tagCelebrities & Fan FictionThis Is HSN: Colleen's Story Ch. 4

This Is HSN: Colleen's Story Ch. 4


Jim did not have any shows scheduled for the day so the producers gave him a new video camera to try out and give his opinion. The camera was small and lightweight and quite easy to use. Jim walked around the studio filming different things and members of the crew. He stumbled into the host lounge where two of the hostesses were having coffee and making small talk.

"Well Hello there ladies" he said.

"Hi yourself" replied a perky little blonde.

"Hi, I'm Shannon Smith aren't you that new cameraman we heard so much about from Colleen and Chris."

"Well I hope it was all good, I'm Jim by the way." he said.

"Hi I'm Lynn Murphy." said the attractive blonde.

"Hey you ladies wouldn't mind helping with some outside shots with this camera?" he asked.

"Sure why not" said Shannon.

"Yeah I got a couple hours to kill before my next show." said Lynn.

The three of them went outside and found a nice location that was quite private and away from the main studio building. Jim had Shannon take off the heavy jacket she was wearing and the girls frolicked in the Florida sun.

"Why don't you two give me a shot of you two kissing" said Jim.

"What?" said Lynn quite surprised.

"C'mon why don't you two do a little kissing for the camera" he said.

"Lynn know can see us, out here." Shannon giggled.

"Why not" said Lynn throwing caution in the wind.

The two women embraced each other and started out with some innocent pecking and a lot of giggling. Shannon soon became a little aggressive and pulled Lynn to her, soon she gave her a full mouth kiss. Lynn responded by opening her mouth and allowing Shannon's tongue in. Jim was getting very turned on cause both women kept peeking at the camera the whole time they were making out.

Shannon slowly pulled Lynn's cotton halter top up and began to play with her white lace bra cup gently squeezing her tit. She reached around and unhooked her bra and pulled the shirt off to expose a beautiful set of 34c tits with nice pink nipples. Shannon instead of resuming the kiss went down and began to lick the hardening nipples. Next Shannon licked her way down to Lynn's belly and started to undo Lynn's pants. At first Lynn resisted the further advance, but a good come before work would really be nice. Shannon pulled the pants down along with her panties, Jim being a true professional zoomed in on her blonde bush and nice pink pussy. He caught some great shots of Shannon's tongue working on the clit and then a good on of her long finger starting to frig her fellow hostess cunt.

It only took a few minutes and Lynn was screaming out in ecstasy of the orgasm she was starting to have. She grabbed Shannon by the back of the head and ground her wet cunt all over her face as she came again and again. She released Shannon's head as her orgasm subsided, Shannon laid down on the grass and pulled her pants down and spread her legs. Lynn admitted she never ate a pussy before but she said she had to do something to pay Shannon back for that great orgasm she received.

Lynn cautiously licked at the strange pussy in front of her and with a little help from Shannon she soon found the clit. Shannon's body tensed when Lynn's tongue flicked over her clit again and again. Lynn inserted two fingers in Shannon's wet cunt trying to give her the same great orgasm Shannon gave her.

Jim could not take anymore of this especially watching Lynn's gorgeous pussy and ass staring at him. Jim set the camera down and pulled his cock out. Without asking he spread Lynn's legs apart and stuck his cock into her pussy deep as he could. Lynn raised her head to let a scream, she started to turn her head but Shannon grabbed her head and pulled it back down to her pussy. Jim fucked the blonde from behind while Shannon held her head to her pussy to muffle Lynn's moans of pleasure.

Jim could feel the come building in his cock as this tight little pussy was flexing it's muscles around it. Jim and Shannon both screamed out loud as they both reached mind blowing orgasms at the same time. Jim pulled his softening cock out of Lynn's pussy, Lynn collapsed in heap trying to catch her breath. Much to Jim's surprise and pleasure Shannon sat up onto her knees and began lick and suck the pussy juice off his dick. Soon she had him hard again she kept blowing him until he was really rock solid again. Shannon laid back down on her back and Jim slipped his cock into her pussy, he pulled her long legs up onto his shoulders and began to fuck her deeply. Lynn regained her composure and mounted Shannon's face. It did not take long for all three of them to start coming again. They quickly dressed so they could get back to work.

"No wonder Colleen and Chris say your a very experienced cameraman." laughed Lynn.

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