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This is Insane


Marilyn sat in the passenger seat of her live in boyfriend's pickup, dressed only in a mid thigh length dress that buttoned up the front, and a pair of cowboy boots. She sat staring out the side window, at the darkness of the night. Her wrists were tied together, and her bound hands were lying in her lap.

An extra three feet of hemp hung from the knot in the rope that bound her wrists together. Two more three foot long pieces of rope lay curled up in the seat between the lovers.

Andrew sat behind the wheel, dressed in a black cowboy hat, a black long sleeved button up shirt, Levis, and cowboy boots. He had a dark blue bandana tied around his neck. A sheathed hunting knife hung from his belt. He looked like an old west villain from a nineteen forties movie.

Marilyn's thoughts were filled with the conversation she'd had with her lover a few hours earlier.

"Darling, I know you love role playing, and bondage, but what you're suggesting is dangerous," Marilyn had told Andrew.

Andrew had been trying to talk Marilyn into agreeing to the sexual game for nearly an hour. He was beginning to think she'd never agree to the role play.

"Baby, it'll be exciting. It'll give our sex life an extra kick." Andrew gave his girlfriend of three years a pleading look.

"But why do you need to tie me down in such a dangerous location? I'll be helpless, and something could go wrong. Couldn't you just tie me to the bed?"

Andrew reached out and stroked his lover's upper arm. "I've tied you to the bed lots of times. This will give our sex play a little extra thrill. As for the danger, I'll have a knife handy, in case I need to cut you loose quickly. Come on Baby, it'll be exciting."

Marilyn sighed deeply. She couldn't believe Andrew wanted to do something this insane. "What if someone sees us?"

"That won't be a problem," he quickly replied. "I picked out a spot that is secluded so that no one will see us. Plus we'll wait until after sunset before we leave."

The pretty twenty five year old shook her head. "I don't know. Something could still go wrong."

Andrew wrapped his powerful arms around Marilyn's waist and pulled her tightly to his chest. He could feel her voluptuous curves pressing against him. "I really want to play this game with you Darling. I've carefully planned it out. I've checked the schedule, and we won't have anything to worry about. There aren't any trains scheduled to run until after midnight. We will have a little fun with bondage, and role playing. Please Baby, let me tie you to the railroad tracks and make love to you."

Marilyn gazed into her lover's eyes. She could see the fire that burned in them. It was the same fire she'd seen the first time she agreed to let him tie her up three years earlier.

Marilyn hated to admit it, but their role playing games, and bondage sessions had grown a little stale lately. Perhaps a different location would make their love making more exciting.

"I guess we can do a Damsel in Distress role play once. Just as long as there aren't any trains scheduled, and as long as you promise to untie me before the first train is scheduled to leave the rail yard."

Andrew gave his lover a sinister smile and kissed her hard. He slid his powerful hands down to her sexy, round bottom. Breaking the kiss, he gazed into her sea green eyes. "I promise you will be off the railroad tracks long before the first train leaves the rail yard."

"What should I wear?" Marilyn asked.

"Wear that flowered dress that buttons up the front. That way you don't have to get dressed, and undressed. Once I've tied you to the tracks, I can unbutton the top, and lift the hem of your dress up. Then I can have my way with you."

Marilyn gave her lover a sly smile. "I've always suspected that there really is an evil villain lurking around inside you somewhere."

Andrew squeezed his lover's round bottom. "I've know from the moment I first saw you that there is a Damsel hiding inside you, just waiting to be placed in Distress."

Marilyn gave her lover a warning look. "Just make sure you bring condoms. This is absolutely the worst time of the month for us to be having unprotected sex, and if you cum in me, I'll be in an entirely different kind of peril. You know; the kind that requires middle of the night feedings?"

"Darling in the last three years, you have almost never let me make love to you without condoms. Of course I'll remember to bring some."

Marilyn knew that was true. She also knew that Andrew loved to take risks.

Getting knocked up was not a risk she was ready for yet.

Andrew had tried on numerous occasions to talk her into having unprotected sex.

She had refused him every time but once.

Afterward, when her time of the month arrived, she didn't have a period as she usually did. A few days later, Marilyn started feeling sick and nauseas.

She was terrified that her momentary lapse in judgment had sealed her fate. Marilyn was convinced that she'd stupidly let Andrew knock her up. The last thing she wanted was a child before Marriage. Fortunately her Doctor told Marilyn that she wasn't pregnant. He diagnosed her symptoms as stress caused by her worrying about getting pregnant.

Marilyn saw the moonlight shining on the railroad tracks.

The tracks had curved and began running along side the lonely highway.

Andrew had chosen his spot well indeed.

Marilyn knew that this highway was rarely traveled at night. There were no houses along this stretch of road for at least five miles. The tracks curved away from the highway, and disappeared into the trees about two miles ahead.

Andrew drove the two miles until the woods came into view, and the railroad tracks could no longer be seen from the highway.

There was a long, gravel driveway up ahead that ended at an abandoned house. The house sat several hundred yards from the highway. No one had lived there for years, and it finally became too dilapidated to be livable.

The trees were thick behind the house.

Marilyn assumed that the house had sat empty for so many years because no one wanted to live that close to the tracks.

Andrew pulled into the gravel driveway. He drove down the long driveway, and parked behind the old house.

"Did you bring condoms?" Marilyn asked, breaking the silence.

Andrew patted his shirt pocket. He then pointed towards the passenger side window.

Marilyn turned her head and spotted the tracks that ran one hundred feet behind the old house.

The woods were thick but she could see a section of track through a narrow path that ran through the woods. The moonlight shone on the iron rails.

She swallowed a lump that appeared in her throat. She had reluctantly agreed to this game because she was sure she'd be safe. Now, she wasn't so sure.

Andrew turned off the motor. He grabbed the rope that lay in the seat, and got out of the truck. He grabbed a flashlight from behind the seat, and turned it on.

Marilyn watched her lover walk around the front of the pickup as he approached her door. "This is insane," she muttered to herself as he grasped the door handle.

Andrew opened the door wide, and shined the light on his lover.

Marilyn could hear the crickets and frogs singing in the night.

"Get out," he commanded. There was no kindness in his tone.

Marilyn instantly realized that the role play was beginning. "Please, Sir, you mustn't molest me," she pleaded, using her best Southern drawl. "I'm just an innocent virgin who wishes to be left alone and unmolested."

Andrew grabbed the rope that hung between her legs and jerked the lovely blonde out of the truck. He grabbed a handful of her dress, just above her breasts and jerked her to him. "You won't be a virgin much longer. I intend to have my way with you."

Marilyn gasped in pretended fear. "Please, you mustn't. I'm saving myself for Marriage."

Andrew sneered at his lover. "I guess your future Husband will have to settle for a soiled Bride."

Marilyn was beginning to enjoy the role play. "Sir, if you attempt to molest me, I will scream. What's more, I will report you to the authorities."

Andrew tilted the light so it partially shone on his face.

Marilyn's heart skipped a beat when she saw the expression on his face.

The man she loved suddenly looked very dangerous.

"I guess we'll have to take care of that problem, won't we?"

Andrew laid the pieces of rope and the flashlight on the hood of the truck. He then tugged on the bandana that was tied around his neck, pulling it free with a single jerk. He quickly spun it several times, before forcing it into Marilyn's mouth.

She felt a shiver of fear run up her spine as her villainous lover tied the makeshift gag in place. Even though this was just a game, she was slightly unsettled by the expression on her boyfriend's face.

Andrew looked as if he was taking the game far too seriously. "You can scream all you want, my Dear," Andrew gloated. "That gag will keep your cries from carrying too far."

He grabbed the rope, and flashlight that lay on the hood with one hand, and the rope that bound her wrists with the other. He turned and started walking towards the tracks, dragging his helpless Damsel behind him.

Marilyn began to wonder if perhaps Andrew was taking their role play a little too seriously.

Taking a quick pace he dragged her through the woods.

The path had become grown over with weeds over the years.

Marilyn could feel the weeds scratching against her shins, between the tops of her boots, and the hem of her dress. She whined in protest, but continued to let Andrew pull her towards the tracks.

Andrew stepped up onto the gravel track path, and tugged his Damsel beside him. Andrew dragged Marilyn down the tracks a few feet, and then stopped. He looked the tracks over, and found the spot he'd prepared a few days earlier. He'd made sure the spot he chose couldn't be seen from the road or the back of the house.

Small holes had been dug in the gravel beneath the steel rails so he could tie her down.

Untying Marilyn's left wrist, Andrew forced her to lie down on the track, with her neck resting on the rail.

Marilyn shook her head, and pretended to struggle. She could feel the small rocks beneath her back and buttocks.

The pretend villain sat across her chest, preventing her from escaping. He forced her right wrist onto the rail and then ran the rope through the hole he'd made beneath the rail. He pulled the rope over her exposed throat, and grabbed her left arm. He held her wrist in place, and began securing her to the rail.

Soon her wrists were tied down on either side of her head.

The rope across her throat was tight, but not so tight that she couldn't breath.

Marilyn felt her heart pounding in her chest. She was quickly becoming terrified, and excited at the same time. She knew her lover would never hurt her, but the fact that he was tying her to an active rail line was causing her to experience new emotions.

"Since you intend to tell the authorities about me, I guess I will just have to ravage you, and then leave you here for the train."

"No," Marilyn screamed into the gag. Her nether region began to throb with excitement as Andrew secured her to the tracks. Being tied to an active rail line was definitely having an effect on the helpless woman. She began to understand why so many people loved a good Damsel in Distress story. Being helpless and in possible danger was an intoxicating sensation.

After making sure she couldn't get her hands free, Andrew got off Marilyn's waist and stood up. He took hold of her left foot, removed the boot, and tossed it a few feet off the tracks. He then stripped her right boot off, and tossed it beside the other boot.

Continuing the role play, Marilyn half heartedly kicked at her lover in an attempt to keep him at bay. Each kick caused her dress to ride higher on her legs. Her neatly trimmed mound was almost on display for her lover.

Andrew's eyes burned with lust as he took in the sight of his helpless girlfriend's creamy white thighs. His manhood quickly swelled and became rock hard.

He reached out and grabbed Marilyn's right foot as she kicked at him. Pulling her leg wide, he slipped a rope around her dainty ankle.

Marilyn continued to struggle against her pretend captor.

He quickly tied her ankle to the steel rail.

Marilyn began to breathe hard as her feelings of helplessness and vulnerability continued to grow. Her arousal began to increase.

Andrew grabbed Marilyn's flailing left foot, and held her ankle to the rail. He expertly tied her down; leaving her legs spread wide open.

Even though she is a tall woman, the width of the rails forced her legs to extend to their fullest length in order for her ankles to rest on the steel rails. The rope that held her throat to the rail tightened a little more.

Marilyn felt even more uncomfortable. She could still breathe, but the rope across her throat caused her discomfort to intensify. Her sexual need became even more intense. She began squirming against her bonds. Her movements caused the hem of her dress to climb higher until her neatly trimmed vaginal lips came into view.

Andrew felt his cock throbbing inside his jeans as he stared lustfully at his lover's exposed vagina. "I'm going to have a lot of fun with you sweetheart," he gloated, using his best villainous tone. "First I'm going to take your virginity. Then I'm going to let the next train have what's left."

Marilyn whimpered into the gag. Her excitement and fear increased more and more with each passing moment. She was glad that Andrew had talked her into the role play. The helpless beauty knew that this would be their most intense sexual game ever.

Andrew then did something unexpected. He knelt over her hips, and then drew the hunting knife from its sheath.

Marilyn couldn't understand why he unsheathed the knife.

Andrew raised the knife over his head, and brought it down fast and hard.

Marilyn's eyes grew wide with terror, and she screamed into the gag as the blade swung downward. To her relief, the weapon wasn't aimed at her.

Andrew shoved the blade of the knife into the gravel next to her helpless body.

The handle of the weapon was less than an inch from her body.

He then unbuttoned her dress down to her navel.

Marilyn's ample breasts became exposed as the material fell to the sides. She moaned as her lover caressed her nipples with his fingertips.

Andrew stroked his lover's breasts for several minutes, making her squirm with excitement. Leaning over, he flicked her left nipple with his tongue.

Marilyn whimpered into the gag. She tried to lift her head, but the rope across her neck prevented her from moving very much. She could lift her head a little, but not very much without being choked by the rope.

Andrew then stood up and stepped to the rail next to her bound left ankle. He sat down on the rail next to her left foot, took off his boots, and dropped them next to hers. Watching his lover the entire time, he stood, and unbuckled his belt. Andrew unbuttoned his jeans, and let them drop around his ankles. His throbbing cock waved in the air before him.

Marilyn moaned in pretended dread, but her eyes never left her lover's manhood. She lifted her head a little to get a better view, and instantly felt the rope's tension increase across her throat. Her lover had definitely thought this plan out very carefully.

He had made sure that her fear, combined with her feelings of helplessness, and sexual excitement would send her emotions into a tailspin.

Marilyn however, was unaware that Andrew had not told her the entire plan. She was completely unaware that he had far more perilous ideas for their little role play.

Andrew stepped out of his jeans, and laid them on top of his boots. He took off his cowboy hat and dropped it on top of his jeans. Andrew then stepped between his lover's spread legs, and knelt on the ground. He then pressed the light button on his digital watch. A smile of satisfaction crossed his lips. "Not long now," he said.

Marilyn stared up at her lover, not understanding the meaning of his statement.

Andrew gazed down at his bound and helpless Damsel. Stepping out of character, he said, "Darling, I think there is something you should know. When I said there were no trains scheduled until after midnight, I lied. There is a train leaving the rail yard right about now."

Marilyn gazed up at her lover, and saw the truth in his face. She realized that he had indeed lied to her. She was tied to the tracks, and a train would be along soon. She whimpered fearfully into the gag, and began to struggle against her bonds. Tugging at her wrists caused the rope at her throat to tighten even more. She stopped tugging her wrists, and stared up at her lover. Marilyn couldn't understand why Andrew was doing this to her. Marilyn loved role playing, but this was taking their sex play too far.

"Sweetheart, you have approximately twenty minutes to please me. After twenty minutes, there is no guarantee what might happen. If you haven't made me cum by then, I might just have to leave you here."

Marilyn violently shook her head from side to side, ignoring the rope that rubbed her throat. She couldn't believe that the man she'd been with for three years was doing this to her. Surely he wouldn't leave her in the path of the train.

Andrew leaned over his helpless Damsel and took her left nipple in his mouth. He began sucking hard on her nipple.

Marilyn moaned in fear as the now true villain nibbled and sucked on her exposed breast. She realized that he was going to use her for his ultimate sexual gratification.

He might untie her afterward, but the lovely blonde couldn't be sure of that. She'd never seen this side of her lover before, and it frightened her.

Andrew sucked on her nipple hard.

Marilyn tried to pull her breast away from him, but she was tied down too well to be able to move much.

The villain then bit down hard on her nipple.

Marilyn's eyes grew wide as pain shot through her sensitive nipple, and her pelvis thrust involuntarily upward. She felt her clit press against the underside of his rock hard shaft.

Andrew continued nibbling on her nipple until it became red and sore. He then moved to the other breast.

Marilyn continued to struggle against her bonds. The rope across her throat tightened and loosened as she tugged at her bonds. Part of her desperately hoped that he was just teasing her, and this was just part of the game. Part of her knew in her heart that he was telling the truth when he said the train would be here in twenty minutes. Marilyn hoped he would cut her free before it was too late, but at that moment the only thing she was sure of was the fear that was growing deep inside of her.

Truth or lie, Marilyn knew she was in for twenty minutes of stark terror. Ignoring the rope yet again, she turned her head and looked down the tracks. All she saw was the moonlight bouncing off the steel rails. Looking up, she saw the full moon overhead. She began to ask herself if this would be her last full moon.

Andrew continued sucking and nibbling on his Damsel's nipple. He loved the way she tasted. He could feel her heart pounding against his closed lips. Her fear drove his hunger to new heights.

Marilyn whimpered into the gag as the villain bit into her tender flesh yet again.

He suddenly lifted his lips from her swollen and tender nipple. He gazed at her frightened features. "On a clear night like tonight, the train's whistle can be heard from the next crossing. The crossing is a little over five miles away. And Darling, I won't start fucking you until I hear the whistle."

Marilyn moaned in fear at the realization that once he began fucking her, she had about five minutes to make Andrew cum before the train arrived. Marilyn knew her lover had great stamina when he used a condom, and could last as long as twenty minutes. Then the thought that he might not hear the whistle sank in.

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