her back and one on her ass, smacking it a few times as I went. "

Kate was now biting her lower lip as she fingered herself, helplessly horny from her husband's recounting of his afternoon.

"She was now begging me to come on her back. And I was about to when I heard the click of the door," Hank said. " Her head popped up and she said, MY HUSBAND. "

"You lowlife!" Kate smiled, taking her hand away from her crotch, now much more interested in the finale to Hanks story.

"Ok first, I never would have gone there if I knew she was married -- or married without an arrangement. In any case as the door opened, I was already moving. Since they were on the first floor, there was a sliding door leading out to a small patio with a walkway running by and hedge along the other side of it."

"Mmm hmm?" Kate had her fingers in mouth, leaning forward to show Hank.

"I didn't turn around, I just heard a man's voice yelling as I ran for the sliding door bare ass naked. I saw a pair of shorts in the mess on the floor and snatched them as I ran by. I cleared the door as heard him shout 'motherfucker' and I ran across the walk and dove over the hedge, which caught my shoulder." Hank chuckled as he took another drink. "I pulled these shorts on behind a bush and ran back here with scratches and blue balls. So that's my story."

"My turn I guess," Kate said, still laughing a little at Hank's misadventure. "I went back down to the beach, to the surfboard stand."

"I knew it! I saw you checking that guy out," Hank said. "The guy with the long hair, right?"

"You know me better than anyone," Kate nodded. "Anyway, I bought a surf lesson from him."

"That's no fair if you pay for it," Hank chided her. Kate made a face and continued.

"He took me out into the water, about waist high. He held the board with one hand and the back of my thigh with the other while I laid out on it, bobbing in the waves. He went through all the basics until I let my hand hang down in the water and grazed his crotch several times. Once he was clear I was down for some fun, He slid his hand up my thigh to my ass. As the waves rolled, his hand pushed up between my legs and then back out. At this point my hand was pressing against his suit, where I could feel his hard cock." Kate pointed her beer at the now visible bulge in Hank's pants.

"He suggested we go someplace a little more private than a busy beach. So we walked back to shore. He held the surfboard in front of his waist," Kate winked.

"He said he had to be careful because he worked for the resort. But there was a coworkers van in the parking lot off the beach that we could use." Kate said.

"Classy guy," Hank smirked at his wife.

"Really? Says the guy who picked up a woman with a cobra tattooed over her pussy?' Janet raised one eyebrow.

"Touché," Hank raised his beer to his wife.

"So we get to the van, which had a couch in the back. And I just go for it. I pulled his suit down and grabbed him. I pushed him onto the couch and sucked him all into my mouth. He was in shock. Not to brag, but to hear the noises he made it must have some of the best oral he ever got," Kate said. "After a few minutes of that I stood up and dropped my bikini bottom. I pulled his head forward and felt his tongue between my legs. It was a little awkward because he was terrible at eating pussy, not everyone has your talent," Kate opened her palm toward Hank, who nodded.

"So I taught him. Slow circles, work the top and then back off, swirl to the bottom and then back up again. The next girl he's with should send me a bottle of expensive wine." Kate laughed. "Then there was a knock on the van's side door. He turned, threw me a towel, and opened it. Another guy stepped in. Mr. Surf Instructor explained that this was his friend who owned the van," Kate dropped her mouth open in a dramatic show of disbelief. "So there I am, bikini top and just a towel over my lap. So I figure, what the fuck, and I ask the friend if he wants a pussy eating lesson. This guy turns eight shades of red, but says yes so I drop the towel. He leans in and I can feel his tongue push into me, his hands sliding under my ass. The friend does not need a lesson," Kate looked over at Hank, who now had a hand in his borrowed shorts.

"As I sat on the couch with him thoroughly eating my pussy, surf guy moves around to the couch and kneels next to me with his cock in his hand. I lean in and blow him once again; the least I could since his friend was taking good care of me with his tongue."

Hank was now full on stroking himself.

"Then surf guy pulls his cock from my mouth and sits back on the couch. He tugs me to move toward him, which I do. The friend pulls his head back from me as a flip around and straddle surf guy. I can feel his erection pushing against my aching pussy. I set myself down and feel him plunge into me," Kate's voice gets lower and breathier.

"Now I am bouncing up and down on his cock, and I feel the friend's hands on my ass from behind. I lift up a little and reach behind, grabbing his cock. I pull him forward and place the head of his cock against my ass. As I slide back down onto surf guy, the friend pushes the head of his dick into my backside. On the next stroke, he goes all the way in. One in my pussy, one in my ass." Kate moves from her chair, standing up and turning around. Hank stands up now, cock in hand, and bends Kate over the chair. Sliding her suit to one side, he feels her wetness with his fingers and positions his cock against her hole. Hank starts to fuck Kate as she moans. As she feels Hank nearing the point of no return, Kate finishes the story.

"They both came inside me," Kate said between moans as Hank exploded into her. Then Kate and Hank heard a creak on the deck and looked over to see Marcy standing there holding a glass of wine, her mouth in an "O".

"I'm so sorry, I just got back and came out here to have a glass of wine, I...I," Marcy stammered as Kate and Hank scrambled back into their clothes.

"No no, it's our fault," Hank said, pulling his shorts back up as Kate straightened her bottom. "We should have gone to the bedroom."

"Uhh, Jack is in the shower, dinner is in twenty minutes, " Marcy said, barely able to meet their eyes.

"Oh! Yeah!" We'll be ready," Kate said as the pair rushed back to their room.

The four met back in the main room of the villa. Both Kate and Marcy were dressed to kill, Marcy in a short white dress that showed off her tan legs and Kate in tight floral dress that highlighted her ass. The guys were standard resort casual. No mention was made of Marcy seeing Kate and Hank go at it on the deck. They walked through the resort to the ocean front restaurant and were seated on an outdoor terrace. The night was warm and the roll of the surf was just yards away. A waiter came and took their orders. The four ate and drank, putting down several bottles of wine.

"So Kate," Marcy said smiling, now filled with liquid courage. "Did you guys have a good first day?"

"Absolutely," Kate smiled back. She had been caught by surprise on the deck, but was ready to play games now. And she thought Marcy bringing it up was a good sign that she might open to some fun and games.

Then Jack spoke up, "I bet, Marcy told me she caught you two fucking on the deck earlier." Everyone stopped and looked at him. Then they all burst out laughing. The discussion turned to being "walked in on" and everyone told a story. Marcy went first, she had been in the back of a car with a high school boyfriend outside a party when several of their friends opened the car door. Jack's parents caught him in the basement den with a date one time, and Kate used to have three roommates and got interrupted several times.

"I got walked in on twice today. Once by Marcy, and once by the husband of the woman I picked up this afternoon," Hank said, taking a drink. This turned the discussion to he and Kate's extramarital games. Kate and Hank shared several of their adventures; Kate noticed Marcy was listening intently.

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