tagBDSMThis is My Kind of Party

This is My Kind of Party


We are at a party, a crowded room full of chattering guests drinking, laughing, loud enough to hide your low whisper in my ear, your arm snaking around my waist to pull me closer to you.

"My darling, I'm going to fuck you at this party." My heartbeat skitters as desire races through me, bringing every nerve to attention.

"Find the study, wait for me there."

I nod, trying to hide my sudden flare of excitement, and slip away from the crowded room to find the study, barely keeping myself at a quick walk, wanting to race there.

I am alone in the darkened room, the windows hidden by long drapes and a low lamp in the corner making long shadows on the wall. I'm half leaning against a wooden desk, twisting and bunching the fabric of my dress in my hands, too agitated to stay still long.

The long dress I'm wearing covers my body completely, but clings tightly to its contours revealing the quick, panting rise and fall of my chest.

I'm waiting for you to come, nervously watching the unlocked door and clasping my shaking hands together. My body is already thrumming with anticipation, apprehension, and pure need. My nipples are hard and aching, pressed firmly against the dress's fabric, torturing me with every breath as the fabric rubs them into even harder points. I am wearing nothing under this dress, just like you asked and I can feel my arousal pooling between my legs, hot and wet.

The door handle begins to turn and my heart begins to pound with renewed force. My legs are trembling and my mouth feels dry as the door opens and you stalk through, the hungry look in your eyes not allowing me to look away. You close the door on the sounds of a party in the background, but you make sure I see that you haven't locked the door. My pulse jumps, beating erratically as I grip the wooden desk behind me, trying to still my hands as you begin removing your tie. You see me watching the tie slide from your neck and smile heatedly, saying in low voice, "Oh yes my love, I'm going to use your body roughly - prepare yourself."

I shiver as your words heat me further. I know what's coming yet my body still reacts violently when you grab my wrists and roughly bind them together in front of me. You hold my bound hands low between us as you pull me against you to lightly nip at the exposed skin of my neck. My hands rub against the hard length of you through your trousers, and push the fabric of my dress delicately between my thighs; I jerk against you at the sensation. I must stay silent, I know the party is still going on just outside the door and I'm terrified someone will hear. I bite my lip hard to keep from whimpering with pleasure as your lips replace your teeth, but it's not enough to keep a sharp, loud moan from escaping as your hand brushes my aching breasts.

You instantly pull away and grab my hair, wrenching my head back so I can see the displeasure in your face.

"Naughty girl," you murmur, watching me shiver at your words. "Or maybe you want someone to hear us?"

You turn and shove me stomach first against the desk, pressing your cock into me from behind. I can feel every inch of you through my dress, and I begin trembling with need. You push me down, knotting the tie to a drawer handle in the desk, and swiftly wrench my skirts over my head. You hiss in appreciation when you see I'm wearing nothing underneath.

I hear the sound of you moving behind me before I feel the crack of your hand against my ass. I gasp in surprise, and wanton desire. Again and again the sharp sting of your hand, then suddenly replaced by your fingers invading me between my thighs.

I know I'm wet before you've even touched me, but my face floods with heat anyway when I hear your growl of appreciation. You pull your hand away, letting your fingers trail my slickness down my thighs, saying, "You're sopping fucking wet, my dirty girl. Do you like being spanked? Tell me."

My thighs are trembling and my face flushes with shame again. I can't speak. I don't even hear you moving before your hand cracks against my ass.

"Answer me," you demand, "I won't ask you again."

I bite back a moan and nod my head, whispering, "Yes... I like being spanked."

You laugh quietly and need suffuses my body, making my breath come in short gasps. Your fingers invade me again, this time your thumb slowly circling my clit while your fingers thrust inside me, making my breath come in short, quick gasps. Your other hand runs up the back of my leg to my ass, stroking . I flinch slightly when you find it, that puckered opening, so sensitive I bite my tongue when you touch it. The sensations are too much, I'm teetering on the edge of orgasm, mumbling,

"Oh please, oh please, oh please, please, please..."

My incoherent begging turns to moans, then with a final spank your hands leaves me and I almost cry out in distress, realizing you're not going to let me come yet. My legs are shaking and I know without the desk underneath me I wouldn't be able to stand.

I know I shouldn't, I know I must stay still, but I can't stop one foot from lifting, trying press my legs together against the throb of need between them, just needing that perfect friction to push myself over the edge. It's so close, I'm almost there. Your hand is instantly in my hair, yanking my head back to look into your eyes as you growl, "You do not cum until I say. I'll do exactly as I please with you and you will not move. Shall I show you what happens when you disobey me?"

You release my hair without waiting for an answer, letting my head drop back between my arms.

I hear the scrape of wood on wood as you drag something up behind me. Two somethings. I shiver as I feel your hand on my right calf. You roughly lift my leg and shove a chair under my bent knee, forcing my legs apart. You do the same with my left leg, forcing my knee up onto another chair, spreading me wide and pushing my chest even harder into the desk, exposing me completely to your gaze. My heart is beating violently, driving sensation to my aching nipples, then down to the very center of my drenched pussy, lighting me on fire with need. I hear you shift behind me and I shut my eyes in anticipation of the sharp, beautiful sting of your hand to come down again on my ass. But nothing comes.

You stand behind me; I can feel your eyes on me, watching my body tremble, watching me struggle to stay still. The exposure is almost too much.

I hear the rasp of metal on leather as you unbuckle your belt, hear the slight hiss as it slides from your trousers. You walk around in front of the desk and hold up the strip of leather in front of my face.

"Five strokes for your little indiscretion, my girl. You are not allowed to cum. Do you understand? I will not let you cum until my cock is inside you."

I nod shakily, feeling a twinge of heat between my thighs at the sight of the belt in your hands, at your words, at the dangerous, excited expression on your face. I can see the hard outline of your cock in your trousers. You see where my eyes are focused and smile.

"Not yet," you say, reading the desire in my eyes.

You move behind me again and I try to brace myself for the onslaught. The first stroke falls and my back arches at the sensation of fire licking across my ass, stoking the one between my thighs. Again, the crack of leather against my cheeks, making me cry out and my legs clench. I'm so close. Every stroke forces the dress fabric between my legs to bunch more, rubbing my clit with harsh, delicious friction.

I suddenly hear voices in the hall outside the door and my body freezes in panic. You don't stop, though you must hear them too. The third stroke catches me unawares and I yelp in surprise. I'm struggling in earnest now, feeling a rising panic as the voices stop right outside the room. I can't see, I can't move, but I hear the door handle turning, I hear the creak of the door as it opens and someone gasping in shock as you crack the belt over the tops of my thighs for the fourth time. I'm writhing against the desk in panic, pain, and shame, yet my orgasm is so close, my clit swollen and aching. The thought of a stranger seeing my exposed pussy, the red strips on my ass, watching me so close to cumming, causes me to buck with excitement threaded with darts fear, mirroring the pain mixing pleasure in my body.

I'm so fucking close to cumming now, every nerve ending is fire and electricity. I want you inside me with an ache to powerful that I'm mouthing silently, "Fuck me, please, please fuck me...please, oh please fuck me..."

I barely hear the door shut again, the room suddenly silent as you let the fifth and final stroke fall, the sound of leather on my skin echoing in the room. I jerk against the desk, rubbing my clit firmly against the fabric again as my body explodes in sensation. I grit my teeth and try to hold back the orgasm building as I feel your hands caress my abused rear.

Then suddenly, finally, your cock slides inside me roughly, filling me completely. You only thrust into me twice more before the orgasm rips through my body and I clench around you, moaning as pleasure ripples through every inch of me, my legs shaking and thrusting back against you as you fuck me harder, wringing every sensation I can from the feeling of you filling me. I'm murmuring nonsense words, "so good, oh fuck so good, unh yes so good..."

As the aftershocks subside, you slip out of me and I feel my hands being released. My legs are wobbly, loose with satisfaction. You turn me towards you, and I sink to my knees at your feet. Your hands are in my hair, pushing my eager mouth towards your cock. You groan as I take your cock as far as I can, tasting the heady mixture of myself on you. Your hands grip my head, holding me as you begin thrusting into my mouth, harder, farther, faster. I swallow, trying to take all of you and your grip tightens as you cum. Your harsh moans echo deliciously above me as your thrusts halt and you are suddenly filling my mouth and my throat, filling me with your cum. I live for the sounds of you cumming, that moment when the control falls away and you lose yourself in my body.

I lick my lips, unable to stop smiling and shakily rise to my feet, leaning back against the desk for support. I watch your face as your lips curve in appreciation, eyes still heavy-lidded with pleasure, unable as always to believe that I was lucky enough to find you. You brush hair away from my face and pull me in close to kiss my swollen lips, and murmur, "Next time love, I'm taking your ass with an audience."

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